The Cruz Team: Abrams, Gaffney, Boykin and Ledeen


"Cruz has given audiences a preview of just how extreme his administration would be.  When speaking to an Iowa audience before the caucus, he got turned to the topic of military action against ISIS.  “I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark.  But we’re sure going to find out.” – referring to possible usage of nuclear or indiscriminate carpet bombing.  Evoking images of sand, was clearly a ploy at riling up his base at fighting what they consider an existential war against desert peoples.

On the subject of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, Cruz co-sponsored the Senate resolution justifying Operation Protective Edge, which eventually killed over 2,000 Palestinians.  Even though he has no power to do so, he continually states that he would “declare Jerusalem the eternal capitol of Israel” on his first day in office.  This is clearly aimed at resonating with a base that relishes the dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims, as evidenced by this posting by a purported Cruz supporter.


Oddly, I know all these men.  Where did I go wrong?  Ah, too much time inside the Beltway!  What kind of man says he would be willing to destroy whole populations with nuclear weapons?

These four men collectively summon up images from the history channel, and they are not good images.   pl 


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  1. oofda says:

    Yes, and they all are certifiable. Remember Gaffney railing about the new logo for the Missile Defense Agency was purportedly designed by the Obama Administration to resemble his campaign logo- and to incorporate the Islamic crescent? He got a lot of mileage over that – and a lot of ridicule as well when it was disclosed that the logo was actually designed and used before 2008 (i.e., during the Bush Administration) and had nothing to do with Islam. As the Brits say, Gaffney and Boykin are barking mad.

  2. BabelFish says:

    “What kind of man says he would be willing to destroy whole populations with nuclear weapons?”
    Someone who scares me far more than Trump does.

  3. Anyone but Trump now the battle cry of many?
    IMO Trump as developer more conservative than other forms of market exploiter.

  4. ked says:

    Cruz is Dominionist, and we ain’t talk’n ole Virginny.

  5. Nancy K says:

    The whole group scares me much more than Hillary and her Blackberry. I didn’t think anyone could make Trump look good but Cruz does.

  6. LeaNder says:

    “What kind of man says he would be willing to destroy whole populations with nuclear weapons?”
    Yaron Brook, the “‘Objectivist’ CEO” famously did in an O’Reilly interview on Dec. 17, 2004:
    “O’R: You’re going to create more enemies.
    YB: How did we end World War II, by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We did not create more enemies, we actually created friends and we created ultimately a free Japan. We brought the Japanese people to their knees and that is the only way you can establish a democracy in a culture which is so opposed to freedom, is bring their culture to its knees. As long as we continue to appease them we are not going to be successful. We cannot win a war by trying to buy their love. They do not love us, they hate us. What we want to achieve is—”
    I basically support copyright laws, but sometimes they are in conflict with our legitimate demand that matters don’t get flushed into the big black memory hole.

  7. HDL says:

    Re: “We brought the Japanese people to their knees and that is the only way you can establish a democracy in a culture which is so opposed to freedom, is bring their culture to its knees”
    “We’re going to teach these people democracy if we have to kill every one of them”– the colonel in “Teahouse of the August Moon”

  8. alba etie says:

    Maybe HRC with all her flaws is better then the Clown Car over at the GOP Hoedown . I voted for Senator Sanders in our primary now am just going to duck & cover I guess ,,,,

  9. Emad says:

    Among these men I’m interested in Ledeen. His fascination with fascism and “Italian connections” are interesting. Could you tell us more of what you think of him?

  10. turcopolier says:

    Ledeen is IMO an Israeli in his loyalties. IMO he is a faux American and altogether a Zionist agent of interest. David Frum once asked me if I did not think Ledeen an honorable man. I do not. pl

  11. steve says:

    If is Trump who wins the nomination and gets elected, how many of these would change their allegiance and join a Trump administration?

  12. Dale E says:

    You obviously haven’t followed HRC’s comments about foreign policy, AND you are unaware of her actions at DoS. Trump is a no-brainer for us paleos.

