Get rid of CIA. Start over.

A sad end …

” …  the purge of “dissidents” in both the military and the intelligence agencies is continuing and it’s producing some exceptional comedy as the new woke culture develops under the aegis of a protective Democratic Party. Not surprisingly, some conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, have been shocked by the latest series of CIA recruitment ads, which, quite frankly, have to be seen to be believed. One might even be tempted to suggest that they are an actual Kremlin disinformation conspiracy which will leave America defenseless because everyone is laughing so hard.

Several of the new CIA recruitment ads, marketed under the headline “Humans of CIA,” can be watched on You Tube, here and here. If you are watching them you will need to pause the recording and refer to a newspeak dictionary to understand what the hell they are talking about. One of the young women to appear in the ads is a Hispanic, a “woman of color” and the “daughter of immigrants,” who declares “I am a walking declaration….educated, qualified and competent.” She nevertheless admits that she has been “diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder” and is also “cisgender.” She explains how she is actually “…intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise.” If you can get through that even though you fail to understand how that relates to national security, she then expresses having had some concerns about working at CIA prior to taking the job because she feared having to confront and refuse “to internalize misguided, patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.” She does not describe her job at the Agency, though she may be a lawyer, but one has to hope that it involves working in the small shop on the ground floor that sells magazines, newspapers and CIA souvenir items.

In one of the other YouTubes a CIA librarian talks about how pleased he is to be able to talk about being gay at work, and how positive the atmosphere at the Agency is for homosexuals. Yet another video is of a blind woman who might also be gay who found that her working for the Agency has been a rewarding experience because CIA is “caring and inclusive.”

In yet another clip a black woman analyst explains how important it was that an “ally” at the agency “stood up for her.” She really likes her job at CIA because there are now employees working there who are “holding CIA accountable for the diversity and inclusion that it champions.” Giraldi

Comment: IMO the CIA should have been abolished after the fall of the USSR. It is a self-justifying, self serving, self licking ice cream cone. It has shamelessly participated in the rigging of US politics and continues to do so.

The subject of what sort of successor structure might be built to fulfill the necessary task of information acquisition and analysis at the strategic level should be carefully thought through before building the structure.

Whatever is decided, the function of covert political action should NOT be a function of that group. The CIA as a successor to the wartime OSS always had that function. OSS was essentially a covert action group. It was a bad idea to give CIA that function. pl

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  1. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Please let me recall part of a previous comment of mine:

    May 6, 2021 at 8:17 am
    As to the new CIA and national security apparatus,
    it is worth quoting John Brennan (from his statement on, I believe, 2021-01-20) on that:

    “We are now looking forward that
    the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed,
    are now moving in laser like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about
    what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas,
    where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and it brings together an unholy alliance frequently of
    religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, Nativists, even libertarians.

    He says exactly that at: ,
    or read it here:

    Former DCI Brennan therein reveals, with utter clarity, his political and social leanings.
    Who can doubt that he was unable to separate those strongly held political beliefs from his professional duties as DCI?
    IMO, this likely colored
    a) his hostility to Trump, which the media gleefully amplified to promote the “Russia conspiracy” narrative, and
    b) how he influenced the management of the CIA.

    Colonel, you know a lot more about such things than I do,
    but it seems to me the problem is not so much with the CIA’s charter and structure, but who is chosen to lead and guide it.
    Do you agree?

    • Pat Lang says:

      No. The structure is built in such a defective way that CIA (all of them) see themselves as major players in policy formulation. That should end.

  2. BillWade says:

    I trust by now they have those “Eastern European” hackers into our infrastructure cornered by now.

    • Pat Lang says:


      Why do you think that?

      • BillWade says:

        Actually, I don’t think that. Lattes with oat milk in the cafeteria doesn’t sound less exciting?

    • Fred says:

      Bill Wade,

      It is not ‘our’ pipeline, it is a pipeline owned by a private company that is regulated by multiple states and the federal government. They’ve had the same CEO for more than a decade and he, like the rest of us, have heard two decades of drum-beat about the need to secure such infrastructure from hacking. Just what did they do to prevent extranal hacks and why in less that a day did the Biden administration proclaim “Russia” did it?

      It seems rather fishy to me that just when a causus belli to help our ‘allies’ in Ukraine is needed this happens. In addition it provides a giant amount of cover for Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda and its impact on fuel availability and pricing nationwide.

      • Deap says:

        Blinded by the Green New Deal, Democrats are eager to sabotage the entire fossil fuel based transportation system for the entire eastern United States.

        This is the “Pearl Harbor” they have been begging to happen, that will finally woke America and put the country on WWII-like footing that will finally bring about change on their terms.

        I believe AOC laid this all out for us in 2018, after she won her first election. When we were still laughing at her.

        • Fred says:

          Your Kool Aid is a tad strong this morning. Colonial shut down their pipeline, the administration didn’t order them to do so. AOC won that election because the #4 man in the Democratic party ran a bad campaign, thought all those pork barrel projects for his district bought voter loyalty and most importantly somebody backed her in the primary.

