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There are now a great many objects in the internet that have "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (the words) embedded in them.  What do you all think of changing the name of the blog to "Pat Lang's Salon?"  pl

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  1. Charlie Wilson says:

    Pat Lang’s Maydan. Means the same thing in many languages.

  2. jld says:

    Yes, of course, or anything else that is NOT in common use (as exemplified by my email address you know…)

  3. Yeah, Right says:

    Pat Lang’s Paddock?
    Or does that have a different meaning in the USA?

  4. dmr says:

    Excellent idea! I second that.

  5. SteveH says:

    ‘Salon’ sounds a bit like the place my wife gets her hair done – notwithstanding that you probably had Parisian impressionists closer to the front of your mind when you suggested it! Any merit in doubling up on the ‘o’?

  6. A. Pols says:

    I think you should “dance with the one that brung you”.
    The current name is evocative.

  7. Outrage Beyond says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. Jack says:


  9. wisedupearly says:

    Pat Lang’s FOP

  10. turcopolier says:

    I don’t like “maidan.” This is basically an Arabic word meaning a “square,” “plaza” or the “field.” IMO an Arabic word in the name has a lot of bad consequences. How about “Pat Lang’s Council” (A committee of Correspondence) ? pl

  11. AEL says:

    How about “Pat Lang’s Saloon and Sausage Factory”?

  12. TheUnready says:

    Pat Lang’s Parley?
    Pat Lang’s Parlour?

  13. Booby says:

    For all;
    Salon has a nice ring. And no one can question the host’s right to bounce anyone for inappropriate behavior. Will good whiskey & fine cigars be acceptable?

  14. John Minnerath says:

    “Pat Lang’s Council”, getting close.
    Pat Lang’s Camp ?

  15. Pat Langs’s Salon or Council are fine, but I prefer salon. I strongly urge you keep the “A Committee of Correspondence” in the heading no matter what title you decide upon. That descriptor captures a defining spirit of American history. I think it’s important to keep that tradition and spirit alive.

  16. jeff roby says:

    As long as you keep it going, I’m fine. It’s my first stop every morning.

  17. Lemur says:

    ‘Salon’ might confuse matters with that ultra leftoid media outlet.
    What about ‘Pat Lang’s Outpost’?

  18. Matthew says:

    How about “Colonel Lang’s Bivouac”?
    That should appeal to the Francophiles.

  19. Bill Herschel says:

    And here we go… This is all the neocons have left. They’re losing everywhere else. In order to do what they want to do, they will have to interdict (or whatever the term of art is) the SAM’s protecting large amount of the Syrian military. This will be really, really bad. But it’s all they have left.
    “White House Warns of Possible Chemical Attack by Syria”
    The only reason to change the name is a desire not to channel Johnny Depp. Probably a good idea.

  20. Cortes says:

    Salon or Council are fine, although the existing name is excellent.
    If a new title is necessary, what about a “golden oldie?”: Divan.

  21. AshTheLightningFan says:

    Mr. Lang,
    It is better, as it reflects the authority & seriousness of the place more accurately.
    Also has the added benefit of sounding like: “”Pat Lang’s counsel”…which accurately reflects what most of us come here for!

  22. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Colonel, SST;
    I do like “Pat Lang’s Council” (A committee of Correspondence”. Might I suggest “Pat Lang’s Global Studies and Observations Group” (PaLGSOG)?
    I would be happy with any name as long as the Committee continued.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  23. Kutte says:

    What about Pat Lang’s Tower. A tower is a visible landmark, provides orientation and, if need be, is a good place to retreat to.

  24. Old Microbiologist says:

    I personally loathe the website Salon for many reasons most of which have to do with embedded malicious code. But, their content is also reprehensible so I would distance myself from anything to do with anything that might confuse your site with them.
    I would stick with what you already have assuming the content will be more or less consistent. Some web sites link frequently to you such as Naked Capitalism which is how I found my way here in the first place. I am sure they would adjust but you already have “brand” identification and you would lose that if you changed.
    People are in general lazy so changing bookmarks might be too much for some.

  25. BraveNewWorld says:

    I support what every you want to do with your blog.

  26. egl says:

    I rather like the current name — a reminder of our values. On a practical note, I experimented with a search engine and concluded that simply prepending “Pat Lang”, as in “Pat Lang’s Sic Semper Tyrannis”, will do about as well as anything to disambiguate this blog from other destinations.

