COVID 19 – India. By Walrus.

The Toothed One

This is my own opinion. I invite you to do your own research. I don’t think I have ever seen a more awful demonstration of where wilful ignorance, stupidity, deceit, superstition, greed and dishonesty leads than the Covid 19 pandemic in India today. We should learn from it but we probably won’t. More about that later.

Does anyone now not understand the Covid 19 disaster now playing out in India? Does anyone still doubt the seriousness of this pandemic? The responses of Fauci, Birx , the rest of the American healthcare system and State and Federal Governments, even if they were grandstanding?

Last week Australia applied a blanket ban on flights from India, this has reportedly been further tightened today with a foreshadowed Five years in jail for any Australian who attempts to return to Australia from India by whatever means. Given that the behavior of Covid 19 is predictable from statistical epidemiological modelling and that Australia has good (Five Eyes) intelligence on what is happening in India, this action indicates that what is happening in India is, if anything, under representing the scale of the ongoing disaster. In my opinion, the flight bans have been put in place because we would now be facing an impossible flood of Covid 19 refugees without them. there is a suggestion that the bans may be lifted “in two weeks”, “just a precaution”, etc., mustn’t alarm the public. My guess is that by then there won’t be an Indian airliner even flying.

What we are witnessing in India, if we are lucky, is the meltdown of their entire health system. I say “if we are lucky” because what could follow is the breakdown of Government and society of a nuclear armed state. I would imagine that we are already leaning on India’s neighbors not to take advantage of this situation.

As for ignorance, stupidity and superstition, I offer the following quote from a supposedly rational western person – allegedly a pilot and instructor that encapsulates all of it, I apologize that its an American example, there are just as many Australian and European idiots:

” (Commenting on vaccination)

……..If it’s not dangerous, why did a friend of a friend (here in the US) die 4 hours after injection? If it’s not dangerous, why is it released (here in the US) under Emergency Use Authorization? If it’s not dangerous, why did a Miami Beach doctor die 2 weeks after the shots of a strange blood disease? If it’s not dangerous, why are there pregnant women in significant numbers losing their pregnancies?

Because this is not a true vaccine but instead gene therapy never tried on humans before, the short term effects are fairly minor compared to the potential long term effects. We are essentially walking in uncharted territory, as no humans have ever received such medical devices.

Again I pose the question: why should a person with a healthy immune system (like me) take an experimental and dangerous gene editing drug cocktail to supposedly (it doesn’t) protect me from a virus that has a 99% survival rate?

That is a question you would rather not answer, and I certainly understand why.

A legislator in the state of Arizona, female last name Hernandez, took the series of shots and about 2 weeks later came down with a full blown infection with all the symptoms. Her story was covered by RT a few days ago.

Besides being dangerous and experimental, it doesn’t work. There has never been a successful vaccination against coronavirus. In attempts to develop one, all the animals being tested died when infected.

I see no compelling need to take an experimental and dangerous drug to protect against a virus with a 99% survival rate, a virus that has been blowing around this part of Florida for more than a year that never seemed to bother me. I won’t be a crash test dummy for the pharmaceutical companies……..” (end comment)

As for deceit, greed and dishonesty, well, look no further than the behavior of the Indian Government and its pharmaceutical industry. The alleged black markets in oxygen and drugs for example.

The lesson we should learn but won’t? Simple…..

There is something to be said for the Judeo – Christian enlightenment view of the world with it’s emphasis on rationality, truth and science informed by the aforesaid religious values for all it’s faults. These are currently under attack by the proponents of CRT as well as other progressives who label truth as “Fake news” or “Conspiracy”. You are seeing where that ultimately leads in India.

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  1. Sam says:

    I’m not a molecular biologist so can’t decipher this paper published by Nature. However the interpretation that I’ve read is that the spike proteins on the virus causes lung damage. The vaccine injects spike proteins to induce the immune system response. Are we possibly setting up hundreds of millions to future lung damage with the vaccination drive?

  2. Somebody’s got the vapors. Your bad formatting results in your article making no sense. Where do the quotation marks begin and end? Are you having a panic attack? Have a look at Texas and Florida before getting your knickers in a twist about India.

    • walrus says:

      Thank you Daniel. I’ve edited for clarity.

      I’m not having a panic attack, I’m simply observing what happens to a country when it ignores humanistic enlightenment thinking and instead puts its faith in mysticism.

      Is there a black market for oxygen in Florida and Texas? I think not.

  3. walrus says:


    I’ve read the Nature paper, I’m not a molecular biologist either, just a former CEO who spent over 2 million on developing a peptide based AIDS vaccine that didn’t work.

    My reading of the paper is that it says absolutely nothing about “spike proteins” and lung damage. It reports on the response of our T cells (ie disease fighter cells) to a variety of Covid mutants. the T cells come from a variety of people, some of whom have had the disease and some who haven’t. It’s conclusion, I think, is that a “cocktail” of Covid types may make a better vaccine – something like our flu vaccines.

  4. asx says:

    India is and was always the leading contender for the worst of this Wuhan plague to play out. A highly populated, low income country with inadequate health infrastructure which is not only a democracy, but one where even the poorest and weakest sections of the society have a streak of irreverence for authority and rules. The nightmare unfolding in India right now was widely expected last summer, but much to the disappointment of the illiberal MSM in the West and in India, it did not materialize to this extent. Indian public and the political leadership definitely can be accused of complacence and dropping their guard, as the case load dropped to their lowest in February and March this year.

    Funny how commenters here cheered the same irreverence to authority(think Fauci) and lack of compliance practiced in Texas or Florida, but when practiced by a ‘beastly people with a beastly religion’ to quote Churchill, it gets attributed to their faith systems.

    It is not a coincidence, that with the Biden administration taking over, relations with India have taken a frosty turn. Perhaps the people who invented the right to protect(using JDAMS) took umbrage at piddly India pretending to be the savior of the world by exporting and gifting 60 million+ doses of vaccines while not being able or willing to help out even Canada and Mexico. And to protect big pharma’s exports, the Biden administration restricted the export of vaccine raw materials to the Serum Institute in India which was responsible for the global COVAX program. All this after paying lip service to the emerging QUAD and cooperation for vaccines under that umbrella. And in a curious turn of events, the US Navy even conducted a FONOPS operation and loudly proclaimed the violation of India’s EEZ. That is some way to court new allies.

    A Democratic administration here would’ve always had ideological friction with the Hindu political establishment in India, as during the Clinton-Vajpayee era when India conducted its nuclear tests in 1998 and got sanctioned. Obama played it smooth barring a few sanctimonious lectures in his final years even as Modi was just elected. The pivot to the Pacific was just becoming more important and courting India for defense purchases and steering it away from Russian wares made practical sense. The Pentagon took the lead in India ties with the State department having to play second fiddle and not spoilsport.

    The Biden administration owes more than ever to the constituents of the intersectionality crowd which is increasingly anti-semitic and structurally Hinduphobic. And placating this crowd to the detriment of US national interest is why relations with Israel and India have taken a turn for the worse.

    Like all COVID waves this too will peak albeit at a proportionally high level and ebb. And India, deeply scarred and shaken will get back to a new normal despite the endless fearmongering. But the events of April will set back or kill forever any efforts at a cohesive alliance to take on the Chinese threat in the Indo-Pacific theater. Perhaps this is what the Chinese wanted most in Alaska and got immediately.

    I don’t know enough about Aussies to comment if they will be content to just be a gum stuck to China’s shoes. But no matter how catchy the tunes to a ‘USA #2’ chant may sound, most Americans will reject such an abysmal future.

    • Sudhi says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      India’s coronavirus cases may peak between May 3 and 5, according to a mathematical model of a team of scientists advising the government, a few days earlier than a previous estimate as the virus has spread faster than expected.

      “Our belief is that by next week, the daily new cases nationwide would have peaked,” M Vidyasagar, head of a government-appointed group of scientists modelling the trajectory of infections.

      “Try to figure out how we’re going to fight the fight for the next four to six weeks, that was the message. Don’t waste a lot of time putting up long-term solutions because your problem is right now,” he said …

      the total number of cases is 18.8 million with 2,08,000 deaths. The real number of infections is believed to be 50 times more ,” said Mr Vidyasagar, as many people who contract the disease show no symptoms.

      Comment :
      19 million times 50 =
      950 million infected

      this clearly means the coronavirus has expeditiously passed through the majority India’s population
      and that mask mandates with mass vaccinations coupled with lockdowns (temporary or permanent) were not quite successful in preventing the burgeoning ‘spread’

      Sincerely hope the government statistics are correct, God bless us all.