          America will not rally behind the GND due too this, just the opposite.

          • Deap says:

            What explains Biden’s Secy of Transportation laughing about while claiming if you had a Tesla, this would not be a problem? Let alone Border Czarina’s pronouncement – planting more trees will solve the border problem.

            This is how they roll for their base. And their base is getting larges, as we age out of the system.

          • Fred says:


            Neither comment addresses my remarks. Where’s the link to the administration ordering the pipeline shutdown?

  3. Deap says:

    Get rid of Newsom and start over with ………Tulsi Gabbard.

    Top pick for California voters after recalling Newsom – a surprise choice all around since she is from Hawaii. Maybe Tulsi should head the CIA, for the same reasons Californians seem to want her as Governor?

  4. Harry says:

    Entirely agree. However I dont take the recent absurd ads as indicative of anything but the Agency’s sense of self-preservation. They seem to me to be effectively appealing to the people over the heads of government. Why they might feel that this kind of political positioning is important I leave to others.

  5. FeinGul says:

    Get rid of the CIA.

    Right after we restore the Republic, absolutely.


  6. TV says:

    The CIA has gone from useless (remember 9/11?) to a dangerous negative.
    Like the FBI (Famous But Incompetent), the only positive in the CIA’s existence is that it’s massive incompetence will get in the way of it’s stupid “wokeness.”
    Unfortunately in a world of China, Russia and Iran, we need an intelligence capability and the swampy misnamed “intelligence” community puts us a a real risk.

  7. Jimmy_w says:

    In your memoir, you mentioned the MI’s institutional reluctance to get involved in Operations, which limited MI’s effectiveness, and Ops getting into their own trouble.

    Royal Dutch Shell, which formulated the modern Scenario Analysis technique, also found that they had to involve Operations and Plans in working the Scenario Analysis, because Scenario Analysis works best in inculcating the Warnings and Indicators into the Ops and Planners.

    So perhaps the problem with CIA is not necessarily that they’re doing Policy, but that they’re not doing enough Policy. Right now, CIA is not “responsible” for cleaning up its own messes; whatever happens, they’re just “doing Intelligence”.

    Of course, if CIA is fully responsible for implementing Policy, then the “Customers” will just do all of the Analysis and psyops themselves.

  8. aka says:

    CIA might be recruiting these woke people to “go with the crowd” and remove any criticism the left may have for their activities but what happens when these people get promoted?

    Is the CIA in 10 years going to engineer coups to support wokeness?

    • walrus says:

      “Is the CIA in Ten years, going to engineer coups to support wokeness?”

      I thought they already did.

  9. J says:

    Along with getting rid of the CIA. The same should also apply to NATO, it should have been dissolved when the Former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact were dissolved.

    • Ed Lindgren says:

      J –

      Yes, disestablishment of NATO when the Warsaw Pact went away would have been the best outcome. Realistically, that goal was a bridge too far; too many rice bowls would have been upset.

      Huge error in judgement on the part of the Russians to have not gotten the verbal promises by the Western powers to not move NATO east of a reunified Germany in writing. A written treaty might not have been worth much more, but it would have made the march of NATO to the east a bit more difficult.

  10. Peter Reichard says:

    Lampoond back in the day for being “Oh So Social” the OSS was headed by a Wall Street lawyer Bill Donovan. Another, Clark Clifford, wrote the National Security Act which created the CIA and yet a third Allen Dulles molded the Agency into what it is today. Its leaders all look like they just stepped out of the Yale Club and represent not just the monied interests but an elitist Anglophile social class that wants the US to become a new version of the British Empire. Having unwisely been granted the power of covert action and now with their own airforce they have pursued their own parallel foreign policy agenda not always exactly in lock step with the rest of the government which they often keep in the dark or even lie to. This is the exact opposite of what the CIA was intended to be and what is in fact needed, a clearinghouse for multiple disparate sources of intelligence coming from State, Treasury, Defense etc. Killing it and starting from scratch is the necessary bold first step in fabricating a new and more rational foreign policy.

  11. J says:


    I have another alphabet soup to add to the flush down the drain — the State Department. All they’re good for is arms sales, they fall flat when it comes to diplomacy, they can’t tell the difference between their head and their tail. Come to think of it, that was the reason the State Department was created in the first place — arms sales.

    • Deap says:

      Underscoring the complaint US “foreign aid” comes with strings attached – we give you money and you use it to buy US arms – essentially funding the defense industry unions with laundered US tax dollars. Import-Export Bank plays are role here too.

      Two laypersons books I have enjoyed on this topic: The Georgetown Set and Legacy of Ashes – the early history of the transition from the OSS into the CIA to the final conclusion that today this is an agency without a mission, with a well-documented track record of failure.

  12. roberto says:

    Now the Army has joined the “woke” brigade as well with this ad.

    • Pat Lang says:


      The course now being followed in “equity” rights in the Army will result in a combat ineffective force.

    • akaPatience says:

      Rhetorical questions: Why are cartoons the go-to medium for marketing to Millennials? At what age do they give up sucking on a binky – 35???

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