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Give this a read; I'm sure to most of us it sounds like a confession.

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  1. Posted by Patrick Armstrong (BTW — doesn’t clearly show that I did post it)

  2. Deap says:

    Interesting timing – the same day and almost hour of the Mike Lindell 2 hour presentation regarding his offer of proof – who, what, where and how Trump votes were sabotaged.
    So TIME claims the same day, it was in face a national love affair that put Biden in, to save us from Trump and save our Nation.
    What do they say about there being no coincidences in politics. Next chapter – see you in court – all parties concerned. The 2020 election saga continues. Benghazi had to go through multiple hearings to get it past how many rigged in-house and compromised prior “investigations”?
    EU called this one right – NO electronic voting ever again – way, way, way too easy to compromise.

  3. Lynda Brayer says:

    So the unmailed mail-in ballots, the unfolded mail-in ballots, the algorithms awarding Biden more than 1 for every vote, and dropping it below one for Trump in the voting machines, the loss of votes already counted, the double, triple, quadruple and quintuple counting of one vote, the late votes, the cross state votes, the votes of the dead, the votes of those not domiciled in the state in which a vote was cast in a person’s name, all these were actions taken to preserve the integrity of the elections.
    I wonder what would be needed to show the elections were on the up and up, or, on the contrary, to show that there had been tampering!
    Reading the article provides insight into how facts can be twisted to suit the official line.
    To what depths has the duopoly descended.

  4. Valissa says:

    The Dems brazenly telegraphed they were going to steal the election with the article on the so-called Red Mirage. Now they are gloating and trying to sound noble with their apologia for their success. The Republicans are as bad if not worse, as they play the role of the Washington Generals while the Dems play the Harlem Globetrotters.
    From my quotations archive, these struck me as most relevant:
    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.” —
    Edward Bernays (1928)
    “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: this is when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.” — George Orwell
    “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Louis D. Brandeis
    “Power is the ability to define phenomena.” – Huey Newton, the cofounder of the Black Panther Party

  5. blue peacock says:

    This Time article, seems more of an indictment of Trump, his campaign and the RNC. What were they doing as Secretary’s of State and others were changing rules of election conduct and organizing ballot delivery and the ballot counts? Busy, tweeting I suppose in the case of Trump, instead of doing the heavy lifting. IMO, the next leader of the Deplorables, if they are to be successful in their battle with the Party of Davos will have to be by definition far more competent and ruthless.

  6. Deap says:

    What were you doing while Democrats were trying to steal the election? At least in California, Gov Newsom was taken to court, which issued a “No Covid Exception” ruling that stopped his brand of election power grabbing in its tracks. But this was done well before the election.
    Covid porn was so rampant, it is hard to re-engineer now what abuses were carried out in its name. We are all gonna die and you are killing granny. Remember? Could Trump power through that level of Democrat ginned up covid porn – we all take responsibility on that “failure”.
    A real game changer for Democrats to slip in and attack anyone who protested election law changes – ad hoc or under the color of law – it was a tough call to take on the “health and safety” covid fears Democrats exploited. And are still exploiting.
    Trump is supposed to intervene in state laws and operations? No, local state residents do that.
    Should his campaign been the only ones trying to stop state law abuses – many of which were happening on election day and on the fly – with no forewarning?
    States complacent about Democrat over-reach would not be good candidates for any sort of Presidential campaign interventions. So it happened. Can’t agree Trump should have or needed to do more. His plate was already full.
    No, voters should have done more. But they didn’t, And now those who did rise up are getting brutally canceled. What do we do about that? If you are not ready to pick up the pieces and move forward, Monday morning finger pointing is a waste of everyone’s time.
    In that light, I can even make peace with the Liz Cheney thing because we have to regain Congress in 2022 with the largest tent possible. Forward, hold your nose and keep moving forward. I don’t have to like everything 100%. But I know I will dislike losing everything 100% if we don’t prevail with the biggest team on the filed in 2022.
    Lines have been drawn and right now we have to bust up future Democrat election fraud; not whine about what happened during the Covid 2020 election. Stay focused. is the best advice today. Lick wounds, cast blame or march on to victory tomorrow with a solid agenda?

  7. Rick Merlotti says:

    It is a confession. They feel so confident in their power that they tell the world how its done. A conspiracy of “good guys”, in the way they think about it.

