Dr. Janice Underwood, chief of “contextualization” for the New Dominion.”


"As the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Dr. Underwood will develop a sustainable framework to promote inclusive practices across Virginia state government; implement a measurable, strategic plan to address systemic inequities in state government practices; and facilitate ways to turn feedback from state employees, external stakeholders, and community leaders into concrete equity policy.

“I am deeply honored to serve the Commonwealth in this inaugural position,” said Dr. Underwood. “As I embark on this role I will be relying on my many personal and professional experiences as a teacher, an educational researcher, a parent and wife, and a diversity leader. I am dedicated to working with Virginians to promote lasting, institutional change at all levels of state government, and I look forward to working closely with Governor Northam and the rest of his administration to make the Commonwealth more diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all who live here.”"  Northam's Office


Under Virginia's constitution Northam cannot succeed himself, but his program of personal repentance and transformation of Virginia into an east coast version of California will probably set him up nicely for a national role in the Democratic Party.  pl


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20 Responses to Dr. Janice Underwood, chief of “contextualization” for the New Dominion.”

  1. scott s. says:

    That statement hit every possible buzz-word imaginable. Wonder if the writer had worked for DoD in the past?

  2. TV says:

    East coast version of California?
    Got some catching up to do – Vermont, NY are way ahead of Virginia in fulltime crazy and Conn. is closing in.

  3. A. Pols says:

    Got a PHD in “curriculum and instruction”? No wonder people laugh at those like her who refer to themselves as “Doctor”. Like Wes Bellamy late of Charlottesville. Gives new life to the joke about what PHD stands for…

  4. Peter VE says:

    There’s a lot of smug people on that dias. I wonder how long her job will last when the Commonwealth goes bankrupt, or is she an essential worker whose job is secure?

  5. wtofd says:

    Scott S., yes, an impressive work of jargon, omitting only “synergy.”

  6. AK says:

    Peter VE,
    There’s nothing more essential than Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity these days. Just ask any university provost. They will scrap the dormitory dining hall services before they scrap the DIE administrators. Students can eat off campus, but where oh where will they get the proper thought indoctrination but in the warm embrace of the mother hens of DIE?!?

  7. TV says:

    Reading this woman’s bio leads to an obvious question:
    Has she ever DONE anything and what was it?
    Academia and to a lesser extent government seems to be overflowing with these parasites.

  8. Terence Gore says:

    Some animals are more inclusive than others

  9. Cynthia says:

    The problem is that truth has become lies and lies have become truth on the blue side of things, Colonel Lang. And as long as all the self-hating whites on the blue team keep giving into BLM/ANTIFA and their anti-white demands, not to mention all their endless lies about how whites are putting down blacks in every way imaginable, whites will continue to lose ground in terms of job and educational opportunities, as well as political power in all levels of government.
    Government will then demand that schools and businesses add yet even more overpaid and underworked “diversity” leaders and experts to their payroll whose sole purpose is to make certain that blacks are given preferential treatment over whites when it involves money and power in the workplace. And because “diversity” has become exclusively synonymous with being black, diversity of thoughts and ideas will get sent to the back of the bus, resulting in a workplace that is less competent, innovative and productive and more entrenched in terms of cronyism and corruption. Consequently, the so-called “Peter Principle” will become the law of the land in government, schools and workplaces across the US. Furthermore, the regulatory burden already plaguing both the private and public sector will only get worse, causing our competitive advantage in world to dip down even further. In other words, if China or even Russia replaces the US as the leading superpower in the world, we can put the blame squarely on the stupid, brainwashed self-hating whites and their BLM/ANTIFA partners in crime!
    At any rate, the future looks awfully bleak for anyone who is white in America. It is also looking equally bleak for anyone who is looking for more diversity of thoughts and ideas at places of work, learning and government and who doesn’t want to see us overtaken in terms of wealth and power in the world.

  10. turcopolier says:

    Thanks very much.

  11. A. Pols says:

    You know, I was never that big a fan of Ayn Rand, but today’s America is starting to resemble that described by Rand in “Atlas Shrugged”. The ongoing and solidifying program to eliminate critical thinking is part of the process cutting the legs out from under the American economy and it looks like it’ll only get worse. Churchill spoke of socialism in Britain after the war and said: “They’ve broken the mainspring and the watch won’t run”.
    Once the coarsest elements of the “Black Community” really take over city governments, each city will most likely devolve as did Zimbabwe with more extreme programs driving out the whites. With the Covid 19 showing that most commercial activity formerly conducted in large urban office complexes can be done remotely, I expect whites to evacuate large cities in large numbers, particularly those with radical black leadership. It will be ugly.
    I wonder what foolish nonsense in the way of statuary will replace Monument Avenue’s current ones. Can’t wait to see.

  12. Diana Croissant says:

    The only hope for sanity now rests in the hands of the students who are home schooled and those who are able to find good private schools that have religious foundations or which are truly run by parents who want their children to have an actual academic education.
    My best friend’s adopted Chinese girl (from the one-child policy era in China) walked into a public school only when required for taking state mandated tests. She always scored in the 98 percentile. She was able to graduate high school at the age of 16. She is now attending community college as a way to get a fast, cheap and easy way to cover the usual undergrad required courses before she can finally attend a good university program of her choosing to finish a BS and go on to a good graduate program in something like micro-biology and genetic—something along those lines.

