“Britain Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions”

Boris the Terrible

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of COVID-19 measures introduced to curb the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in Britain as he looks to live with the virus after a peak in cases.

Britain was the first country to limit international travel over the Omicron variant, raising alarm bells about its mutations, and in December introduced work-at-home advice, more mask-wearing and vaccine passes to slow its spread.

But while cases soared to record highs, hospitalisations and deaths have not risen by the same extent, in part due to Britain’s booster rollout and the variant’s lesser severity.

Johnson’s approach to avoid lockdowns and live with the virus contrasts with a zero tolerance approach to COVID-19 in China and Hong Kong, and tougher restrictions in many other European countries.”

Comment: Well, well, all this and you Brits will be rid of him soon. pl


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  1. tedrichard says:

    the covid road show is being wrapped up.
    they can’t sell it any longer.
    the next feature film to terrorize the suggestible populace appears to be war with russia, perhaps a more exciting and credible drama than the one leaving town.

  2. Deap says:

    Chasing covid officially became a game of whack-a-mole. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Thank you UK for being the first to admit both defeat and victory over “covid”.

    Biden’s gotta “cure” covid by April 2022 US primaries, or Nov 2022 at the latest, so he welcomes your first baby steps. We can expect even more covid warp speed “break throughs” to follow the US election calendar. Science is finally speaking, since no one can outrun three years of accumulating data from independent sources. Democrat FUD is not selling the same way it did back in election year 2020. (FUD = Fear-Uncertainty-Death)

    To wit: (1) CDC just cut the official “covid death” count in half because they finally admitted they could not tell the difference between dying from or with covid.

    (2) Dump all those Biden free tests quickly on the taxpayer’s dime, because next CDC move will admit the tests were always too inaccurate to test anything.

    (3) Return to normalcy will now become simply the normal cold and flu season. Same numbers, same morbidities, same symptoms, same symptoms, same therapeutics and comfort measures.

    (4) Only messy detail remains putting lipstick on the increasing numbers of post-vaccine harm and death, particularly among young people. Pivot back to blaming Trump for this Warp Speed clot shot. That same shot Biden complained did not even exist, then he took power in 2021 and issued his 100% clot shot mandates. Now he will award a Medal of Freedom to Trump for its invention as reports of harm soar and dumps this albatross on Trump’s neck; not his own.

    (5) Fauci dances off to a well-funded retirement and becoming a multimillion dollar guest speaker at Big Pharm conventions, and is appointed to many well-compensated vanity seats on Big Pharm boards of directors. However, he still throws like a girl.

    DH and I have a nice 6 figure future cruise credit burning a hole in our pockets, which must be used by Dec 2022. Wish us well – hope the world breathes a sigh of relief and opens its doors again.

    We were on the front lines of the very first information age mass hysteria event, when the age of information transmogrified into the age of disinformation. Soberly we now recognize we are all in this together on this now very, very small planet.

    A shortage of toilet paper in Australia in Jan 2020 that triggered meltdowns, reverberated almost instantly around the world to became moments of shared humanity. That may well be the upside of this entire brave new world experience.

    We have met the enemy, and he is us. (Thank you, Pogo)

  3. Fred says:

    Brexit II, Covid boogaloo. Will Biden ban travel from the UK to the US, or can we expect some more “super spreader” events in the sunny South as the tourists come back? Well, at least the ones not bankrupted by these politically motivated policies that are economic disasters for the middle class?

  4. So, just like that. All the “science”. Fauxi, Ferguson, “tests” just tossed out. By fiat.
    Let’s hope everybody else does too.
    What a weird experience — the Diamond Princess right at the beginning gave us the basic parameters.

    • Deap says:

      Diamond Princess was an unintended “let it rip” experience. Spread was limited, as they did not quarantine anyone. A few died, who all over 80, and some passed several months after leaving the ship. Media set the tone – Diamond Princess because the poster child for the floating petri dish zombie apocalypse Democrats desperately needed for their 2020 election year narrative.

      Yes, we learned all we needed to know just by surveying the data provided by the Diamond Princess. 3 years ago.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    Biden said today in order to deal with Russia economic pain on everyone else will have to be experienced in order to hurt them the worst. I’m wondering what he has in mind. Severe inflation? Higher fuel prices? Rising interest rates? Somebody really should explain to him “The idea” is already reality and it did nothing.