  8. fakebot says:

    Very interesting. I found this from Patrick Byrne of equal interest. It shows how badly Trump and his people fumbled the ball:

    On the morning of January 6, Flynn and I and a dozen others walked over to the south side of the White House. We were surprised that no special arrangements had been made for us, and we had to fight our way through the throngs. We were both given speakers’ badges, seated in a special section up front…. then learned that our speaking slots had been cancelled. We were perplexed, to put it mildly, wondering whom they could get that would possibly explain the situation as well as we could…
    The show started, and soon Flynn and I were sinking into our seats in despair. One of Trump’s children got up and sang “Happy Birthday” to a girlfriend, or boyfriend. Rudy got up and spoke about Joe Frazier voting, again. Another lawyer got up and spoke. Don Jr. got up and with his chest puffed out, strode the stage talking about how the Republican brand was now the Trump brand, or the Trump brand was now the Republican brand, or something about branding. Around that time, Flynn and I caught eyes and shared looks of horror: it turned out later we were both asking if the other wanted to leave, but misunderstood each other. It was so bad that someone with some sense among the organizers had a change of heart, and came running over to ask General Flynn if he would take the stage: he refused. The shenaigans went on for an hour or more, then Trump appeared and spoke, much as he would at any campaign event or pep rally. In fact, the whole thing was more or less a pep rally: no effort was made to explain to the crowd, to the Americans who were watching at home, to the Senators who would begin voting in an hour, to the world that counts on America to be the leader of free, fair, and transparent elections, what had really gone wrong with the November 2020 election, and why we believed there were deep irregularities demanding investigation. No effort at all.
    Instead, it was a pep rally. That’s it. A Trump pep rally.
    The moment we could make a break from the front, Flynn and I and everyone with us made a dash for the exit. Flynn could barely contain his fury as we shared impressions: this had been the one last chance to explain the situation to the whole world, and instead Trump had used it as a pep rally. “He just does not get it,” we repeated to each other as we stormed through the crowd back towards the hotel. “He does not get that it is not about him. He put on a fucking pep rally. He does not understand that this is not about him,” we repeated over and over in anger and despair. In 15 minutes we were back at the hotel, both packing our bags, both sick to our stomachs, and did not leave to join the throngs moving towards the Capitol.

    There’s a lot more written out in a series of articles Byrne posted on that website, but I felt this pretty much summed up the frustration that many people have with Trump and why he lost.

  9. robt willmann says:

    The Time magazine article, “The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election”, is also at this url location–

  10. longarch says:

    In my opinion, the “cabal” praised by Time magazine broke RICO statutes.
    Furthermore, as Deap mentioned,
    Lindell has posted:
    I would be greatly interested in professional judgements on the following from Clapper:
    Also relevant:

  11. Pretty much tracks with the much publicized efforts of Stacey Abrams to stop voter suppresion in Georgia and elsewhere and increase Democratic voter turnout. After Kemp disenrolled over 600,000 registered votes in 2017, mostly minority, she devoted herself to that cause. The increase in absentee voting was a fluke of Covid-19, but it gutted the normal Republican suppression tactics of minimizing voting places and sufficient voting machines in minority precincts. I was surprised the Republicans didn’t do more to bolster those tactics. Lejoy’s effort to crush the USPS was the biggest response. Nationwide there are now ther are over 100 state legislative measures to suppress the kind of voter turnout we had in 2020.

  12. elaine says: lists the scheduling for the next 10 replays of Mike
    Lindell’s “Absolute Proof”, a series of graphs & interviews about
    the 2020 election(s). I’ve tried watching it 2X & only grasp his
    arguments in general terms. I’d find it interesting to hear feedback
    from those of you with a better understanding of technology. is the webpage for One American News Network on cable tv.
    BTW it’s 2 hours in length. An attorney I know said court challenges
    to the election were rejected siting “latchings”aka as latches, not standing issues.

  13. Fred says:

    The left is trying to get ahead of the narrative as the news can’t be suppressed, try as they might. That includes cancelling Lou Dobbs, who has the highest rated show on FBN. He’s unabashed in his support for Trump’s policies and for the man himself. In addition Facebook is now coming out saying their suppression of commentary on hydroxychloriquine in fighting the (don’t we dare call it the China virus) Covid 19 virus. [see how wonderful oversight is now, trust us!] Shocking, isn’t it? Along with that the police are having a hard time with figuring out how to charge anyone with murdering the capital hill police officer who died of an apparent stroke.
    Maybe Lou should go to another network just to spite those people; and to get the message out.

