Germany bans arms sales to SA.


"In the United States, a bipartisan group of senators triggered global Magnitsky Act sanctions procedures two weeks ago, forcing Trump to determine possible punishments against Saudi Arabia or Saudi officials over Khashoggi’s killing. If the United States imposed sanctions on Saudi Arabia, other major arms exporters such as Britain would probably also be forced to take similar measures. But in Berlin, top officials hope that their move to suspend future sales could pressure other European allies into following suit, even if the United States refrained from doing so.

Germany’s export stop will have little impact “if at the same time other countries fill this gap,” Merkel’s ally Altmaier acknowledged Monday."


Germany has gone "anti-medieval" on Saudi Arabia.  Who knew this would happen?

This should be an example for all the neocons and hyper-nationalists in the US.  The wahabbiyeen are playing them for suckers over the promised contracts.  So far the "contracts" are just promises of contracts.  That is not an unusual way to proceed in big business contracting; first the promise, then the contract, but nevertheless, the contracts do not exist as yet.

We can survive without Saudi money.  So can the rest of NATO.  If the Russians and/or the Chinese really want to be stuck with this Tar Baby, let them try it on!

But!  But!  The Iranian threat!  The Iranian threat! 

Threat to what?  Israel?  pl

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