Are You Willing to Die for Ukraine?

This simple and profound question is the fundamental issue when it comes to deciding how to respond to Putin’s declaration of war in Ukraine. All of the usual suspects in terms of bloviating politicians and frenzied pundits are filling the airways with the modern version of “Remember the Maine.” They are desperate to rally the American people for a new military venture overseas. Our military industrial comple has  no qualms about feeding gullible Americans into a war meat grinder. The usual approach is to sucker patriotic folks into believing they are defending freedom, protecting democracy or destroying tyranny.

And they do this without any self-awareness  or irony.  Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flood across our southern border and the cast of despicable characters hollering about the sanctity of Ukraine’s border with Russia do not same a damn thing about protecting our border. Just count  up the number of Republican Senators and Representatives who are saying we  must act strongly against Russia and have remained mute on our own  border security.

The Washington political class–both Democrat and Republican–think you are a fool. Apart from ignoring the threat of illegal immigration and the accompanying  flood of lethal  narcotics, the political class tolerates the descent into hell of our major cities wracked by violent crime. No, they  want you to fight the Russians.

The political class, enabled by the toady pundits that masquerade as media, screams that we must protect freedom and liberty in Ukraine from Russian tyranny. These same cretins say nothing of the hundreds of political prisoners in the United States who are rotting in jail for the alledged crime of “insurrection.” But they had no weapons and killed no one. The only ones who died that day were murdered by Capitol Hill police. Chew on this fact–our so-called democratic Republic is holding more political prisoners in the United States than Vladimir Putin is  holding in Russia.

We need to start paying attention to facts. Fact number one–Vladimir Putin is dead serious about protecting Russia from the encroachment of  NATO on his Western border.  Here is a snippet of Putin’s speech last night announcing  his decision  to send the Russian military into Ukraine:

Citizens of Russia, friends,

I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia.

I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.

It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts at pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns. Its military machine is moving and, as I said, is approaching our very border.

Why is this happening? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? What is the explanation for this contemptuous and disdainful attitude to our interests and absolutely legitimate demands? … ”

If western politicians, pundits and analysts persist with the childish rant that Putin is  intent on conquering the world and that this is the first step (e.g.,  just like Hitler entering the Sudentenland), they are making a fatal error. Vladimir Putin has the strong backing of the Russian people when it comes to national  defense. Here is what the Russians see from us:

  • We broke our promise to not expand  NATO to the east. There are now NATO members on Russia’s border.
  • We are arming the Ukrainian military with offensive weapons.
  • The CIA is providing para-military training to Ukrainians believed to have ties to the neo-Nazi AZOV battalion.
  • The United States has invaded Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Balkans all in the name of defending freedom or some other interest trumped up as a deadly threat.
  • The United States repeatedly refused to rule out Ukraine as a member of NATO.

This is the redline for Putin and the decision to send troops  into Ukraine followed a  carefully scripted  legal kabuki theater–he received a formal request from the representatives of Donetsk  and Luhansk, he then secured the approval of the Russian legislature.

Retired Colonel Pat Lang (former Chief  of the  Middle  East Division at the  DIA) wrote a piece apologizing for  being “wrong”  in his analysis about what Russia would do. But I think he got it right. Pat always emphasized that Putin would not act recklessly and would  pursue clearly defined military objectives. That is what the Russians are doing now. They are defanging the Ukrainian military and removing foreign military advisors from Ukraine. This is not a first step to the conquest of Europe. This was a last resort because the West insisted on making Russia into a convenient villain and ignored legitimate concerns about turning Ukraine into a western military outpost.

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  1. Pat Lang says:

    I was actually head of the ME and South Asia analytic parts of DIA. I did that for six years and then moved over to run Defense HUMINT for two years.

    • nardami says:

      It seems that the catalyst for the demilitarization and de-nazification operation was Zelenski’s Munich Conference remarks about acquiring nuclear weapons; Ukraine certainly has the capability given time, and the ability to launch them. It is tantamount to a monkey playing with a hand grenade with the approval (or at least toleration) of its handlers.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Ja, that is why Chernobyl was seized, after The Comedian ran his mouth. You just don’t leave the capacity to manufacture weaponizable fissile material in the hands of people like that. Otherwise, who knows what might happen…

        • Fred says:


          Poisoning water supplies with the waste would be easier and create longer lasting problems too.