  14. Deap says:

    At this point, Lindell presenting the election fraud evidence is not about over-turning the election (this would be your laches defense).
    It is now presenting the defamation defense case evidence – that is what the election system companies are now putting on the table and demanding Powell, Lindell, et all to finally present their evidence in court.
    As they say, truth is the absolute defense to the charge of defamation. Each side gets to present their case – which presently is happening in the court of public opinion as the first shots across the bow. Lindell did not blink.
    A heavy case of extra-judicial brinksmanship is getting played right now. With the formal case filing, it will be in the hands of the court and possible jury to decide if the defamation truth defense meets its evidentiary burden.
    Voting systems case – you said bad things about me. Pay up.
    Defense – they were all true. Talk to my hand.
    Case closed.
    Additionally, since it appears these companies claimed there was no absolutely “internet connection”, it looks like they might have some ‘splainin’ to do.
    They were the ones who put their systems internet connectivity into contention when they filed their defamation cases against Team Powell et al., so any internet connectivity now becomes a material part of the case for the defense.
    Good time to link that spreadsheet showing the status of all the other court cases (30-40?) still pending that have not yet reached evidentiary hearings on the facts; and have not been dismissed on other grounds.
    “Interconnectivity” then also becomes part of any breach of contract actions by the state and county jurisdictions if the voting systems claimed there was no possible internet connect ability and this was a material part of any contract for their services.
    At this point, one can assume it is a rapidly “evolving” situation. Lindell showed the hand he, and others, intends to play.
    So tangentially it is about the “election”, but now only in terms of the playing field where the abuses took place; and not to overturn the outcome of the electoral college certified election.
    Though one could certainly ask if one who learns they had “won” by fraudulent means, would it be appropriate to continue holding that office?
    More interesting is what is the measure of damages? Can they link loss of future revenues, monetize loss of reputation if they can prove fraud? You can sue for whatever amount you want in a civil case, but this financial outcome still belongs to the judge and jury.
    Dr Jill might want to hold off on redecorating the WH until this is all settled. That would demonstrate good sportsmanship until ‘President Elect Biden” decides how he really wants to “win” this election. All things considered. Much too early for any final decision as to the ethics of “winning” an election if a case for a fraudulent election system is established. Big if. Even bigger… when.
    If Powell, Lindell et al lose on the defamation claims, then any other election charges could be moot. However, if they win against the voting systems defamation claims, then all sorts of auxiliary consequences by other damaged parties can flow from that outcome.
    The media will naturally gaslight the heck out of this, unless they are finally having misgivings themselves about the Biden-Harris team and their back room cronies real agenda
    Powell spent years slugging it out over the government against Enron case, and she ultimately won. Though the forest had long burned down due to finally proven federal prosecutor abuses. I suspect this too will be the case in this curious “2020 election”. The case may finally be settled, but long after it matters materially to #46.
    Who in fact was the target for the Lindell proof presentation: the media; the plaintiffs; the Biden administration; the public; the parties affected; or the defendants themselves?

  15. turcopolier says:

    “After Kemp disenrolled over 600,000 registered votes in 2017, mostly minority,” Any evidence for that other then impassioned leftist statements?

  16. Jose says:

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    Don’t take the bait, the Dems have destroyed themselves for 2022.
    Don’t let them off the hook by turning attentions of this article.
    Focus the humiliating the Dems at the impeachment, make America realize just how bad these charges are.
    Focus on the fact the two-thirds of solar panels are made in

  17. Fred says:

    “After Kemp disenrolled over 600,000 registered votes in 2017”
    Which crimes did he commit? What evidence do you have?
    “I was surprised the Republicans didn’t do more to bolster those tactics.”
    Maybe there never was any Republican voter suppression, especially considering it is always said to be happening in cities run by Democrats. What effort to “crush” the postal service are you talking about?

  18. Fred says:

    The impeachment is a show trial, not an opportunity for Trump to produce evidence of fraud. (which the trial ‘judges’ aren’t about to let be introduced.)

  19. Les says:

    It looks like they tightened up laws, regulations, and procedures so that Trump lawsuits would fail. The lawsuits are predicated on exploiting irregularities in the polling to throw out votes. It’s very smart to anticipate what crooked lawyers might do to steal the election.
    Trump is a phony. He is a product of nepotism and the epitome of someone who’s never answered to anyone outside his family in the working world. He’s incapable of structuring problems and solutions in a way that can be clearly understood. He is always pointing fingers because he’s a screwup on the job.

  20. Barbara Ann says:

    Meanwhile I see from the WSJ that “investigators” have suggested Ashli Babbitt’s killer should not face prosecution. The execution on camera of an unarmed woman who posed no threat is not evidence of a crime it seems.

  21. A. Pols says:

    It does read like a confession in a sense. Of course it purports to depict a grassroots campaign to “secure democracy”, but it also reveals what was indeed a “vast left wing conspiracy” to turn Hillary’s phraseology inside out. All the various pieces come together as an organized conspiracy to ensure the election’s outcome and it was indeed far more than the usual spate of partisan fervor that accompanies the quadrennial ceremony. From the moment of Trumps election the Democrat party engaged in a non stop campaign of vilification and persecution against Trump and all conservatives, all to marginalize and cancel as much as possible. And activists made concerted efforts to gain control of polling places. All these people coordinated their efforts through social media and other means. I could see it happening on my local level. Meanwhile Republicans were largely passive bystanders. It should be remembered that the Bolsheviks were actually, despite the name, a minority group, but they were an organized minority and that made all the difference. Taleb writes about the phenomenon of minority rule and how it works. This explains why recent road projects in my area have ended up allocating close to 50% of pavement to bicyclists and pedestrians even though very few of either actually use those roads. “Conspire: to breath together”

  22. srw says:

    Interesting article. I guess Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency until Trump fired him, was right when he said the election was the fair. What’s scary is that this bipartisan group had to come together to ensure a fair election. This should be automatic. The Economist has an article on the sad state of democracy this year of the pandemic. They rated the various countries with the US rated as a “flawed democracy” probably due to voter suppression and gerrymandering. Maybe we need some national election laws setting minimum standards for elections so states or parties can’t game them.