  5. walrus says:


    Thank you for your comment. I would be interested in your views of Arundhati Roy’s long article in The Guardian on the subject.

    You are probably right – this may be just another wave, with a usual, if tragic, end. What if it isn’t and the fabric of Indian society starts to collapse? I am concerned that analysts underestimate the consequences of this thing.

    As for China, I have long argued that Australia needs its own nuclear deterrent because when push comes to shove, I don’t think America will risk a nuclear exchange to protect us.

    • Tess says:

      Regarding former apparently on peopl´s side activists like Arundhatu Roy and Naomi Klein, you can find may be the only beneffit from this “pandemic”, that is unmasking the Tory horses of corporate capital amongst the ranks of the left and the peopl´s movments.

      The fabric of Indian society will not collapse from this, mostly this will act as a triggering event for them to definitely awake to their inhuman, unjust condition on castes based society.

      The fabric of Indian society will not collapse as videos circulating the internet show crowds of villages junited shooeing away a team who was arriving to vaccinate them in the aftermath of some other villagers from neighboring villagges dying afte rreceiving the shot…

      This people, immunized against most bacteria on Earth, not to mention viruses, by being oblied to live in an unjustifiable, in the XXI century, lack of sevage and basic sanitary facilities ( like tubs..)by their current caste supremacists in charge, in their salt of the Earth´s proper use of basic common sense, understand there is something fishy in the fact of people who previously were healthy, even for Indian standards, dying from a vaccine shot.

      The same salt of the Earth´s use of basic common sense that brought Punjab´s whole agriculture workers in what was the hugest strike ever seen in the last decade in the whole world, and which oblied the Modi liberal government to backpedal in its harsh Agrarian Reform who would had impoverished the already enough impoverished more if needed, a total strike btw, totally undereported by the Western media, completely dedicated to the installing of full techno-sanitary dictatorship in the Western countries where not only meeting others but also as a conseuqence mass striking gets forbidden for a year in a round, with no end in sight…

      Fact is that massive reporting on mass cremations and overwhelmed health facilities in India came in the aftermath of some weeks of starting mass vaccination there, but also in the context of increasing hesitancy amongst Western population in taking these “vaccines” out of the increasing appearance of serious side effects, the ongoing installing of Rusain S4000 in India, and, as well, the arrival of first batch of already most succesful ( with regard side effects and effectivity plus not despicable issue of price in the current ruinous situation totally provked by the same people who allege want to save us…) Russian Sputnik V vaccine in India which is going to be produced there in the millions of doses after that.

      Testimony by people in the net through videos show no collapse at health facilities nor mass dying of people in the streets…

      Photos and videos of a supposed cemetery in the middle of the street in India t saying that it corresponds to mass deaths caused by the pandemic. It’s a gas leak from the LG Chem factory (May 7, 2020)…

      Could this be a psy-op operation against India and to counter Westerners´hesitance towrds “vaccines” ?

      I bet it is.

    • Tess says:

      Fabric of Indian society is far from collpase, on the contrary, the very fact of the villagers being left to their own, is what precielly kept them still with a sens of community and abot to protect each other and fight those who would want to come to worse their condition further.

      It is the fabric of Wester society what us being tried to collpase before our eyes by TPTB by creating a full techo-sanitary dictatorship where any dissent, let alone any alternative hyphotesis ( as classical science would ask for…) is allowed, oppresive measures are inflcited upon the population for alread one year in a row, and an intend of creating an Orwellina kind of two tier society where the submissive accept others not having the same rights and being demonized and prosecuted in being put into effect right now, all based on the same spurious interests of always.

      That you are on your side, being an investor in the same pharma industry, speaks volume on your biased approach, as I told you before.

      Stop winning on having those 2 billions invested in a probable AIDS vaccine which then got wasted, as you hoped to at least triplicate investments, otherwise you would had not do it.
      Thise alleged philantropist, like Bill Gates or Soros, do not really exist, as does not exist Teeth Fairy, or the Sac Man…

      • walrus says:

        Tess, I am having trouble understanding your position.

        You seem to believe that “They” (including Bill Gates and George Soros) have fabricated the entire pandemic as a world domination conspiracy. Nothing anyone can say seems to shake your belief.

        I offer the following comment to your suggestion that I, as an “Investor”, was hoping to make a financial killing by investing in an AIDS vaccine and that this was my motive, as well as the global insinuation that vaccine production is driven only by profit:

        1. The work on the AIDS vaccine was initiated by a University Professor in collaboration with his colleagues at Institute Pasteur in Paris, France. This arose from a University funded academic investigation of the genetics of the AIDS virus at the time.

        2. The research suggested that a part of the AIDS virus, the V3 Loop, appeared to be common to all AIDS virii and that therefore, if a vaccine could be made that targeted this fragment (V3 loop) it could perhaps generate immunity in the population. The University and Institute Pasteur both thought that this was a possibility to be explored in the interests of humanity and I was permitted by my employer, the University, to invest funds held by my company in trust for the University for half the research program.

        3. The outcome, had we been successful at the time, would have probably been the Nobel Prize for the Professors involved. Any money earned would be owned by the University, not me.

        4. I have commented before this pandemic appeared that world Vaccine production capacity is low because most vaccines are sold to the U.N. for public health campaigns in third world countries for childhood diseases like cholera, typhoid, measles, whooping cough, etc. These vaccines are sold for pennies per dose. There is no profit in them that would attract a Wall Street investor, until perhaps now for a very short period of time.

        I hope you will not persist with this baseless conspiracy theory.

    • Bill H. says:

      As best I can discover, India has incurred 17 million cases of Covid, which amounts to a 1.2% infection rate. That compares to a 9.8% infection rate in most parts of the United States and, while many are suggesting imminent collapse of the US, U don’t think anyone is suggesting collapse caused by the pandemic.

      • Tess says:

        Indeed, please translate with a translator article by Trikooba linked here above, to find the comparative data with Western countries incidence, making incidence and death data far worst in the UK than in India, and then we have not hear this alarm about the UK anyhere in the media, and how the exponential number of cases in India started accumulating after mass vaccination campaign started, plus added factors due the lack of medical attention of usual respiratory illnesses happening seasonly in the period April/May due the quality of air in India, by refusal of professionals to attend ( something they share with the whole West…) plus fear of the people to go to health facilites due the panic of resulting contaminated by going there, prodcuced by terror broadcast through the media 24/7.

        To this add the state of health care and sanitation in India, in spite of his growing wealth ( which seems to benefit only Brahmans, as always has been…) and its chronic lack of oxygen supply, already a alcra previous to the “pandemic”…

        Not to mention that pandemic have seen suspended Tuberculosis vaccination, a dissease provoking 1200 deaths daily in India…A vaccine proved highly effective through decades, it ends displaced by the Covid-19 vaccines!!!!, in experimental process..You have to admit there are other interests here that are not public health or caring for the populations…Someone wants to mass test this technology for whatever reason ( I am inclined to think this is for to elongate the lives of already super elders, arriving their death date, at the top…) and if in the process they get rid of a bunch of world population to them have what they consider “their planet” cleaner and not so overcrowded for when they can live eternaly, well, what is not worth to do for that? Recall Madeleine Allbright, a person quite old already, btw, and her considerations on the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children….

        How to explain that India did not have bad numbers even in the other previous bad season for respiratory illnesses, happening yealry around november/december?
        I have an idea, the vaccination campaign had not started yet…

  6. aka says:

    An article by a former Indian diplomat. Seems India never had the capacity to manufacture enough covid vaccines for itself much less for the whole 3rd world.
    And rather than increasing the local manufacturing capacity, the Indian government simply hyped their ability to their locals and the international community.

  7. Walpurgis says:

    Please consider also the massive smog situation in New Delhi in relation to the Covid19-Case fatality rate . also regions here in Europe that were Hotspots / ( ok, beside Ischgl.. that was a massive inside-room Apres-Ski-Superspreading Event..) like Bergamo, Brescia, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, all of these have one thing in common with New Delhi : a massive problem with air pollution .

    so maybe more senseful and consequent would be, instead of lockdowning the economy to death and stay ing at home, would be to leave just your car at home and take the bicycle.

    sorry for my bad englisch, but not my native tongue..