        • Paulymx says:

          Yes. Zelenskys speech at Munich this past weekend where he said Ukraine would revoke its commitment to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and would reconstitute its nuclear weapons program was the last straw. Ukraine was a dead man walking from that moment.

  2. Pol Chamber Pot says:

    Don’t know any youngsters that are willing to play this game. If anything they are more aware of the BS than the foolish Boomer generation. Of course I don’t deal with professional victims that infest the Democratic Regime. But it seems obvious that the Bidenistas have alienated those people that actually do the work, both on and off the battlefield. The other thing noticed is that the Hispanics have no problem recognizing that the Great and Powerful Oz is ran by Israelis behind the curtain. These folks have no identification with and cannot be manipulated by the stock characters of Americana. They want a steady paycheck from an employer that won’t insist on mordida and will not bounce said check. For this reason if no other, we have always seen Mexicans and the Blue Collar whites getting along. They don’t feel a need here in the Southwest to impose on each other’s sensibilities. Separation is fine with them.
    However, the loser elites; the aspiring lap top classes, those self-hating whites that are disgusted by their working class forebears (though not enough to reject their inheritances) insist on prodding the hive. The same people that base their perceptions of these subjugates by how well a waiters demeans himself delude themselves by imagining that the rest of the world should be just like he/she/they/zher/it, or whatever the latest acronym of degeneration. Just like the largest Pride parade in Eastern Europe did not translate into resistance to the Russian incursion, we will not see these dandies support their fellows against those big, bad and even mean Russians, Chinese, Turks or anyone that is not oppressed by an Imperialist regime. What Joe & Company need to be careful of is how Afghan Goatherders and certainly Russian cadres have demonstrated the lack of will that these Western ‘leaders’ and their ‘supporters’ possess. That these fools have imported Aztecs and Mayans to do their dirty work, and failed to note the history of these peoples. Like any empire, once the power to oppress is inadequate then the backlash will be swift and brutal. Montezuma 2.0 will not be kind to the nittering nabobs of the Nerd Overlords. The Information Class owes their power to cheap electricity and a first world power grid. By pissing off and not replacing those that maintain said grid, they set themselves to be the Elois of a modern H.G. Wells novel.
    The Stasi maintained their power by way of Soviet rubles. Just who will support a degradating West? China may find funding an American Lenin for their own ends, but certainly once the Empire can no longer support its measures then the structure will fall into regional chunks or worse. The only way to support Ukraine and Taiwan will be with mass draft. This is most dangerous to the regime, as the discipline to deal with foreign auxiliaries is lacking and will no doubt lead to the green on green incidents we experienced in Afghanistan, albeit on a larger scale. As an example, anyone that imagines the rats that were imported from Afghanistan as reliable troops is not only a fool, but a suicidal one should those animals be armed.

    Interesting times indeed.

    • Fred says:


      Which grad school are you in? I ask because you hit the usual tropes and contradicted yourself at the same time. Would you like a debunking of your bunk?

      ” The other thing noticed is that the Hispanics have no problem recognizing…. These folks have no identification with and cannot be manipulated by the stock characters of Americana.” Hispanics who emigrated here are mostly catholic, dedicated to family, and if citizens are very much assimilated into being “American”, the ’50s version of “Americana” being a phrase decades out of use or meaning, other than to the OK Boomer generation.

      “However, the loser elites; the aspiring lap top classes, those self-hating whites ….” Loser elite lap-top class, well they sure didn’t get declared ‘non-essential’ or laid off; the actual elites, or more precisely elitists, gained in wealth these past two years of “fifteen days to slow the spread” Wuhan plague.

      “That these fools have imported Aztecs and Mayans to do their dirty work, and failed to note the history of these peoples. “The “Aztecs and Mayans ” ceased to exist as a distinct culture a couple centuries ago.

      “The Stasi maintained their power by way of …”

      The stasi, they stayed in power by getting everyone to spy on their neighbors and turn them in; aka “contact tracing”. Just like with Covid, or Justin Trudeau and the Honk Honk ‘revolutionaries’.

