I have Joe by the b–s and you all will be punished …


"an American politician of the Democratic Party serving as House Majority Whip since 2019.[1] He is a two-time Majority Whip, having previously served in the post from 2007 to 2011 and served as House Assistant Minority Leader from 2011 to 2019.

Currently in his 14th term as a congressman, Clyburn has served as U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 6th congressional district since 1993. His congressional district includes most of the majority-black precincts in and around Columbia and Charleston, as well as nearly all of a mostly rural region within South Carolina. Clyburn is the current dean of the South Carolina congressional delegation.

Clyburn has been the third-ranking Democrat in the House behind Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer since 2007, serving as Majority Whip behind House Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer during periods of Democratic House control, and as Assistant Minority Leader behind Minority Leader Pelosi and Minority Whip Hoyer during periods of Republican House control. After the Democrats took control of the House following the 2018 midterm elections, Clyburn was re-elected Majority Whip in January 2019 on the opening of the 116th Congress, alongside the re-elected Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer, marking the second time the trio has served in these roles together.  wiki


Watch the interview linked below.  The interview took place last night on Special Report.

I used to have a high regard for Clyburn, but not after last night.  My analysis is that the underlying truth in his attitude is "Joe Biden's campaign was dead until I brought SC's Black vote to him and caused him to win the primary here.  Joe can't win the presidency without overwhelming Black support.  Only I can bring him that vote.  Joe's record with regard to Blacks is poor in spite of all his BS to the contrary.  Without me he is nothing.  With me he is everything.  When he is president he will do what I tell him and then our grievances dating all the way back to colonization will be be expiated by you White people.

Just look at Clyburn during the interview.  Look at his hostility to Baier.

Clyburn used to describe himself as a Southern Gentleman.  That was then.  This is now.  pl


(Left click on the image for sound)


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  1. Jim says:

    Cromwell’s body, exhumed decades after his death, and posthumously be headed.
    Advocates here want to dig up graves of confederate soldiers.
    Neo-Fundamnentalists posing as secular priests telling people to take a knee.
    And attempting to shame those that don’t.
    Whatever else BLM is, it is also a fundraising wing of the Democrat Party.
    Reporters and journalists have been fired for asking questions about BLM.
    These are consequences of a failed education system, that produced failed parents whose parents produced failed children and on and on it goes.
    I do not trust any doctor, lawyer, judge, nor any one else for that matter.
    This Cultural counter revolution is not interested in me nor anything about me, nor of people . . . nor of humanity, nor of the spirit of life, nor life itself.
    And there is nothing “French” about it — social change as occurred in with Henry XVI chopped was change to the economic system — to capitalism; and change of political system — away from royal absolutism and authority of Catholic Church.
    These new reactionary counter revolutionist, some of whom are sincere, as were some of the Bernie-istas, are not out to destroy capitalism, in fact, they are funded by some of the biggest capitalists, and as is evident: BLM are a funding wing of a major political party.
    Their vision to re segregate etc. is an abomination to freedom of expression: the political right from which all human rights spring.
    This inconvenient truth of course being suppressed and denied by the media apostle, the political charlatan and a potpourri of sinister actors currently on stage.
    This scum is hell bent on murdering reason.
    This is not new, not here.
    During the “haydays” of 1960s, Barrington Moore Jr. noted that it always hangs in the balance, on the verge of being murdered.
    “Science is tolerant of reason; relentlessly intolerant of unreason and sham. A flickering light in our darkness it is, as Morris Cohen once said, but the only one we have, and woe to him who would put it out.”

  2. jonst says:

    Somebody, I don’t see any candidates yet in the body politic, or, if no one in the body politic, in the mainstream media then, is going to have to stand up and say
    “bullshit…the police was formed as a slave patrol’, or such nonsense. Were they formed all over the world for that reason? Was, and is, there a supreme logic to forming police depts that has nothing to do with race? Do you know a single thing about European History? Asian History? For god’s sake, grow up. Talking to you reminds me of the old Red Foxx joke, ‘I bet that red light would be green if I was white”‘
    They are going to have to speak to the Clyburns of the world, and the Pelosi’s of the world, like you would speak to them in the street. With all due respect (but no more) yet firmly, in a blunt and clear manner.
    I see no one strong enough on the horizon. But if he or she appears, and they can be any color under the sun, they will have lots of followers. But it takes courage. Not hostility or disrespect. It takes courage of conviction, and a passing familiarity with history and common sense. I repeat, I see no one so far.

  3. Deap says:

    We are all collateral damage in the turf war going on right now between SEIU et al and the teachers unions against the police unions.

  4. Fred says:

    Three decades in Congress and he now blames the foundations of the Republic for what he and his fellow democratic leaders failed to do in all those years. All that indoctrination of the new generation has only accomplished putting the AOCs of the party into ideological control. They are demanding people wear masks in public but their masks are coming off with the pending loss of their political power. He is upset that the NC police who arrested Roof did not act like the police in democratic stronghold Minneapolis. It is institutionalized – within the democratic party.