    • Deap says:

      $1.89 a gallon gas prices or $20 a barrel oil will “hurt” Russia. Must be a provision somewhere in Build Back Better to provide both. Anyone find it?

      Is Biden building back US self-sufficiency and MAGA ideology again? That’ll show ’em.

  6. blue peacock says:

    Partygate it appears had its necessary effect. Clearly the BoJo crew didn’t think covid was a big deal as they partied it up with BYOB, while they locked down everyone else. Not too different from our Gavin Newsom and London Breed each having a fine party at the French Laundry in Napa with no masks and no social distancing and of course being very loud, while they led the pandemic hysteria and locked everyone else down and issued emergency orders and mandates.

    • LondonBob says:

      Johnson is a figurehead, arch neocon Michael Gove runs the show, he is, of course, a lockdown fanatic. Johnson is having to implement some actual conservative policies now Johnson is under pressure, funny that. Not impressed, but most of the rest of the Conservative MPs are similarly careerist ‘liberals’.

  7. akaPatience says:

    I noticed one of the reporters at Biden’s presser today pointedly asked if he was going to change his Covid team, specifically alluding to CDC head Walensky. Covid porn peddlers like the MSM and yellow-dog Democrats who worship them HATE that she’s been reporting some truths lately that buck the established narrative, lies and all, of the last 2 years. They want the nightmare of persecution and dehumanization to continue indefinitely. They enjoy it. BJ won’t be the only pol to change course in order to maintain political viability though. Gotta talk a good game before elections.

  8. Marlene says:

    But this could well be motivated because he had no ecuse to continue with the dictatorial measures after images of him partying with his elite in a non-ventilated room, without respecting any of the measures with which they try to domesticate the taxpayers, was trending topic in the net and demonstrations of fake Borises partying with alcohol and danceing music flooded the UK…

    But we still have the Corona fearmongering in the EU, leaded by, now in turn president of the EU Council, petit napoleón insisting in dissposesing vaccine refusal citizens from citizenry, and Luxemburg, that tax haven, probably at unison with Rothschild´s guy, Macron, impossing mandatory vaccination under fine of 200-500 euros, which means a literally reduction of wages on the unvaccinated.

    We have also Austria stubbornly continuing with its plans on impossing mandatory vaccination starting february 1st, as craddle, again, of the new fascist order.

    The German Health Minister nervously pushing for forced vaccines while Germany announcing it will drop all the mandates in March. Annalena Baerbock travelling to Moscow to engotiate its own pact on non agression in the middle of the rifi rafe amongst US/NATO and Russia.

    In the meantime, a lot of info from a DARPA whistleblower on some 4 or 5 people involved in the gain of function and developing of the whole pandemic issue sees the lighet, currently spreading through internet alternative media but now including some mainstream TV programs dedicated to “misteries”…

    Yesterday the markets gave their verdict, with Moderna and BionTech losing a 8-10% accumulating loses aroubnd the 60% since August…How the 4th dose will make through?

    And, the contestation continues to grow in the streets.
    In the Netehrlands after the attack dogs episodes who rounded the globe demonstrations turned massive, from such a tiny population I think everybody was there, and the Dutch government had to backpedal.

    But, do not low the guard, today in RT Gates warns about more dangerous and impredictable pandemics and the neccessity to alocate billionaire funds, which is what the business was about in the first palce, transvasing funds from other social necessities to the manufacture of vaccines,…Society, I think, before we definitely fix this, we weill ahve to have a converstaion on what we will want our taxes be spent on.

    I think our task will not be finished until we put all these crazies who orchestrated all this under control, and punish them as they deserve.

    There is no point in them being allowed to return to their luxurious rat holes unpunished and thus encouraged to machinate another, with all the dead and maimed out there they leave without making jusitice at all.

    A new Nuremberg is mandatory, in which, probably, no current head of governmenta, at any side of the new Iron Curtain, will be spared

  9. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Colonel Lang and other habitues of the Committee of Correspondance,

    Here is a current link from the Gateway Pundit purporting to be of an NHS doctor advising a patient to NOT take a booster shot because concealed evidence on the vexx is leading to an imminent withdrawal of all vexxines. This withdrawal of mandates by PM Johnson may be a frontrunner to a hammer blow to come, please God.


