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Britain? Kaput! By Walrus.

kaput \kuh-PUT\ adjective. 1 : utterly finished, defeated, or destroyed. 2 : unable to function : useless. 3 : hopelessly outmoded. Britain as we understand it, is finished. Shakespeare and Churchill, Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, Magna Carta, Keats, … Continue reading

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A Note On Our Folly By Walrus

“The March Of Folly” by Barbara Tuchman, analyses the causes of historic foreign policy disasters from the seige of Troy onwards with a view to understanding the role of pure unadulterated Govermental stupidity – folly – in the decline of … Continue reading

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The Russians have Won And We Will All Be Better For It Opinion By Walrus.

Remember when this latest war started? Our esteemed leadership here and probably elsewhere told us that the Russians would lose because they were tactically backward, corrupt, led by incompetents and technically unsophisticated. They would be no match for the technically … Continue reading

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Victoria “Fuck The EU” Nuland To Retire By Walrus.

Has anyone, just for fun, computed the totals of those who have died in the wars of choice this person and her extended family have instigated and supported? We should perhaps give awards; for example the Madeleine Albright prize for … Continue reading

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“Heavy Fog In Channel; Continent Cut Off.” – Walrus.

INTERNATIONAL CODE OF SIGNALS: CODE FLAG “U” – YOU ARE STANDING INTO DANGER! America is the Titanic and our Iceberg is something called “Inversion”. I tried to draw attention to this in August 2014 by quoting that Times Of London … Continue reading

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Mearsheimer On Gaza by Walrus.

Just so we are clear about this, Israel is engaged in genocide in Gaza. True friends of israel cannot let this pass without acknowledgement. I class John Mearsheimer as a true friend of Israel for speaking out. To paraphrase Noel … Continue reading

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Nasrallah Is Angry by Walrus.

Just listened to the Al Jazeera live translation of Nasrallahs speech. My take ,- not necessarily accurate: Message to Israel and the U.S: 1. End it, right now. Or else, This battle is different. 2. Any attacks on Lebanon will … Continue reading

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Israel At War. –

The Prime Minister of Israel has declared that Israel is “at war” – against exactly who is not clear, “Hamas”, “The Palestinians”, ” terrorists” take your pick. It appears that the Palestinians (or whatever you call ) them achieved total … Continue reading

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Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? By Walrus

Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? This is the obscure ancient English law question posed by Sir Thomas More in 1520 to confound a legal braggart in the court of Henry VIII. The braggart didn’t know the answer. ChatGPT, … Continue reading

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Mr. Gilbreth And The 155mm Artillery Round By Walrus.

Unless it’s deliberately placed on Youtube for disinformation purposes, could someone please tell the PTB to remove videos of 155 mm projectile production? It is giving away information. Any manufacturing engineer watching them will automatically estimate the cycle time for … Continue reading

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