“COVID hysteria kills.” The Telegraph

" … Research commissioned that July by the firm Kekst CNC showed how far public perceptions about the pandemic had been skewed, finding they were inclined to believe the spread and fatality was more than a hundred times worse than the reality. 

For example, the average Briton was found last month to estimate that the disease had wiped out as much as 7 per cent of the United Kingdom, which would equate to around 4.6 million people, rather than the actual rate in the tens of thousands. They estimate just over 22 per cent of the population have had Covid-19, which at just over 14.6 million people would be well over the current confirmed case tally of 322,000. 

When people estimate risk, they overestimate it massively,” says King College London’s Professor Neil Greenberg, who works with Public Health England as part of the Health Protection Research Unit for Emergency Preparedness and Response. “We are very poor as a public at estimating what risk really means.”

That does not mean the threat posed by Covid-19 can be summarily dismissed, but experts are keen for a sense of proportion.

Prof Udi Qimron, the incoming head of clinical microbiology and immunology at Tel Aviv University, recently highlighted that 99.9 per cent of the world's population has so far survived the virus, as the total number of coronavirus deaths does not exceed 0.1 per cent of the total population anywhere around the world. (See the table below for the latest data on European deaths)


Nervousness?  Apprehension?  Nah!  Not in the US.  Here it is just plain old gutlessness.  We are not the people our ancestors were.  pl 


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  1. Jack says:

    It’s clear now Florida + Sweden mix model for covid was correct strategy.
    Protect elderly and sick from infection, maintain economic activities and secure your pharmaceutical supply chains.
    Economic destruction by doomsday advocates caused job losses across the world.

    As this article in the Daily Mail notes Sweden’s policy worked as well as the lockdown policy without the economic destruction.
    Col. Lang is correct. “We are not the people our ancestors were.” We are an afraid people. We wouldn’t otherwise trade our liberty for the false security of mass surveillance, government propaganda, and this lockdown that continues. Sad!

  2. Mike Whitney says:

    I wonder if you would be interested in publishing this excellent short article on the stoic and highly-principled tank commander, Heinz Guderian??
    He may have fought on the wrong side, but he fought bravely and honorably.

  3. Deap says:

    As Albert Camus wrote in The Plague: potentially deadly events like this give some people their sole reason for living. And the cure, for them, becomes fatal.

  4. Serge says:

    Hi Colonel, this is totally unrelated but I thought that you would find this Houthi video that I saw off of Al Masdar interesting:
    Shows the Houthis wiping out the main IS bastion in Yemen earlier in the week. Prisoners treated well, they wouldn’t be treated like this in Syria/Iraq or in any country where franchises exist.

  5. VietnamVet says:

    The risk is relative. It is nil if you are not exposed to a coronavirus shedding person. If you must work with the public to get paid, live in a multi-generational household, or are over 70 the risks of getting ill and dying are greater. Coronavirus has killed 180,558 Americans to date which is almost five times more than the 36,750 who died in automobile accidents last year. The virus is the third leading cause of death in America after heart disease and cancer. The is no national coordination and funding to test every American daily to see who is ill and who is not. Without universal testing there is absolutely no way to know the risk of going out the door. With testing and agreement by the American public to isolate if the daily antigen test positive and receive government healthcare, the pandemic can be ended without needing a vaccine. This would require healthcare for all and a working government which the ruling elite are absolutely against. Although the costs of the national testing program are less than the amount already lost in economic activity from the Pandemic Depression.
    The basic problem is the US public health system was dismantled so for-profit hospitals and professional managers could extract wealth from the ill. Money is earned by treating the patients not curing them. Employee based health insurance by design does not cover everyone leaving a hodge-podge of government programs; the VA, Medicare, Medicaid and local programs for the left-overs. The current US system is simply incapable of containing the pandemic. Only a functional government like New Zealand or South Korea can.
    The US federal government decided to do nothing and wait for a for-profit vaccine next year. 300,000 Americans are projected to die this year. If there is no vaccine or treatment, the death toll from coronavirus could reach 675,000 – the number who died of the Spanish flu in the USA in 1918 and 1919 (but with a 1/3 fewer people). No big deal for Wall Street who got 4 trillion dollars to keep charging upwards; unless, the unrest continues and expands.

