Northam calls special session for East California legislature.


"Virginia lawmakers are due back in Richmond on Aug. 18 for a special session that will focus on the state budget in the aftermath of COVID-19, as well as criminal and social justice reform, Gov. Ralph Northam's administration announced Friday. 

“I look forward to bringing legislators back in session as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times,” Northam said in a statement. “We have a unique opportunity to provide critical support to Virginians, invest strategically in our economic recovery, and make progress on policing and criminal justice reform. Let’s get to work.”

As protests over systemic racism and police brutality continue in Richmond, Northam said he backs the efforts by House and Senate Democrats to tackle the issue this summer. "


Pilgrims (especially those of you who are in East California, formerly Virginia), Governor Northam has called the General Assembly into session on August 18th to deal with social justice, budget and police issues.  

His staff is carefully structured to insure leftist domination of all functions and has commissars for really, really important issues like social justice.

I will wager any number of golden ducats that there will be all manner of interesting  amendments, attachments and executive orders appended to whatever legislation emerges.

One of the most likely will be a state mandate for removal of Confederate symbols from all state functions and property.  pl

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5 Responses to Northam calls special session for East California legislature.

  1. Harry says:

    Im not surprised. Generally its a good idea to solidify your political base.

  2. A. Pols says:

    It was once the case in old California that Asians, Mexicans, and of course others, couldn’t testify against a white man in court. Perhaps this principle will be stood on its head here in Virginia? I’m mostly, but not totally, facetious here, but yes, there will be blood when it comes to any white supremacist revanchist symbols. But the worm could turn. Northam serves one term and he seems to be over reaching his relatively slim mandate. Like Bush 2004 did with his “spending the political capital” from beating the weak John Kerry.

  3. Deap says:

    Virginia now becoming East California just means you now have a critical mass of government employee union members in residence.
    Once that tipping point occurs, as it did in California, the public sector union bosses become the shadow government and political opinion setters. Job number one becomes taking care of themselves. And getting re-elected handing out more member favors paid by your tax dollars.
    it is an unsustainable Ponzi scheme, but is still holding forth, teetering as it is, in West California. But at least West California has non-government cash cows so it is not entirely a closed system. Wash Dc border states have only the government as their primary business.
    Makes East California far more precarious for independent survival than the current West California ” 6th largest econmy nation state”. But as the top 1% start to flee West California, things will quickly shatter.
    Meanwhile we do have better weather in West California, than East California dollar for dollar value. WSJ is reporting an uptick in real property sales in West California, as urban dwellers look for more space to wait out this covid thing.

  4. J says:

    Another level of lunacy, seems the NYC major rather than protect NYC lives, is more worried about the BLM mural in front of Trump Tower that he and his wife painted, so he’s assigned 3 sergeants and 24 cops round the clock coverage to sit paint.

  5. J says:

    The Oligarchs and Communists have become one.
    The Global Oligarchs Have Merged With The Global Communists – OpEd

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