Mischief in Portsmouth …


" The enormous black Hummer with state Senate plates rolled right up front, telling all the world that state Sen. L. Louise Lucas had arrived.

But the most prominent African American woman in Virginia politics was actually miles from where the Senate was convening in Richmond on Tuesday — instead getting fingerprinted and booked on two felonies related to a toppled Confederate monument in Portsmouth.

The ruse with the Hummer, which shook the media off Lucas’s trail as the Democratic lawmaker surrendered to her hometown sheriff, added another twist to an episode that left outsiders lost in the muddy swirl of Portsmouth politics. Even ultimate insiders, like the vice mayor who happens to be Lucas’s daughter, professed utter bewilderment at the criminal charges.

“Who is running the . . . city?” Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke demanded at a news conference last week, noting that the local prosecutor, city manager and city attorney all said they were in the dark about the case.

On Monday — two months after a night of protest and vandalism at the city’s Confederate monument, when a bronze soldier ripped off its base fell on a man, causing what Police Chief Angela Greene called “life-altering” injuries — Greene brought felony charges against Lucas and more than a dozen others, including officials with the NAACP, school board and the public defenders office."  Washpost


A lot of this reads like something from Evelyn Waugh.  And while the prancing and backstabbing goes on,  the white ringmasters are having a good time leading these people into more turmoil to make them easier to manipulate.  Ridiculous.  pl 


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