God Bless Stephen Cohen by Publius Tacitus


Let me stipulate at the outset that the phrase, "Max Boot," should be consider as a new synonym in the Oxford English Dictionary for the word inane moron or imbecile are other plausible possibilities.

Not since the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy have we witnessed such a bizarre, vicious level of red-baiting and smearing. Max Boot, have you no decency?

You will understand the context of my introductory observations after you view the following video. Max Boot believes that Donald Trump should have threatened (Boot's word, not mine) Vladimir Putin. How does one go about threatening a country with inter-continental nuclear weapons systems that are proven to work?



Do you call his mother names? Promise to kick his ass in a bar brawl? Send weapons to his enemies? Provoke a military confrontation?

Give Cohen massive props for trying to reason with this mindless little twerp. Cohen correctly notes that the history of Russian meddling in U.S. politics and U.S. meddling in Russian politics stretches back almost 100 years in world history. If you honestly compare Facebook postings and articles on other social media outlets as the equivalent of establishing the Communist Party of the United States and enrolling actual candidates in actual elections then you will agree with Professor Cohen about the absurdity of the current hysteria and hyperbole that has seized many in the media and the political establishment.

The infantilization of America appears to be accelerating. Voices like Stephen Cohen's are islands of sanity in a raging sea of ignorance. 

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