” … bordering on reckless.” Mulshine

” … Back in 2019 when Andre and I were poking around the banks of the Rio Grande in a nearby town, we came upon an inflatable boat full of potential migrants hiding in the weeds on the American side. As soon as he saw us, the oarsman paddled back to Mexico. (See video below)

Now such a smuggler would simply drop his passengers off and let them surrender to the Border Patrol, Cavazos said. At that point they would be bused to a processing center and then released to await their hearings.

This presents little problem for the town of Los Indios, of which Cavazos is no longer mayor.

“People in the other parts of the country look at this and think it’s a border problem. But there’s really no reason for the migrants to stay here and compete for a minimum wage job,” he said. “They’re coming to a neighborhood near you.”

Whether that’s good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. But there has to be a better way to handle this.”


Comment: IMO the cartels now are in control of the border. They sign up people for transportation from deep in Mexico and Central America to the US border. They have a sliding scale for the fee for service setup. Mexicans pay the least, Central Americans pay more, people from the rest of the world pay a lot more. Some people sign contracts promising to pay after entry into the US. This means that they will be servants of the cartels after they are living in the US. After having been signed up, they are given color coded wrist bands, assembled into groups and transported north. The groups are sent across the border as a unit, sent through gaps in the border barriers at times in which the cartel managers believe the CBP will be absent. The cartels are actually clearing the lanes through which they send migrants. It is reported that houses of American residents that are in the movement lanes are being burned to eliminate prying eyes.

A couple of observations:

1- If the US is such a terrible place, a country filled with racist hatred as Kamala Harris said yesterday, why are all these people trying to come live here?

2- IMO the non-Latinos are foolish in subjecting themselves to the cartels in Mexico. They could walk across the Canada/US border just about anywhere they wished to do so. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    Kamala and company are the ones that hate America as it is (and was). They are simply arranging conquest by immigration, assuming their ‘posterity’ will remain in charge. I thank Barack for accelerating it and share some blame for voting for the man twice.

    • Deap says:

      Kamala is under-going a major re-branding. She is now the first “Asian” VP; not the first black VP.

      Did she realize she was getting no traction within the black community; or she did not like the company she will be forced to represent after the George Floyd trial? One more Team Biden post-election reversal.

      MAGA – Promises Made – Promises Kept

  2. james says:


    i agree with your last comment.. use the canuck-usa border.. its easier… i remember doing this myself back in the 80’s…

    so is this war on immigrants going to replace the war on communism, or the war on drugs or terrorism? i doubt it… it doesn’t have a nice ring to it – ‘war on immigrants’… sounds racist even if it isn’t… i figure the way to solve all these problems is to do away with the supremacy of the us$ on the world stage… at this point so much of the stuff is being printed, the faith people hold in it, is going to dissipate sooner then later.. the sooner the better, as it would be best to put the usa on an equal footing with other currencies and bring back some relevance to currencies in general… since the us$ came off the gold standard in 71 via nixon, nothing has been the same… it is all funny money with people chasing after it..

    back to the conversation… so how do the corporations, or even people like trump who have hired immigrants at low wages feel about all this?? seems to me they are all in favour of it if they can save a buck and make more money.. they are no different… tell me how i am wrong.. thanks..

    • Pat Lang says:


      This IS NOT a war on immigrants. It is a legal problem in trying to prevent ILLEGAL immigrants. The US grants 1 million visas for legal immigration every year, some of them to Canadians. What we are talking about are spurious claims for asylum, followed by outright illegal entry if necessary.

      • james says:


        thanks… short of building a wall the whole length of the border, i don’t see how it can be stopped.. of course it would help if all the politicians were on the same page too! good luck trying to work it out…

        on a related note, laws are meant to be broken… they are written by those in power… this changes over time…it might sound radical to say this, but look at how the laws have changed on any number of issues, given time… i heard that mexico is going to legalize marijuana… yet another change to the legal system, probably based off money more then anything else.. laws aren’t all they are cracked up to be!

        • Pat Lang says:


          We do not want this country to become a Latin American country. Trump had effectively solved this problem and now the lefties have deliberately opened the door because they want to change the nature of the country as part of their plan for socialist globalization. I have long been of the opinion that we should try the leaders of the cartels, condemn them to death and issue kill or capture orders to JSOC to dispose of them I assure that nobody wants to die for the money the cartels make. In addition to that we can transfer them to the Canadian border and push them across the border for you to deal with. But then, nobody wants to live in Canada. That is why you have been losing population to us for hundreds of years, including people on both sides of my family.

          • james says:


            it is a complicated topic, especially the last part of your paragraph… it is interesting history too!

            it is interesting the history on the mexican cession… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Cession

            it seems like if enough time eclipses, much of the area that was taken from mexico will end up very much back in their hands in a round about way… regardless, i personally like the people coming from mexico and south america and wish them well… they contribute a lot to canada and more would be welcome… if santana changes his mind, he is welcome here too!

