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Interview with Kyrylo Budanov

Nothing is beyond the reach of the Chief of Ukrainian Defense Intelligence and Special Operations Forces of Ukraine. Nothing. Nothing, and no-one.  If you haven’t paid attention to Budanov lately, you might want to start. Gloves are, apparently, off. In … Continue reading

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“Be careful what you wish for:” DoD official warns separate cyber force could pose new challenges

WASHINGTON — While the Pentagon studies the pros and cons of standing up a Space Force-like independent cyber military service, one official today warned that it could potentially pose new challenges for the department when it comes to understanding warfighting … Continue reading

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“Russia says hypersonic missile scientists face ‘very serious’ treason accusations”

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Three Russian academics who have worked on hypersonic missile technology face “very serious accusations”, the Kremlin said on Wednesday, in a treason investigation that has spread alarm through Russia’s scientific community. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he … Continue reading

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“On Assignment with Richard Engel: Ukraine’s Secret Resistance”

Comment: This is a great report on two resistance cells in occupied Kherson. It’s not clear how closely these two cells worked with Ukrainian Intelligence or Special Operations units. It appears that any official control or guidance was loose at … Continue reading

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The leak of highly classified Pentagon documents through the online chat platform Discord has triggered a flurry of mainstream media coverage, caused angst among American allies and adversaries, and left many waiting to see how much more is going to … Continue reading

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The Vulkan Files – TTG

As a part of Mandiant’s research on Russian cyber and information operations (IO) capabilities, Mandiant worked with a collective of media outlets, including Papertrail Media, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, and Washington Post, to analyze several documents belonging to a Russian IT … Continue reading

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This month marks the 20th anniversary of the disastrous U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which permanently altered the balance within the Middle East/ Persian Gulf, saw the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and drew the United … Continue reading

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“China zeroes in on ‘near space’ as potential next battlefield in modern warfare” – TTG

Comment: This CNN report answers a lot of questions about the Chinese surveillance balloon the USAF shot down last week and the three UFOs shot down, so far, this week. Chuck Shumer was told by the IC that two of … Continue reading

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“Pentagon looks to restart top-secret programs in Ukraine” – TTG

If approved, the move would authorize US Special Operations troops to employ Ukrainian operatives to observe Russian movements and counter disinformation. The Pentagon is urging Congress to resume funding a pair of top secret programs in Ukraine suspended ahead of … Continue reading

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“NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs” – TTG

This week brings a new DoD release through the Freedom of Information Act which opens up a whole new front in the endless “What does Uncle Sam secretly know about UFOs?” debate. Back in July, The Black Vault, which specializes … Continue reading

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