  6. Lars says:

    What I read in Swedish media does not correspond well with what I see reported by others, usually from outside of the country. Sweden has done worse than its close neighbors Norway and Finland and they are paying a rather steep economic price for their inaction. Regarding Florida, where I live, the infections are not receding yet and we have yet to see what will happen with opening the schools. I suspect the misinformation has a political purpose. There are more people in Florida wearing masks now, mainly due to local municipalities requiring them and that is positive. Some think that is a political issue, failing to realize it is an IQ test.

  7. turcopolier says:

    You see what you want to see in the press depending on what you choose to read. Yes, lefties like you always want to talk down to people. You are typical. Why are you darkening my door again?

  8. turcopolier says:

    You should go out and get a job in which you would work for your own money and stop letting daddy take care of you like a little girl.

  9. turcopolier says:

    Judy Miller the journo queen used to tell me that I am a gloomy gus, but I am nothing compared to you. When did you last have a positive thought? Was it painful?

  10. Fred says:

    Your information seems to be out of date or terribly localized. The discontent with the face burka mandate is increasing, though there’s nothing stopping you from wearing one 24/7.
    “Florida reported 4,300 new cases Saturday, continuing a downward trend that has seen the number drop from above 10,000 new cases per day a month ago.”
    “Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have also been declining. ”

  11. turcopolier says:

    The US national collective death toll is about .05% thus far. Can’t handle that, eh?

  12. sbin says:

    Do a lot of work for family that owns funeral homes.
    Way more suicides by 20 – 40 year olds than covid deaths in +70 age range.
    Covid deaths were nursing home residents that were dead already but generating revenue for said homes.

  13. The hysterical overestimation of risk is nothing new. Hell, polio cases and deaths were only a fraction of covid cases and deaths. We went bananas in looking for a cure for that. The worst over reaction in the US was to 9/11 and the whole phenomenon of terrorism. What a waste of blood, resources and hyperventilation, not to mention our reaction’s effect on liberty and privacy. How many deaths and can be laid at the feet of antifa and BLM? Yet so many think these ne’er-do-wells will end our society. More senseless hyperventilation. Chill out. They won’t destroy our way of life any more than the alt right/neo-nazi crowd. We will absorb the blows from all these dire threats, adapt and change. OTOH, our too often over hysterical reactions to these perceived threats are what drives our successful adaptions and progress.

  14. turcopolier says:

    “How many deaths and can be laid at the feet of antifa and BLM?” Just a handful so far but their goal is to crack the national will as the Brown Shirts of the movement that your party has become. Your party is well on its way to destroying the America that we served. Did you actually not listen to that crap last week?

  15. Jim says:

    Rank by state of Corona Deaths, per 1 million population, USA
    1 New Jersey 1,807
    2 New York 1,695
    3 Massachusetts 1,294
    4 Connecticut 1,251
    5 Louisiana 1,021
    6 Rhode Island 972
    Rank by country of Corona Deaths, per 1 million population, world [and proportion of population killed by virus]
    1 San Marino 1,237 [0.001237]
    2 Belgium 861 [0.000861]
    3 Peru 837 [0.000837]
    4 Andorra 686 [0.000686]
    5 Spain 617 [0.000617]
    6 UK 610 [0.000610]
    7 Italy 586 [0.000586]
    8 Sweden 575 [0.000575]
    9 Chile 567 [0.000567]
    10 USA 545 [0.000545] [or 0.0545 percent]
    Please keep in mind that USA death counts are inflated.
    By how much? Nobody knows. Why is that?
    [[There are financial incentives that might make a difference for hospitals and doctors. The CARES Act adds a 20% premium for COVID-19 Medicare patients. Birx and others are also concerned that the CDC’s “antiquated” accounting system is double-counting cases and inflating mortality and case counts “by as much as 25%.” When all these anomalies are added up, it becomes apparent that we simply don’t have an accurate death toll from this new coronavirus. But it seems clear that the correct rate is just a little worse than the rate for the 2017-2018 flu]]

