BBC Chart on Baghdad

Very interesting resource from the BBC.  pl

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5 Responses to BBC Chart on Baghdad

  1. anna missed says:

    Watch the bridges, indeed.

  2. Antiquated Tory says:

    Good Lord. Not exactly a picture of the inexorable march of progress and stability, is it? More like Sarajevo repeated on a far vaster scale.

  3. Will says:

    the disappearance of mixed neighborhood- the loss of the Iraki identity. this is the dumbya legacy for Irak. What are we still doing there?

  4. anna missed says:

    According to the displacement of mixed neighborhoods into sectarian ones (except the green zone!) the Tigris bridges, or lack of them, would seem to serve enough interests to overcome their economic necessity. The Shiiteification of the eastern neighborhoods might benefit from cutting off access (to AQII) carbombers and militia incursion, as the Sunnis would inversely benefit. Or, could it be the inhabitants of the green zone? Loosing an adequate buffer zone. Seems to benefit everyone, except ordinary Iraqi’s, who have been rather outspoken and sentimental at its loss. Has anyone taken credit for it?

  5. Leigh says:

    My reaction, looking at before and after ethnic areas, is “My god, what have we done?”
    And how can our “leaders” look at themselves in the mirror?

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