Holiday for me

Taking the day off. Entertain each other. pl

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  1. Condotierre says:

    So it begins🇺🇸 ISIS put China on notice in the Silk Road ☠️

  2. zmajcek says:

    an interesting video about aspiration technique and a possible way to minimize the occurrence of vaccine side effects

  3. Fred says:

    Nice looking gator. Last time I saw one that close was the Juniper river in the Ocala National Forest. Fortunately for me he wasn’t hungry.

  4. English Outsider says:

    A recent brief clip at the start of a video from the same site shows an odd one-off technique – aspiration after injection. Later on in the video Dr Campbell covers other cases where it’s refused.

    I only know of one case where aspiration was employed in my immediate circle in England. In this case aspiration was done at the right stage. However, although blood was withdrawn into the syringe the injection continued.

    So it looks as if when it is done there are occasiosn when it’s sometimes not done correctly.

    It’s difficult to understand why there is this resistance to aspiration given that it’s been normal procedure for years. The Danes insist on it on a “just in case” basis. Possibly it’s not done elsewhere because it slows down throughput.

    Or maybe just one of those cases where it can’t be done right now because that would mean admitting it was done wrong before.

    • Deap says:

      The subtle semantic transition from “injection” to jab – does not psychologically prepare the patient for the slow injection-aspiration timing necessary to :

      (1) puncture skin to muscle depth (2) pull back to aspirate (3) check withdrawn aspiration in the carpule for blood, and (4) finally depress plunger to deliver the carpule solution into the waiting muscle mass.

      Ouch. This can be done swiftly, but it is a trained and precise professional technique – not a “jab”. Fluids must be absorbed slowly when injected by force into the solid mass of a muscle to reduce post-injection pain and swelling.

      UCSF a number of years ago explored ethnic differences in pain perception. To test this they used a universally recognized pain inducer – the intra-muscular injection. Then they measured the timing between injection and reported perception of pain and sorted reactivity by ethnic classification.

      Final results were Latin ethnicities reacted more quickly, and Asian ethnicities were more stoic. Your tax dollars at work. The story being this type of injection (shot) is objectively painful. Call it merely a “jab” is a misnomer to gin up its acceptance, and perhaps led to rushed procedure.

      It is in fact a Fauci Ouchie, when properly administered. (Over, and over and now over again – get your booster “jabs” hot off the FDA/CDC approval list.)

  5. Deap says:

    Wondering whether your lead photo was the murderous Laundrie dude’s last vision of Mother Earth before his alleged body parts were unearthed in a Florida swamp. Yes, he deserves this bit of gallows humor, if allegations against him strangling his girlfriend and then going on the lam are correct.

  6. Aletheia in Athens says:

    I will recommend an old series from 2013, which you will find quite premonitory…A two seasons series filmed in a somehow strambotic ambiance, but do not let the absuridity of some scenes plus the soundtrack loose the message implied for our times…


  7. Deap says:

    Preaching to the choir here, but always chilling to hear actual Congress members tell you Washington is broken and why, in their own personal and sincere detail.

    An excellent pod cast interview by Sharyl Atkisson – short intro first, and then she get into the two interviews who “spill their guts about the swamp”:

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