    Personal note: my dear wife, feeling the heat from her Ivy League university employers just underwent a booster. Lost days, fever up to 101° F, drained still after 6 days. I told her that I did not think it to be a good idea, or a safe course of action, but the pressure was on from these souless shitlibs to COMPLY. Tough to watch, and worse, now I live in renewed dread of damage to her body and immune system.

    Nuremberg II seems about right to me. Especially as one of the outcomes of Nuremberg I were prohibitions against subjecting people to medical experimentation, a real internationally-agreed “mandate” airily waved away by our power-mad “Elites”. Another round of people “just doing their job” is what we would see, of course

    • walrus says:

      Jersey, you neglected to mention that the “video” is of a “recording” of a telephone conversation allegedly between a doctor and a woman.

      None of it, not one word, has or can be verified. Your report is third hand via the pundit reporting on infowars reporting on twitter.

      BTW, both myself and my wife got our Pfizer boosters the week before Christmas with no ill effects whatsoever.

      Our hospitals here are at breaking point with Covid cases of Omicron in either unvaxxed or unboosted people.

      • Fred says:


        I for one like all the verification of Ambassador Downer’s story. I know, non sequitur. So, on to overwhelmed hospitals. I would think that newsworthy, but Duckduckgo brings up a 3 day old Guardian article (first item) and then the three stories, none saying “hospitals at breaking point”, but, yes but, from the national capital:

        Sounds like a Cuomo strategy, or Whitmer, with nursing homes for the elderly. At least he won an emmy. And to think your national leadership has had 15 days, er, two years, to build hospitals. Of course you had 73 deaths “from” Covid in three states on Tuesday, as reported by AP.

        How many people die every day in Australia? The wonderful wiki says 7.3/1,000. With 25 million+ that’s 500+ a day. I wonder if your government is playing the same “from Covid” “with Covid” games that the US federal government, and many state governments played? It’s hard to tell from the other side of the planet given the state of our news services.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        What about my saying “purporting to be” do you not understand? You need to work on your reading skills.

        Well, that’s just wonderful that you and your spouse experienced no problems with your booster shots. But that was NOT MY WIFE’S EXPERIENCE WHICH I WITNESSED MYSELF, AND THROUGH THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHICH I ATTENDED HER. I read the thermometer, I supplied her with analgesics to lower the fever recorded on that thermometer, I prepared and refreshed the ice bag for her head and arm, and fed her foods for days after the booster that she could handle to keep up her strength. So what are you saying here? That I just made that report up ‘cause I am such a toxic antivaxxer, and thought that it would be marvelous agitprop for “the cause”? That is pretty offhandedly insulting.

        Walrus, you have spoken of your dealings with pharma people in a past capacity in business or academia in a post some time back. You didn’t have nice things to say about their honesty. And yet, comes the “pandemic”, these same types have miraculously transmogrified into selfless, trustworthy saviors of mankind, with no skepticism applied to their soothing blandishments or their behaviors being acceptable to such as I, obviously a deplorable, the common ruck of humanity. What’s up with that?

        My wife earlier had a bad reaction to her second vaccination, too. That is partly why I counseled her to carefully consider that before deciding to submit to a booster. The other reason is my reading about others’ proximate bad reactions, and more worryingly, the possibility of delayed reactions, and possibly some serious consequences flowing from further infusions of spike proteins from these EXPERIMENTAL injections, injections not trialed for an extended period in order to prove their efficaciousness as well as their safety. Newsflash, they have tried to redefine the definition of a vaccine to comport with the lack of prevention of infection seen with the “vexxines” that have been foisted off on us. Tell you anything? Efficaciousness , not proven. Safety? Just take the jab, prole. What? You don’t trust us? Well, we’ll just make you. How about them apples, dirtbag? So, really, why should we trust people who so blatantly cast aside carefully crafted protocols? I certainly do not.

        Nope, our politicians and massive corporations, both of whom have enormous incentives to “pinky swear” that we should blithely trust them, clearly deserve carte blanche to force us to get injected, or failing that to beseen as social outcasts, or pariahs, standing in the way of Societal Needs (strangely coincident with THEIR perceived goals, regardless of consequence to those of us they lord it over). I reject this, categorically, and expect my bodily integrity to be, indeed, MY BODILY INTEGRITY. Would that this had been granted to my wife, and my stepson, too, in their respective workplaces, but the Covid Nazis left them no choice, and that’s why they’re Nazis.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Hospitals at the breaking point with omicron patients? You’re making Aussies out to be an incredibly weak population. Too bad. Diggers used to be respected as tough hombres. What happened?