  13. Dale E says:

    Trump is like Bobby Fischer at his zenith. Fischer took on the the Soviet chess establishment titan and won soundly. Trump is seriously outwitting the GOP and neocon establishment. He throws out names like Richard Haas and John Bolton as a head fake while privately being advised by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

  14. Jack says:

    The team straight from neocon central casting.
    It makes perfect sense why they’re all freaking out about Trump. I can’t believe that they are putting out front page stories in the Pravda on the Hudson about how they are plotting to steal the nomination from him. They are seeding the meme that Trump condones violence by disrupting his rallies.
    The Democrats have taken the route of status quo by nominating the Borg queen. The Republicans on the other hand have primary voters with a large number of rebels that no longer are prepared to believe the propaganda. If they are openly thwarted by the party Borgistas it could get downright ugly.

  15. gemini33 says:

    They’re baaaaack.

  16. Klaus Weiß says:

    Pat, wasn’t it Ledeen who recommended Sterling’s “The Terror Network” to Reagan as a standard book of reference for foreign policy?

  17. turcopolier says:

    Klaus Weiss
    I do not know. pl

  18. sillybill says:

    So is retired Delta Force General Jerry Boykin.

  19. LeaNder says:

    Mr. Faster Please Ledeen (‘let’s first take Syria and then Iran’, was among the first matters that caught my attention), no doubt may be the most colorful characters on the set, not least since he also has this Quija board which seems to allow him to communicate with James Jesus Angleton. 😉
    In other other words he established a brand out of something that did not catch only my attention.
    What happened to Richard Perle? It feels he didn’t make it onto the list.

  20. alba etie says:

    Dale E
    What is a paleo ? I recently saw a paleo conservative bumper sticker here in Spicewood Texas is that the same as being a paleo ? Also I am well aware of HRC ‘s many liabilities especially in neocon foreign policy .What I am mulling over is whether the Devil I do know( HRC ) is better then the Devil I do not know ( Trump ) . For example Trump has repeatedly said paraphrasing ‘ we need to get the oil back from Iran’ – exactly how will he do that ? Further Trump bashes the Iran Nuclear Deal – do you also believe that the Iran Deal was as bad as Trump says it is ? Finally why is it important that Lt Gen Flynn is advising Trump on foreign policy . Truly I am mulling over my vote in the general election so why Trump ?

  21. turcopolier says:

    “we need to get the oil back from Iran” I don’t think Trump has ever said anything like that. You are writing your own material and creating facts. he has said things about Iraqi oil that don’t make any sense but not Iranian oil. As for Flynn he is becoming IMO a sell-out to the neocons. He has a book deal to let Michael Ledeen ghost write a book for him. Ambition and bitterness over his treatment by Obama has IMO warped his values. pl

  22. LeaNder says:

    If you allow me to descend into popular culture?
    “There is no way out of here said the joker to the thief”.
    Is a line by Bob Dylan, that found its own best musical expression in Jimi Hendrix’s version of ‘All along the Watchtower’, if you ask me.
    Not too long ago, a tune in the BBC crime series “Peaky Blinders” caught my attention. As a matter of fact, I wondered if this was a tune that a former neighbor a French musician seemed to love to such an extend he played it all over again. In any case others around here did, he never did.

  23. Tyler says:

    Stop swallowing the media narrative. Trump is the nationalist everyone around here has been banging on about since GWB days.

  24. Tyler says:

    Trump’s contention with the Iran deal isn’t that a deal was made with Iran, but that we have prisoners over there that weren’t released as part of the deal, and that we are giving them money when we are “broke”, as he puts it.
    Paleo is short for “paleocon”, contra neocon.

  25. Tyler says:

    Sen. Jeff Sessions is advising Trump on matters of foreign & immigration policy, which is a huge blow to the neocons “Invade the World, Invite the World” agenda. Probably the reason Trump got his nod vs. Cruz’s Dominionist nonsense.

