The Chinese Communist Party Is Playing A Very Dangerous Game Threatening To Take Americans ‘Hostage’. by J


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is upset with the U.S.'s Department of Justice (DOJ) seeking prosecutions of several Chinese research scientists arrested in the U.S. this year.  So upset that it's threatening to take Americans in China 'Hostage' if DOJ doesn't drop its prosecutions. 

The reason that DOJ is pursuing their charges, is that the Chinese Researchers are affiliated with and working on behalf of the CCP's military wing the People's Liberation Army (PLA).  These Chinese Researchers lied about their affiliations and their active duty status with the PLA in their applications to enter and work in the U.S.

VISA fraud, and lying to U.S. Immigration Authorities are not things not be taken lightly.

The CCP is playing a very dangerous game.

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13 Responses to The Chinese Communist Party Is Playing A Very Dangerous Game Threatening To Take Americans ‘Hostage’. by J

  1. TV says:

    China is no doubt betting and hoping and very possibly financing a Biden win.

  2. JamesT says:

    Do you really think that no Americans have ever lied on their immigration forms while going into China? If you want to strictly enforce the law when it comes to Chinese nationals in the US – that is fine. But if China starts strictly enforcing its laws please don’t have a temper tantrum about it.
    I once got a note written into my passport by Canadian immigration professionals because I forgot to declare an apple. Again – lots of countries have laws, that if strictly enforced, can result in serious consequences for those (knowingly or unknowingly) failed to fill out some forms correctly.

  3. Fred says:

    No one should be surprised that Hunter Biden was not the only one being set up by China.
    “Section 117 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), 20 U.S.C. 1011f (“Section 117”) requires nearly all colleges and universities to report, twice each year, foreign gifts and contracts the value of which is $250,000 or more… many large and well-resourced institutions of higher education have aggressively pursued and accepted foreign money while failing to comply with Section 117”
    “Major American universities failed to disclose more than $6.5 billion in donations from foreign governments, including China”
    They are crooks with university credentials. Now you know why they are terrified of a Trump win on Tuesday.

  4. Norbert M Salamon says:

    Whatever the real status of the Chinese under discussion, it is incumbent on the part of the citizens of USA that the various governments within the country quit picking on the world’s largest economy [China is at least 30% larger than USA]to the detriment of the deplorables.
    Of course, it is possible that the powers to be want more hardship for the US citizens caused by China, a result achieved by such great world powers as Canada, Australia etc – also known as USA vassals

  5. Fred says:

    “no Americans have ever lied on their immigration forms while going into China?”
    How many Americans a year are immigrating into China?

  6. A.Pols says:

    The article said nothing about those Chinese immigrating to the US. They were just coming to work..

  7. Norbert M Salamon says:

    Wiki stated the following:
    Americans in China are expatriates and immigrants from the United States as well as their locally born descendants. Estimates range from 72,000[2][3] to 110,000.[1]

  8. JamesT says:

    I wrote “immigration forms” when I should have written “customs forms”. I believe there are quite a few Americans visiting for work, for tourism, and to do the “expats teaching English” thing. My quick Google search indicated that between January to September 2016 more than 1.66 million US nationals visited China.

  9. Yeah, Right says:

    Fred: “How many Americans a year are immigrating into China?”
    Not sure that Chinese students studying in the USA are regarded as “immigrating into the USA”, since all of them are expected to return to China when their study is completed.
    But, regardless, I would expect that there are a very large number of American researchers who are studying in China research institutions.

  10. Fred says:

    110,000 is nothing compared to the student visa holders form China in the US.
    A. Pols,
    work for whom?

  11. Mark Logan says:

    Strikes me as almost normal. We nab a couple spies and their country nabs a couple of our people to trade for them. I thought this quite typical of US/Marxist relations throughout the Cold War.
    Is there something special in this incident that points to greater risk?

  12. A.I.S. says:

    I believe that J has a bit of an issue in seeing the US from others eyes here.
    The US escalated the hostage game with the Meng Wanzhou hostage taking (relatives of important CEOs used to be fairly off limits before), retaliation is to be expected.
    You cannot take the daughter of Huaweis CEO hostage and then be surprised that China retaliates. I dont particularly like Chinas government, but even if China was a democracy that was not in thrall to the west, it would still retaliate like it does.
    Put yourself in the position of a non communist Chinese patriot. The US currently funds and supports seperatist entities in Honkong, Xinjian, Tibet and Taiwan, it bombed, pretty certainly on purpose, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, it attempts to assemble a league of “we hate China” on Chinas periphery and it takes hostages of senior Chinese officials.
    Meanwhile, China steals US technology (something the US also does and on a quite significant level), tries to gain influence in the US by lobbying/blackmail (which everyone else also does). If you look at Chinese fuckery against the US, it is pretty much standard stuff states do to everyone who isnt explicitly your ally. US fuckery of China is composed partly of things you only do to enemies (blowing up embassies, taking hostages, supporting armed seperatism. Note that the Trump trade war is not one of these things and well in the realm of normal fuckery).

  13. Fred says:

    Taiwan has been essentially independent of Communist mainland since the ’50s. Hong Kong has been crushed while the China Covid campaign has provided worldwide cover.
    ” it bombed, pretty certainly on purpose, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade,”
    Do you have some evidence to prove that?
    The ‘trade war’ as you call it, is the eviseration of manufacturing capabilies in all the western nations while China gains significant material advantage. Something that has been going on for decades. Trump’s tariffs are the first effective effort to stem that destruction of our economy. I for one am looking forward to China proclaimnig “immigration is our strength”; right along with the adoption of LGBTQ+ and the rainbow flag & woke allies taking the lead there politically. Surprising the communist countries are the only ones not supporting any that, isn’t it?

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