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I think the Democrats finally have corralled Donald Trump.

I think the transcripts flagged by the unnamed intel community whistleblower will show that Donald Trump threatened to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian leader fired a prosecutor who was investigating a company that paid Donald Jr. and Eric millions of dollars. Following this demand the Ukrainian prosecutor was fired and the investigation terminated.

But wait, there is more. The Trump boys also flew to China with their Dad and snared a 1.5 BILLION Chinese investment in their hedge fun. I am sure you will agree this is impeachable.

Wait. BREAKING NEWS. Put the BRAKES on the BRAKING NEWS. I made a mistake. The person who did this was NOT Donald Trump, it was Joe Biden and his greedy offspring, Hunter. (If you caught the “BRAKING” in the title you get extra points.)

According to a knowledgeable source, the Whistleblower story that much of the media is losing their minds over is a desperate effort to protect Joe Biden. While it is true that Donald Trump had a conversation with the Ukrainian President and the topic of investigating Joe Biden’s son for getting payments from a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch,  that is not illegal nor improper once you understand the back story.

Here’s the back story courtesy of Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit:

After leaving office in 2017, Vice President Joe Biden Bragged about strong-arming the government of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor.

Joe Biden made the remarks during a meeting of foreign policy specialists. Biden said he, “Threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.” Biden suggested during his talk that Barack Obama was in on the threat.

In April John Solomon revealed what Biden did not tell his audience. Joe Biden had Poroshenko fired because he was investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter

Poroshenko was investigating $3 million in funds that were being transferred out of Ukraine and into accounts in the United States at that time.

Joe Biden had him fired.

In May President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said in an interview that he plans to travel to Ukraine to push the country’s leadership on several probes that may prove “very, very helpful” to President Trump, as Republicans continue looking to turn the tables on Democrats and prove that they — not the GOP — were the party that improperly conspired with foreign actors. . . .

Three days later Rep. Adam Schiff told ABC that President Trump should not be allowed to investigate Joe Biden’s criminal dealings in Ukraine.

Joe Biden and his son also secured a billion-dollar China deal just days after former Vice President Joe Biden visited China in 2013.

If the media had a brain (they apparently do not) they should have taken a look at the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act of 1998. This statute applies to the following circumstances where “urgent concerns” are identified by members of the intelligence community:

  • a serious or flagrant problem, abuse, violation of law or Executive order, or deficiency relating to the funding, administration, or operations of an intelligence activity involving classified information, but does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters;
  • A false statement to Congress, or a willful withholding from Congress, on an issue of material fact relating to the funding, administration, or operation of an intelligence activity; or
  • An action constituting reprisal or threat of reprisal in response to an employee’s reporting an urgent concern.

President Trump talking to a foreign leader DOES NOT fall under this act. That is why this complaint is not being treated as a legitimate complaint. President Trump has every right to raise the issue of Joe Biden’s corrupt activities while performing duties as the U.S. Vice President with the leader of a country that not only was implicated in the act but was threatened. We do not have to wonder if this is true. Slow Joe Biden bragged about it during an appearance in 2018.

If an analyst knew that there was no evidence for the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that would merit a whistleblower complaint and protection.

If an intelligence officer or contractor became aware that the U.S. Government was spying on American citizens outside the protections of the FISA warrant process that would merit a whistleblower complaint and prediction.

If an intelligence officer or contractor learned that the head of the NSA was directing funds to a company where he had financial interests that would merit a whistleblower complaint and prediction.

Asking whether or not a country is going to pursue a corruption/bribery investigation of Hunter Biden, which was derailed by his father according to his father then that does not qualify as a whistleblower complaint.

This is nothing more than someone in the intelligence community trying to leak information under the guise of a whistleblower complaint to attack the Presidency of Donald Trump.Adam Schiff is channeling Wile E Coyote and is in the process of dropping the anvil once again on his own head.

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  1. exiled off mainstreet says:

    The obvious risk they are taking with this is that the examination of Biden, fils and pere’s record in this matter reveals the corruption which may have influenced US policy to favor the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and its replacement with a subservient puppet state run with the help of factions whose history includes collaboration with the Nazi regime.

  2. Vig says:

    moving beyond whistleblowers, is there some US law preventing US legislating insiders to help their families to profit?

  3. Donkeyoatey says:

    As soon as I heard this burst of white noise I knew what was going down.
    Chris Floyd had an excellent takedown in his article “Night of the Hunter”
    He’s hard left, but his target is hypocrisy of any stripe. And that this all took place in 2013-2015(pretext for Maidan?) and involved a Cypriot shell company with drilling rights in the Don Basin? Black comedy at its finest.