  8. Fred says:

    So where are the pictures of the dead bodies in the streets? Does “Australia has good (Five Eyes) intelligence on what is happening in India,” have any pictures, maybe a running death count to compare to say a recent pre-Commie Covid year like 2019? No? How about the “Five Eyes” summary of what the Indian health care system was in 2019 so we can understand what “the meltdown of their entire health system” might mean?

    “what could follow is the breakdown of Government and society of a nuclear armed state.”
    You mean Modi has his own ‘deap state’ and federal police force whose head has a “higher loyalty” (to quote Comey)? Naw, that couldn’t be. He was nothing like Trump. Oh, wait, yes, yes he is. That, of course, has nothing to do with the conduct of the press in reporting on the Indian health care system, unlike the reports of India’s health care system we had all those other years.

    • LG says:

      Well i am reporting from the ground in India. My brother volunteers in helping with burial rituals for the small muslim denomination in this large metropolis in eastern India. He has been doung this for the last 20 years. In our community of 4000 plus we average about two deaths a month, i know because he is called everytime.

      This last one month it is one death every other day, on some days two per day. All civid deaths. Not anonymous as these are people known to me.

      There are new municipal rules that covid dead cannot be buried in our small graveyard as it is within city limits. So now the burials are taking place in the larger graveyard of sunni muslims in the city outskirts.
      My brother says the scene is terrifying. As if it’s in an assembly line- a dead body after another.

      My friends from university we have a whatsapp group. Of abt 40 ppl half have been infected, several have lost parents, spouses.

      I have lost relatives and friends to covid in the last year. Healthy ppl with no comorbidities as well as those who are obese or sick.

      The situation is really bad. Pray for us.

      • Deap says:

        Do people routinely use some form of anti-malaria medication in your area of India, LG?

        (Powerful report)

        • LG says:

          This is a malaria endemic area. Commonly used drugs are chloroquine, primaquine and sonetimes the artemisinin based drugs.

          • Wolperdinger says:

            here in Europe the university hospital of the city of Klagenfurt, Austria has experimented with inhaling CBD/THC and claims that especially CBD has the ability to regulate the peptid Apelin, so that the inflammatory aspects that lead to the severe form of covid with associated ARDS doesnt develop – can you confirm this somehow ? especially in India , where Babas / shivaistic saddhus smoke Ganja the whole day – have they a kind of immunity or are they f..ked up the same like everyone else ?

      • Leith says:

        LG – May you and your family stay safe.

      • walrus says:

        Thank you LG and you are in our prayers.

        I would appreciate any further reports you might like to make and so I’m sure would the rest of our readers.

      • Sam says:


        Thanks for your report. May all of your community weather this storm as best you can. If we can be of any assistance even though we are thousands of miles away please inform us.

        It appears your community of 4,000 has seen death rates jump from 2/month to 30+/month which is a substantial increase. Are entire families living in the same house getting infected? Would you have any speculation of where the initial infection of a member of a household took place?

      • Fred says:


        I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. This seems to confirm the report from reuters from 3 days ago which said almost the same thing, though the Science magazine article goes into more detail on last years cases. I’ll certainly pray for you.

  9. walrus says:

    Fred, we will see.

    • Fred says:

      Walrus, we will see what? That the 5 eyes are as wrong about the risk to humanity now as they were about WMD in Iraq and Russia Collusion in our 2016 election. We’re being played in a giant IO campaign by China and her supporters globally. The risk of civilizational collapse is only by submitting to the authoritarians who are further destroying financial independence of citizens in order to consolidate power.

      • asx says:

        Make that 4 eyes please. The same playbook employed by China in Europe to invest in smaller states to effectively hold a veto in EU policies, has now reached the 5 eyes. Of course, you can dismiss NZ as insignificant entity, but with just two eyes anyone can see the level of infiltration and discord achieved by Confucius institutes in Western academia and think tanks.

        At the end of the day, the West is a collection of individuals and not a hive mind. When you have former SOS like Kissinger providing consultancy services to high leadership in China and advocating for an accomodation with the Chinese as the best outcome for the US, the rot cannot be deeper. Also this effectively lays out the most lucrative post-government opportunities for serving diplomats. There is a big show made about the revolving door which exists between industry and government, but can you imagine an ex-American diplomat paid by the Soviet Union for consultancy services at the height of the Cold war?

        On the topic of India collapsing, that is the basic premise under which the British left the subcontinent. With the previously Muslim electorate carved into West and East Pakistan, what remained was a moth ridden collection of princely states and British administered provinces. A cursory look of the map of India and how it was partitioned lays bare the expectation that it will break into pieces. The same expectations rather I should say wishful thinking have been echoed during multiple crises in the past. India survived famines after the defeat to China in the 60s. It survived full blown socialism in the 70s and 80s. And in the early 90s, a practically bankrupt India was the target of the victorious dregs in Afghanistan. There are great profits and leverage to be had when diverse, multi-ethnic states collapse or are divided. The cases of Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Sudan, East Timor, Kosovo all yielded benefits. And clearly there are a lot of benefits for everyone else in India collapsing along any vector of division.

        So what is it then that holds this entity together? An entity which was conceived to break up from the get go? That which holds it together and predates the modern notions of nation states must surely be the source of great frustration and the obvious target of coordinated campaigns. And that exactly is the purpose these coordinated collapse stories serve. The same talking points get rehashed in the story lines in the illiberal MSM betraying the unmistakable signature of a coordinated campaign of synchronized lying. In the lead up to the Iraq war, every outlet liberal or otherwise pleaded for its justness. In 2020, a coordinated campaign against laws intending to give Indian citizenship to oppressed minorities in the neighborng countries reached fever pitch. The start of 2021 saw the agitation of middlemen and commision agents pretending to be farmers in Punjab and Delhi. Every illiberal outfit and notable performers like Justin Trudeau, Rihanna and Mia Khalifa demonstrated their acute knowledge of farm procurement practices in India. Grief and anger are unpredictable emotions. There will be a lot of effort to channel the massive grief and anger that India is experiencing now and turn it inwards. But these campaigns have reached the point of diminishing returns and will only cause a blowback.

        The innate British insecurities and their need to punch above their weight was/is the primary fuel to these campaigns directed against India. And it is unfortunate that American diplomacy have not been able to come up with any original playbooks for vast parts of the globe, merely repeating British errors but with more shock and awe. But I think this British seeded fantasy about India breaking up will only be put to rest when Scotland actually finds the right pair under their collective kilts and leaves the United Kingdom. And I wish the Aussies well and a peaceful transition to a Republican form of government.

  10. Tess says:

    What is this all about, harvesting of personal data and proffiteering from it, mass surveillance and control and shock theory this time applied to the whole world to totally transform the productive fabric.
    The same peons of always involved, like the Sussexes…Nothing new, people who hates sweating for to earn their living, be them white or black people….no differences amongst the elites and their peons….

    Thread by Cory Morningstar:

    Also, amongst the peons a whole bunch of gay people involved in the forced vaccines front…Why am I not surprised? It is nit the transgender industry asl opart of this techno-sanitary dictatorship which is falling upon us?

  11. Tess says:

    Out of some testimonies being broadcasted through still avaialble social media, people in India are not dying of “covid” but of hunger. The lockdown has closed shops and even those with money cannot buy food because of the escalating of prices due the container crisis. The black market has appeared and the prices of basic foods have skyrocketed

    • Tess says:

      Wondering whether the food and supply shioratge is also engineered.

      I say because of the current fringe by Gates accumulating farming land, this tiem not only in the US, bu talso in Turkey…

      And this is a general tendence where most death rates for Covid “new strains” have been reported, like happens in Brazil..Is there an ongoing grabbing of land by some elites to monopolize food, now that thet have monopolized health care systems?

      Also, with skyrocketing housing prices in major ctities, are they going to monoplize also housing?

      Once the basics for human life monopolized, and once most of world population unemployed by the ongoing AI industrial revolution, the impossing of a techno dictatorship where you will only be able to access money, food, housing, health care and even leisure by submitting yourself to pre-conditions, these being tested by an smartphone App is what is left for total control of the population in the middle of the major grabbing of wealth ever seen in this planet….
      What is not to be liked there for the elites?

  12. Sylvia1 says:

    I still don’t understand your point. Are you saying that, what seem to be rational
    questions about the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines are ignorant and foolish?
    Help me out here.
    VAERS data released today showed 118,902 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 3,544 deaths and 12,619 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 23, 2021.
    BTW this is much more in these 4 months than in the past 11 years from all vaccines.