  16. Fred says:

    Welcome back! Glad to know the Trump supporters can now go out to a restauraunt with a MAGA hat without getting yelled at or the food spat upon. Store owners won’t be having windows broken or contents looted nor will there be calls for transformational change we can believe in due to “systemic racism”, mandatory unconcious bias training, giving up “white privelege” or paying repartations; or being called uncle Tom if you’re black. Thank goodness. Did the orders come down from on high or is it just a pause since the cadres seem to be all trained up after 70+ days in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and few more blue havens? I ask since the reality sure doesn’t match what you’re saying, other than that “alt-right/neo-nazi” thing, as they seem to have disappeared from public view right after the press successfully launched the “fine people” edited video hoax after the march in Charlottesville. (Even the BBC called Biden out for that lie) I begin to think they were nothing more than paid actors engaged in a set piece play.
    As a primer, since you might have missed a couple of weeks in reality land:
    Porland: (1) https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-protest-press-throwing-objects-police
    (2) https://www.kusi.com/violent-mob-beats-truck-driver-unconscious-in-portland/
    (3) https://nypost.com/2020/08/23/portland-cops-stand-by-as-protesters-clash-with-guns-smoke-bombs/
    Chicago: – in memory of George Floyd:
    (1) https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6180404984001
    (2) https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/08/10/crowds-clash-police-after-shooting-chicago/3333353001/
    (3) Saturday 8 – 22: https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/8/22/21396941/bronzeville-chicago-police-officer-carjacked-gunpoint-25th-king
    At least Mayor Lightfoot is guarded by armed police, unlike the majority of taxpayers
    NYC: https://nypost.com/2020/06/03/what-the-streets-of-manhattan-look-like-after-days-of-riots/
    No worries, that was June. Now NYC is just quarantined for Communism.
    Denver: https://www.denverpost.com/2020/08/23/denver-riot-protest-vandalism-police-hancock/
    “We will absorb the blows from all these dire threats, adapt and change.”
    I’m not sure what your neighbors in Fredricksburg but I know a lot of folks who’ve decided the left is out for blood and destruction with the leadership giving free reign if not outright suport of all of this. When my former friends in the Democratic party push what it looks like they are going to push come November there’ll be a hell of a lot of scores settled. That doesn’t even include the risk of Biden and Co. making veiled calls, like Henry the second “”Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”, hoping that another James Hodgkinson will emerge and remove Trump for them.

  17. TonyL says:

    Using Sweeden as a model as how to fight the pandemic is not quite what a few commenters here advocating for. Sweedes do practice physical distancing voluntarily without being told to do so.
    ““In terms of the mortality rate per capita from COVID-19, Sweden is not doing as well as the other countries nearby in Scandinavia that are similar but have approached the pandemic in a different way,” said Dr. Saahir Khan, assistant clinical professor of infectious disease at UCI Health in Orange, California.”
    “As of May 18, Sweden’s per capita death rate was 36 per 100,000, which is higher than the United States at 27 and neighboring Denmark at 9.
    Over this past week [the article was dated Jun 4th 2020] Sweden also had the highest per capita death rate for COVID-19 in Europe.”

  18. Deap says:

    How many deaths can be laid at the feet due to the denial of hydroxycholoquine as first line therapeutic with the intent it can alter the course of the disease in positive ways for some people; but not cure it.
    What role does the UCSF Medical School finding presence of gum disease ( which creates a systemic and chronic inflammation state) is related to the severity of the host reactions against a “covid” infection.
    I buy none of the “covid death” numbers due to sloppy and intentionally misrepresented reporting. I suggest no mention of “covid death” number is presented without serious qualification:
    —death with covid,
    —death because of covid,
    —death assumed to be covid,
    —death unconfirmed exposure to covid,
    —death with co-morbidities;
    —death without co-morbidities.
    #XYZ# “covid deaths” is balderdash.