  23. Lefty_Blaker says:

    The voter suppression stats that TTG mentioned come from the journalist Greg Palast who worked for a long time to unearth the details of the voter purges by Kemp in Georgia. He has many articles about. Try this one which details how he got the list of purged voters and what he did to try to stop Kemp.

  24. pl and Fred,
    Kemp and voter suppression in Georgia has been well covered in the press. Here’s two articles from Atlanta:–regional-govt–politics/voter-purge-begs-question-what-the-matter-with-georgia/YAFvuk3Bu95kJIMaDiDFqJ/–politics/georgia-cancels-fewer-voter-registrations-after-surge-last-year/fqT1bcSzGu33UEpTMDzMVK/
    Just do a search for” Georgia voter suppression” and see what’s going on now. Hell, even a search for “California voter suppression” shows problems with insufficient polling places in poorer and minority precincts. All this is done legally. That’s what Abrams spent the last two years countering. After Trump’s loss, Republican state legislatures are doubling down on enacting laws to suppress the vote in future elections. The last thing Republicans want is high voter turnout or anything approaching universal voting.

  25. aka says:

    This type of “confessions” aka boasts will be much more in time.
    After all, it is a loose and strange coalition.
    Too much glory is there to be the leader/leaders of this great “democratic revolution”.
    Each confession will emerge with more and more details because otherwise, it is not going to be NEWS.
    Well, at least that is how it went down in my country.
    I just hope this “revolution” goes better than in ours in the next four years.

  26. Deap says:

    Les, Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he confirmed hundreds of strict constructionist judges, including three new SCOTUS judges. His powerful legacy will outlast his own mortal coil. And for that we are all eternally grateful.

  27. Deap says:

    “Voter suppression” is a nonsense term. Stop using it. Election laws and their final adjudication is the only standard to apply.

  28. Deap says:

    For all the Left’s efforts to expand voter participation primarily through “vote-harvesting”, fostering inherent corruptions of all mail-in balloting, controlling the echo chamber media, silencing or cancelling all opposition, doxxing their perceived enemies, using chronic domestic violence to ensure voter intimidation, while shoving covid, covid, covid down our throats 24-7, the best they could offer was Biden-Pence?

  29. Deap says:

    Freudian slip…… …..the best they could offer was Biden-Harris? The two most disreputable and disliked career politicians out there.

  30. @Deap. Why Biden/Harris? Name me two more controllable people on the slate of Dem contenders.

  31. Fred says:

    “Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency….”
    That’s the guy running the agency which failed to defend against “The massive SolarWinds hack”
    Pray tell in detail just what lawfully mandated federal security there was of voting machines in MI,AZ,WI,GA; especially since zero of them were supposed to be internet connected.

  32. SAC Brat says:

    A statement by the Georgia Secretary of State on the voter file cleaning process is posted at
    The process started under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, signed into federal law by then-President Bill Clinton. Additional laws were passed in Georgia regarding list maintenance in 1994 by a Democrat majority General Assembly and signed into law by a Democrat Governor. Lastly, these laws were implemented by a Democrat Georgia Secretary of State.
    Most coverage of the Georgia voting purges leave out where the law came from and focus on how it is unfair when Republicans follow it. Similar to how Democratic supporters prefer selective enforcement of laws.

  33. Eric Newhill says:

    Things are very dangerous right now,IMO, and this “confession” is fuel on the fire. So stupid.
    The victors (for now) are high on power, not well read in the humanities (old school definition) and riding the tiger.
    There are at least 75 million pissed off Americans with lots of guns and ammo – and many of those with military training/expereince.
    Then there’s are destructive and oppressive covid policies.
    At the same time, a fair number of people programmed to be pissed off at “whitey” who have gotten away with rioting and murder and for whom “bail reform” and early prison releases are encouraging.
    Do not be surprised if this summer becomes a nightmare.

  34. @EricNewhill. As I never tire of saying, I think we are dealing with cunning and unprincipled but fundamentally stupid people. C and U to do it, but S enough to boast about doing it.
    A strange state of mind but one very prevalent among neocons who keep doing the same failed things over and over again.