  4. Seamus Padraig says:

    I did catch the misspelling right off, but I have to admit, Larry, that your first two paragraphs or so had me going anyway! Good work, as always …

  5. Diana C says:

    I am afraid that Adam Schiff will have to pull out a more serious complaint against Donald Trump: Elder Abuse. Nothing Joe can do or say will constitute a reason to investigate Joe since he is obviously suffering from the symptoms of dementia.
    This is actually funnier than Biden’s battle against Corn Pop.
    It all goes to show that if you live in a swamp, you begin to think like all the other creatures that inhabit the swamp. And they hate a POTUS who did not come up from the Swamp.
    I look at this incident as just a continuation of the Democrats’ outrage over the meeting between Vlad and Donald awhile ago. All that crying and screaming did not give them access to the translator’s notes. So then they went after Flynn.
    Isn’t Ukraine supposed to be our friend? Doesn’t this mean that Trump is breaking the rules? We aren’t supposed to be asking them to give information about Joe’s and Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine, since Joe is a Democratically certified “good guy”?
    I am so happy that you used the allusion to the Wile-E Coyote cartoons. That is exactly what the Democrat party resembles lately.
    But, I am also a little sad about Trump’s efforts to get the truth from Ukraine. It may knock Biden off the stage. I was so looking forward to a Trump/Biden debate.

  6. No on the corrupt practice of insider trading. But this was far more than that. Biden used threats to obstruct justice. But the act took place in the Ukraine. No US jurisdiction on that front.

  7. mp98 says:

    You had me going at first.
    Figured that you had finally jumped into the swamp with more fake news .

  8. Fred says:

    Donald did a number on this on twitter, its quite hilarious:

  9. Joe100 says:

    This gets even better. I have been hearing for some time that the Ukranian government had tried (unsuccessfully) to pass information about attempts to get them to interfere in the election to support Hillary Clinton.
    It appears that Trump’s conversation was a followup to that information finally getting to Trump via an official process involving Juliani. If the details come out are correct, the State Dept officials in the Ukraine received this information, but did not forward it to DOJ or the Whitehouse and in a second attempt the Ukraine government managed to get this info to the DOJ – but via the SDNY attorney’s office, which did not apparently forward this info to Main Justice.
    See details at:
    Schiff must be a complete idiot to try to play this car..d

  10. Vig says:

    Who beyond Trump, would you consider as non-swampy? Beyond his inner circles, like family, that is? Purely in politics?
    Elder Abuse.
    Interesting idea. More information?

  11. SAC Brat says:

    An example of insider trading that went wrong for a Congressman. The video is fun as Bill Black (who in the past John McCain tried to get fired for going after Charles Keating) describes the case and starts rolling around the floor laughing.
    “White collar criminologist Bill Black analyzes the significance of Rep. Chris Collins arrest for insider trading along with his son and son’s fiance’s father on 13 counts of wire fraud, securities fraud, and making false statements to the FBI.”

  12. ex PFC Chuck says:

    It would be a serious blunder for Team Trump to do anything now that undermines Biden’s chances of getting the Democratic presidential nomination. Although he’s leading in the polls, he’s arguably the most beatable candidate they can put forward.
    The polls reflect that a majority of tribal Democrats have not yet grokked that Bill Clinton closed the sale of majority ownership of the Party to the financial sector, a transaction that had been in negotiation since the founding of the Democratic Leadership Council in the wake of the Party’s electoral disaster of 1984. Nor have the tribal Democrats grokked that at the time of Barrack Obama’s election he was presented with a golden opportunity to undo that transaction but he turned his back on it.
    The tribal Democrats see Biden as the legitimate successor to the Clinton-Obama “legacy” but they still don’t realize that legacy was a 180º turn away from the social democratic principles and strategies of the New Deal that made the Democrats the dominant party of the mid-20th century. Shamefully, the Party still advertises itself as the advocate of the working and modest middle classes, all the while making sure that the legislation demanded by their paymasters, legislation gets just enough votes from their sides of the aisles to pass.
    It is because Biden’s fingerprints are all over this legislation that he is both the candidate regarded as most trustworthy by the now bought and paid for Democratic establishment, and a pariah to woke Democrats (and ex-Democrats) and by millennials, who see their life prospects greatly diminished by the rentier-centric neoliberalism that has now largely replaced the limited social democratic political economy of the New Deal era. If Biden is the Democratic nominee he’ll get the votes of the activists tribal Democrats and knee-jerk Democratic voters who either haven’t yet wised up to the scam or who haven’t yet been economically affected by it (think bi-coastal metro areas), but that’s it.
    If Trump wants to be reelected he needs to get those who’ve been energized by Sanders, and to lesser extents Warren and Gabbard, to stay home on election day. If the Democrats nominate Biden they’ll be doing it for him.
    * Tribal party members are those who’ve been affiliated with it for so long and so strongly that it has become a core element of their identity. For them it’s difficult to see when the party’s underlying principles are changing beneath their feet.. The Republicans went through this in t he 60s through the 80s first as they welcomed Southerners who lost their affinity with the national Democratic Party because of its civil rights stands, and later as the Christian evangelical right became a central element in the Party’s grass roots. 2020 may well be the final act in the most recent Democratic Party metamorphosis.

