My thanks to everyone who has made a contribution to the maintenance of the blog.  I don’t have the ability to thank you all personally.  pl

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5 Responses to Contributions

  1. Fred says:

    Pat, how can I make a contribution?

  2. Michael says:

    Col Lang, Thanks for taking so much of your time to provide us with your thoughts, expertise and insight – as well as a forum to discuss these events.
    Speaking of which, I ran across this interesting article today. Looks like more oil to add to the ‘surge’ fire..
    Thanks again.

  3. Different Clue says:

    Yes, how can we make a contribution? Surely posting comments is not the same as actual help with actual maintainance…

  4. Bob says:

    Fred and DC – there is a button for donations in the right hand column just above the monthly calendar. It is a simple PayPal transfer.

  5. stinulp says:

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