  35. Eric Newhill says:

    I totally agree.
    In my mid-winter covid restricted, I’ve been returning to some old studies. One such is IQ science. There is a phenomenon know in the vernacular as “midwits”. These are people of slightly higher than mean IQ, maybe as much as one standard deviation above the mean, but no more than that. They can graduate college. They’re more intellectually capable than 70% to 80% of the population. So they think of themselves as superior, but they really aren’t. Mean intelligence is not very smart and one standard deviation is far from truly gifted.
    Take away god/ spirituality, remove history, instill a sense of selfish entitlement and you have the perfect recipe for hordes of the cunning, unprincipled but relatively stupid (compared to truly intelligent people) to rise to positions of influence.

  36. Fred says:

    The people who called in 25,000 National Guard in a show of how free and fair the election was are completely worry free as to who is going to shoot whom. Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson has not been erased from the collective concouisnes of the elites, only the press pool. The elites know all this egging on is going to result in the left further suppressing their political opponents, deplatforming them, disemploying them.
    No one among their ranks thinks, to name some high profile people at random, James Comey, Pat Cipollone, FBI Agent #1, DOJ lawyer #2, the folks cheering the expulsion of republican voting observers in Detroit, the suit-cases under the table people, any Antifa protestor or anyone else is going to get shot up by right wingers. The just know “right wing extremists” like the FBI informant founder of the Proud Boys are going to lead an easily infiltrated and subverted protest or political movement. Like the Tea Party.
    That’s why they are doubling down with civilizational destroying cultural and economic policies. Apparently purging actual patriotic Americans out of the enlisted ranks of the military and employment opportunities in the civilian sector are going to make people fall into line, too. Look at how easy it was to infiltrate Trump’s rally, egg on some ‘innocents abroad’ types, and generally follow the color revolution playbook. They fear nothing; and everything.
    I do not think Antifa and BLM types will remain loyal to the cause, nor will they remain without pushback for much longer. It’ll be a “hot summer in the city”, except you can’t go out and get a girl and go dancing all night. Cuomo, De Blasio and compatriots took care of that. Don’t matter what color you are. “All around, people looking half dead Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head.” It won’t take much to scratch that into a burning flame. Then we’ll have a hot summer in the city indeed.

  37. turcopolier says:

    OK. The Atlanta Journal Constitution opines that there is “voter suppression” and you agree with that newspaper because you like the result. You are seeking opinion that supports your desired belief.

  38. smoke says:

    It is hard to read past this paragraph:

    [T]he participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.

    Surely the writer knows how perfectly that paragraph exemplifies Newspeak. Surely she is signalling the reader.
    And then I find myself wondering the question I wonder too often these days: That was deliberate, wasn’t it? Or is she (they) that stupid or incompetent?
    Who is leading this attack on the nation and the constitution? Subverting the republic in every possible way, under the banner of saving it. Are they Machiavellian masters of propaganda and mass action, or entitled incompetents who have lost the thread, if they ever had it?

  39. Deap says:

    TIME magazine cabal confesses: we had to destroy you, in order to save you.
    Out of touch arrogance of the highest order.
    They never understood why Trump won in 2016 – because of too many years of patent media lies. Wooden-headed, I believe is their best description. They will fall on their own swords.

  40. Fred says:

    ” insufficient polling places in poorer and minority precincts. All this is done legally. ”
    It must have escaped your notice, even after repeated efforts to inform the many reading and commenting here, that those actions were local, not state or federal; and in the states you mention places controled by Democrats for many years. That was done to create an excuse for mass mailing of ballots and harvesting of same. But then the ‘fluke of covid”. Right, the shutdowns by Democratic governors and mayors and the media’s relentless daily death counts did their work. Allowing the multi-year effort, led by Stacy’s NGO backers, to enact legislative changes to facilitake bulk mailing of ballots and harvesting of same.
    “universal voting.” and “higher turnout”
    Trump had the largest voter turnout ever, he even had coattails down ballot. Unlike the 80 million dollar basement dweller.
    As to universal voting: non-citizens should not vote in US elections. There are plenty of citizens who are fools out there too who I don’t want to encourage either.

  41. blue peacock says:

    “I think we are dealing with cunning and unprincipled but fundamentally stupid people”
    Patrick Armstrong,
    If these people are stupid, what do you attribute their success in consolidating power in the most powerful country on the planet over the past 50 years? They have rolled up economic power. They have demonstrated takeover of the political and judicial system, even under the Trump presidency. The putschists arguably held a stronger hand than even Trump, despite him being POTUS. Trump even appointed them to top cabinet positions.
    They have shown that they can cancel anyone including a POTUS. Trump has been impaled by the same tweet weapon that he assiduously used rather than take on the heavy lifting of confronting the putschists.
    The Party of Davos is riding the crest of the wave. They ain’t gonna be dislodged without a serious fight. Who is less “stupid” than them to be able to take them on?