  13. Deap says:

    Overheard on the street: …… “if I don’t wear a mask, even if I have been vaccinated, someone will think I am a Republican”. (Zut alors!)

    • Tess says:

      The same trick is being used in the EU, turning the people to think that all of those who refuse mandatory lockdown, outdoors perpetual masking even when alone in the mountains or the beach, and mandatory vaccination with experimental products which are causing more serious damage than any benefit to thousands of citizens are all in the ranks of the far-right or plain nazis.

      I am neither, for that matter.

      This is an ongoing demonization and criminalization of dissense.
      The same process used in foreig policy with countries and peoples in the world who try to conserve their national and personal sovereignty

  14. Sam says:

    Can there ever be rational discourse any more when media is filled with hyperbole?

    All the media from The Economist, Financial Times, NY Times, BBC and of course the yellow journalists at CNN & MSNBC are driving a narrative with apocalyptic words “catastrophe”, “collapse”, “tragic”.

    It has been shown that transmission occurs indoors where a shedder and an uninfected person share the same air-space for a considerable amount of time. There’s no data to determine outdoor spread. The Modi government is being accused of creating “super-spreader” events with large political rallies in state government elections in a few states. There were large “racism” protests in the US last spring. Yet there were no huge spikes in deaths. In fact looking at the death counts in the US adjusted for population the no lockdown states did no worse than the best lockdown states and better than most of the draconian let’s strip away your civil liberties states.

    If the Indian death toll is 3k/day (official count) or even 10k/day (speculative) it is still rather small relative to a 1.5 billion population.

  15. walrus says:

    For the record, all vaccines, by definition, “Change our DNA” in that the vaccine provides information to our immune system that directs it to target and destroy any infection that enters our body. That information is stored in our DNA somewhere.

    Your DNA has been changing since you were born as you were exposed to disease. All a vaccine does is add to the list of things to be guarded against that you already carry inside you.

    • jld says:

      all vaccines, by definition, “Change our DNA”

      Immunity works by selectively “breeding” defensive cells which match the initiating protein, it is akin to animal husbandry and does NOT involve any DNA change.

      But for propaganda, anything goes Eh?
      Pretty despicable. 😠

      • walrus says:

        I will ignore the ad hominem and focus instead on your faulty understanding of the immune system.

        Yes, the immune system “breeds” killer T cells etc. But that breeding requires that the killer T cells that are bred contain specific DNA that regulates their function. That DNA contains the information the immune system has learnt. Read page 33 of your reference.

        • jld says:

          More blatant dishonesty!
          At page 33 there is indeed a example of the HIV virus HIJACKING the host DNA but this is not how the normal immunity work, on the contrary it is an a example of where it FAILS.
          Repeat, working immunity does NOT involve DNA change!

          • Tess says:

            Since, how you say, the HIV virus hijacks host´s DNA, and so seem to do the currently being tested mRNA vaccines, I have the hunch that, as this technology was found during the research looking for an AIDS vaccine without sucess, the ongoing mass testing exercise obeys to the interests of curently majoritary gay CEOs at the helms of major Big Techs ( like major Pentagon contractor Palantir…) controlling governments in foinding an AIDS vaccine for their private practices…

          • Yeah, Right says:

            Tess, mRNA is not DNA.

            Potted version: DNA contains the blueprint for making protein, but DNA does not actually make the protein. It sits in the nucleus, and never leaves it.

            The role of making protein is carried out by tRNA, which are in the cytoplasm.

            Which leads to an obvious question: how do the blueprints (in the nucleus) get to the little tRNA protein-making factories (in the cytoplasm)?

            Via a messenger, which is called Messenger RNA. Or mRNA for short.

            The relevant stretch of DNA unzips itself, exposing the “protein blueprint”, which is then read to create an aqual-length mRNA molecule. The mRNA then travels out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm, where tRNA molecules read off those instructions, stringing a long chain of amino-acids as it goes along the chain i.e. it builds a protein.

            Which is a long-winded way of explaining that mRNA vaccines work in the cytoplasm, not in the nucleus. They work by using the cells own tRNA to make short fragments of the coronavirus, therefore inducing a large immuno-response.

            But those vaccines do not touch the cell DNA because
            (a) they don’t need to and
            (b) the path DNA –> mRNA –> tRNA –> protein is a one-way street.

  16. walrus says:

    JLD, Yes the T cell host DNA is being hijacked. Question: We know that T cells are built by our immune system to fight various invaders. what makes one T cell different from another T cell? Answer: It’s DNA! DNA is our “hard disk’ that encodes information. It’s what determines the behavior of the cell.

    Thats what technologies like CRISPR are about – editing cell DNA.

    • jld says:

      Wrong again!
      Apart from pathological cases like HIV, radiation damage and random mutations our DNA is stable throughout our whole life.
      The myriad of different functionalities from the same strand of DNA stems from Gene expression mechanisms which use various chemical tricks, NOT any change of the DNA proper.
      And, of course, if you tinker with the DNA itself with CRISPR or mRNA smart-aleckyness you are on your own (consult your lawyer… 🙂 ).

      • Tess says:

        I have a hard time believing walrus, as a wealthy financial investor, have taken any of that experimental products….

        Pfizer CEO has not either….he stated it was not his turn yet…. when asked by the press….balloons out…

  17. English Outsider says:

    Walrus – (1) an interview with an Indian doctor relating his personal experience. The sound quality is poor so it’s followed up with a shorter summary.

    (2) A connected question on treatment methods. There are now a number of reputable doctors in the States insisting that we are not paying enough attention to treatment. This also in the very early stages of the disease, where in the UK and I believe in the States those in the early stages are told to stay home but offered no treatment.

    One drug that is repeatedly referred to in this connection is Ivermectin. The early EVMS protocols recommended it for prophylaxis and for both stages of the disease.

    The fact that India was not as badly hit as expected earlier on was attributed by some to the widespread use of Ivermectin. Are there any reliable figures showing whether previous use of Ivermectin has helped with this wave of the disease?

    3. On the possible breakdown of society in India, and given that the disease does not appear to have hit the rural population as badly, perhaps the country is rather more resilient to the pandemic than we would be were we in similar straits.

  18. Tess says:

    They are not only attacking and invading people´s personal sovereignty, but also sovereignty and independence of judiciary…
    This is a clear intent on dismantling the basics of democracy and law as we knew it through the Western culture, to accumulate this time not only wealth but also full power under few hands unelected and unknown for the majority of the population..
    Who is really at the helms of governments?

    The police search the home of the German judge who prohibited the use of masks in schools

  19. Jim says:

    Ivermectin Update.

    What was widely known more than a year ago, — but viciously suppressed by our government, our CDC, our FDA and Big Medicine and Big Pharma and Big Media, and various other potpourri of malicious elements — that Ivermectin both prevents and heals the novelcoronavirus.

    This can no longer be hidden.

    From American Journal of Therapeutics. May / June 2021 issue just published online.

    “18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in
    2] time to clinical recovery, and
    3] time to viral clearance.

    Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin.

    Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

    This complete study, at:

    This information and this science and this prophylactic to both treat and cure the disease was suppressed, on purpose with malevolent intent.

    For this exact reason: There is ZERO justification for Emergency Use Authorization of the Moderna, the Pfizer/B and the J&J genetic therapies/so-called vaccinations to be as it were forced onto the public.

    EUA can only occur during a pandemic if and only if there are no other cures.

    There was at least one, and our government and those in medical industrial complex and Facebook/Google/Twitter on purpose, these heinous operatives: saw to it that the public was lied to and gas-lighted. With appalling, devastatingly harmful consequences that could have been prevented.

    In addition to those dead DUE TO covid. . . . we now have. . . .

    The number now dead after covid vaccine, that the CDC now admits to: almost 4,000 deaths.

    This since December 24 2020 through end of April.

    In less than five months, nearly 4K dead after vaccine for novelcoranvirus.

    The CDC data bank, VAERS [VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING SYSTEM] — in the 31 previous years of data collection — 1990-2020, the VAERS reported a total of 4,887 deaths after vaccination from all vaccines combined in these 31 years.

    An average of 158 per year; and average of 0.43 per day.

    Compare with after covid vax deaths, average of 31 per day.

    This is 72 times more deaths per day from after covid vax, or 7,200% more.

    As of April 26, the CDC states: “3,848 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine”

    And the CDC states in their April 26 update: “A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths.”