  27. Imagine says:

    “Lang’s Hangout”
    “Pat Lang’s Parley”
    “Take the Lang Way Home” / “Lang Way Home”
    “The Purple Mandrill”
    Salon has a long and honorable history, and is an accurate description of a place for informed, interesting conversation.
    Saloon works also, for similar reasons.
    Nobody else knows what a turcopolier is, and that’s your current blog address, so you’ve already got a hammerlock on that brand.
    suggest you pick something you feel comfortable with, that is easy to spell and easy to remember. The content already speaks for itself, so people will get used to whatever you go with. Staying the same is fine too. hth

  28. HawkOfMay says:

    Given Col. Lang is a Knight Commander in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher my first thought was “Pat Lang’s round table” although admittedly I’m mixing Arthurian mythology with reality.

  29. Colonel Lang,
    I am rather fond of the current name.
    It does, of course, make the Southern identification very clear.
    In some ways, it is a problem that people who share a lot of common ground when it comes to debates about American foreign policy are often bitterly divided on domestic issues.
    However, the name does have its advantages.
    One is that, as it were, what you see is what you get. As you are quite patently not going to turn this into a foreign policy blog pure and simple, I do not see what is wrong with an unashamed indication of your own identifications.
    Another is that I simply do not think that it puts intelligent people off – as witness the fact that a site like ‘Naked Capitalism’, which is run by Yves Smith/Susan Webber, who is very much a ‘progressive’, has frequently linked to it.
    Yet another is the title does, in my view, point to a fundamental issue – which actually cuts across traditional left/right, progressive/conservative divisions.
    Over the years, the mentality of the ‘Borg’, on both sides of the Atlantic, has increasingly seem to me to echo the worst elements of that of the old Russian ‘intelligenty’: projects for the realisation of an utopian future of harmony commonly masking an underlying will-to-power.
    So a lot of the arguments, both about foreign and domestic affairs, really are to do with tyranny.

  30. Fellow Traveler says:

    Pat Lang’s Curia
    Pat Lang’s Legation

  31. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    You’re the boss, the proprietor. Whatever you decided upon is OK with me.

  32. Fred says:

    Pat Lang’s Council sounds good. It brings to mind the idea of a Privy Council.

  33. lally says:

    Colonel Pat Lang’s Council ?

  34. DC says:

    Sic Semper Tyrannis is the best. There is a shortage of fear in tyrants these days; might as well try to do something bring it about.
    “Salon,” unfortunately, as a brand has been tarnished in modern usage. If the title must be changed, let me suggest “Round Table,” after Arthur’s knights.

  35. Castellio says:

    Pat Lang and Correspondents

  36. Greco says:

    Fort Lang?

  37. paul says:

    Is ‘Lang’ of Scottish genealogy? How about ‘The bothy’?

  38. esq says:

    Salon or Council both sound good to me, if pressed would vote for former.

  39. robt willmann says:

    Off topic, but I looked for your presentation at St. Mary’s University on Islam, and the link in The Athenaeum would not give access, nor could it be downloaded. The other recorded interviews and lectures were available.

  40. Gene O says:

    Although I am aware of the Enlightment roots, IMHO ‘salon’ brings more to mind art exhibitions, beauticians, champagne, and architectural spaces.
    Pat Lang’s Gathering Room?
    Lang’s Coffeehouse?
    Or Pat Lang’s Academy?

  41. turcopolier says:

    robt willman
    They seem to have taken it down. Feel free tc oomplain to them. pl

  42. BabelFish says:

    Pat, I do like Council, although SST is still very powerful.

  43. dilbert dogbert says:

    I don’t have SST book marked so I use google (sic) and it has SST very near the top for me. Either second or third from the top. Easy.
    I will stop by occasionally no mater what the blog is called.

  44. kao_hsien_chih says:

    “Committee of Correspondence” has an excellent ring to it. How about simply “Pat Lang’s Committee of Correspondence”? Would it be too long a name?

  45. James Doleman says:

    Your call of course, but like the current name.

  46. confusedponderer says:

    I have gotten quite used to SST and have always enjoyed reading it. A lot actually. I liked and still like the focus, it being a very good source of knowledge, its tips for books, its tips for articles, the generally high quality and the very good, sober look at reality.
    Anyway, before I find myself lost, my point is this:
    If you want to change the name, to me John Minnerath’s proposals “Pat Lang’s Council” or “Pat Lang’s Camp” read good. Sadly, a sensible proposal of my own isn’t coming to my mind this evening.
    Besides, and off topic: I have ordered your trilogy, and I am looking forward to read it.

  47. Abu Sinan says:

    Sir, how about “Pat Lang’s Diwan”? As I am sure you know, Diwan being colloquial Arabic for a cafe, or a place people meet. Being a Goethe enthusiast, it also brings to mind his “West–östlicher Divan” a sort of détente between the cultures.

  48. Willybilly says:

    Pat Lang Tribune

  49. BrotherJoe says:

    I was of the opinion that the next false flag attack would be on American soil … at Grover’s Mill NJ.

