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Victoria “Fuck The EU” Nuland To Retire By Walrus.

Has anyone, just for fun, computed the totals of those who have died in the wars of choice this person and her extended family have instigated and supported? We should perhaps give awards; for example the Madeleine Albright prize for … Continue reading

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What are the causes and effects of leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines?

By Robert Willmann Both reports and rumors are swirling around confirmed leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines running from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea. Although natural gas is not flowing through the pipelines at this … Continue reading

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This and That – 2 August 2022

Thorium reactors- I listened to a member of Congress expound on this subject the other day. I think it was Senator Tuberville. According to him thorium is the answer to the question of cheap, safe nuclear power until fusion power … Continue reading

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“Cheap drones and countermeasures …”

“Recent developments have made it easier than ever to acquire military grade drones, and the U.S. needs to focus on developing counter-drone measures, experts said Friday at the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado. “We do see this as a growing … Continue reading

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“German army ‘standing bare,’ limited in combat readiness, top chief says”

Listen to this article0:00 / 2:001X BeyondWords “Germany’s highest-ranking military officer cast doubt on the Germany army’s combat readiness, claiming that years of neglect have left it in a questionable state amid the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian war. Inspector of the Army … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what is going on in SE Ukraine?

“Despite apparent de-escalation attempts by Russia, it seems that ‘Ukrainian leaders’ and its foreign sponsors are determined to instigate the war. Over the past 24 hours, forces of the Kiev regime have been consistently taking efforts to deploy even more … Continue reading

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Information Warfare–Russia to Invade Ukraine is a Manufactured Lie

The current fearmongering about a supposedly imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine is a clumsy but convincing piece of propaganda. Remember how the media helped beat the drum to justify a needless, costly war with Iraq in 2003? This is … Continue reading

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Going to War with Russia Over Ukraine May Be Suicide for America – Larry Johnson

The Biden Administration stands on the threshold of launching America into a war with Russia that we will lose. Most Americans have swallowed the propaganda that our military is the best in the world and head and shoulders above Russia … Continue reading

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The great Ukraine hoax?

“With the Biden team repeatedly issuing stark warnings Moscow could invade its neighbor as soon as February, Zelensky appears to have grown increasingly frustrated by the alarmist U.S. rhetoric. He even took the extraordinary step Friday of shooting down Biden’s … Continue reading

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Why does the UK want war with Russia?

The UK foreign office said in a Saturday statement it has information that the Russian government is planning to “install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.””The former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Murayev is … Continue reading

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