  26. Tyler says:

    I went to the Trump rally yesterday in Fountain Springs. Lots of people out there from all walks of life, but even I was surprised by the amount of people unable to buy a beer yet who were wearing Trump t shirts. There were a few protesters, maybe 50 total I saw, but the crowd itself seemed to be about 10,000 who came to see him speak. I had to promise the wife not to get arrested starting brawls. C’est la vie.
    Trump himself as a speaker is simply amazing. You’d think he was pure stream of consciousness until you pick up that he’s dropping threads that he runs back to later and then ties the whole thing together. Someone would shout something from the crowd and he’d pick it up and run with it and it’d become part of what he was saying originally.
    Example: Trump is talking about the Iran deal, and someone yells “Build the Wall!” and so Trump starts talking about how we’re broke and why are we giving Iran money, and that’s why Mexico is going to pay for the wall, and then ties it into countries not respecting us before seguing off on another salient point.
    Another example is how he connects and makes you feel like you’re talking to another regular, funny, guy. He went on about “Lyin Ted” and starts talking about “Yeah you got Ted went on stage and raised his Bible, waving his Bible around talking about holy he is” and then ad libbed it and I’m blow away cause he’s saying what everyone is thinking.
    All in all, a great experience. Would do again.

  27. Chris Chuba says:

    Col. you have touched on my biggest fear regarding Donald Trump, will he be able to find people in Washington who aren’t neocons? I know that he is getting pressured to name his advisors but I consider it a good sign that he is pushing back and not formally making announcements just to have warm bodies to satisfy the press. His reluctance tells me that he knows, or at least senses, that the foreign policy establishment is broken.
    To me, all of he other candidates are known bad choices, he is the only one who shows some good judgment. It’s like being in a burning building and he represents the only accessible window. I choose to jump out of that window and hope that I am on the 1st or 2nd floor and not the 10th.

  28. LeaNder says:

    “giving them money …”
    Giving them money? Other then releasing Iran money frozen under sanctions.

  29. turcopolier says:

    “we are giving them money when we are “broke” The problem with Trump’s line in this is that the money was not our money. It was theirs, impounded across the world at our urging. The US had been keeping the money impounded to use in a deal like this. pl

  30. turcopolier says:

    Someone just told me that the man who beat up and kicked a demonstrator/agitator in Tucson was Black and irritated that the Dem/agitprop guy showed up wearing a Klan hood and doing the Nazi salute. True? pl

  31. LeaNder says:

    sorry, I am seriously interested, Tyler.
    “Iran’s”, of course.

  32. alba etie says:

    I respect you – I do not respect the White Nationalist around Trump – I am trying to figure this out – Let us all remain Civil here .

  33. alba etie says:

    Well I am contra neocon but not necessarily from a conservative position . BTW how are your beehives doing ? We have a alot of rain here , lots of blooming fauna but hardly any honeybees .

  34. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    Trump has said we repeatedly we should never have gone to Iraq – but once we we where there we should not have let Iran get the oil _ I will go look for a citation . Meanwhile what are we to make of the may right wing groups supporting Trump – or is this false MSM narrative too in your opinion ?

  35. turcopolier says:

    Explain to me how the Iranians “got the oil.” I don’t care what Trump says about it. Tell me how the Iranians did that. The “right wing group” most supportive of trump are IMO blue collar whites. pl

  36. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    May I please ask your opinion regarding the Iran Deal now that we have had awhile to digest the actual signed agreement . I am still of the opinion that we needed to ink this deal for These United States interest . However individuals that I respect such as former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb says it was bad deal . Myself like many of us are trying to stick to the facts in this very contentious national election season .

  37. alba etie says:

    alba etie
    Col Lang
    I am trying to sort out what is actual facts from MSM drivel this election seasons particularly when it comes to Mr Trump . I thought Trump had mentioned in the many campaign stops that Iran has taken the Iraq oil after the US invasion . Perhaps I have misunderstood Mr Trump’s position ; but donald- trump-invading Iraq ( a very conservative site – and I hope I got that citation correct ) seems to indicate that Mr Trump would like the US to get back control of the Iraqi oilfields . Please understand that I was not stating categorically that Iran had got the Iraqi oilfields I was trying to understand if Trump had said that Iran had taken over the Iraqi oilfields . To another topic Trump has repeatedly said we need to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for the construction of said wall . Ok if that is in fact what Trump is supporting ;is said wall a good idea ? And how will Mexico’s government be made to pay for that wall ? Finally maybe the ‘right wing groups ‘ supporting Trump is a false narrative again I am seeking information not stating facts necessarily regarding Mr Trump . So in stating fact I can tell you that a very prominent self identified Black DLC Democratic business person here in Austin Texas – one whom is a personal friend of mine , whom I have known for many years is wholeheartedly supporting Donald Trump . This friend of mine is someone I do admire and respect – I am only tying to sort out my own views on this national election cycle. Once again the SST website in an invaluable tool to do this sorting..