  13. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Schiff playing a double game? Initially, it sounds anti-Trump, but if it winds up harming Biden, given S’s hard left politics, that works, too.

  14. Fred says:

    “millennials, who see their life prospects greatly diminished by the rentier-centric neoliberalism that has now largely replaced the limited social democratic political economy of the New Deal era. ”
    You left out legal immigration, which brought close to 60 million people into America since 1965. Competition for jobs, education, housing etc are of course not effected by having millions of new people in the country. Wages aren’t effected either, just ask the woke. And that’s just legal immigration.

  15. Donkeyoatey says:

    Thought I’d post this link since JerseyJeffersonian raised Chairman Maos alignment. Sorry- Chairman S

  16. Factotum says:

    I’ll second that. Good exercise to remind ourselves what our own “confirmation bias” feels like. I hope MSM also gets this little teaching moment message. Except they will probably run the first paragraph as as fact. “Leading Trump IC conservative admits Trump is guilty …….”
    Brilliant stroke of writing, LJ. Just a matter of time before Snopes fact checks it.

  17. Factotum says:

    Since 1965, both men and women (and cis) are now competing for “careers”. Pre-1965, many/most women expected to work a few years in essentially non-career fields and then leave the work force to start a family.
    But now there have to be twice as many career ladder opportunities for college grads alone, regardless of the additional pressure caused by immigration – legal or illegal.
    Has it not been reported only 20% of jobs in the US require a college degree – no wonder people today are feeling the squeeze. Law of unintended consequences when women left the family and entered the professional ladder work force post the 1965 social revolution.

  18. Fred says:

    Women were in the workforce long before 1965.

  19. Factotum says:

    I tried to qualify this statement by saying …”career ladder”, to wit professional, white collar post college employment.
    Women have been in the workforce forever. But the competition for post-college jobs changed dramatically after 1965 – when few to zero women were in the professional schools and zero to none were business entrepreneurs of any significance unless they inherited a business.

  20. Factotum says:

    My perverse little California brain going overtime here – did Kamala Harris set this up to get a two-fer. Trash both Trump and Biden at the same time. The woman is desperate and we know all to well what she has been capable of doing in this state. Willie Brown warned us – Kamala is out for Kamala. And with that he closed this chapter of his life.
    A pack of hungry Democrats right now are primarily trying to take each other down; not yet taking down Trump. So when Biden gets most of the collateral damage in this caper, one starts asking, who really tried to benefit from this two-party smack down?
    I smell Kamala Harris. But the air in this state has been too murky for too long. I could be wrong.

  21. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Some useful links concerning the Ukraine thing:
    Rudy Giuliani on 2019-09-23: 10 minute Rudy interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox
    sundance on 2019-09-22 compares the Ukrainian issues with the Russian collusion claims: “It’s Deja-Vu All Over Again – The Ukraine Effort is Simply “Obstruction 2.0″…”
    Devin Nunes Fox interview on 2019-02-23: “Nunes: Biden admitted he did the very thing Trump is accused of doing”

  22. smoke says:

    Factotutm – My mind has wandered along a similarly speculative track, though I would not know which Dems might set it up.
    Another possibility is that Dems may be testing their leading candidates’ weak points. Can they get this out now and defuse it? Or will Biden’s polls fall?

  23. Fred says:

    H1B visas and affirmative action programs based on race weren’t around then and both have a significant impact on employment and career progression.

  24. Eric Newhill says:

    I just read the transcript from the Ukraine call. LOL. It is very favorable to Trump. The Democrats have lost what little was left of their twisted loser minds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump himself was responsible for the “whistle blower”. This is great. Just great. Trump is a master.

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