      • John Maynard says:

        You do realize that if half the population spies on the other half not a lot gets done. Maybe you ought to observe how a prison works. They aren’t organic. Maybe take an econ class sometime

        • Fred says:

          The Stasi of the German Democratic Republic were very effecient and didn’t give a damn about what the oppressed half of the population felt as long as they stayed in line.

  3. Suvorov says:

    That the Biden regime would lose ground was and is obvious. The weakness is obvious and to think that the US would maintain ground of the world stage is folly. What we are seeing is the actual weakness of the Israeli war machine. The ‘dual’ citizens run the show in the Biden cabinet, and have fulling taken advantage of the Big Pharma’s takeover of the FDA, CDC and American medical establishment. The weakening of the America is and will be exploited of course, Vlad and Xi would not be where they are now if passing up this opportunity was in their genes. What were do see is that the American Golem has reached its limits and even though Western citizens may be cowed by the impending Global Grid, is is really a paper tiger. Without boots on the ground, or indeed the men (and not the rainbow queens that run things now) the military lacks authority. Witness the Ukie drones that Ivan knocked out quick, fast and in a hurry. If I were of the cloud people on the Potomac my concern would be keeping the image of power unabated. The obvious conclusion from the Ukies is that the troops will surrender without much of a fight when given paper training rifles and told to support oligarchs and their decadent minions. The LGBTetc fringe are not fighters but basket cases and no one will support an unpopular and unelected regime. After the bug out in Afghan and what were are seeing in the Ukraine it would be expected that New Zealand will see a rush on bunkers.

  4. walrus says:

    I just listened to President Biden. He has doubled down.

    – He has refused to concede anything in respect to Russia’s concerns as laid out in their list of demands regarding NATO expansion and behavior at all. In fact he has done the reverse, promising to defend every inch of NATO space..

    – He announced sanctions.

    – He patted himself on the back for forecasting Russias military action.

    To me, this suggests that in the short term, he is surrendering Americas future to the potential actions of NATO members like Poland. Long term at best we are going to endure “Cold War II”.

    China and India are yet to declare their positions…..

    • khc says:

      Everything seems oddly “unserious.” The disturbing thing is that (without bad analogies between Putin and Hitler), a lot of observations made by AJP Taylor about the summer of 1939 (or of 1938, too, I suppose) hold: the British, in particular, were very unserious about dealing with the crisis developing: big on rhetoric, diffident and weak in action, posturing without substance in diplomacy. Same things we see now This seems to be the perfect path for things to get worse very fast. :/

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      So, meaningless pronouncements from the Führerbunker. Okee dokee. Let’s hope that that is where it ends.

    • Poul says:

      India is neutral but they say it in such a manner that it’s clear they will not sanction Russia. The call to return to the negotiation table is just empty talk.

      “New Delhi: Amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, Union Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh on Thursday said that India’s stand is neutral and the country hopes for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

      “Our stand is neutral and we hope for a peaceful solution,” said Singh while speaking to ANI here today. Meanwhile, a special flight from Ukraine comprising Indian nationals including students landed in Delhi today.”

  5. Babeltuap says:

    It was no longer cute anymore. Grave threat to Putin. Play time is now over. If it needs to go to ICBM’s then he will do that as well. Get out of his backyard and go home.

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Die for Ukraine? Hell no. Personally, not even willing to endure cyber attacks and increased economic hardships at home.

    Anyhow, I don’t see where there’s anything that can be done about Ukraine. There can be no doubt that Russia has already factored in and planned for the worst case scenario costs of sanctions and such. So no threats, deterrence or reversal of the invasion there. A shooting war with Russia and US/NATO troops? Everyone knows that can’t be won + opens the door for NoKo to attack SoKo while we’re tied down in Ukraine; maybe China also goes for Taiwan. Missiles and an air campaign? Also can’t be won (whatever winning would look like) and could easily escalate to a nuclear exchange. Nope, we’ll just sit there squawking loudly with our collective dick in our collective hand.