    • smoke says:

      JJ re personal note:
      Here too – no luck persuading husband to skip the booster. Fortunately, none of the shots have bothered him much, beyond a little fatigue and throat clearing. But since the long term is still unknown to science, the efficacy for preventing disease or transmission is low, esp in the latest round, why do it? Mid-December, a year after original shots, he went for the booster.

      Now in the middle of January, we both (one vaxxed, one un-) seem to have fought off something of the usual winter crud. Could be anything. Enough to slow us a bit, not significantly interfere with my routine or his work.

      It can be hard to say when the usual January juniper allergy in Texas is crossed by some pathogen. We both noticed a little unusual fatigue, and for me, a few days when I caught a chill easily, remedied by an extra warm layer.

      I kept up my usual walks, but I do avoid indoor public spaces any time that I am wondering whether I might be a carrier. It’s flu season, it’s cold season. “It might not be allergies” never seems like a reason to stand in a testing line. Esp for a test with an uncertain margin of error.

      The way we used to get through winter and its disorders still makes sense: stop or slow down when you need to, consult a doctor if illness lingers or gets unbearable, go when you can.

      The local base hospital testing site saw lower covid case numbers this week, for the first time in 5-6 weeks. All are hoping this signals that the target virus has peaked here.

  10. Philip Owen says:

    In South Africa, Omicron shot up and then collapsed just as quickly as summer arrived. Johnson, not halfway through a British winter, not halfway through peak flu period (in a flu year) is gambling on the same happening in the UK to please about 100 of his hard right backbenchers. He needs 180 votes to survive.

    In the, at least likely, case that the gamble doesn’t work not only Johnson is toast but the Tories too. Wales which has stricter Public Health measures than England has had a lower hospitalisation rate than England so there is reason to expect a surge. Omicron is mild but high infection rates find the vulnerable.

  11. Deap says:

    BMJ editorial weighs in on drug trial transparency: (British Medical Journal)

    …….”The BMJ supports vaccination policies based on sound evidence. As the global vaccine rollout continues, it cannot be justifiable or in the best interests of patients and the public that we are left to just trust “in the system,” with the distant hope that the underlying data may become available for independent scrutiny at some point in the future.

    The same applies to treatments for covid-19. Transparency is the key to building trust and an important route to answering people’s legitimate questions about the efficacy and safety of vaccines and treatments and the clinical and public health policies established for their use.

    Twelve years ago we called for the immediate release of raw data from clinical trials.1 We reiterate that call now. Data must be available when trial results are announced, published, or used to justify regulatory decisions. There is no place for wholesale exemptions from good practice during a pandemic.

    The public has paid for covid-19 vaccines through vast public funding of research, and it is the public that takes on the balance of benefits and harms that accompany vaccination. The public, therefore, has a right and entitlement to those data, as well as to the interrogation of those data by experts.

    Pharmaceutical companies are reaping vast profits without adequate independent scrutiny of their scientific claims.

    The purpose of regulators is not to dance to the tune of rich global corporations and enrich them further; it is to protect the health of their populations. We need complete data transparency for all studies, we need it in the public interest, and we need it now.”

  12. Sam says:

    The corporatist elite are waging a war on individual & national sovereignty, COVID has opened our eyes to this.

    The non elite must band together to reject these authoritarians at all costs.


    The Party of Davos narrative engineer says it out loud. “The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more… the bad news is that the majority of people trusted that elite less…” The covidian rules clearly stripped the mask off and showed their true authoritarian selves.

  13. Sam says:

    A cabal of evil billionaires, greedy biopharma executives & totalitarian ideologues immediately saw the opportunity the Fauci virus created to fulfill their wildest dreams, using a conceptually simple but historically-unprecedented mass extortion scheme. The rest is history.


    Luigi Warren, the Harvard post-doc whose paper got Moderna rolling, has been spot-on throughout this pandemic. While the covidians attempted to discredit him and even had Big Tech cancel him on occasion, he’s been proven correct in his prognostications. More people should pay attention to him.

    • Sam says:

      From engineering and releasing a pandemic virus (Shi) to promoting futile, highly destructive lockdowns to “motivate” people to accept the jab (Birx) to touting regular deadly “top ups” with worse-than-useless mRNA jabs (Walensky), Tony Fauci’s “Angels of Death” always deliver!