          • Pat Lang says:


            It is not a question of liking them or disliking them. I like them too but most of us here do not want this to become a Latin American country.

          • morongobill says:

            Your first sentence is the bottom line and should be made crystal clear to the federal government. I know, good luck.

          • Deap says:

            Teachers unions are filling K-12 classrooms with open border illegal “families” – cash cow for the teachers unions.

          • james says:


            thanks… you bring some sanity to my quick off the cuff commentary and i appreciate it..

  3. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Colonel Lang,

    Yes, the cartels appear to be in charge at the border, but also in the interior of the unfortunate land of Mexico:


    And here are a couple of posters’ thoughts on the bum rush to the border below a post by Steve Sailer on this issue:

    “I can hear the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota shouting “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord and pass the government funding!” Rescuing 100,00 Somalians from Africa was just the warm-up. I hope everyone in the top tier of states is ready to double their property taxes, because that’s how you pay for an American education for the world’s children.

    They’ll put a few dozen in every town. The Feds will do it by force if necessary, and those kids are so darn cute! Then their parents will come, then their relatives via chain immigration, then that cheap brown heroin because the Cartel didn’t send those kids across the border for no reason…”

    “None of this is a mistake or an error. It is deliberate. They aim to conquer us.”

    “OK, so all those lockdowns, travel restrictictions and draconian measures for the Wu-Flu don’t apply to illegals crossing the border? What more proof do you need that covid was just a pretext for the great economic reset (also know as The Greatest Swindle in History) and setting up a police-state?”

    I cannot say that I disagree with, or at minimum find improbable, any of the sentiments or predictions in any of these posts. This bum rush is an important element in the plan for the dissolution of the Republic in any meaningful form. Oh, States might still exist, but merely as administrative districts for the Feral Government, and certainly not as actual constituent components of a federal republic. All the better to advance the Great Reset.

    How could we escape this fate? Well, some say, “Wait for the midterms; that’ll show ’em!” I am not sanguine about that, as HR1 rolls toward enactment, with all that that would mean for free elections. I am thinking secession, if not the Franco/Allende plan should some hope to retain the entire geographic extent of the country formerly known as the US. I am not sure what the point of that is, however; just separate if possible, and try to assure that the writ of the rump Feral Government does not run in the seceding States.

    As you resignedly remarked, evil times are upon us.

  4. Walrus says:

    Col. Lang,

    How long before the Mexican cartels take over the Democrat Party? They must have started that process by now.

    • this says:

      In 2010, California Democrat Party publicly supported legalizing recreational marijuana because “it would help bring in the younger voters”. That is the year I finally changed my party registration to GOP.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      IMO, The Democrats have been receiving money from the cartels for a while; especially the California Democrats. This is bribes, pay to play, and even direct campaign contributions. I know that ideology plays a big role in the open borders, etc, but I think the role of cartel money – lots of money, like $billions – in the South West is overlooked by most people thinking about these policies. I know for a fact that in the 80s and early 90s, when I was active there, many businesses and much high end real estate construction in Arizona was cartel money. The banks were doing well with that money too. I heard narcotics cops and feds go so far as to offer the opinion that Tucson, AZ would economically dry up if not for the constant infusion of drug money. I’m sure that California is not much different. A % of that illegal money filters up to the politicians.

  5. this says:

    If stupid US residents did not abuse so many illegal drugs, we could dry up the cartels in a second.

    “Legal” pot in California did nothing to get rid of the black market cartels. Just the opposite. Public agencies had to renege on the promised tax revenue claims “legal pot” was supposed to produce. The cartels under-cut the market and the “legal” pot tax revenue crashed. (A grudging, but highly chagrined, hat tip to cartel capitalism. Caveat.)

    Promises of millions of new pot tax dollars disappeared and any residual pot tax revenue is now spent on enforcement and the “social costs” that come along with this far more prolific pot access. “Sin taxes” are ultimately abhorrent.

  6. Ghost Ship says:

    “I like them too but most of us here do not want this to become a Latin American country.”
    I suspect most of the illegal migrants do not want the United States to become a Latin American country – they are after all fleeing the corruption, crime, poverty and lack of work endemic in Latin America.
    BTW, crossing the Canadian/US border is not as easy as you might think – a friend who used to live in Burlington and who enjoyed walking went for a walk in northern Vermont that took him close to the Canadian border. When he got back to his car, the local police (I think) were waiting for him. He reckoned that motion sensors along the border were the reason the police turned up.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Ghost ship

      Motion sensors along the Canadian border? You are living in fantasy land. That border is essentially “open” off major roads with their check points.

  7. jerseycityjoan says:

    About the Canadian border as an entry point:

    I assume people don’t drop down from Canada because they can’t make it to Canada — that Canada won’t give them a visa. If they did they would be better off to try for asylum there I would think, there’s more social benefits. I don’t know how good Canada is about deporting people once they lose their cases and appeals, though. I hope for their sakes they are better than we are.

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