    But yeah, those among us who would do the real fighting seem to me to be far more concerned with domestic issues – like creeping fascism – and, as you say, are loath to be sacrificed for the fantasies of the snotty, budding fascist, fools that hold them in contempt as deplorables. None can see the Ukraine from their homes.

  7. Sean Donnelly says:

    I agree. This war is not only about military threats from NATO and/or the West, but a defense of the very soul of Russia.

    Putin Calmly Explains Why Liberals Hate Russia

    “Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have formed and been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. And Russia thinks it is right and natural to defend and preserve these moral values.”

    While children in the Western “democracies” are being dragged by tatted-up pink-haired schoolteachers to Drag Queen Story Hour, children in Russia are being taught the most important thing of all: God, family, and its land country founded on Christianity.

    Russia Makes Religious Education Mandatory in Schools

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new bill into law that makes religious education mandatory for all schools in the country.

    Putin: America Is Godless, Has Turned Away from Christian Values

    Vladimir Putin Just Officially Banned Same-Sex Marriage In Russia

    Russia Bans Adoptions to Countries Where Gay Marriage Is Legal

    Hmm, I wonder why all the animus toward Putin and Russia? 🤔

    A while back I read about a story of the major rise in hardcore porn in Ukraine since 2014. Particularly, interracial porn with Ukrainian women. I’ll spare you details and the link. But after I read E. Michael Jones’ Libido Dominandi it all made sense and I now see it as demonic.

  8. wtofd says:

    Can anybody recommend a site showing real-time troop movements? Looking for X’s and O’s on a map. Thanks.

  9. tedrichard says:

    today mr putin said this at the end of his speech:

    I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.

    if the politicians here get us involved directly against the russians at least part of the conflict WILL take place right on american soil something not seen in living memory.
    that is the real risk if biden does anything more than shoot off his mouth

  10. O.B. says:

    Are you willing to die for your country? That is a tricky question, these days. The tricky bit being: who is the actual enemy? How about ending the sanctions on Americans before considering sanctions on foreigners?

  11. Wally says:

    Biden was part of the Obama/Biden administration. It was on his watch that Ukraine was turned from a neutral buffer state into a Russian hating and Russian speakers oppressor. I am, of course, referring to the cookie lady Vicki Nuland/Kagan coup d’etat of 2014. According to Mearsheimer, baiting the Bear violates all strategic principles. We need the Bear as an ally against our true competitor- the Dragon.

    Professor John Mearsheimer explains it all in the youtube linked below.

  12. Joe100 says:

    A potentially important factor – post Zelensky’s “nuclear weapons” comments is this comment from the Saker site:

    “Also I think it is important to mention that conquering the Chernobyl nuclear facility was a correct and smart move. This is the only RBMK nuclear plant in Ukraine which is capable of making weapon grade plutonium. It was turned off, but it can always be restarted and used for making the Ukie nuclear bomb Ze was babbling about. Now they can’t do this.”

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Also, since this is still an exclusion zone, this area would be a good place to hide stuff from people when it is desired that no one should not know where it is, or at least make it tough to precisely locate it and monitor comings and goings.

  13. Tom Hickey says:

    We need to remember in the heat of the day that this is not chiefly about Ukraine. The US used Ukraine as a diversion from the real issue, written security guarantees for Russia, and a new security architecture for Europe. This is what Russia wants and push until it is forthcoming. Ukraine was just starters unless its demands are met, and Russia views these demands as being existential.

    The US continues to rebuff and even ridicule Russia’s written “non-ultimatum” that is really an ultimatum. So, this is just the prelude if the US doesn’t change course. In fact, this so far well-executed operation is one of the “military-technical” tools that Russia has in the toolbox and has not brought out yet.

    • e says:

      “We need to remember in the heat of the day that this is not chiefly about Ukraine. The US used Ukraine as a diversion from the real issue, written security guarantees for Russia, and a new security architecture for Europe. This is what Russia wants and push until it is forthcoming. Ukraine was just starters unless its demands are met, and Russia views these demands as being existential.”

      Exactly! Just what I’ve been telling my willfully deaf friends for months now.

    • Fred says:


      “The US used Ukraine as a diversion from the real issue…” the destruction of the American middle class and confidence and faith in America. i.e. setting the stage for “change we can believe in” to “fundamentally transform America”, just like Biden’s former running mate, Barack, promised the world.