  38. turcopolier says:

    Webb was against the Iran nuclear deal when he was running for president. Anyone heard from him lately? We didn’t need the deal. The Israelis convinced themselves that they needed to deal with a supposed Iranian nuclear weapons program. They spent years trying to get the US to attack Iran so as to deal with their paranoid fantasies. There has never been any real proof acceptable to the US IC that Iran had a nuclear WEAPONS program after 2003. Nevertheless, the deal was the best way to deal with Ziocon pressure in the US/Borg. It cost us nothing. Why not make a deal with Iran’s own impounded money. quite a good deal in my view. pl

  39. turcopolier says:

    I do this to teach people to think rationally based on evidence. So, think about it – how would we regain control of Iraq’s oil fields. Would we re-invade and occupy the country and go through another Iraqi revolt against foreign occupation? We left because the Iraqi parliament refused to accept our further presence. Should we just ignore them now? I don’t care what Trump says about it. In this as in many other areas he does not know his a-s from a hot rock. he has some interesting features in that he could accomplish by shark tank intimidation and negotiation what the Borg cannot by its nature. but, in the whole world of government and international relations he just does not understand that all the world is not a business negotiation and a lot of things are not subject to business type deals. pl

  40. alba etie says:

    Too bad so many of the 196o’s cultural leaders like Jimi Hendrix were in the end morally & spiritually bankrupted by the false leftist narrative of Utopian Free Love collectivism etc of the Counter Culture . Many like Hendrix ended their brief moment in the Limelight due to Drugs mainly .. The 60 ‘s ended badly IMO in places like Jonestown and the AID desolation of the Haight Asbury. Ironically Bob Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan became a born again Christian and thus survived the 60’s .
    ” But may of us have been through that but this is our not our Fate . But let us not speak falsely now for the Hour It Grows Late .. ‘ the most salient line IMO from All Along the Watch Tower

  41. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    Exactly my thoughts – if it cost These United States nothing and upset the Likudniks across the board – yes why not . Plus I think very many American jobs at Boeing and elsewhere will be had by the sanctions being lifted on Iran.
    Now I am going to cut the grass in celebration of all the rain we have been blessed with here in Central Texas – its time to get off this keyboard and get outside …

  42. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    Yes and many of us thank you for your teaching rational thinking here at SST autodidatic University ! God Bless this site .

  43. Facts still in short supply but opinions many. I also voted for Bernie in the Virginia Primary. But if Bernie should get the job he really falls short in reforming capitalism. Probably not as radical as David Hume and Adam Smith. And no Marxist.

  44. LeaNder says:

    “Utopian Free Love …”
    alba etie, I am both a contemporary, or maybe a late contemporary, of the 196Os counter culture, come to think of it, and deeply detested the idea of “Utopian Free Love” as I encountered it in the early 1970s. All I noticed was that the ‘blokes’ seemed to like the idea while upholding their Patriarchal prerogatives. 😉
    I do not see a straight and/or direct line from the various famous dead representatives of the culture in music that died (never trust anyone older then 30???) to the Jonestown massacre. Was Jim Jones a musician?
    Apart maybe that to rise from outsider to pop icon may be a bit hard on some of us. Janis?
    I never read Frank Zappa’s core concern as resulting from his lyrics as intention to propagate “free love” versus maybe vaguely as something like love against hate.
    On drugs, I would like to refer to our expert here, at least on a superficial level, Babak Makkadinejad. ;

  45. rjj says:

    I was thinking of asking that, too. I like T’s writing about that part of his life a lot.

