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“NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs” – TTG

This week brings a new DoD release through the Freedom of Information Act which opens up a whole new front in the endless “What does Uncle Sam secretly know about UFOs?” debate. Back in July, The Black Vault, which specializes … Continue reading

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” … How the U.S. Totally Misjudged the War in Ukraine”

“The war in Ukraine isn’t going the way Russian President Vladimir Putin expected. And he’s certainly not the only one who was caught by surprise—the U.S. expected a rapid Russian success, with the Kremlin’s tanks inside Kyiv within days. Many U.S. officials from the … Continue reading

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Burn CIA and FBI to the ground. Republished 16 October 2022

IMO there is a lot of evidence of incompetence and malfeasance in the leadership of the 17 agencies of the Intelligence Community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  A partial list of failures and misdeeds: 1.  They failed to predict … Continue reading

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“Tribal spies in Syria help U.S. win drone war against Islamic State” – TTG

While Islamic State is a shadow of the group that ruled over a third of Syria and Iraq in a Caliphate declared in 2014, hundreds of fighters are still camped in desolate areas where neither the US-led coalition nor the … Continue reading

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“Intelligence pukes”

I am writing this without consulting TTG, an esteemed colleague and friend. This piece is going to seem a bit self-pitying, and he is not the type for that. I transferred to MI branch (insignia above) after serving in the … Continue reading

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” … Ukraine ‘Potentially Winning Decisively’ Over Russia.”

“…  lately, the Ukrainians have been very successful in fighting back and counter attacking and part of that is because of the arrival of advanced weapons from the United States and NATO so that they are outclassing the Russians in … Continue reading

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Why would Russia want this man returned?

“Russia called the Thai court decision in 2010 politically motivated.[68][69] Its Foreign Ministry took steps to prevent Bout being extradited to the U.S.;[27] Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Bout was innocent.[27] On 18 November 2010, shortly after Bout’s extradition to the United States, former … Continue reading

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The Human Factor: The Phenomenon of Espionage

by W. Patrick Lang ­­June 2022 — The just released second edition of Col. Lang’s classic work on the art of human intelligence is now available to order from Amazon or iUniverse.  Publisher’s Weekly’s Booklife calls The Human Factor, “A … Continue reading

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How did we miss that? – TTG

A heated exchange between Senator King and DIA Director General Berrier on whether the intel community failed to predict/understand Ukraine’s will to fight.  Berrier: “there was never an intelligence community assessment that said the Ukrainians lack the will to fight.” … Continue reading

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Ukrainian targeting is remarkably precise.

  The Ukrainian military said Saturday it destroyed a Russian command post in Kherson, a southern city that fell to Russian forces early in the war. The Ukrainian military intelligence agency posted a statement saying the command post was hit … Continue reading

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