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Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? By Walrus

Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? This is the obscure ancient English law question posed by Sir Thomas More in 1520 to confound a legal braggart in the court of Henry VIII. The braggart didn’t know the answer. ChatGPT, … Continue reading

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Mr. Gilbreth And The 155mm Artillery Round By Walrus.

Unless it’s deliberately placed on Youtube for disinformation purposes, could someone please tell the PTB to remove videos of 155 mm projectile production? It is giving away information. Any manufacturing engineer watching them will automatically estimate the cycle time for … Continue reading

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“Kool Aid” A Suggestion By Walrus.

Anyone who has been hanging around this website for long enough is familiar with our late and much loved founders essay on intellectual honesty and personal honor: “Drinking The Kool Aid”. This was the standard he lived by. It … Continue reading

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In Passing…….

This is inscribed in the floor of the old Duomo in the walled town of Erice, that looks down from about two thousand five hundred feet over Trapani, Sicily. The inscription tells us that Fredrick II, King of Sicily, Germany, … Continue reading

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Nice Knowing You by Walrus

The potential costs of advocating anything other than the official Australian Government position on Ukraine / Russia matters suggest I have to leave. Not that I carry any weight anyway. Nice knowing you all.

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Russia Mobilizes Reserves by Walrus.

V. Putin has announced the mobilisation of Russias reserves. According to Putin, this will be a deliberate, unhurried, process. Comment: Col. Lang was right. The Russians appear to have bitten off more than they can chew. Conventional wisdom is that … Continue reading

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The Asov Organisation – Potential Serial Pest? By Walrus.

The recent murder of Darya Dugina, allegedly by operatives of Ukraine Intelligence and/or members of the Ukrainian Asov organization, raises an issue that has been at the back of my mind since the Ukraine crisis started in 2014; that is … Continue reading

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The Russian Economy? What Really Matters By Walrus.

Yale University has just released a study that claims that sanctions are having a profoundly negative effect on the Russian economy and that they should therefore be continued and strengthened. This begs the question of the survival of the Putin … Continue reading

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Euthanise A Walrus? Norwegians are Crazy! By Walrus

A young, beautiful looking, female Walrus named Freya has graced the city of Oslo by taking up summer residence in Oslo Fiord. Needless to say, the general public are infatuated with her apparently to the point of endangering themselves. Female … Continue reading

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Russia Turns Off Gas by Walrus.

It should be no surprise to fellow Turcopoles that Reuters is reporting that Gazprom has allegedly just now declared Force Majeure on a large German gas customer. I would expect more cuts will follow. I expect that the fantasy … Continue reading

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