  13. Barbara Ann says:

    A. Pols
    As statuary goes, the newly minted Saint George is a likely candidate I expect, at least in Minneapolis. Richmond may get a replacement statuary of the same cast (pun intended) but striking the now obligatory submissive pose.
    Do not be deceived. Despite the eagerness of the brainwashed kneelers to accept this latest burden of guilt for simply being who they are, this fight is not about race. A manufactured race war is just the latest issue du jour being used to get at Trump. The war for the soul of the nation remains between the globalists and their leftist useful idiots and the Deplorables who just want their country back.
    It is not over by a long way and in the final analysis, I’d say the Deplorables’ prospects are far from bleak. They have more to lose and thus a greater will to fight. I hope it doesn’t come down to the boogaloo, but if it does it will be because the alternative is worse; being suffocated under the knee of an tyrannical government determined to diversify everyone into slavish uniformity.

  14. Blum says:

    suffocated under the knee of an tyrannical government determined to diversify everyone into slavish uniformity.
    explain, I may not fully grasp matters.
    How would one “diversify into slavish uniformity”
    Diversify? Uniformity? Slavish Uniformity?

  15. Cynthia says:

    A. Pols,
    Because of all this inner city violence directed against anything and everything white, I no longer regret moving out of my lovely turn-of-the-century house in the inner city of Birmingham and moving into a brand new home in the inner suburbs. Then again, it helps that I transformed my new home both inside and out into a place with just as much historical charm and beauty as the hundred-year-old, Craftsman-style bungalow that I previously owned in Birmingham.
    Where I now live, the city major is white and the city council is mostly white. There are a few blacks in my inner-suburban city, but that number pales in comparison to the rather huge number of them just to the north of me in Birmingham; thus, I feel quite safely insulated from all this pent-up hate and potential violence by blacks against whites. Needless to say, I can sleep much better at night than I would if I still had a home in Birmingham.
    Regardless of that, I wonder if the statue of Charles Linn, a sea captain in the Civil War who later became the city founder, will be replaced by someone similar to him but who’s black instead. My guess it’ll be someone like the first black and former longtime major of the city, Richard Arrington Jr. There are already several streets and buildings named after him, but he still doesn’t rise to the same level of prominence that Charles Linn did. Such details, though, don’t matter at all to these crazy, dumb-down rioters as long as a statue of a white guy is no longer in the park. And since the park was named after Charles Linn as well, I guess that its name will also have to be changed, which means that they’ll name it too after a black guy, maybe even George Floyd. Nothing would surprise me when white-hating blacks are on a radical mission to revise history in their favor.
    The crazy, anti-white bigots also took down an eight-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson in Linn Park as well. I suppose they did this because he owned black slaves. Never mind that his slaves were sold into slavery by fellow blacks in Africa prior to being shipped to the New World. The black mayor of BIrmingham would undoubtedly refer to this as “revisionist history,” as he has done on other occasions in order to play up the black victimhood narrative. What he is really trying to do is selectively remove any events from American history, past to present, that make whites look good and blacks look less than good.

  16. Barbara Ann says:

    I am not sure that I can help with your grasp of matters and I am not inclined to explain the literary devices that I employ. If you are not aware of the backlash against the ever increasing set of SJW-driven diktats coming from liberal politicians aimed at controlling our thoughts perhaps you should ask someone like Dr Janice what you should think of such things.

  17. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Metaphorically speaking, countries are like human beings, who carry their sins with them until they die – and as many religions claim – into the Hereafter as well.
    The only practical way that sins of governments or countries could be washed away is when they experience a Change in Regime or Dispensation.
    The Ancient Regime then becomes the receptor in which resides all the sins of past and the new Regime the epitome of the Shining Hope of Future.
    For the United States, which has experienced a continuity of governing structures and laws for the last 230 years, to wash herself from her real or perceived sins, she must undergo a process of Regime Change.
    Nothing too dramatic, no revolution or civil war, none of that kind of fire works; only the reconvening of the Continental Congress to forge “A More Perfect Union”. Perhaps the Federal structures could be retained but newer states would be created?
    Who knows?
    Absent that, one has to wait out for the passage of time to dim the memories of those sins in the newer generations, who might find, one should hope, better things to do than to try to redress the un-redress-able past events and sufferings.

  18. turcopolier says:

    You are proposing a new constitution and state. What happens if some of the states decline to ratify?

  19. Babak makkinejad says:

    Far far be it for me to propose a perscription for any country in the world.
    If you ask about the Dehli Massacre perpetrated by Nader Shah of Afshar tribe, most Iranians would plead ignorance. Others, would state, and rightly so, “that was not us”. For reasons of multiple dynastic changes as well the autocratic natures of prior goverments.
    In US, as well as in UK, and in Japan, both the state continuity and the representative system of government closes that venue.
    And since there is no central authority to absolve states from their historical sins (itself an extension to a nonHuman entity a human attribute), state destruction or state suicide is the only avenue left to satisfy the demands of Justice Warriors and Ethical Purists.
    The other alternative, is not accept the shame of those sins and resolve to not repeat them, in as much as humanly possible when one is organized in the form of a Human Collective called State.
    Men are not born to be Happy, nor are states formed to be in a state of grace.

  20. Babak makkinejad says:

    …”to accept…”

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