Attack from an exercise posture.

Chinese landing exercise

It has long been a traditional ploy or ruse de guerre for a country to launch a major offensive from the positions achieved in an “exercise.”

The key indicator would be if we see China sortie its major amphibious assets from mainland ports.

Hold your breath! pl

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  1. Dolores O´Neil says:

    “It has long been a traditional ploy or ruse de guerre for a country to launch a major offensive from the positions achieved in an “exercise.” ”

    Indeed, as we have just wotnessed have happened just after so called “Event 201” where a Coronavirus mediated “pandemic” was declared, economies locked down, states ruined and “vaccines” adminsitered to the whole Western population…

    Of course, neither the media conglomerate nor the Western politicians in BlackRock´s, Vaguard´s, State Street´s, Rothschild banking´s pocket will say a word, but we, the population of Europe, know and have realized quite some months ago this is a war on Europe…

    Do not expect a significant part of us to be conduced directly to the precipice willingly, before being conduced to the middle ages in technological, economic and energetic development, nor suicidize ourselves with your “vaccines” on your behalf, as has been offered to the Taiwanese by old Pelosi…

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    See tweet below and replies. Rumors are that No No Nanette Pelosi got over $3 million herself.

    Taiwan independence leader Tsai Ing-wen bribed the elderly witch 16 times through a lobbying firm, costing about NT$94 million.

  3. Leith says:

    Five Chinese Dongfeng missiles overflew Taiwan airspace and landed in Japanese waters. The flight path of at least one of the five was directly overhead Taipei City. Launched from the coast of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. Landed south of and not far from Yonaguni Jima, the westernmost of the Ryuku Islands, where the Japanese have an early warning radar station and small military base.

    Esimated range of the five missile shots are from 500 to 650 km. So they were possibly short or medium range models of the anti-ship Dongfeng?

  4. Jose says:

    Biden y Pelosi, much diñero para China.

    • Pat Lang says:

      mucho dinero DE china

      • Dolores O´Neil says:

        From a twitter thread….

        “The already evident visit to Taiwan by Pelosi does not serve to “defend Taiwan”, as some would like to believe and others will try to sell. The reality, as always, is very simple: pure business for her husband, after the approval of aid in the semiconductor business.
        The sale of $5 million in stock, which would be about half of the total amount, in losses ($300,000) could serve as an attempt to avoid an investigation, in addition to favoring a rise in the stock market value.

        The trip would serve this purpose.

        The big problem with this movement is that the trip, being carried out under current conditions, counts as “official” in the eyes of the Chinese CCP and can be used politically to increase tension in the region.”

        • Dolores O´Neil says:

          Objectives sought with this trip:

          1. Family business.

          2. Divert attention from the Balkans.

          3. Give Pelosi publicity with a view to the imminent Amendment 25 against Biden (foreseeable for November).

  5. Fred says:

    How many missle strikes to crack the 3 Gorges Dam and what AAA defenses would they have to penate to get there? What cities get flooded downstream?

    • longarch says:

      I was recently surprised to note that the Yun Feng and Hsiung Feng are both only supersonic (not hypersonic).

      Theoretically, if Taiwan suicidally attacked first, or if the PRC attacked Taiwan, Taiwan might try to attack targets inside PRC territory. However, hypersonic missiles might not be the key tech for such attacks:

      T. Greer believes Taiwan could win a war against the PRC because surprise would be impossible.

      The invasion will happen in April or October. Because of the challenges posed by the strait’s weather, a transport fleet can only make it across the strait in one of these two four-week windows.

      I don’t know that T. Greer is right. Perhaps the PRC could find a way to attack in August, with unforeseen reserves of troop transports. If such an invasion were to come, one could only hope that enough mines and rockets would devastate the troop transport ships.

    • C.J. says:

      are You quite casually suggesting a *major* war crime?