  42. Fred,
    The federal government hasn’t had any say in any voting since the Shelby County vs. Holder SC decision in 1993. After that, the previously restricted states and localities cooperated to shut down hundreds of polling places. Whether it was Republican or Democratic officials, the result was the same. There were insufficient polling places in poorer and minority precincts and it was all done legally. Kemp was heavily involved in these efforts in Georgia. With the bad publicity after the 2018 state elections, Raffensperger made solid efforts to remedy the disenfranchisement of Georgian voters and the situation was much improved for 2020. Oddly, he was hindered by both Republican and many Democratic local officials. The expansion of early voting helped to alleviate excessive waits at polling places as did the expansion of absentee voting. Still there was no bulk mailing of ballots. Voters had to individually request absentee ballots. This is all described pretty well in this ProPublica and Georgia Public Broadcasting article.
    You seem to be math challenged. Trump had the largest voter turnout ever, except for his challenger who garnered 7 million more votes than Trump.

  43. turcopolier says:

    Or whomever. “You seem to be math challenged” Whoa! You know you can’t talk to people like that on SST.

  44. Seamus Padraig says:

    This is not that much of a shocker. As Patrick Armstrong will surely recall, TIME did exactly the same thing 25 years ago, after another rigged election:,33009,984833,00.html
    Of course, then as now, they never use the words ‘rig’ or ‘steal’, but those are left to be inferred. Personally, I have never had contact with a Russian alive at the time who thought that Yeltsin’s re-election was legitimate.
    Now, as to the question, ‘Why is TIME doing this?’, two possible (and very divergent) explanations immediately come to mind:
    1.) They are really distressed that their psyops keep failing on an ever-larger percentage of the population, and so this is an exercise in damage-control. Since they can’t bury the truth completely, they figure they should give it their own positive spin in order to give their more loyal followers at least a talking-point with which to defend themselves.
    2.) Their control of the power structure is now such that they don’t really need to fool a majority of the population anymore. So this is either an exercise in further demoralizing us deplorables, or else an attempt at provoking some kind of reaction which they can construe as ‘terrorism’, giving them sufficient warrant to complete the roll-out of their police state.
    I hope the answer is 1, but I fear it’s 2.

  45. Re says:

    “I think we are dealing with cunning and unprincipled but fundamentally stupid people”
    Patrick Armstrong
    Years ago, someone who used to comment here, said not to equate cunning with intelligence. I finally get it.
    They have consistently told you, they intended to control the narrative and preceded to create the narrative. Then you get tied up arguing about it while they are busy organizing and taking action. At what point do we “get it.” We’re behind the curve, they’ve been organizing for years and embedded themselves in the government. Like a parasite hooks on to a host. Check out this plan of action for King Co. Washington. Seattle is in King County. How much of this is happening in your part of the country?
    It’s not about a level playing field or competence, it’s about social justice, equity, diversity and “unity”(submission). It’s about controlling the narrative to manipulate. Look at the level of organization, the amount of resources they have.They are intentionally changing the shape of government and we’re are paying for it. They have a plan, they have organization and they have resources and they’ve working it. It’s a color revolution and it’s about winning. They’ve been doing it for years.
    They revealed themselves in the Time magazine, so what? They’re still controlling the narrative, as they wrap themselves in self-righteousness, they are heroes to the cause They showed their hand, revealed themselves, what is anyone here going to do?
    . You want to get a handle on the strange “President Elect” machinations check out the book by Dr.Robert Cialdini, “Pre-Suasion.” The message was created, someone organized a series of events and someone in control made sure people fell in line with the narrative and its presentation. Impressive, it worked. There is some form of central control that told the rioters when to stand down. All this takes time and money.
    None of this is about competence and effective policy and, yes, they stole the election. They’ll be taking action to steal the next.
    It’s in your face, like the street hood and his gang, trying to stare you down while they say, “So what, what are you going to do about it? “

  46. @Seamus Padraig
    I do not agree that the Americans got Yeltsin elected. Here is my argument — they were there, they were fiddling, but it didn’t make much difference.

  47. Fred says:

    What are you guys on the left afraid of, except proof of fraud – as evidenced by the left suppressing their own voters as a justification to changing to mass ballot mailings, followed by a refusal to allow inspection of physical evidence to validate their own reported results.
    “Still there was no bulk mailing of ballots.” Please see the non Propublica/Georgia Public Broadcasting news here:
    “Voting by mail: 9 states send ballots automatically, 35 allow COVID-19 as an excuse, 6 require other reason”… “Vermont, Nevada, California, New Jersey, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, Washington, Oregon”
    Thanks for the math lesson. BTW, Hilary won the popular vote too, and I’m still reliably informed Russia colluded in that election.

