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How did we miss that? – TTG

A heated exchange between Senator King and DIA Director General Berrier on whether the intel community failed to predict/understand Ukraine’s will to fight.  Berrier: “there was never an intelligence community assessment that said the Ukrainians lack the will to fight.” … Continue reading

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Ukrainian targeting is remarkably precise.

  The Ukrainian military said Saturday it destroyed a Russian command post in Kherson, a southern city that fell to Russian forces early in the war. The Ukrainian military intelligence agency posted a statement saying the command post was hit … Continue reading

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The worst spy recruiter in the world – TTG

“Slovak prosecutors have charged four people with accepting thousands of euros from Russian spies posing as diplomats in exchange for spying on NATO activity with a specific emphasis on the war in Ukraine. The charges were issued on Tuesday to … Continue reading

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“The Human Factor: the phenomenon of espionage”

“This succinct no-nonsense primer on the business of espionage looks at the history of human intelligence gathering, known as HUMINT, from the Revolutionary War to the present. Extremely well-written, it is equally valuable for training case officers and intelligence analysts … Continue reading

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Lang’s rules for intelligence analysis

Epistemology: 1-Duck Rule: If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck and has feathers, it probably is a duck. 2 – Sherlock’s Rule: When considering a problem, remove everything from consideration which seems untrue. What is left is … Continue reading

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NROL Space X Launch

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Is POTUS a witting Chinese intelligence asset?

A new book claims the Biden family earned $31 million from five deals involving people with direct ties to Chinese intelligence. Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, partnered with multiple financiers with direct ties to the Chinese spy network, … Continue reading

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“What Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking trial means for Prince Andrew” Telegraph

“The court also heard how Prince Andrew had been among those who flew on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express”. In seeking to get their own case thrown out, the Duke’s lawyers have sought to paint Ms Giuffre as … Continue reading

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“CIA Chief Says Intelligence Agencies Haven’t Concluded Russia Will Invade Ukraine” WSJ

““We don’t know that Putin has made up his mind to use force,” said Mr. Burns. “But what we do know is that he’s putting the Russian military, Russian security services in a place where they could act in a … Continue reading

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Yes, IMO LT CDR Ellis was “screwed” on a political basis.

“Under questioning from Nunes, Nakasone admitted that at the time he did not think there was improper political influence by the Trump White House—just as the IG report found. Further, the IG report concluded Nakasone improperly considered the investigation into … Continue reading

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