Halibut – 30 October 2020



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7 Responses to Halibut – 30 October 2020

  1. Fred says:

    Looks scrumptious. We’re having Ahi tuna tacos at the Sunset Hut along with a cold pint of Reef Donkey IPA out of Tampa Bay Brewing Co .

  2. Mark Logan says:

    The one fish I can not grill or bake right. If there is a hang to get I haven’t found it. Gave up. It’s the one thing I keep blackening spices around for. 10 seconds a side on a nearly red-hot iron skillet, outdoors because what is produced is essentially tear gas.
    The issue is drying out. Can’t figure it out. A featured ingredient of my cioppino though. Can’t dry out in a stew.

  3. james says:

    good choice! we have that here on the bestcoast, but i have never personally caught one…. i tried once with a friend out in the middle of the juan de fuca straight…

  4. Degringolade says:

    Colonel: Just to jerk your chain a bit.
    I think that tomorrow I will grill up the last of the halibut steaks from the two 60 pounders I caught last year off Newport.
    Tough duty….I think you will understand

  5. turcopolier says:

    Which Newport? Send pictures.

  6. turcopolier says:

    Mark Logan
    Because of the plague we have been buying our fish from Whole Foods when it is on sale. This had never been frozen, arrived yestiddy, $11/pound. That was about a pound. Fed us both with a bit for SWMBO’s lunch demain. She likes cold fish, a true New Englander. Very easy to cook. Try it with copper grill mat. I have some NY strip from Cosco and a hen in the freezer. Stand by.


    My brother, up until recently lived in Fairbbanks.
    Had a boat at Prince William Sound.
    Was an avide Halibut fisherman.
    I was lucky enough to spend a week fishing with him.
    Prince William Sound is where God goes to fish and Halibut is his favotite dish.

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