  5. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang
    I believe Obama is fully on board and probably playing a big role in all this. The game plan is to have a black woman as the VP candidate. Lot of smoke signals around Kamala Harris. The plan it seems is to re-create the Obama electoral “coalition” to win MI, PA and even NC. Grandpa Joe can then be quietly retired after the election.
    With a Senate takeover a distinct possibility, as the GOP is defending 23 seats compared to 12 for the Democrats, they may even win the trifecta. The Democrats have several opportunities to gain seats in the Senate and only need a net gain of 4.
    The neocons & neoliberals will be in hog heaven. Xi & the CCP politburo would love it, as will Hunter. The GOP establishment and the media-governmental apparatus will also be thrilled. Trump has set the template that trillion dollar annual debt increases are cool. LBJ’s “War on Poverty” will be put to shame with trillions transferred to favored groups. I’m willing to bet that the end recipients will get pennies though. Wall St will continue to love it as they’ll continue to get trillions – no difference for them. They always get the lions share of the loot no matter who is in power.
    Even if Trump scrapes through, he’ll be impeached & convicted quickly. There will be enough GOP senators like Romney who will vote to convict. There is a decent probability that the Trump era is coming to an end.
    IMO, Trump is in the current tough spot due to his own weakness. He didn’t have the guts to take out the “resistance” when he had the opportunity. Instead he hired them in all the key spots in his administration. The list is long – Rosenstein, Wray, Mattis, Kelly, Bolton.
    What will a return to a neocon & neoliberal government, media and political system do to the body politic? Who will be the next leader of the “Deplorables” and will they take the playbook from BLM and have a cadre of dedicated anarchists and turn to mass violence too?

  6. Diana Croissant says:

    I watched that last night. However in the spirit of “checking my privilege,” something I have, according to the likes of Clyburn, because of the color of my skin and not because of the very hard work of my great grandparents, grandparents, and parents, along with their brothers and sisters who had endured being called “dirrity Russians” and who just kept on working and building a better life for their kids, grandkids and great grankids.
    When he immediately claimed that the police departments were established to chase down blacks, I stopped listening. I checked my memory as much as I could in reference to the history of police departments in the U.S. I did a Google search since I didn’t want to run to the university library to see what I could find on the history of policing in the U.S.
    My gut instinct was correct, I believe, because I did not find anything to cooborate Clyburn’s assertion that police departments were specifically instituted for the express purpose of hunting down Black people.
    I like Baier, but I would like him better if he had immediately stopped Clyburn to ask how he could say such a thing without documentation.
    Now we may have people all across the country feeling guilty for no reason, thinking their ancestors supported police departments whose main purpose was to hunt down Black people.
    I know there are bad cops, just as I know there are bad and useless teachers, but give the many more good cops a break and do not let even this one small false statement pass without questioning its accuracy.

  7. PRC90 says:

    ‘Without me he is nothing’.
    Should Joe actually be the Nominee, his running mate, with HER eye on the prize may regard that attitude with amusement.
    The point may be moot and I doubt that situation will develop. All of these Democrats are in their 70’s and 80’s, and will have a vast disconnect from the current Cultural Revolution staffed by teens, and 20’s and 30’s-something jobless people, over whom they have no control. I doubt any of them know or care who Clyburn is.
    While BLM may be a funding collector for the DNC, the latter has no control over what is occurring at street and cyber level, and neither do the corporate sponsors who expected to create some anti-Trump focal points. There is no organisation block chart or even I would expect communication and direction. They have succeeded in creating a bunch of uncontrolled Red Guards who will eventually start fighting each other and burning libraries.
    This is in line with the competence the DNC has shown over the last five years – everything they have touched has ended in confusion and there is no reason to expect them to stop.
    Trump will be fine with all of this. Timing is everything, when the chaos goes too far and the election is neigh he will come to the rescue, with the force that will be needed, because no insurgency that has concentrated so far will dissipate by it’s own entropy. Clyburn be damned.

  8. He smells blood in the water. Sharks do that.

  9. The Texas says:

    Clyburn obviously needs additional education beyond his HBCU bachelor degree – – particularly in the realm of black American history. Having worked extensively in 13 African countries (primarily in the oil industry) I have developed such an understanding, especially among the countries of West Africa from whence most American blacks are descended.
    American blacks are fortunate that the slave industry existed in the 17th century or they would not be alive today. In the words of a Nigerian associate, American blacks are the descendants of the “lucky losers”. Concisely, the slave trade consisted of the Arab traders, the European buyers/transporters, and the black African providers of the commodity.
    Internecine warfare was a major component of the tribal cultures of West Africa and the winners would traditionally kill the males of the “losing team” and keep some of the females for other purposes. Once the Arabs developed a slave trade, this changed and the winning side would sell both the males and females for profit. If such a system had not existed, there would be very few (if any) American blacks today.
    This historical context is the main reason that American blacks do not fare well as managers of American companies in West Africa. They are looked down on as “genetically inferior” (the words of the aforementioned Nigerian associate) since they are the offspring of the losing side. Consequently, the Nigerians (and other West Africans) will go to great lengths to ensure such managers fail. I have witnessed this personally.