      • Fred says:


        What is your definition of war crime? Is that something like running civilians over with tanks in your capital city, tracking all activity and denying food, employment, education and mobility based upon ‘social’ conduct, welding people into their apartments because your biological warfare experiment excaped from your own laboratory? Maybe purposely flying your infected citizens from the epicenter into as many other countries as possible? Providing inaccurate information to ‘fight’ the same plague?

        Or is it just dam busting?

  6. Dolores O´Neil says:

    As everybody seems to have sucumbed to the orgy of war, what is your opinion on this tirade by this French?

    “The only great thing among men is the poet, the priest and the soldier: the man who sings, the man who blesses, the man who sacrifices and sacrifices himself. The rest are made for the whip” (Baudelaire).

    Neither Pelosi nor Biden belong to any of the categories…but, who deserves more the whip, those who keep jumping the red lines of nations and human decent life, or those who in their sheepness allow this to happen and keep swallowing one affront and outrage after the other?

    • Dolores O´Neil says:

      May be complementary…

      “When you die, you don’t know you’re dead, you don’t suffer for it, but it’s hard for the rest. The same thing happens when you’re an idiot.”
      Albert Einstein

  7. jim ticehurst says:

    Interesting ..Photo…The Uniforms Remind Me of The Navys Former “Blueberry”
    Digital NWUs..Very Unpopular..Good Only To Hide Paint Splatters ans CAMMO
    in The Water if Your went Overboard…
    Everything Chinese Looks Like It Made in The United States..Like a
    “Double” Cross..
    I Once Asked A Friend..Who Had Been a Army Medic in WW2..With Haunting Memorys of Europe..
    and a Far Away Look..named Albert..How He Was..His Reply…”Waiting For
    The Grime Reaper..”…He Has Long Passed…But To Him..I Say..”I Understand Al…
    I Understand”..

    • TTG says:

      jim ticehurst,

      I could never understand those blue camouflage uniforms, either. Fireproof orange coveralls make a lot more sense as a shipboard uniform.

  8. borko says:

    Unless the US is about to formally recognize Taiwan, or provoke a war in some other way, Im not sure what all the fuss is about.
    China is not ready for war and Pelosi’s visit will soon be out of most peoples minds.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      The level of fuss the Chinese made was notable. If your intention is to invade under cover of an exercise how much better to do so under a ‘snap’ exercise that your enemy thought was simply a show of impotent outrage.

      • borko says:

        Invading is one thing. Dealing with the consequences is another. Just ask the Japanese. And they had a much better navy.

  9. jim ticehurst says:

    Considering The Further Aggression of China..Diplomatic..Economic ..Recalls..Sanctions..Posturing..and Positioning…With Its Long Term
    Objective to Occupy Taiwan..I NOW Believe CCP/China is in Better Position Than
    Ever Before…To Attempt a FULL Military Assault..Soon..

    Its Hard to Believe Either or Russia Are Going to Back Down Now..So, The Question Is..
    When..and How..What Will Be Considered The Perfect Timing and Consolidation
    And Co Ordination With other Nations For Support..
    .North Korea offered has
    Offered around 100,000 troops to Rusiia according to Reports Today by
    Russia CH 1 TV…Igor Korotchenko…and British Reporter Jack Buckby..

    What Diversions and IO..and Ps-Ops are Prepping The Event Now..?? What
    Spy Sources Do We Have Russia..China..N Korea..etc…..Most have beeen killed off under the Obama/Biden administrations..

    What events could Manipulate POTUS Biden..The Pentagon..and Our Strategic Assets
    Like Our Navy and Carriers..That Would Benefit China or Russia..What Military
    Attacks Could Be Carried Out Against Our Assets..Where..When ..How..What

    The N Korea Story..With Others on Ukraine are on a Web Site..called 1945..and posted Jack Buckby..Within the Hour..

    I dont think Russia..or China are Going to Waste these Opportunitys..It ALL depends
    on POTUS Bidens Responses..Support..or Lack of Support..He is only Burnt
    Corn Pop..

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