  50. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Col. Lang:
    I think “Pat lang’s Salon” is fine.
    Perhaps with the motto:
    “Liberté chérie, combats avec tes défenseurs!”

  51. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,
    How about: Pat Lang’s keep – the castles last refuge against the barbarians.
    More serious,
    Pat Lang’s Forum

  52. Seacoaster says:

    I second this sir. I’m a fan of the existing name.

  53. phodges says:

    My vote is Noooooooo. SST works just fine and is still rather unique. More unique than “Salon”!
    But it’s your blog, do whatever makes you happy. Please just keep the blog alive! Thanks

  54. Kunuri says:

    Pat Lang’s Trough.

  55. sid_finster says:

    I support whatever name you choose.
    That said, it don’t matter what you name it, Google will avoid directing searches to it.

  56. optimax says:

    Pat Lang’s Greatest Hits
    Pat Lang’s Forum

  57. turcopolier says:

    I have made a choice. pl

  58. Charles Michael says:

    I am not sure about bivouac but I sure don’like Salon it’s connoted in French with mondanity and snobs.
    Something on the line of Pat Lang last stand or position.
    Thing it would suggest principled and determination, but I like very much SST.

  59. Oilman2 says:

    My wife suggested, “At Ease, Gentlemen” as a possible alternative, since she reads the comments a lot with me.

  60. The Porkchop Express says:

    ” Kafiristan: A Committee of Correspondence ”

  61. dilbert dogbert says:

    Please remember you are not just any old Pat Lang. You are Col. Pat Lang who had boots on the ground in the ME and the Pentagon.

  62. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater says,
    From the first it meant a lot to me that this is a Virginia blog. It represents both the high intellectual tradition of a Jefferson, Madison or Monroe, and also the inherited British military tradition that one will find at VMI, as represented by the brilliant mind of Lee and by the steady Virginian Protestant faith and relentless, actually sometimes remarkably imaginative ‘application’ of the great Jackson. (Some weeks back, into the first stunning explosion of this now gone spring, we took Toby at dawn over the Mountain (Afton) to Anicera at Harrisonburg, a Palatine German town in the Valley, and soon found ourselves with time to kill at the lovely south fork of the Shenandoah, at Port Republic. What Jackson did there (save the lives of a lot of Valley boys) is so amazing I still don’t quite understand it.) Historically, as was noted by visitors from other parts of the colonies, the Virginia intellect seemed to have been preoccupied with ideas about law and forms of government, fecund with ideas of how to achieve political freedoms, less so about business and art. I pause here and note that Virginians were also given to rhetoric…
    I would hate to see the name changed. It seems the situation is like the Californians trying to copyright the name “Shenandoah” for their wine.
    If change we must, I suggest, with a bit of a rhetorical flair, I admit:
    The blog of Patrick Lang
    A Committee of Correspondence
    ‘By Wisdom and Courage.’
    That’s a motto from VMI, of course, and why not?

  63. I also think that “Committee of Correspondence” says something and using the name “Pat Lang” identifies the site at once. “Pat Lang’s Salon: A Committee of Correspondence” does therefore have the advantage that when one forwards an article to someone the recipient knows without further enquiry what he’s getting and who is warranting it.
    I liked the old name – it went well with 2016 – but I’d guess that in England “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is associated with the assassination of Lincoln rather than with the Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what sprang to mind when the site was first forwarded to me. One could well be ambivalent about Lincoln, but perhaps not that ambivalent.

  64. fanto says:

    I agree with Outrage Beyond (“don’t fix it if its not broke”), with PMB and with David Habakkuk – keep SST, but my 3 cents is already too late, you made your choice

  65. hans says:

    Well, Col. Lang, whatever you chose, it’s the right one! Just damned happy to have it.

  66. Emad says:

    I see you’ve already picked a name, so this is too late.
    Pat Lang’s Salon and Pat Lang’s Council will both be turned into acronyms (PLS, PLC) on the Internet. PLS is probably better because it conjures up “point last seen”, which is where most correspondents of the committee would like to be known as having been seen at.

  67. ked says:

    too late, but Lang’s Log struck me quick.

  68. Lefty says:

    Pat’s Place – a Committee of Correspondence
    Thank you for what you do.

  69. Keith Harbaugh says:

    FWIW, I find the term “Salon” a little too “chi chi”
    ( “affectation, preciosity”), if not effeminate.
    It carries the connotation of fashionable Parisian ladies
    inviting the literati over to their “salons” to entertain them.
    Either that, or:
    (BTW, by any chance was “salon” your wife’s idea?)
    IMO, Pat Lang’s Blog (i.e., no need to reference anything but yourself) would be quite adequate,
    or if you want to emphasize the collective nature, how about:
    Committee, Council, Group, Assembly, Collaboration, Forum, etc.?

