Was the Chihuahua the chief rogue?


According to TS Eliot in "Murder in the Cathedral,"  Henry II (an English king) supposedly asked "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?" and then, what, forgot about his remark?  Having heard the king's perhaps absent minded wish expressed, three knights mounted their steeds (horses) and rode hell bent for the French coast to board ship intent on ridding the world of Thomas à Becket.  Was this a rogue operation?

Now, Adel al-Jubeir (aka The Chihuahua) hath spake from beside the golden throne of the Al as-Saud (Custodians of the two holy mosques as Jubeir described King Salman) in Riyadh.  Adel is Foreign Minister of The Kingdom.  He spake today to an American TV newsie from Fox News.   Adel's spakeings included assertion of royal innocence and ignorance of the deed as well as a statement that The Kingdom knoweth not the last resting place of the aforesaid Kashoggi.

Adel should be very, very, careful.  Commoners are a dinar a dozen in Wahhabeeland and MG al-asiri may not be a big enough sacrificial camel to mollify the kuffar   Asiri looks to me to be a typical shirt-tail boy from the boondocks who joined the Royal Saudi Forces long ago looking for a steady job that did not involve sheep or goats.  The Asir Province in the SW of The Kingdom is the very definition of The Boondocks in Saudi Arabia and al-asiri is a commoner like al-jubeir.


Careful, Adel, careful  pl


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