Iraq is proposing Re-admittance of Syria to the Arab League


"Iraqi top diplomat Mohamed Alhakim has confirmed the country’s support for Syria’s return to the Arab League, in a statement quoted by the Foreign Ministry.

“Iraq supports the unity of Syria and its return to its normal position in the Arab world and the region and the restoration of its position in the Arab League,” the Twitter post read.

The Iraqi foreign minister added that Baghdad wanted to see border crossings reopened between the two neighbors to stimulate trade.

The statement comes after Saudi Arabia, seen as Syria’s rival in the group, said last week it did not mind the Middle-Eastern state’s return." AMN
You may be of the opinion that the the Arab League, now headquartered in Cairo, is among the more useless organizations in the world.  If that is your view, you are also among the more perceptive observers of the ME.  The organization is the product of the insatiable Arab desire for meetings, endless speeches and inability to agree on anything that could actually be accomplished.  
On the other hand, re-admission of Syria to the Arab League is a mighty symbol for the collective political mind of the Arab World.  This factoid plus resumption of scheduled air transport from Arab countries and the likelihood of the re-opening of Arab embassies in Damascus all point to the simple truth that the Syrian Arab Government has won the civil war.  Even the UK government is now admitting that "Assad will be around for a while."
The Turks appear to be transfixed by the prospect of Russian favor and are less likely with every day that passes to try to gobble up northern Syria.
A new day, the SDF will make its peace with Damascus.  pl

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