    The anaphylactic reaction count of 1,438 in previous 31 years reported to VAERS is a yearly average of 46.39; a daily average of 0.13 for all non- SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, data examined in March shows.

    From Dec. 14, date of first SARS-CoV-2 vaccination through March 26, total count is 328, or 3.18 per day, nearly 25 times greater. Or 2,500% more anaphylaxis.

    Other VAERS through March 26:

    A] Permanent disability reported to VAERS 1990-2020 equals 11,790, or 381 per year, or 1.04 per day.

    Total after SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations is 911, or 8.84 per day permanent disability rate in US reported to VAERS. Or 8.67 time greater; or 867% more permanent disabilities reported to the CDC after covid vaccinations.

    B] There was 37,339 hospitalized in the 31 previous years, or average of 1,205 each year, on average.

    Following SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations in US, 4,805 hospitalized — during 103 day span from Dec. 14 through March 26), VAERS data shows.

    C] Totals from the CDC’s V-Safe as of Feb. 18 and VAERS as of March 12 show about 331 aborted at less than 20 weeks and about 23 others after 20 weeks, totaling 354.

    VAERS 1990-2020 data show 679 total aborted less then 20 weeks, average of 22 per year; stillbirths after 20 weeks total, in 31 years, 63, or 2.2 per year.

    331 after covid vax abortions in less that 100 days versus 22 per year average for all other vaccines from 1990-2020; 23 stillbirths after covid vax versus 2.2 per year historical average.

    “No unexpected pregnancy or infant outcomes have been observed related to COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy,” a report from the CDC authorized Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices[ACIP], titled “COVID-19 vaccine safety update” says.

    The CDC is saying abnormally high number of after-COVID-19 vaccine deaths, hospitalizations, permanent disabilities, and fetal deaths are essentially random events.

    What the CDC, the WHO, FDA, and all the other vaccine pushing, fear-mongering maniacs, despite claims all this after vaccine carnage are random events — what they cannot deny is that, compared to historical averages for all other vaccines combined: the covid vaccines demonstrate an out of control process.

    Comparing historical adverse event average from previous 31 years, the probability that these are random events is preposterous.

    Permutation tests indicate the differences are highly statistically significant.

    An event is usually deemed significant when probability is less than 0.05 — here, the probabilities of these being random: deaths, abortions, permanent disabilities, number hospitalized — are less than 0.0001.

    The odds are practically zero, in other words.

    Conspiratorial campaign of government and big media and big pharma and big medicine to block information known more than a year ago, that would have prevented so much carnage was on purpose.

    The censoring, the de-platforming, the cancelling of actual medical experts — they were shut up so that the EUA could happen — and so “warp speed” could happen.

    How many deaths and injuries — how much blood is on the hands of these conspirators?

  20. Pundita says:

    Walrus — Thank you for explaining (in this comment section) that one’s DNA changes from birth with exposure to diseases. I think it is crucially important information for people who have been frightened by seemingly authoritative reports that state the mRNA vaccines change the recipient’s genetic code.

    Moving along, it turns out that not only is oxygen in short supply in India, so are technicians trained to administer it. My first thought upon reading about the double crisis was to recall that Vitamin E greatly reduces the body’s need for oxygen. So it seemed to me that Indian doctors with no immediate recourse to oxygen for desperately ill Covid patients could administer mega-doses of the vitamin to them, as a stop-gap measure.

    There are a couple other readily-available nutritional supplements — Vitamin C and iron — that would aid Covid patients in breathing, although I don’t know how fast iron works — and the extent to which it works in that situation might be dependent on whether the patient is iron-deficient.

    The antioxidant Vitamin C, should work very quickly. And I know from personal experience at very high altitudes that Vitamin E’s oxygen-conserving action is virtually immediate.

    Also, on the assumption that many if not most of the Covid patients who have trouble breathing are experiencing the infamous “cytokine storm,” it would help to administer kefir or yogurt, of all things. Two scientists in Israel have managed to tamp down the cytokine storm reaction through the use of either type of probiotic. Please see this April 13 report in the Jerusalem Post about their research findings.

    Can a cup of yogurt ‘cure’ your case of COVID-19? – The Jerusalem Post (

    As I am sure you know, there are many medical treatments for Covid, some developed specifically against the disease, which have had varying success, and many more under development. But if Indian doctors are having trouble obtaining such medications, again, thinking in terms of stop-gap measures, I don’t see how they could wrong by spooning copious amounts of kefir and/or yogurt (curds) into the worst-off Covid patients. I doubt it would be possible to overdose the patient on curds. And the treatment is very inexpensive.

    I also want to mention that there is a surgical face mask proven to inactivate a wide range of germs, including the SARS virus. Actually I suspect the mask destroys any microbe that lands on it, but the scientists only tested for so many types of bugs.

    The mask is non-toxic (if I recall it’s impregnated with copper and zinc and maybe some other things), lightweight, highly-breathable, made so it doesn’t bulge at the sides, and fitted on with simple ear loops. It’s a beautiful mask and a dream to wear; here’s what it looks like:

    DP801BioMask-Anti-Infection-Anti-Viral-Face-Masks-Box-of-25.jpg (320×320) (

    Moreover, the material in the mask can be made into bedsheets and pillowcases, gowns for hospital patients and garb for health care workers in hospitals and nursing homes, etc.

    There is even an adhesive-backed patch made of the material that can be stuck to furniture and clothing, so that people unable to wash their hands can simply wipe their hands on the patch to inactivate any infectious microbes that lands on them. Great for children.

    As to how fast the material works — my understanding is that it works within seconds, less than a minute, although for some mysterious reason by the time the FDA finally cleared the mask for distribution in the USA in 2011, it worked within 5 minutes instead of less than a minute. Could be the makers had to say it worked within 5 minutes to keep the FDA happy, or the lobbyists for manufacturers of standard face masks.

    Anyhow, the mask was cleared for distribution in Europe in 2009 and was already on sale by then in China. Around that time several governments snapped up bulk supplies of the mask, and here in the USA when it was cleared for sale, it was available off the shelf at a large chain drug store called Walgreens and also sold in bulk by medical supply companies.

    Then — a mystery settled around the sale of the mask. First, Filligent, the company that created the BioFriend BioMask, went out of business. I have no idea what happened next. A wild guess is that either they sold the patent and/or Medline (an American medical supply company) got a copy or a similar mask made, and Curad medical suppliers might have done the same.

    In any case, some version of the mask could still be bought in the USA up until maybe 2020. By then Amazon had announced on their website that they didn’t know when or if the Medline version would be available again. Seems Medline’s might have been the only version left on sale in the USA by that time.

    And in August of 2020 appeared a remark in the Amazon comment section about the Medline version of mask that China had stopped exporting the mask, and at just the time it was needed most.

    Whether the remark is accurate, I have no idea. But I tentatively assume that the BioFriend BioMask and any versions were all manufactured in China. In that case, Beijing didn’t need to ban export of the mask but simply tell factories in China to stop producing it for foreign companies. If those Chinese factories were the only ones making the mask, that would explain why it became unavailable outside China or at least in the USA.

    Does the CDC know about the wondrous mask? Sure they know. WHO also knows. Even many people in the public know. In July 2009, I showed an article about the mask to John Batchelor, who took one look at it and immediately contacted Melissa Mowbray-d’Arbela, the Filligent founder and CEO, in Hong Kong. He interviewed her by phone on his radio show about the mask. John’s show is heard across the USA and in several other countries.

    I think this was the article I sent him:

    BioMask Face Mask That Kills Swine Flu Readied For Fight Against Possible Pandemic | Science 2.0 (

    It is patently obvious that the mask is a pandemic-stopper if worn by enough people. But maybe the solution to the mystery boils down to governments and the public losing interest in a face mask, no matter how amazing, once the Swine Flu pandemic receded.

    But what about this past year? What about today?

    Somehow I don’t think the CDC would be able to say if and when the mask could be manufactured in the USA.

    A note: there is more than one type of mask called “BioMask,” even though the Filligent version was trademarked, if I recall, so that is why I keep referring to it as the BioFriend BioMask.

    This comment has already been long, but I don’t want to close without addressing Indian doctors who are desperate enough to try Vitamin E on their Covid patients. Here are some guidelines I scraped together from memory of my readings of Adelle Davis’ “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit” and “Let’s Get Well” and a few other sources. Davis was a biochemist and nutritionist who worked with hospitals and medical clinics and practically invented or at least greatly inspired the field of medical nutrition.