      What’s the betting pool on how much money Tony makes on speaking fees, book deals and consulting gigs? That’s how Fed OPM Committee members, top politicians like past presidents and the various top government officials like generals make their big pay day.

      The essence of the revolving door!

  14. Sam says:

    I would prefer a world where the possibility of a lab-based pandemic did not exist at all. Thank you very much.


    I agree with The Seeker who as a honorary contributor to DRATIC uncovered key documents in China before CCP scrubbed it all that pointed towards the increasing possibility of the engineered covid virus emanating from the Wuhan Virology Institute.

    The genie is out. For research, military and business competitive reasons the manipulation and engineering of viruses to make them more lethal and transmissible will continue no matter if treaty protocols are put in place and ratified by governments and legislatures.

    Now that ruling elites have seen how easy it is to make majorities so fearful that they’ll voluntarily cede all sovereignty including bodily autonomy, we should expect more pandemics in the future.

  15. Deap says:

    In the ever changing world of “scientific” definition changes:

    CDC now claims “fully vaccinated” requires boosters on top of original one or two shot original regimen. No word how long shot number three will allow one to remain “fully vaccinated”. Reports from Israel are not hopeful, as they already moved on to four shots and infections of some sort are still running rampant.

    Recent court decision said it best when they called these shots are “medical interventions”; not vaccinations. Does any POTUS have the power to make medical interventions the price for government employment? No, said the court.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      With the greatest of respect to the SCOTUS, I don’t need a court to tell me that the government doesn’t have the right to make employment contingent on mandatory “medical interventions”. This is human rights 101 stuff.

      • Deap says:

        Which is why Biden never mandated it; only made it a condition of employment so engaging in this “medical procedure” was kept in the realm of personal choice.

        My way or the highway in practical terms, but they kept emphasizing this remains in the realm of a personal choice since no one has a right to a government job.

        Agree, bodily integrity is a right, but public health “mandates” do have case law precedence. So it is an interesting legal area for further clarification – who gets to decide, by what means, and by what limits and parameters, if a mandate is based upon a declared public health necessity. We still don’t have any answers, let alone even discussion on how this critical threshold is met.

        A 99% recovery flu virus is a stretch even on a bad day to be a mandated public health emergency, but look how many in the public today see this as the zombie apocalypse. If a vote was taken today I think most still fall into the …. we are all gonna die if the other guy does not do something now …. category.

        Because that is where the freedom issue strikes – demands that other people do something, since no one is preventing others on their own from engaging in this medical procedure if this is what they want.

    • Fred says:


      I look forward to the next president issuing a “medical interventions” EO stating that abortions must stop for all reasons due to the medical needs of the unborn.

      “CDC now claims “fully vaccinated” ”

      Lincoln famously asked his cabinet how many legs a horse would have if they called the tail a leg. They all dutifully answered “5”. No, he told them, calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one. Sadly the leftists in the judiciary are willingly going along with this charade and the rest lack balls; or moral conviction. Which ever is more pleasing to their egos.

    • smoke says:

      SCOTUS: If hospitals accept federal funds (and they all take Medicare and Medicaid), then the feds can mandate “medical interventions” for healthcare workers.

      What would SCOTUS have ruled if U.S., like Europe, had a fully government-based healthcare system? If citizens accept government funded healthcare, than the feds can mandate “interventions”? Of course, it did not come up, because Biden did not attempt a mandate for Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

      Still, that squirrelly SCOTUS ruling leaves me very uncomfortable.

  16. Sam says:

    NOW – PM Jacinda Ardern declares New Zealand will enter red light setting at 11.59pm tonight amid Omicron.


    This is the one-trick pony. The zero-covid cultist who will continue to infantilize the Kiwis. Of course they’ve enabled her to inflict the damage to their society.

    And then there’s some who get the corrosiveness of the covidian power grab. And are thinking beyond hanging on to the bitter end as they see the writing on the wall.

    Czech Prime Minister Ends Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Do Not Want to Deepen the Rifts in Society’


  17. JK/AR says:

    This video should be, ought be, watched. The narrative is crumbling! Personally I’d recommend pushing it up to oh, maybe the sixteen minute mark and proceed from there …


    Autocrats in the United States; and there are many, have learned too too many of the wrong, dare I say ‘antithetical to Constitutional principle’ lessons.

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