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War Is Hell By Walrus.

As posted by Turcopolier (Col. Lang), The WSJ has painted a less than rosy picture of the life of Russian conscripts fighting in Ukraine ( Well, The Washington Post has also weighed in with an article describing the travails of … Continue reading

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Putins Victory Day Speech Posted By Walrus

Putin didn’t declare war or general mobilisation. He announced increased assistance for military orphans. The official translation is at the link. Comment: Summary: “Our cause is just.” Sometimes less is more. Over to you.

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ISW Ukraine Campaign Assessment, May 1 Posted by Walrus.

Herewith the latest missive from the Kagan clan. Comment: Readers should note the Kagans extraordinary circumlocution in the first sentence in their efforts to downplay what appear to be Russian gains: ”Russian forces are setting conditions to establish permanent … Continue reading

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Webb Telescope Completes Alignment Phase

The Webb Telescope completes one more step to becoming operational. Next test: thermal stability. The Walrus prediction is that its observations will throw the Big Bang Theory into the rubbish bin where it belongs. Webb Telescope update: The Big … Continue reading

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BBC Doesn’t Understand Irony By Walrus.

The BBC has posted a piece extolling a new film about the wartime (WWII) Operation Mincemeat, which was intended to mislead the Germans as to the Allies intentions of invading Sicily by means of purveying a phony set of war … Continue reading

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Today is Friday by Ernest Hemingway

Three Roman soldiers are in a drinking-place at eleven o’clock at night. There are barrels around the wall. Behind the wooden counter is a Hebrew wine-seller. The three Roman soldiers are a little cock-eyed. 1st Roman Soldier—You tried the red? … Continue reading

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Russian President Underestimated Ukrainian Defence and Global Response to War.

So says the Chief of Britains GCHQ in public in Australia today. “The head of Britain’s spy agency says Vladimir Putin has “massively misjudged” the difficulty of invading Ukraine, and Russian soldiers are sabotaging their own military equipment as morale … Continue reading

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Seventh Russian General Killed.

Ukraine’s defence ministry says Russian Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev has been killed by Ukrainian forces near the southern city of Kherson, the seventh Russian general to die since the invasion began. Comment: It appears that Ukraine is successfully targeting … Continue reading

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First Image From James Webb Telescope

by Walrus To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we may be sprawled in the gutter of war but some of us are looking up at the stars… The James Webb space telescope has transmitted its first image of a star as part … Continue reading

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Is Russia Not Only Slamming The Door But Nailing It Shut? By Walrus.

In 2015 one Ivan Sukhov wrote in The Moscow Times that Russia was slamming shut door after door to the West. I would like to suggest that President Putins current actions make perfect sense if he is now nailing … Continue reading

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