A Dog’s Life


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7 Responses to A Dog’s Life

  1. jsn says:

    Thanks! I needed that!

  2. Bill H says:

    I’m a more of a cat person, actually, but I loved it. Thanks.

  3. Kooshy says:

    This made my Friday thank you fo posting this

  4. ISL says:

    At one point we had an older dog and a younger dog, and the older one took some time to get moving. To help the process, we would put the leashes on both so they would start moving towards the door. Well the younger one got impatient, and encouraged the older one to move her butt by grabbing and dragging her leash. Hilarious.
    My take away message from that video: Life’s too short to think before having fun – just do.

  5. different clue says:

    Reddit has dog videos among all the other stuff that gets posted there. They one time posted a little video of a dog asking a person which way the other dogs had gone.
    Someone added words to the video. It is clear what is happening even without the words.

  6. DianaLC says:

    Thank you!
    My mother used to be embarrassed by me. I have thirty-four cousins. We all grew up in a two-county area on small farms. Whenever our family was visiting one of their families for Sunday dinner or for family reunions, she would have to look for me when it was time to go home. I was always wondering somewhere in a pasture or field with the family dog. I still mostly prefer the company of dogs, and I still mourn all the many dogs I’ve had who grew old and then passed on.

  7. optimax says:

    The only problem with dogs is their lives are too short. If and when you find it necessary to put your dog down, I recommend having a mobile vet come to the house to do it. It’s much more comfortable for the dog and you than going to the vet.

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