    The problem with oral administration of Vitamin E is that to be absorbed it must given with fat — it doesn’t have to be meat fat; any kind — ghee, nut butters, vegetable oil, etc. So, rubbing it into the skin would be better for a patient who has trouble swallowing, but I don’t know how much has to be used in that fashion to roughly equal ingested E gel caps. Otherwise, if the patients can’t eat a fatty meal, mix the contents of Vitamin E gel caps with vegetable oil, etc., and try to pour it down their throats. If they spit up half this is just why you want a high amount of E to be used.

    How much Vitamin E should be administered? I wouldn’t be stingy with dosage when the patient can’t breathe. Start with at least 4,000 IU (I think maybe 6,000 IU daily is about the outer limit). For doctors who lose their nerve, well, start with 2,000 IU, which has been given even to children, and see how the patient responds in a few minutes. If there is a good response, plug in another 2,000 then watch what happens. And so on.

    Another problem is that synthetic Vitamin E might be all that’s available at the corner drug store if there’s none available on the hospital shelves. In that case the doctors should, I venture, double the dosage on anecdotal claims that the synthetic is not as strong as the pure stuff. The orderly buying the bottles for the doctors can tell the difference between the pure and synthetic because the pure reads “d-alpha tocopherol” whereas the synthetic has an “l” after the “d” as in “dl-alpha tocopherol.” Mixed tocopherols are also okay, but might not be available in synthetic form. But if the orderly sees “d-alpha, beta, gamma mixed tocopherols” on the label, grab those bottles.

    As to whether Vitamin can be administered by IV — I don’t know.

    Also, doctors shouldn’t need to wait until the patient is admitted to the hospital to administer E and C. If patients are lying on the ground outside the hospital because there are no beds, send a volunteer outside with a bottle of Vitamin E gels and have him tell someone to pierce some capsules and rub the ingredients on the sufferer’s skin. Then run with the rest of the bottle to the next person lying on the ground. They could have a scribbler accompany the volunteer to “pre-admit” the patients outside, to keep red-tape people mollified.

    As to how much Vitamin C, I won’t argue with doctors who’ve been giving low amounts of Vitamin C intravenously to Covid because I have no idea how the dosages work when given by IV. But while I wouldn’t want to give any Indian doctors the jitters and I hate annoying the kidneys, which don’t like a lot of Vitamin C, at least not long-term — for oral dosage I’d start with a 100,000 mg of Vitamin C, then administer about 4-5,000 mg every half hour. Then eventually take it down to 2,000 mg every half hour, and so on.

    If there is no type of Vitamin C supplement available — no liquid, pill, or powder — of course there are always fruit juices high in Vitamin C — maybe mango juice, orange juice, and so on, if the person is capable of drinking and hopefully would be after getting Vitamin E. At least some Vitamin C would be better than none.

    Also, if Vitamin C hard pills are available they can be ground to grit with the bottom of a heavy drinking glass or somesuch. The grit can be mixed with salve or cream and rubbed onto the patient’s arm. As to whether liquid Vitamin C can be rubbed into the patient’s arm, I don’t see why not, but that’s pretty expensive stuff and if it has to go a long way, maybe the powder is better. Of course the pill grit can be mixed with water/juice if the patient can’t swallow pills.

    As to iron — If I recall the maximum daily dose is 45 mg but don’t hold me to that. However, I do recall for certain that fairly recent scientific research turned up that iron supplements are better absorbed if taken every other day, not daily. That doesn’t cover IV iron supplementation; again, I have no idea how to dose for IV therapy.

    For Indian doctors who want to try kefir or yogurt (or curds as they’re called in India) for their Covid patients, a couple caveats. A scientist interviewed in the Jerusalem Post article said that not all types of yogurt “work” — perhaps a claim that has to be taken with a grain of salt. (See the article.) But at least the doctors would want to try to procure curds with a high ”active culture.”

    And I don’t see why they wouldn’t get good results with the capsule form of curds. The brand I’m looking at, called “PB-8 Probiotic,” has 8 strains of “beneficial bacteria” totaling (in two capsule doses) a whopping 14 billion active cultures. Available at Whole Foods here in the USA or through Amazon, or order directly from the manufacturer.

    The hard gelatin capsules can be easily pulled apart and the contents mixed with water or milk, etc. and administered that way if the patient can’t swallow pills.

    The other caveat is that for the beneficial bacteria to be absorbed (and I assume this could be the same for kefir), it shouldn’t be given with highly acidic foods or drinks such as certain fruit juices, tea, coffee, colas, etc. If the patient has had acidic food/drink, wait at least a half hour, I’d guess, before administering the curds/kefir.

    Absorption is half the battle when taking any kind of foods or nutritional supplements, and each type has its own requirements. Useless to throw megadoses of a nutrient into a patient if they’re not being absorbed.

    As for other supplements, it’s probable that many patients are severely deficient in many nutrients, but this is a hospital I’m talking about, where the goal is to get the Covid patient well enough that someone sicker with Covid can get the bed. So just focus on helping the patient breathe and deal with a cytokine storm when no oxygen is available.

    One more note: If any readers get the idea of dosing themselves or a loved one who seems sick with Covid, be aware that Covid is a very tricky virus. It can fool the body into thinking its blood oxygen level is higher than it is.

    So if you’re on your way to the hospital and you have some Vitamin E and C on hand, won’t hurt to take or administer the supplements, but then keep going to the hospital, even if there is a lengthy wait for admission, and even if you or the other person feels better after the supplements.

    I am suggesting Indian doctors administer antioxidants in mega-dose amounts because of an extraordinary life-or-death crisis when nothing but E and C might available for a patient.

    But I once mistook double pneumonia for the flu, so I began popping Vitamin C in mega-doses, right up to the moment I couldn’t walk without help. Two days later on Grand Rounds, the lead doctor pointed to the wall behind my hospital bed and said, “See that wall behind you? That was your color when you got to the emergency room.” The wall was white.

    I’m alive to say that doctors exist for a reason. Use them.


  21. English Outsider says:

    “From my doc’s coffee cup: “Your Google search does not equal my medical degree.” Seems relevant.”

    Mr Logan – may I enter a strong objection here? The specialist should welcome, not dismiss, enquiries from those not in his field.

    We know all about the “internet effect”. For example, after 9/11 there were some sober questions to be asked. Where did the money come from, how was such an extensive operation organised, was it really all run from a cave in Afghanistan or were there people elsewhere involved.

    Normal questions that one is entitled to ask. But they were buried under a mass of speculation about thermite paint or doctored videos so there was really no pressure for answers to those sober questions. They therefore either didn’t get answered or didn’t get answered until much later. That is the “internet effect”. In dismissing a great mass of foolish enquiry the specialist escapes legitimate enquiry. Not forgetting that in that mass of foolish enquiry there might be a question he hadn’t thought of.

    So here. There’s some pretty far out stuff on the internet about Covid. It’s a population reduction exercise by the NWO. The disease doesn’t actually exist. The medics are all covering up. And since the stats are difficult, the science complex and advanced and none of us – with justice! – trust the authorities a vast mass of internet nonsense swirls around and naturally invites a blanket dismissal from the doc’s coffee cup.

    But there are sober questions to be asked. What led the WHO to take the disease so lightly in the beginning? Could there have been a better targeted substitute for area lockdowns?

    And the question that is being asked more and more insistently. Is there an institutional inertia that has inhibited the examination and implementation of treatment methods? Treatment methods that were contemptuously dismissed in the beginning, still are to an extent, but that very many academics, researchers and practising doctors are worried are not finding their way into the guidelines that the average GP must work to.

    Are those not legitimate questions? And given that these vaccines, like any other medicine, have side effects, is it not legitimate to seek to assess the balance of risk, especially for younger people, before taking them? Certainly for us older people the balance of risk is so clear that most will grab the vaccine if they can. But for the young – there any parent will want rather more than a blanket assurance.

    In short, lay members of the public may put questions about the way this pandemic was handled by the authorities, and questions about whether current treatments are adequate or safe, without fearing that coffee cup. And you should welcome that, for unless errors are identified and shortcomings widely discussed there will be no pressure to ensure that we are better prepared for the next one.

    • Mark Logan says:


      The doc’s cup isn’t about asking or not asking questions, it’s about acknowledging limitations. We don’t want to be like this guy, do we?

