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CIA ineptitude is an old story

Let me be very clear–we need a clandestine service that collects intelligence from foreign nationals who occupy key positions in their respective governments. That was supposed to be the mission of the CIA, but it is failing and the failures … Continue reading

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Sorry, but bad s–t happens in war situations.

“Head of the United States Central Command Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Friday that it is unlikely any ISIS-K members were killed in a Kabul drone strike on August 29, which led to multiple civilian casualties. “We now assess that it … Continue reading

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CIA is “scared sh—ss” of DIA’s Chinese defector. Re-published September 2021

“The Free Beacon reports that U.S. intelligence officials haven’t come to a conclusion about whether or not the students being investigated were spies, but RedState is told that whether or not one wants to use the term “spy,” those students … Continue reading

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Gordon Chang thinks Dong Jing Wei is real

“The reports claim Chinese official Dong Jingwei, a vice-minister who took over responsibility for the country’s counter-intelligence three years ago, reportedly flew from Hong Kong to the United States in February with his daughter, reports South Asia news service ANI quoting SpyTalk, a … Continue reading

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Anonymously sourced story says the DIA has been talking to a major Chinese defector

By Robert Willmann Stories citing anonymous sources can be anything from accurate, to partly true, to disinformation, to bait, to smearing someone, to propaganda, and to almost anything imaginable. But an article claiming “sources inside the intelligence community” says that … Continue reading

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Get rid of CIA. Start over.

” …  the purge of “dissidents” in both the military and the intelligence agencies is continuing and it’s producing some exceptional comedy as the new woke culture develops under the aegis of a protective Democratic Party. Not surprisingly, some conservatives, including … Continue reading

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Dennis Montgomery, the man peddling the story about a super computer–i.e. HAMMER–that allegedly was used by dozens of foreign countries to steal the election from Donald Trump is a man with a checkered past and his claim filled with major … Continue reading

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The CIA: Dead Spy Stumbling – This New Generation Is Self-Serving and Dysfunctional

I entered on duty with the CIA in September 1985. I spent a year in the Career Trainee Program and then, in September 1986, took up my work as the lone Honduran analyst in the Central American Branch. That was … Continue reading

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Yes, The US Intelligence Community Routinely Lies

I was amused by the absurd by the faux shock expressed in headlines last week, which trumpeted the U.S. Intelligence Community backflip on its previous claim that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties to whack U.S. military personnel. Sure, it … Continue reading

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“Strike The Tent” trilogy by W. Patrick Lang

      Available from:  iUniverse E-Book version of all three available at iUniverse Barnes and Noble–Patrick-Lang?keyword=W.+Patrick+Lang&store=allproducts&iehack=%E2%98%A0 Amazon I was interviewed some time ago by the North Carolina Museum of History concerning the writing of this trilogy. "The Confederate … Continue reading

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