      • Derek Domino says:

        It’s weird, the same American white guys sitting helplessly as they watch their history defiled and statues pulled down, their people and culture vilified and degraded, their borders invaded by millions from the third world, who cower in fear from the HR department, etc., are more enraged about a military invasion in central Europe than any of the aforementioned daily realities in their own country including BLM burning their own cities.

    • English Outsider says:

      That’s the scary bit. 21st Feb was the day Russia closed the door on us. But it hasn’t fitted all the locks yet. Just as we didn’t know what Russia would do if Minsk 2 failed, we don’t know what it’ll do if the demands on missile bases aren’t met.

      Europe is the most vulnerable of battlegrounds. Militarily, of course, but also economically. I keep remembering that pipes have taps at both ends and then think “No, they wouldn’t do that, would they?” They wouldn’t cut off Europe’s life support system. Putin’s too cautious.

      Bu they could, if it gets heavy. Maybe Scholz and Macron, who failed so miserably on Minsk 2, should now see if they can do something about the new European “security architecture” that Macron babbled about recently.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        English Outsider,

        I think you may have something backwards here; it is the West that has been fitting the locks against Russia for almost 30 years now. Once the hoped for takeover of Russia by the neocon/neoliberal cabal began to come to grief when Russian patriots began to beat it back, the efforts to isolate, disempower, and ultimately destroy Russia became ever more spiteful. I won’t say serious, as the recent West’s so-called “leaders” are inherently unserious people who possess little sense of the roots of, and sustaining impetus for, true national power. But then, how could they, when they are comprised of aliens who basically define themselves as oppositional to the Dirt People over whom they rule.

        They hate us, and they abominate the civilizational values which through constant application and reinvigoration have heretofore led to the elevation of the West to a generally positive role on the world stage. Our “leaders” certainly aspired to a looting expedition on Russia; but for (at minimum) a half century they have been engaged in a looting expedition on their own nations, and a comprehensive disparagement of the cultural traditions that underpinned their national power. This power is fundamentally cultural, and then, only secondarily, material.

        Our rapacious, reptilian, spiritually void “leaders” have been sawing off the branch upon which they, and unfortunately, we have been sitting.

        The Russians have seen this movie before, and are doing that which needs doing to stop it in its tracks, and if possible to wake Europe up to the reality as to just how very badly they have been played. I assess the likelihood of that dawning realization to be quite low, as the ruling “elites” and their media squawkers are opposed to this. Ah, well. As a conservative American once said words to this effect; the people know what they want, and they deserve to get it, good and hard.

  14. Deap says:

    LJ writes: ………….. “sucker patriotic folks into believing they are defending freedom, protecting democracy or destroying tyranny”………..

    Patriotic folks know we are not defending freedom, protecting democracy or destroying tyranny, right in our own homefront.

    Charity begins at home, so no I am not willing to die for Ukraine. I am slowly dying from the current US tyranny at home. Biden-Harris and the Democrats have created a deep homefront malaise. I don’t need to go looking for it somewhere else.

  15. Deap says:

    For what it is worth – Kyiv to the Russian border is as far as driving from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe Squaw Valley, to go skiing. Or bombing the Reno Airport from Bakersfield.

  16. plantman says:

    Are You Willing to Die for Ukraine?

    You mean, am I ready to die in a war for the people who think I am racist, homophobic domestic terrorist? Am I willing to fight for people who lock up people like myself for more than a year without due process for challenging election results? Am I ready to die for an objective that no one has yet identified in some broken, shithole country that has seen 15% of its population flee since the coup in 2014?

    No, thanks. I’ve thought for a long time that Trump got it right when he said we should try to be friends with Putin. We wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

  17. If that were the only question! The question is are you willing to kill millions or even billions of people for Ukraine? Has any wargame of direct conflict between Russia and the United States NOT resulted in a nuclear exchange?