      • English Outsider says:

        Dr Logan – I take your point. This is one of the voices from the States on treatment methods. Does Dr McCullough represent an increasing body of opinion that treatment methods need more attention?

        • Mark Logan says:

          English, I’m not a doc.

          Does Dr McCollough represent an increasing body of opinion? I rather doubt it. Monoclonal antibody infusions have been going on for quite some time and is probably what Trump got. There have been great strides in COVID treatment since the beginning and there are hundreds of published papers about COVID treatment so I’m not sure what he’s referring to when he says there haven’t been any but his own.

          • English Outsider says:

            Even so, you have a pretty fair grasp of it.

            My knowledge is pretty well confined to what I have gleaned from Dr Richard North’s site – he’s a public health expert in England who’s familiar with the public health background here – another English news update site containing general information on the spread of the virus, and people who know their way around the American health scene on the Colonel’s site.

            That’s about it, apart from anecdotal knowledge and a few videos. So I’m not in a position myself to challenge the Doctor’s coffee cup.

            I’ve seen enough to be doubtful about the politicians’ response to the pandemic. This video that I saw recently struck a chord with me, not least because here is a medical expert who is aware of the political dimension and is aware of the way politicians think when they’re aiming for a particular result –


            It struck a chord because I’ve been thinking for some time that though we could do little else than what we did to deal with the pandemic what we did was by no means optimal –

            My own reservations about “lockdown” are to do with a suspicion that such dramatic measures were in part adopted to underline the seriousness of the disease for the vulnerable – so that the vulnerable took precautions they might not otherwise have taken. And partly that our public health infrastructure is so inflexible and run down that lockdown was the only means available to prevent the hospitals being overcrowded. A sledgehammer to crack a nut because there was no more suitable tool to hand.

            Put that together with the mood of panic that was undoubtedly around in the April of last year – we forget how much that was a time of foreboding – and one can see why they reached for the sledgehammer. Still didn’t make it the right tool. Control measures targeted at the at risk communities and measures to protect the old and vulnerable who couldn’t manage for themselves would have been better and would not have involved the objectionable element of compulsion. “In my opinion that isn’t a grown up or an ethical way to treat a population” says Dr Lee, and does that not express the unease so many feel that we are being managed and manipulated – infantilised almost – rather than willingly participating in a sober attempt to tackle the pandemic the best way?

            Too late now! Too late when the pandemic started, in fact. We were not in shape to tackle the pandemic better. In any case I suspect it was a lost cause when the WHO put out the wrong advice on travel. But is there any sign that we’ll be better prepared to deal with the next one?

          • Pat Lang says:

            EO et al Brits

            Scottish independence coming?

  22. Jim says:

    There are two broad issues here:
    1] CDC’s claim that abnormally large number of after covid-vaccination deaths, abortions, hospitalizations, permanent disabilities, etc. are random events
    2] After covid-vax adverse event pr0potions based on 1990-2020 historical averages indicate an out of control process

    The CDC is not disputing #2.

    No one is disputing this.

    Instead: they are all ignoring #2.

    No one is disputing fact that ‘warp speed’ Emergency Use Authorization [by which experimental vaccines, not FDA approved, can be sold and marketed and injected into human beings absent any definitive proof that they are safe drugs] can only occur if and only if there are no adequate prophylactics.

    The fact there was, more than a year ago, adequate prophylactics, such as Ivermectin, to treat and cure covid patients is the elephant in the room.

    Neither the CDC, big media in general, and the censoring and cancelling artists at GOOGLE, YouTube and Twitter, etc. — none of them and few in government are curious about this. This lack of curiosity, matched by ongoing attempts to kill the messenger.

    Curious or not, tens of thousands died needlessly from virus and many thousands injured and thousands are dying and injured after being shot up with this alleged “cure.”

    These are the cold hard facts. Whether are recited by the common man drinking his coffee or President Biden or the insufferable Dr. Fauci.

    Why did Emperor Napoleon and Fuehrer Hitler believe they could conquer Russia?

    Why did Chancellor Bismarck know that was always a fools errand?

    The moral equivalent, in this public health matter — Napoleon and Hitler dug in and kept going with their deadly, catastrophic fantasies.

    AP reportage, and big media reportage, and the big tech censoring armies — all Black Marks on Civilization.

    Is this pandemic obviously planned to line pockets of the richest on earth; and not about first and foremost protecting the public health — a 21st century version of Siege on St. Petersberg?

    The leaders of that siege ultimately faced Nuremburg.

    Hitler’s ‘Warp Speed’ Blitzkrieg fantasy, how well did that turn out with Operation Barbarossa?

    A new Nuremburg is in order to judge the apparent gross negligence creating great harm, against the American people and all people on earth subjected to this moral turpitude resulting in preventable suffering and death and great loss and immeasurable harm to people.

    Power always resides with the people.

    A federal case filed at once in a district court or alternatively, with US Supreme Court directly.

    Citing Griswold v. Connecticut — that ensconced principle of the Right to be Let Alone.

    And citing Roe v. Wade, that hyper-focused this principle involving pregnant women.

    These decisions as much as any in US history established beyond any doubt what we have known all our lives:
    1] the government has zero right to play around with our bodies,
    2] interfere with our liberties, and
    3] zero right to force anyone to be forced to ingest any substance into our bodies [especially those that can cause harm — such as the experimental drugs/the so-called COVID-19 vaccines].

    These decisions made clear that the right to be let alone and right to privacy and individual liberty, even if not explicitly spelled out in Bill of Right — are fundamental civil rights and human rights for all Americans. It’s the law: No one is above the law.

    The first amendment, the right to free expression and the second, our right to enforce the first against those trying to deny us this.

    The CDC relies on VAERS data: to allege thousands of deaths and other maladies are random events. They do this by dividing number of adverse events to total number covid-vaxed, resulting in a tiny proportion.

    The CDC tells this to the public, at any rate.

    Why isn’t there a better system? to ascertain the harm. Or is the actual attitude: what we don’t know won’t hurt us?

    There is also a separate, VAERS for US Military; this data bank is not publicly available. Why isn’t all of the various adverse event reporting systems [there are several] –all this data made public? Why is this data secret? Why are drug companies not forced to disclose all their data? while at the same time: made exempt from any liability?

    As for the Associated Press, and Beatrice Dupuy in particular, and her sloppy and lazy censoring attempts — essentially begging us to go away — see: “Data from vaccine reporting site being misrepresented online” — where is the AP research on actual VAERS data? Or on Ivermectin, or on a lot of things; instead of their spin and lies and tomfoolery and slapdash?

    Beatrice, incapable of research, takes the liberty to be incoherent, and operates as if Beatrice is performing a public service by throwing mud at those questioning, and those asking questions —being ignored by the public health and medical industrial complex.

    The below, one of her AP gems written with side-kick David Klepper, circa April 29, 2020:

    [[In recent weeks, vaccine opponents have made several unsubstantiated claims, including allegations that vaccine trials will be dangerously rushed or that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious diseases expert, is blocking cures to enrich vaccine makers. ]]


  23. different clue says:

    ( Way totally off thread but . . . I read about this upcoming agricultural-sector investment conference happening in Australia which might be of interest to Walrus and maybe other Australians, and Walrus is very likely to see it here . . . so here is the link to it.)

    • walrus says:

      Thank you for the refence. Given that modern agriculture is predicated on an endless supply of diesel fuel for ploughing and harvesting as well as artificial fertilizer production, it’s probably a good idea.

      on my inland ftravels I see crops literally over the horizon. Harvesting, cotton, corn, wheat, etc. in such huge fields requires vast quantities of energy.

      • different clue says:

        ( I tried leaving a further comment but it didn’t seem to ” cross over” on an awaiting-moderation basis. If it didn’t, I will try again much shorter).

      • different clue says:

        I have tried posting a comment with links and each attempt gets vaporised. I will offer a comment with findable names to hunt up the link if one wants to . And see if it posts to moderation.
        Some Australians have been researching and working in regenerative agriculture for decades. Dick Yeomans and son worked up a “keyline water management” system and a deep subsoil cutting plow to use in that effort.
        ” Home Page for Yeomans Plow Co. – Yeomans Plow” allows for finding the website address.

      • different clue says:

        Yes it did, it posted. It works. So no links, just “names of links”.

        Bill Mollison of Tasmania and David Holmgren of Australia worked up and developed the permaculture concept.
        The phrase ” Permaculture Principles by Bill Mollison – World Permaculture Association” allows finding a link.