  70. Chris Chuba says:

    I respect your choice Col whatever it is but I’ll still shoot my mouth … Col. Lang’s Committee (or Corner)
    (Not fond of Salon) I like the alliteration and including your rank. You earned it, most of us haven’t.

  71. Newmarket says:

    I would suggest “The Pat Lang Review”, but SST is fine with me.

  72. Degringolade says:

    I don’t know….
    For some reason “Fort Apache-Pat Lang” or “Pat Lang’s Fort Apache” works for me.

  73. Annem says:

    No “salon” or anything so “charming” is befitting for a blog that deals with such serious issues few have been willing to take on and created by such an expert as yourself. If/if you MUST change the name, “MAYDAN of Sanity” is one possibility, since clear thinking and logic seem distressingly absent from the MSM and most other blogs.

  74. Amir says:

    You might want to consider using “Colonel” in the name, as a reflection of your civic connection, for uninitiated. Also, subtitle “Sic Simper Tyrannis” with a reference to the image on the flag of Commonwealth of Virginia, would give a historical connection to the “older blog”, maybe even via a hyperlink.

  75. Jackrabbit says:

    Pat Lang’s:

  76. Eric says:

    First post from a long time reader. Why not just use the rough translation….”Thus unto Tryants”

  77. Eric says:

    How about “Thus unto Tyrants”

  78. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    Whatever the babe I’m glad you are all still contributing in this dark time.

  79. Cee says:

    Prior typo NAME

  80. bryan kirby says:

    Much as Chevy’s Trail Blazer is referred to as Chevy Trail Blazer, I suggest Pat Lang Salon. ’cause marketing.

  81. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    How about Pat Lang’s Saloon? I am not a native speaker please forgive if a wild west saloon has bad connotations in contemporary english.

  82. jamzo says:

    it is a space in which you invite others to join you … i hope you choose a name that suits you….

  83. aleksandar says:

    Pat Lang Operation Room.
    Sound nice to me.
    (even if I prefer ” Sic Semper Tyrannis )

  84. Pat Lang’s Salon formerly known as Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  85. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Some more possibilities which, I note, have not yet been suggested:
    and, finally, my favorite:
    Pat Lang’s College
    Hey, why not? Colonel Lang has said he wants to use this blog to educate.
    According to Wikipedia:
    “A college (Latin: collegium) is an educational institution”
    That exactly describes Colonel Lang’s intent.

  86. elkern says:

    I like “Round Table”, as suggested more than once above. Whatever the result, please keep “Committee of Correspondence”.
    “Salon” was revived in NY-ish liberal-ish circles a decade ago; that makes it both Dated, and politically misleading.
    As a non-Southerner and non-Veteran, I originally misread “Sic Semper Tyrannis” as he Marine Corp motto (yeah, ouch). I was dismayed when I eventually discovered the John Wilkes Booth connection. I never would have suggested changing the Name of this blog, but now that it’s under consideration, I think it’s a good idea.
    SST is my 2nd online stop most days (after Yahoo home-page – I’m old-school). Originally attracted by Col. Lang’s opposition to the US invasion of Iraq, I come here mainly for the foreign policy content; both the Posts, and the comments from knowledgeable Commenters from around the world. I consider the perspective here to be an important voice against the bipartisan (Borg) tide of propaganda constantly pushing for US military involvement in the Middle East. A less divisive Name would make it harder to dismiss this Blog as “racist” and therefore unworthy of consideration.

  87. Steve 01702 says:

    Colonel, let the other guys change THEIR name. You own this.

  88. Richard Ong says:

    It is too bland. Not a hint of the Jolly Roger/Fire for Effect slant.
    Maybe “Old Lang’s Zine” just to play around . . . but it suffers from the same defect.
    Steve 01702 has the story, I think. I don’t think the perspective on the web is name “Xyz” compared to everything else on the web but rather “Xyz” compared to other sites with a military, foreign policy, media, politics focus. I am all over those kind of sites and know of no blog title that comes close. Heck, I don’t even know of any such title anywhere.
    Your site could do with a more interesting header. It’s too bland and could use a signature photo or piece of military art. People are visual and a good name/picture combo gits ‘er done.

  89. turcopolier says:

    Richard Ong
    Hey, I am a bland, paleoconservative, original intent guy. I like it the way it is. p l

  90. Old Gun Pilot says:

    How about Pat Lang’s base cammp?

  91. Old Gun Pilot says:

    I meant Pat Lang’s base camp. Sorry, fat fingers.

  92. Mark Logan says:

    I’ll suggest “foyer” as a possible alternative to “salon”, but only due to there being Salon this and salon that out there…hairdressers to “news” sites.

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