  18. mcohen says:

    This from estonia for the putin cheerleaders

    Statement of the Riigikogu
    on the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine
    The Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) strongly condemns the aggression of the Russian
    Federation against Ukraine as Russia sends troops into Ukraine and illegally recognizes the
    occupied regions.
    The Riigikogu condemns the violation of the fundamental principles of the United Nations by
    the Russian Federation. Using threat of force the Russian Federation is brutally violating the
    sovereignty of Ukraine, and by using force, undermining its territorial integrity.
    The Riigikogu condemns the activities of the Russian Federation that are in breach of all the
    principles of international relations established by the Helsinki Final Act of 1975.
    The Riigikogu underlines that, according to the Nuremberg Principles, the planning,
    preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international
    treaties, agreements or assurances are crimes against peace. The judgment of the International
    Military Tribunal at Nuremberg states that to initiate a war of aggression is not only an
    international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes
    in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.
    The Riigikogu condemns the provocations in Eastern Ukraine and the spreading of lies in the
    global media space by the Russian Federation.
    The Riigikogu considers it important for all countries in the world to support the Ukrainian
    economy and decisively increase military assistance, as Ukraine is a victim of unprovoked
    aggression by the Russian Federation.
    The Riigikogu calls on the member states to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country of
    the European Union and a roadmap for achieving NATO membership.
    The Riigikogu calls on the governments and parliaments of all countries to explicitly condemn
    the aggression by the Russian Federation and to support an immediate implementation of
    extensive sanctions against the aggressor state.
    The Riigikogu calls on the relevant institutions of the European Union to develop measures that
    would make it impossible to broadcast the Russian Federation media channels that spread war
    propaganda and national hatred on the territory of the Union.
    The Riigikogu calls on international organisations to initiate identification, investigation and
    prosecution of the war crimes and the perpetrators of the war crimes committed by the Russian
    Federation in its aggression against Ukraine since 2014.
    The Riigikogu expresses firm support to the Ukrainian people, as well as for the sovereignty
    and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state.
    Jüri Ratas
    President of the Riigikogu
    Tallinn, 23.02.2022

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Good luck with that, Mr. Ratas.

    • whoknows says:

      Was Riigikogu in any way concerned when the Ukes were shelling Donetsk and Lugansk?

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Well now, that is a very interesting question. To which we we are extremely unlikely to receive a straight answer were that question ever to be posed to this estimable gentleman. And after all of those great, thumping words focusing on violations of human rights, too. Seems like a simple answer on that point would scarcely be too much to ask.

    • Marlene says:

      The Baltics have a good chunk of blame in the Ukrainian conflict.

      It was Baltic and Georgian snipers who killed the “Heavenly Hundred” which then gave place to the unleashing of violence in Maidan and the take over by nazi operatives which gave the coup which overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine lead by Yanukovich, who at the time had reached an agreement with the EU, all this with the beneplacit, and highly likely CIA advise, of the US administration. It is the occupant of the White House at the time who should be judged at Nuremberg Trials 2.0 and his crew for destroying this Eastern country and organize a civil war there all the way to the current events in Europe.

      This was what started the war, it was the occupant nazi government lead by Yatsenyuk, Nuland´s guy ( Klitshko was the EU guy…) which started the war on its Eastern rebel citizens, forbade Russian lanaguage and humilitated Russian speaking little childrens at schools who held a Russian name ( this by a Rada member Irina whatever, I saw the footage of the little babies still in nursery being ashamed because they held names likes “Liza” which then she equated to a sexual practice in front of the very babies…showing the human and moral qwuality of the individuals who took over Ukraine on beahlf of the US/UK/Canada…) and unleashed nazi death squads on the Russian speaking population, Russian orthodox believers, destroyed Russian orthodox churches, beat the hell out of every person from opposition political parties who were thrown into trash containers covered in pait to then made ru out of the country.

      It was Andrei Parunyi, president of the Ukrainian Rada, who was at Odessa leading the events from behind when the Odessa Masacre took place.
      No Baltic government said a word of condemnation then, as they did not say a word about the crimes of the Forest Brothers in Belarus during WWII.

      It was the US who closed all the doors and refused to talk in the agreed date when Blinken was about to meet Lavrov for negotiations while the shelling of Donbass continued for a week in a round with around 2,000 ceasefire violations, and even the OSCE recorded Kiev violating humanitarian law.