  46. Tyler says:

    Agreed, though in the context of the larger point he was making at the speech yesterday he used it as a bargaining chip where if we didn’t get what we wanted, we would take it.

  47. Tyler says:

    Can confirm as true. I’ve seen some reports say he’s an airman out of Davis-Montham.
    The protesters who blocked Shea to keep people from coming were about 20 or so. The lying media said aerial footage showed “hundreds” when the reality is those were people walking three miles to see Trump.

  48. optimax says:

    You are correct, it was a Black man who hit a man at the Trump rally wearing a KKK hood.
    The MSM will not report this. It’s counter to their labeling Trump a racist.

  49. Tyler says:

    You’re going to be a globalist or a nationalist. Best to decide on your own.

  50. Tyler says:

    To answer your wall question: taxing remittances, using tariffs, and cutting foreign aid to Mexico.

  51. alba etie says:

    Rev Jones roots were in a the back to the land hippie movement that got started in California in the mid 1960’s . All of this slice of our contemporary counterculture to include the musicians was tainted then finally destroyed by hedonistic drug use … end of story full stop.
    Argue the points about straight or direct lines if you wish – I was there for it , it cost my middle brother his life eventually .The 1960 -70 ‘s counter culture was one big tapestry sewn togather by the drug abuse..

  52. alba etie says:

    Thank you for clarifying how we pay for it – will the wall work ?

  53. Tyler says:

    I will assume you are not being purposefully obtuse, I will just assume you are ceding moral authority to the Left and playing by their rules, which states right-wing positions must be 101% effective while liberal shibboleths need only “good intentions” to handwave away hard questions.
    A wall is not intended to “stop” 100% of crossings, but make them prohibitively difficult vs. The free for all on most of the border. Right now a great deal of smuggler tactics involves crossing and then hauling feet for a terrain feature (mountains, thickets, neighborhoods, interstates) that either makes apprehension difficult or facilitates faster egress,
    A tiered border like in San Diego makes these crossings much more onerous to undertake, and apprehensions easier.

  54. Chris Chuba says:

    Trump has stated on occasions that we did all of the fighting in Iraq and then sometimes he finishes the statement ‘Iran got the oil’ or ‘China got all of the oil’. In China’s case, he is clearly referring to the fact they they are ‘free riders’ able to purchase M.E. oil while we are the only ones using the military to protect it. In Iran’s case, it sounds like he is using the proxy state argument, that Iraq is now an Iranian proxy state so Iran mush somehow be benefitting from their oil.
    I find both of these arguments non-sensical. Iran is providing some assistance to Iraq to fight ISIS, I have not found any reference to Iraq giving money to Iran. However, all of the other candidates, and I do mean all, have said equally non-sensical things that have more serious implications.

  55. Am I correct that all Iranian oil and gas fields fully nationalized?

  56. There are Trump advisers apparently but not prominent or in evidence. So still largely Trump his own expert. Will this be the proverbial straw? IMO NO! It is however asking the American voter to buy a pig in a poke?
    And IMO HRC’s principal adviser still WJC. Am I wrong?

  57. LeaNder says:

    alba etie, I wish, I would know what you could be trying to tell me via your aka?
    Can I answer this in music?
    I was never, ever a fan of Scott McKensei, how does the guy spell anyway:
    But I loved, Burdon’s San Francisco Nights:
    correct link?
    But no, he wasn’t the reason why San Francisco was on my itinerary. Ok, maybe a bit?? But yes “City Lights” bookshop was. And that was a lot less disappointing then The Naropa Institute’s bookshop” in Bolder. Were they sold silk and tea cups, and the lady told me: Sorry we only sell Ginsberg in Summer.
    Side Note: the way I found out with the help of City Lights, I share this Dostoevsky identification figure with. But now I sure told you too much. Although strictly its a long way from me to the King of Prague. I didn’t even know someone else could get such an idea before, it felt like some type of more recluse private game. … of course, in hindsight that was a silly idea.

  58. Tyler says:

    “Right wing groups”.
    Who cares? Talk to me when the Democrats disavow BLM, MoveOn, and every other Soros front group.

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