Daily Star coverage of the election.

Election09_banner There are a number of interesting articles today in the Beirut "Daily Star" concerning the parliamentary election.

One points out the fact that Lebanese voters are still voting en bloc for their sectarian brethren.

Another mentions Israel's formulaic demand for Hizbullah disarmament.  Why do they bother to say this?  Hizbullah is no more likely to disarm unilaterally than is Israel.  In fact, since the beautifully uniformed Lebanese Army is good for nothing except standing around at polling stations, it is unlikely that Hizbullah will ever disarm until there is a regional pax, (pax obamianus?) 

Finally, there is a statement by that paragon of Lebanese patriotism, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah to the effect that his side accepts the outcome of the election in a spirit of "sportsmanship," and "can't we just all get along?" (paraphrasing)  What a guy, A real mensch.

Next we move on to the Iranian election.  There may be yet more disappointment waiting there for Bibi.  pl



PS – I'll bet they still have not caught all the jawasiis.


PPS – And, then, there is always this side of life in Beirut.

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14 Responses to Daily Star coverage of the election.

  1. David says:

    Thanks for the election coverage. Also, who are those two ladies ?

  2. Leila Abu-Saba MacLeod says:

    I must remind you that there are Lebanese Army commanders who are expert at serving tea.
    Video images begin after the one minute mark. My classical Arabic stinks but I can say that the commentator drips sarcasm. Tea with or without sugar is about the only phrase I got.

  3. Leila Abu-Saba MacLeod says:

    I’m writing a novel set in a Christian village in South Lebanon, 1974. Just last week I wrote a scene in which the grandmother says “those girls in Beirut are all whores.”
    This is the sort of thing she was getting at. Remember that for every bikini-clad champagne swigger, there are twenty grandmothers swearing at their daughters who want to wear short skirts.

  4. Patrick Lang says:

    Then, by my experience, there are a great many grandmothers.
    On the local scene these would be about a “6” and and a “6.5.” pl

  5. arbogast says:

    Although I am compelled to say that it is pretty retro, the ratings are accurate according to my friend who just returned from Beirut.
    He was propositioned by a woman driving a convertible. I guess they’re also desperate.
    Unfortunately, I am also reminded of one of my greatest heroines, Cécile Hennion, reporter for Le Monde, who looked more Lebanese than a Lebanese. Nothing has been heard from her since she was attacked and maimed in Iraq. God go with her.

  6. LeaNder says:

    Colonel, this is off topic, but I’d really like to know what the complete destruction of the economic infrastructure or factories could mean from a military point of view.
    Phil Weiss posted a video about this, he took in Gaza:

  7. johnf says:

    Any chances of an Iranian election thread? There’s already a lot of news about it and predictions floating around. I’m pessimistic there’s going to be a change.

  8. David says:

    Thanks Colonel,
    Those numbers you give makes me think that perhaps a visit to Lebanon is in order. I always liked the idea of skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.

  9. Charles I says:

    LeaNder, the link is not currently, working, please tell us more

  10. lowlander says:

    The Bush compound in Maine celebrated Barbara Bush’s birthday. Here are some pics:

  11. Concordia says:

    “He was propositioned by a woman driving a convertible. I guess they’re also desperate.”
    Why arbogast, do you think so highly of your friend that a woman would have to be desperate to proposition him?
    Go sexually assertive, beautiful, intelligent and often multilingual Lebanese women!

  12. Mary says:

    I love your site and read it faithfully. Without a doubt, Middle Eastern women (omitting the Israelis) can be excruciatingly beautiful. I went to college here in DC with the Shah’s Iranians in the 1970s and they literally would leave you gaping they were so beautiful.
    That said, don’t you think your female readers might find it just a little demeaning to post pictures of beautiful women and then assign number ratings to them even if you are trying to talk up their beauty?
    Am I being overly sensitive?
    That said, I do approve of posting pictures of beautiful Middle Eastern women as I feel it helps smash through the prejudices of the thick-headed people in this country.

  13. Patrick Lang says:

    You have to remember that I am of the brutal and insensitive soldiery. pl

  14. Mary says:

    There may be hope for you as evidenced by the fact that you posted my comment. Carry on.

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