  19. LondonBob says:

    Yes I am afraid the West, and America in particular, are in what Sir John Glubb termed the decadence stage of civilisation, if there were tribes of Manchus, Mongols or Goths on your border they would think we only need to kick the door in and we could takeover.

  20. turcopolier says:

    Politics is about division. A vote in the Commons in London is called a “division.” You are so completely negative that i don’t want you here. Go away.

  21. BillWade says:

    My wife and I went to a new restaurant’s Grand Opening yesterday and had a great time. The new owners are 3 old (almost elderly) guys that are millionaires. It’s great as they’ve picked up about 35 employees who were out of work. The bad news is that some of our out of work restaurant folks are facing homelessness while Pelosi dithers about.
    Laughing here, I didn’t know this but was told about it yesterday. We have snowbirds here hiding in their homes who didn’t go back up north last April. Oh well.

  22. Poul says:

    As a Dane I would like to point out that there are structural differences between Sweden and Denmark when it comes to the economy.
    Denmark produces a lot of medicine and food (butter/fish/pork) which sells in good and in bad times.
    Sweden has a lot of consumer goods (electronics/cars) which are hard hit. Their customers keep a tight fist on the house hold spending. As for restaurants, hotels and night club etc. there does not appear to be a big difference. Swedes have stayed at home of their own free will. Danes ditto but based on government orders.
    A plus for Sweden which funny enough is rarely mentioned is that Sweden have not paid out huge state subsidies to various private businesses.
    Care to guess how Denmark’s economy would look if you removed the subsidies for industries, hotels, restaurants etc which enables them to keep staff on the pay-roll?

  23. Fred says:

    “As of May 18” and “Over this past week [the article was dated Jun 4th 2020”
    That was three months ago.

  24. Diana Croissant says:

    I’ve lost track of the number of restaurants I’ve dined in since the start of this pandemic. In my small/medium sized town in a rural county in Colorado, the effects of the pandemic have been far less tragic than we were originally led to expect. Ou relatively few tragic cases did and do make us sad when we think about them.
    We are polite people and concerned about our fellow citizens. We all carry masks and wear them to enter stores or restaurants. At restaurants, we take them off once we are seated.
    Our sidewalks are not crowded, even in the downtown area. Most people walking outside do not wear maks while walking. Now that it’s summer and breathing into a mask makes breathing harder, it becomes ridiculous to think of wearing a mask while walking outside.
    I am so very happy that, despite our looney left liberal governor, we have not felt the need to shelter inside or cover our faces at all times while outside. Just thinking to ourselves, “Well, he’s from Boulder; so what else can he be expected to say?”
    I become more and more thankful that I don’t live in the “important” large cities on the East and West Coasts, or even those other “important cities” situated in the Midwest and in other flyowver states.
    I would be a nuerotic mental case by now if I had been forced into following all the rules meant for “my own good.” I become very annoyed when I follow national politics and realize that I and so many of my fellow “flyowver” citizens aren’t really included in the national discussion about this pandemic. But then I realize that if I were included, I would have little to say but to expess my hope that the topic will soon be a thing of the past.
    Biden’s promise to mandate mask wearing will, I feel, be the most important reason for many in this area to vote against him. His saying that made me realize that it’s not only a possible early dementia hampering his thinking but also a definite Napolianic Complex governing his behavior.
    We’re patient, however; and we are easy-going enough to put up with some new rules–rules we hope will soon fade away.
    I keep saying to myself that it’s as if people didn’t want Halloween to end and are just having fun wearing masks–sometimes.