      Then all this was toppled with Zelensky returning from the MSC stating he should go nuclear without anybody in NATO correcting him on that and continuous signs and even warnings by the US Moscow Embassy on that a false flag attack would take place.

      What Russia should have done, wait seat at the kremlin until another carnage, this time something huge so that Biden can make the US citizens forget his missmanagement of the pandemic, Us economy and US foreign relations?

      NATO, the Baltics, UK, the US, especially Biden and his family, and current Ukraine, would have it difficult to prove in a Nuremberg trial that they had nothing to do with the events which lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian state, its plundering and impovershing sending the country to poverty levels falling even behind some African countries in GDP, when at the times of the USSR Ukraine was one of the most wealthy and developed SSR.

      Professor Katchanovsy, reasearcher on Ukraine, pointing at the origins of this war in the Maidan massacre…

  19. jim ticehurst says:

    They Just announced on TV..Russian BOMBERS Activated..Hmmm
    Will He Bomb It.. and Hold His Own Military Positons There..Is He
    THAT MAD about This..Russian endured Similar Bombing.Destruction By
    To Nazi/Germans..

    This Reminds Me Of Putins Previous Recent Statements,About KIEV

  20. jim ticehurst says:

    This Event is a Interesting Contrast With History

    Q..Will Zelinsky And Company..DIE inThier Bunker,From:

    Explosive Penetration..

  21. Lars says:

    I think all you Rusputin tovarichi need to contemplate that bullets are not as decisive as it used to be. Starting wars is easy, but winning them or ending them is much harder and then you have to deal with unintended consequences that will soon arise. The ISIS Caliphate and The Thousand Year Reich had big plans, but it did not end well for them. Now we will see a new version of “quagmire” develop and there will be a long list of Americans who made a bad choice, as they backed an usual dictator, with delusi0ns of grandeur. Today, creating an empire is much harder than it used to be the few times in the past when it briefly worked.

  22. Deap says:

    Often mentioned blog comment today in light of Kamala Harris’s outbreak of WWIII……….”at least we are not talking about covid”.

    Indeed. Mission accomplished.

    Biden wanted “covid” off the table now that his hysteria narrative about covid can no longer outrun the accumulating data. The very same day reports are piling up about those injected suffering more harm than those who chose to take their chances. Very troubling emerging data from everywhere except the US where CDC is actively suppressing it.

    • Marlene says:

      The same mass media on which BlackRock and Vanguard, the main stakeholders on the vaccines, are those fuelling the warmongering narrative and now lying all the way about the events in Ukraine, showing images of Donbass population being evacuated as Ukrainian cities evacuations instead.

      Provoking a war was the way out of the headlines on the carnage taking place amongst the elders who were the first who tookm the third shots and are currently crowding the hospitals as never before, no with Covid, although sometimes also, but with new rare serious health conditions, skin nfections resistant to antibiothics, blood rare alterations and anemia, massive cancers developed in weeks, brain strokes, heart strokes, serious lung infections in people who previosuly did not suffer from that, sepsis, blood infections, leading to full organ failure, when before taking the “vaccine” they were totally controled in their pre-conditions and having placid last years without great disturbances in their own homes due the preventive medicine of the first level attention.

      • Marlene says:

        This is the real health care crisis of which now nobody talks, least the mas media who lied their way out through the whol pandemic on waves and number of case ,with all the government these days, behind the war noise, recognizing they counted the cases ads Covid erroneously, counting every person who tested positive but died of any other condition as Covid cases.

        This info, is not making the headlins, of course, as it could lead to the people asking for reparations on their economic and personal loses, especially the unvacinated, who were stripped from their rights and liberties and criminalized by their governments based on these fake numbers and the exagerated danger of the Covid infection for the general population, so that to fuel the spending in vaccines and the intake by the people with, now we see, no good intentions at all.

    • Angel says:

      Then what do you make of this, Deap? If there’s any truth to this report, lots and lots of bigshots are going to want covid off the table….;-)!

  23. Deap says:

    Front page WSJ photos showing “Ukraine in flames” look more benign than a year of photos from Portland, Oregon or Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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