Elon Musk and Isaac Asimov


"Last year, Elon Musk's personal Tesla might have gotten all the headlines during SpaceX's historic rocket launch back back in February, but the Falcon Heavy also carried a second, secret payload almost nobody knew about.

Stashed inside the midnight-cherry Roadster was a mysterious, small object designed to last for millions (perhaps billions) of years – even in extreme environments like space, or on the distant surfaces of far-flung planetary bodies.

Called an Arch (pronounced 'Ark'), this tiny storage device is built for long-term data archiving, holding libraries of information encoded on a small disc of quartz crystal, not much larger than a coin."  sciencealert


So, this particular pilgrim is in solar orbit carrying with him a tiny device that contains the entire text of Isaac Asimov's great science fiction trilogy – "Foundation," "Foundation and Empire" and "Second Foundation."  This is a wonderful, thought provoking work that I relished as a teenager.  Asimov was a polymath genius; biologist, man of letters and theater critic among other things.  I have a copy of his commentary on the entire oeuvre of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Musk is a man like unto him.  pl



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