  25. Eric Newhill says:

    People deferring care, due to covid panic, for conditions that they should not
    another study by Aetna that backs up Cigna’s findings
    Psychiatric medication use is up
    I thought lefties were all about Americans getting access to good healthcare….well seems when there’s a COVID hoax to be perpetrated, they don’t care about the health impact to millions of Americans

  26. blue peacock says:

    Yes, the state subsidies are nicely forgotten!
    When you force small & mid-size businesses to shut by government edict but allow mega-corporations to remain open (Amazon & Walmart), there is an economic price.
    There are trillions that the federal government has borrowed from future generations to transfer to shut businesses and even not shut businesses. Of course anytime there are such huge cash transfers there must be many boondoggles too. An example that I read about recently, is Sacramento County, California. They took the CARES funding and since like most government funding it is use it or lose it and spent it on increasing head count of county staff, not anything related to the pandemic itself.
    We should also not forget that any crisis is always an excuse to feather the nest of the Wall St oligarchs. The Fed has conjured trillions of dollars to hand out to their favorite friends. Socialism for the wealthy financial elites is always necessary for the trickle down to keeping financial markets well lubricated.

  27. turcopolier says:

    I am of both US and Canadian ancestry and citizenship. Neither group are the brave, hardy people that our ancestors were.

  28. rho says:

    “Hell, polio cases and deaths were only a fraction of covid cases and deaths. We went bananas in looking for a cure for that.”
    Polio mostly affects children between the ages of 3 to 8 years and can leave them permanently paralyzed even if they recover. It is an infectious disease that is spread by infected fecal matter.
    Covid mostly affects elderly people with pre-existing health conditions, children have an extremely low risk of developing complications or dying from it. It is an infectious disease that is spread mostly by aerosols (and probably fecal matter too, but that is less important for covid).
    Which of those diseases do you think is the bigger health problem where “going bananas” is more justified? And for which disease can the spread be more easily limited by hygiene measures that can be implemented without crashing the whole economy while doing so?

  29. turcopolier says:

    What is the hardest thing you ever chose to do?

  30. scott s. says:

    Tend to agree with Doug Adams that we won’t know what worked and what didn’t for a couple years. If a country has better results it is probably more a factor of luck. (And this assumes that there is some way to factor out differences which make comparisons irrelevant.)
    scott s.

  31. optimax says:

    I have type 2 diabetes and asthma. My weight is good and am pretty good shape otherwise. I’m careful but not paranoid and wear a mask inside stores but not outside. Health young need to go back to work, go to restaurants or gyms if they want. I hear and see them partying without masks. That’s fine with me. When I was young the Hong Kong flu didn’t keep me from working or socializing. I can take care of myself. Oregon and the other states should have left it up to the individual to decide what precautions they should take, like Sweden. The only mandates should have been regulations on old folks homes, hospitals, dentists, the vulnerable. Cooking more for myself has been great for my blood sugars.

  32. FkDahl says:

    If you check statistics you will find that India or Bangladesh have mortality of confirmed COVID cases at 1-2%, with large sample sizes. Why are they doing better than the “advanced” nations of the world? Is it stronger general immune system (or at least more activated)? Sunshine (Vitamin D)?
    Use of HCQ against malaria?
    Age of population (though the age-mortality distribution looks very similar)?
    I am not sure but I sure see the signs that we are being signed up for an expensive and sloppily tested vaccination regime instead of a safer and cheaper solution.

  33. Fred,
    Yes, I still read SST almost every day. It remains enjoyable and informative and, at times, entertaining. I can’t believe you get upset about getting yelled at while wearing a MAGA hat. That’s snowflake behavior. Strident expression of grievance seems to be growing as a necessary part of our culture. Tolerance and respectful restraint is just not in fashion anymore. Suck it up, buttercup.
    Your list of current vignettes of strife are still no reason for hysteria. Now if the violence and destruction of the first night after Floyd’s death continued unabated throughout the country for the last 70+ days, hysteria might be in order. This isn’t the 60s and 70s. The CHAZ vanished into history. There have only been a dozen deaths associated with both the protesting and the rioting including the boogaloo boys’ execution of two officers. Most of the other deaths were police killings of protesters, rioters and looters. All the killing, damage and looting together amounts to far less than what a bad flu season does. If this is how the left is trying to bath the country in blood and destruction, they are woefully impotent. From where I sit, the right consists of a lot of frightened chicken littles fearful of the lefties behind every door and every tree. Granted they seem to be able to muster enough of their numbers to conduct a respectable protest locally in a large swath of cities. The alt right can’t do that. Like Charlottesville, they have to gather together from throughout the nation to hold a respectable rally. Otherwise they are vastly outnumbered by the local lefties. That’s why I don’t see any need for hysteria over them or Trump’s new favorite group QAnon. They are more a danger to themselves than to anyone else.
    Yes, Biden and Co. will seek to overturn near everything Trump has done if the Democrats win the election, much like Trump sought to do when he defeated Clinton. That definitely points out the weakness of trying to rule by executive action by either party. I don’t hear any veiled calls from Biden about removing Trump. He is loudly calling for everyone to get off their fat spreading asses and vote. He also said he wouldn’t get in the way of any state or DOJ investigation/prosecution of Trump and Co. if he does win the presidency. If that does come about, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump moves to a new Trump Tower in a non-extradition country. Of course, Trump could very well win in November. I won’t like it, but i wouldn’t become hysterical over it.