  48. @blue peacock
    Good point but I would say that’s the “cunning” part. The “stupid” part is that the end result will be disaster for them, the USA and, possibly, everyone else.
    My favourite example: the neocons have cunningly taken over administrations, presidents, think tanks, media but the stupid effect of their policies has been to make their enemies — Russia, Iran, China, stronger. The 21st century will most emphatically not be a “new American Century”.
    Maybe “cunning” and “stupid” are not the best words.

  49. TV says:

    The country is in this mess only partly due to the corrupt Democrat-media party.
    Trump with his megalomania and lack of management skills blew it.
    The list of screwups, bad personnel decisions and horrific actions coming from his narcissism is way too long to list.
    I voted for Trump and would do it again, but like most “idea” people (and salesmen), he has no ability to actually implement the ideas.
    We need “Trumpism” – with an adult in charge.

  50. SAC Brat says:

    I read the Propublica article when it first was published last year and thought it was a journalistic gem. If all news was written to that standard I don’t think people in the US would be picking sides as much and with such spirit. One of my red buttons is reading any article written with a bias and spotting the intentional omissions. Reading the AJC reminds of when the Minneapolis papers declared war on Jesse Ventura, as Kemp’s race, gender and regional accent made the AJC’s staff eye’s cross after the failed state coronation. In late May 2020 and onward Kemp was making daily press conferences (Broadcast on TV and radio) and consistently made the point to wear masks, social distance, stay home and protect you family, all of which the AJC translated as “the evil governor wants to kill everyone”. The media wanted him to make a mask mandate which he resisted, saying there wasn’t a legal way to enforce it that would survive a court challenge. I could never find out if this was true but I agree that about not making feel-good laws to have a nice press release.
    I became aware of Brian Kemp around 2015 when a political roundtable radio program of journalists in the state were talking about his political skills at the state capital. Kemp and Abrams have a long history, with Abram’s voting registration activities often having lists of ineligible voters that could be a prop to support the position that the state government is against the voters. In Georgia it is hard to spot reality when the two major political parties spend a lot of effort creating narratives, reminding me of trying to make sense of news coverage from Syria.

  51. Artemesia says:

    @ Patrick Armstrong: “the stupid effect of their policies has been to make their enemies — Russia, Iran, China, stronger. The 21st century will most emphatically not be a “new American Century”.”
    At least as to China, a feature, not a bug; that is, not “stupid” but planned.
    I believe the “cunning” and “unprincipled” cabal is playing the role of the broker — Mercurian, in Yuri Slezkine’s formulation — for China that may be financing this coup, intends to gain major advantage from it, and with whom the C and U contingent intends to ally in exploiting, subverting and overtaking USA as global hegemon.
    Over ten years ago and even as he was employed by US government, Dennis Ross chaired the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute and oversaw one of its first white papers, Shalom Salomon Wald’s China and the Jewish People. The then-new JPPPI foresaw and was planning for the time in the not too distant future when USA would no longer be the world’s superpower.
    The extent to which those agents are running the table is signified by the fact that no one dares to name them.

  52. @Artemesia Are you saying that the authors of the PNAC really meant PNCC? Although, like your namesake, it’s always possible that they just go for the winning side. It did work for her, though, so I guess it’s not a stupid play.
    Parenthetically, a thought to think about. Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election but all the Dem posturing made people take a look at it. When they did, they realised that a kid with a toothpick could hack the system ( and decided to do so.

  53. Fred,
    I do think there should have been more hand recount of ballots to either prove or disprove fraud. Georgia did that, as did Wisconsin and Antrim County in Michigan. They definitively proved that the accusations of fraud in those places were false. Yet Lindell and others are still screaming that Chavez’s ghost is in the voting machines threw the election to Biden. The governor of Pennsylvania should have insisted on a statewide hand recount as Kemp did in Georgia.
    Now we have another chance to look at these fraud accusations. Fox News, Lindell, Giuliani and the Kraken Lady can attempt to prove their case in the Smartmatic and Dominion lawsuits. If the claims of fraud are true, there is no defamation. This is a glorious opportunity for all you Trumpers. Insist on your day in court. Don’t let Fox, Powell, Giuliani and Lindell settle or back down depriving you of ultimate victory.
    I was referring to Georgia when I wrote of the absence of bulk ballot mailings, not other states. I thought you were as well. My mistake. Five of those states conduct their elections solely by mail. Of course they mail ballots to all registered voters. Otherwise there are no elections at all. The focus for election accountability in such states moves to the voter registration roles and the physical verification of the returned ballots. Obviously, this lefty sees no problem with this trend. It’s far preferable to electronic voting and voting via the internet. Those methods are fraught with problems. Mail in ballots are also a clear end run around voter suppression through the shuttering of polling places… by either party’s incumbent officials.
    As Colonel Lang noted, I was a bit too snippy with my math lesson. I apologize for that, but I trust you are fully capable of taking my snippiness in stride. At the risk of remaining a smart ass, I have one more math lesson.
    306 > 232
    That remains a mathematical constant in 2020 as it was in 2016. I’m sure you agree with that.