        Mark Shephard of America studied permaculture and also rethought Dick Yeomans’ keyline concepts to make them easier to understand and apply to smaller as well as bigger properties.
        ” Mark Shephard – Forest Agriculture Enterprises”

        Christine Jones is an Australian farmer and agronomic researcher interested in driving plant life to suck down more skycarbon and pack more of it into soil for semi-longterm storage in the soil. She has a bunch of articles by herself and others at a site findable by the phrase . . .
        ” Welcome to Amazing Carbon!”

        I apologise for not offering links themselves, but every attempt just choked the post-function. So I had to try this way.
        I offer them in case they may be interesting and/or useful in thinking about who is a regen farmer worth working with as against who is a smooth operator selling a line to get some money.

  24. walrus says:

    It appears that no one here is satisfied by science. While there are valid concerns about vaccine side effects, the incontrovertible evidence is that vaccines are a preferred treatment for many diseases and that therefore they are relevant to treating Covid 19. Statistically, no vaccine is perfect and it’s a question of the balance of probabilities for the whole population.

    If you wish to ignore this advice, then you personally bear a share of the responsibility for what happens next. I am informed in this matter by the role of recent anti vaxxer morons in the Pacific Islands and the dead and permanently injured babies that resulted from the preventable measles infections that

    • Fred says:

      “It appears that no one here is satisfied by science.”
      That is simply untrue.
      “Statistically, no vaccine is perfect ”
      True, as is a statement that statistically the risk of death from the wuhan virus is very low for a majority of the human race.

      “Inconveratable evidence” wow!
      “many diseases”
      I thought the discussion was on COVID 19 – India, just like the heading of the post, not on ‘many diseases’. It’s almost like you don’t like the questions and commentary which don’t meet your conclusion.

      “you personally bear a share of the responsibility for what happens next.”
      Does my body, my choice apply or must I obey every government decree? If the later then which government, as Florida’s just ended the emergency and D.C.’s just declared dancing dangerous?

    • stueeeeeeeee says:

      Good lord. You conflate diseases that scientists have studied and isolated for decades if not more with COVID. The data set is too limited. Scientists may eventually determine what COVID is and what it does, but it will take time.

      Those who urge caution and are skeptical of the vaccine that was rushed into production to combat a virus that scientists have yet to fully understand are not anti vaxxers or whatever negative label you infer upon them. They are asking VALID questions.

      “It appears that no one here is satisfied by science. ” To utter this implies a lack of understanding of science. Science does not satisfy. Religion does.

    • jld says:

      “It appears that no one here is satisfied by science.”

      Like, science of the lockdowns? 😀

      P.S. You are probably confusing Science and Scientism, Scientism is kind of a cult.

  25. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – on the Scottish elections, if the Scots want independence they must have it. It’s a perfectly viable country. I have no doubt Westminster will make the path for them as thorny as possible – which is dumb. The Scots will see through that and be more determined yet.

    Somewhere PG Wodehouse points out that it is never difficult to tell the difference between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman. It’ll be difficult to tell the difference between all hell let loose and the Scots if they don’t get what they want. A stubborn brooding pack and no wise man would stand in their way.

    I hope they don’t decide to leave the UK. They would then become part of the EU. I have sworn a great oath never to buy products from the countries of the EU until those countries get Brussels under control. Since this is unlikely in my lifetime that means I won’t be able to buy any Scottish products once they join.

    Not difficult, one might think, since I’m not given to wearing kilts. But Colonel Lang –
    how does one manage without the odd drop of Single Malt from time to time?

    • English Outsider says:

      Colonel – a serious mistake and I should have checked. Wha t PG Wodehouse wrote was ” ‘It is never difficult to distinguish between with a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.’

      An acute observer, PG Wodehouse. They tell me that the Scottixh election will bear his observation out.

  26. Mark Logan says:


    I don’t view politicians here as constantly plotting to take away our freedoms. I’ve met too many of them, and they are all mostly interested in furthering their careers. Yes, some have holy causes of some kind or another but IMO they view those as ways to enhance their personal political futures as much as anything. The image of a predatory elected class waiting to pounce on us so they can take charge seems far-fetched. Perhaps it’s different over there. That speculation about Fauci? Concern trolling for clicks political hackery.

    Why the sledge hammer? Not that we ever had one, Singapore, Taiwan, North Korea, and Japan had and used sledgehammers. They were all ready to go and they swatted this down right quick. Attributable to their proximity to that well established incubator of nasty diseases, China, and having recently experienced the SARS, MERS and whatever scares. They prepped and acted quickly and surely. At one point last year somebody pointed out there were at that time more confirmed cases of COVID in our White House than there were in all Taiwan. Clearly lockdowns and deep searches for infected people can work. I would say the lesson there is no half-measures, but we are limited to speculation on how well our half measures worked or didn’t work. It was what it was.

    As to having to act because our medical systems are inflexible and run down I say no. They are not either of those things. The assumption in the assertion is they knew everything about the virus at the outbreak. Nope, they knew very little, and were frank about it so they went with basic common sense precautions, like masks and as much social distancing as we would bear.

    The reaction was understandable to me. I’m in the area of the first big outbreak here, the Life Care Center in Kirkland. Killed 37 of the patients in about a month. Who knew for sure who the vulnerable were and weren’t in that first month or two? Nobody. Hell, the Chinese doc who first IDed this bug was only 40 and had no conditions and it killed him in 2 weeks. Dr Hall’s comments seem to have the judgement of hindsight in them.

    I understand people feeling imposed upon, but lack much sympathy. People living under the protection of a society owe a debt to that society. I’m quite sure that should a real killer bug come down the pike I’ll have lots of company.

  27. Deap says:

    Agree, we will not lose our country to a dominant ideology; only to deadly accretions of institutionalized incompetence.

  28. English Outsider says:

    Mark – the latter part of the video is the most interesting. No, the politicians are not planning a NWO takeover. But as Dr Lee points out, they and their advisors were tending to follow herd instinct consensus rather than taking in a wide range of views as the crisis developed.

    In your country, look at how Trump got mocked when he mentioned that it would be a good idea to look at this or that treatment – treatments some of which I now see in the protocols! That rejection of wide-ranging enquiry at a time of crisis is herd instinct consensus and I do not believe it was useful.

    Dr Lee’s comments on the specifically medical side of things have now been overtaken by events – turns out the new variants were more of a worry than was thought likely. And I’m not sure the NPI approach was that much of a loss – the B117 graphs in Europe showed otherwise and the Bangladeshi graphs seem to show similar drop off after the introduction of control measures – though at what cost!

    And we have all. or most Western countries, been far too casual about travel restrictions. Canada paid for that – internal travel as well – as might the rest of us if mass vaccination doesn’t win the race against the new variants. On medical infrastructure – in all Western countries including yours it was inadequate. Insufficient spare capacity because it’s costly to have that standing idle when not needed. Same with isolation facilities – same reason. In the UK such failures were baked in from at least the Blair years because it was then that pandemic plans were decided on. Those plans were incorrect and insufficient. And all countries have learned that it’s safer to have vaccine production facilities in house.

    Those aren’t the sort of problems that gets sorted out in a few weeks and that’s why we were on a loser from the start. And the early WHO advice was disastrous.

    But look wider afield than that. What is it that concerns us when we look at the Western neocon adventures that have caused so much havoc around the world and so much death and destruction to those we favour with our claimed R2P interventions? That same phenomenon that Dr Lee examines in his very different field. An early failure to assess the situation correctly, that failure hardening into an immoveable herd consensus as the “paradigm” he speaks of gets hardened into fixed and murderous doctrine.

    There are lessons, then, to take from those last sections of Dr Lee’s interview that go far beyond our handling of this pandemic. And also some hope. Under the leadership of Donald Trump Operation Warp Speed in your country, and a similar effort in mine, showed what was possible when the resources of a nation and the efforts of thousands upon thousands of dedicated people can be mobilised. We may be rotten at the top but that rot does not go far down. At a time when, in both countries, that rot at the top is so plainly visible, does that not warrant hope of better things?

  29. walrus says:

    over 400,000 new cases per day and over 4000 deaths in India – and those numbers are widely regarded as underestimates by at least a factor of two. No national lockdown, not that it would help now in my opinion.

    Furthermore, there is opinion from at least one epidemiologist that the pandemic has a very long way still to run. Reading between the lines, that suggests to me that we aren’t going back to “normal”. We are in uncharted territory.

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