  34. turcopolier says:

    The US national mortality rate from COVID is .05%.

  35. turcopolier says:

    You can read my memoir when published and decide for yourself.

  36. smoke says:

    TonyL et al.
    (24 August 2020 at 12:39)
    The Swedish experience, taking a different approach, has interested me, too. For up to date charting, I have found this Swedish site very useful:
    I would recommend these charts as some of the clearest I have found for tracking covid in “western”nations, + a few. Multiple charts compare, over time, the cases, deaths,hospital use, both within Sweden and across western Europe & BRICS countries.
    As for damn lies and statistics, well, there is no telling. These charts use Swedish stats and Johns Hopkins. Analyzing the stats in more meaningful ways, as do these charts, is one way to address hysteria.
    Interesting to note: Since Sweden brought down the covid death rate near end of May, Deaths from All Causes in Sweden have fallen slightly below the average for the previous five years.

  37. smoke says:

    correction: “near the end of June”
    Since Sweden brought down covid rates near the end of June…

  38. smoke says:

    “All the killing, damage and looting together amounts to far less than what a bad flu season does. If this is how the left is trying to bath the country in blood and destruction, they are woefully impotent.”
    Much of the fearful overreactions, whether to covid or to demonstrations, violent or not, can be laid at the feet of the sensationalizing media, and what they choose to cover, I think. People are not doing math. They are in their living rooms, reacting emotionally. Or sometimes, as with friends who live in midtown Chicago and in Manhattan, they have left the city for the covid-protest season.
    When small business owners across the country see windows smashed, businesses ransacked, they identify with those business owners. They ask themselves, “could that happen here?”
    As color revolutions have demonstrated again and again, it is not necessary “to bathe a country in blood” in order to undermine a government. It is necessary to have the correct media coverage.
    As a counter example of the media role, in 2003 there were large demonstrations in several cities against the invasion of Iraq. They were mentioned barely, in passing. Resistance was not on their agenda.
    As for covid, coverage, by US media, of current covid experiences in other countries is scant and selective. In fact, most countries are experiencing new outbreaks, mostly occuring as they reopen, but not fully understood. Political leaders in many countries are being second guessed and criticized, which is exactly what anyone would expect, when people continue to suffer from an unknown and persistent plague, draining away people’s livelihoods.
    There are the added distortions of an election year.
    And, yes, absolutely as you observe, neither party can govern alone, neither has a majority of voters. Surely both parties can count that far. So the only conclusion, from the past couple decades, seems to be that neither party really wants to govern, at least not “for the people or by the people.” Benefits for the donor class seem to have a way of happening.