  54. LeaNder says:

    At the risk of remaining a smart ass, I have one more math lesson. …
    Posted by: The Twisted Genius | 07 February 2021 at 12:41 PM

    Yes, TTG, you should do a little penance. 😉
    Thanks to Patrick Armstrong for directing our attention on an article that proves Biden’s “voter fraud organization” did indeed exist all along. (? 😉 ?)
    Somewhat related via Jonathan Turely: Mark Elias, of Steele dossier frame, is hired by “[t]he Biden campaign … to lead efforts in election challenges” in NYC.
    Now, Elias is leading election challenge efforts. One of those cases concern Democratic candidate Anthony Brindisi efforts against former Republican representative Claudia Tenney. Tenney now holds a 125-vote lead after weeks of rechecking by the 22nd Congressional District’s eight counties. Rowan Scarborough notes that Elias seems to be “taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook” in arguing in court that “there is reason to believe that voting tabulation machines misread hundreds if not thousands of valid votes as undervotes, and that these tabulation machine errors disproportionately affected Brindisi.”

  55. Deap says:

    TTG, they are looking at only six key counties for voter tally corruptions. Keep the focus on what is exactly at stake.
    You can re-count all the ballot pools as often as you like, but that does not prove there was no fraud. The alleged fraud was the process of how those ballots got into the counting pool in the first place.
    Do you have a vested interest in not exploring this issue? Because everyone in the US has a material interest ensuring there are zero weak links in our election process. It must be as pure as Penelope if this nation has any future at all.

  56. Deap says:

    Back in 2016, when the primary race was between Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, there were also charges of discrepancies between machine vote counts (favoring Clinton) and hand vote counts (favored Sanders).
    How long has this possible big election “computer glitch” cheat been going on? Did Joe Biden, the hair sniffing, inarticulate pervert on his very, very last politic legs really “win” in South Carolina over Sanders, that finally propelled him into the White Hosue?
    What exactly was Stacy Abrams complaint about her Georgia governors race?
    Interesting to re-read some of the earlier election analysis articles where the current players get named, but don’t end up staring down the wrong end of a mega-billion dollar lawsuit. Just the facts and the names of the same players. Until a pattern emerges from these contemporaneous reports.
    Only today I learn from a prior news story shortly after the 2020 election that a former Pelosi key staff member became associated with a major Democrat lobbying law firm, that was also just coincidentally representing “one of the named electronic voting systems”.
    Cozy. What else is already out there hiding in plain sight that might crack this “election cabal” case open after all.

  57. Deap says:

    From 2019 – Bloomberg Government: connections between former key Pelosi staff member and Dominion’s first lobbying law firm representation – Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt and Shreck:

  58. smoke says:

    LeaNder –
    The very close election in NY’s 22nd Congressional District looks like a case study in the many ways the election process can go wrong, even without deliberate fraud. Dem lawyer Marc Elias may know all of them and election law better than anyone. He has been successful in finding 1000’s of uncounted votes, due to various irregularities.
    After 3 months, Republican Claudia Tenney is still ahead by a little more than 100 votes. Late Friday, Feb 5, Judge Scott DelConte ordered all Boards of Elections to certify the vote. That makes Tenney the winner – for now. Her opponent, the incumbent Brindisi, has vowed to fight on in the courts.
    It appears that Judge DelConte did not grant Elias’ request to conduct a county-wide handcount, after a sample recount indicated that some tabulating machines misread ballots, producing incorrect totals. The Judge did inquire why Elias was raising that issue so late in the proceedings. (One might guess at one reason: Dems do not want to give legitimacy to the same complaint advanced by Trump supporters.)
    Observed Judge DelConte about the whole tangle of erroneous and negligent election procedure:

    “To be clear, there is absolutely no evidence — or even an allegation — before this Court of any fraud on the part of the Boards or the campaigns. Instead, problems experienced by the candidates and, consequently, all of the voters across the eight counties in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, were direct results of ‘the careless or inadvertent failure to follow the mandate of statute and case law, by the Boards of Elections.”

    At least in this case, the judge permitted an examination of those transgressions.
    Difficult to find a good, general report on the twists and turns of this challenge to voting results. Don’t want to undermine voters’ faith in the process? Nevertheless, in the future, the case will probably be studied by those who want to understand the weak points of the system, for good or ill.

  59. Fred says:

    When confronted with facts contrary to your initial claims you proceed with deflection, distraction and purposeful misquotation; proceeding from that act in doubling down on your initial claims. That is standard practice for many, but not one that is expected of commenters here.

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