  39. Barbara Ann says:

    “We are not the people our ancestors were.”
    This sentence is a good illustrator of the yawning divide between the conservative and the progressive mindsets. Veneration of the character, deeds and core values of one’s ancestors is anathema to the progressive who believes previous generations to be backward, according to their evolutionary model of morality. The concept of ‘progress’, in the societal values sense, necessarily implies one’s predecessors were unenlightened. Progressivism then, is a kind of temporal colonialist mentality. Needless to say, the wokesters gleefully tearing down statues of slave owning men fail to see the irony.
    As for risk estimation, I guess the combat veterans here use an entirely different scale to the rest of us. As a civilian, I am fortunate to have only felt my life truly imperiled on a very few occasions, each experience lasting no longer than a few minutes. All were as a result of willing participation in adrenaline sports, which were my passion until not so long ago. I think even this voluntary exposure to (mostly) mild simulated danger has given me a better appreciation for real risk. My day in day out bike commute through busy traffic to work, for example, was probably more objectively dangerous than almost all of my sporting activities.
    “..the average Briton was found last month to estimate that the disease had wiped out as much as 7 per cent of the United Kingdom..”
    This is just staggering. How can a society function in which the average person has such a distorted sense of reality? How many of those average hyper-fearful Britons were elected or appointed policymakers? Presumably they assess the risks associated with the 20% shrinkage of the UK’s GDP as a result of lockdowns (the worst in the developed world) to be of lesser magnitude. Madness.

  40. smoke says:

    On media’s selective choices again, an example: Louis Gohmert’s covid.
    Even for one who checks mainstream news sources only randomly, it was impossible to miss the news crowing that Louis Gohmert, the Texas congressman and mask scofflaw, had tested positive. When he announced that he planned to take hydroxychloroquine, it was covered by some, with a raised eyebrow.
    So after a few weeks, where is the follow up? How is 66 y.o. Gohmert suffering from his wayward behavior? Searching the internet, I finally found an answer at Gohmert’s own website. No mainstream reports showed up.
    Gohmert reports that he followed a standard (outside the U.S.) regimen of Hcq, zinc, zithromax, and VitC. Symptoms lasted one week, and at the end of 2 weeks he tested negative for covid. Of course, there is no scientific way to prove that he was not just one of the lucky ones, with a good immune system, who would have had only a mild case, even without drugs. But neither explanation fits the sensational, fearsome narrative that the media are providing.
    Is it cynical to suppose that if Gohmert had suffered a month in an ICU ward, with oxygen assist, or if he had died, it would have been reported? But the quick recovery of an unmasked, 66 y.o man is not news.

  41. Fred says:

    Once again you misinterpret observation for personal conduct, or I’ve struck a nerve for calling you out. The left waged a two year psi-op campaign including intimidation and violence to individals to make wearing a very effective campaign symbol dangerous, which negates its value as a campaign tool. We discussed that here more than once in 2017-18.
    “… violence and destruction of the first night after Floyd’s death continued unabated throughout the country for the last 70+ days”
    It has occurred in Portland for just that long, a point of observation you wish to avoid discussing. CHAZ has not ceased to exist, it simply outlived the usefullness to the left. Violence by the left has gotten them everything they’ve demanded. Peaceful assembly like in Lansing or Richmond simply got the local repbubilcans denounced as dangerous and prompted the legislature in Virginia to ram through quite a bit of legislation that would not have otherwise gotten out of committee.
    “Most of the other deaths were police killings of protesters, rioters and looters.”
    Please provide some evidence to your statement as the murder rates in numerous cities is far higher than what existed prior to the death of Floyd. Chicago alone has had 2,250 shootings resulitng in 450 deaths
    The alt-right a non-existent menace? I’ll agree with you there. That shibboleth has also outrun it’s usefulness to the left, especially so as front man Richard Spencer, after a couple of years on hiatus, has come out and endorsed Biden. (Is that how we managed all those color revolutions, backing people like this to coopt support amongst political opponents of those we wanted to remove from power?)
    “…Trump’s new favorite group QAnon” That’s funny, actually; as was his answer which brought whomever that is into the public eye, and his ordering a pizza in Pennsylvania the next day. Great trolling by Trump. I wonder if he planted the question with the press on purpose?
    “All the killing, damage and looting together amounts to far less than what a bad flu season does. ”
    I’ve never known a flu season to cause buildings to spontaneously combust or businesses to hold 100% off sales with window breaking optional. Please feel free to enlighten us as to where that has occurred because of the flu.

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