  10. Barbara Ann says:

    I tend to agree with PRC90. Bragging about having Placeholder Joe in his pocket is an indication of just how out of touch Clyburn is. When (if) Joe is president he will do exactly what the Clinton/Obama machine tells him to do – which will probably be to reluctantly resign through ill health within weeks.
    On the other hand, the neo-Trotskyite woke monster these Dr Frankensteins have created is not something to be controlled so easily. Perhaps Trump will benefit nearer the election, but this presupposes he is able to call upon a still extant police force. With every new perp shooting now decried as plain murder by bandwagoning Dems, it is not clear how much more LE can take. Given Milley’s shenanigans, if Trump is forced to use the military to put down civil unrest, all bets are off.
    I am interested to know what walrus’ mega rich media manipulators think of the uncontrollable Red Guards – a full scale revolution is certainly not in their interests. Maybe they’ll re-write the narrative & start branding the revolutionaries for what they truly are. The problem is, the Woke Terror has already reached the media. Denunciations & resignations are underway. After James Bennet’s sacking at the NYT, his replacement; acting Opinion Editor Katie Kingsbury sent the following message to NYT staff:

    ..anyone who sees “any piece of Opinion journalism — including headlines or social posts or photos or you name it — that gives you the slightest pause, please call or text me immediately.”

    An editor has been replaced by a woke commissar. I am not sure this is a force the media manipulators can stop.
    A longer piece on the fear and loathing among journalists by Matt Taibbi may interest the Committee:

  11. Fred says:

    “They have succeeded in creating a bunch of uncontrolled Red Guards …”
    That’s only partly correct. They certainly aren’t controlled by the Clyburn’s in congress nor Pelosi nor the Clinton wing of the DNC. Obama’s people? Possibly, I don’t know enough to guess, but somebody is turning these riots on/off pretty regularly and is certainly maintaining some semblance of control of those with street muscle or the major funders. Lots of woke HR departments will rapidly get out of hand and ruin quite a few businesses and even more careers, but that’s just collateral damage to the revolution.

  12. Rick Merlotti says:

    I just watched the link. No mention of Biden at all. Scrubbed already? See if I can find it elsewhere.

  13. turcopolier says:

    Rick Merlotti
    Of course he does not mention Biden. He does not need to but unlike you I can read between the lines. You are too stupid to read SST or probably a woke agitprop agent.

  14. Jack says:

    The Texas,
    Thanks for that nuance.
    Propaganda is all about painting it black & white. Us vs Them. Left vs Right.
    There’s so much complexity and nuance in the real world however.
    The quote by Putin that David Habakkuk noted is so insightful. He seems to be the only statesman on the world stage today. I wish we could trade our celebrity midgets we have across the political spectrum for him.

  15. jerseycityjoan says:

    Funny if he likes power as much as you think that he allowed tens of millions of immigrants to come in which has done nothing but take power and jobs and resources away from blacks.
    His hand is not really that good and it will only get worse.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Clyburn did deliver SC to Biden like a good party boss, but the black vote becomes less important to the Democrats if the election is not close. And with Trump’s numbers approaching Carter levels, it may not be so close.

  17. FakeBot says:

    Was the video posted on Facebook an edit? I didn’t see Clyburn mention Biden at all. The topic stayed on Trump and how in Clyburn’s view policing in America is fundamentally racist. I can’t say I agree with his views, but he raised worthwhile points that I found to be valid.
    Colonel, I didn’t see the contempt you mentioned, but then again I didn’t see Biden discussed at all. From what I did see, Clyburn was perhaps apprehensive towards Baier’s line of questioning because Baier did try to frame Trump’s legislative successes in a way that Clyburn would have to had conceded that the president deserved credit for them; however, Clyburn is every bit the wily , partisan politician and he wouldn’t have it. Whether one agrees with him or not, I think he made a valid enough argument to suggest he wasn’t acting on political cynicism alone in making that case.

  18. walrus says:

    Barbara Anne,
    “Walrus’ mega rich media manipulators?” What?

  19. Eric Newhill says:

    The mistake a lot of people are making is assuming that any of these angry black radicals have moral authority. The radicals sure are making the most of our elites’ lack of a personal moral compass. They are also making a big mistake thinking that our elites represent the majority of us in any way and that we respect our representatives and will obey them. Twitter is not reality. The backlash is going to be horrifying. 37% of Americans believe there will be a civil war in the next few years. The % is even higher for conservatives alone. The inevitability is becoming an accepted fact, which makes it more inevitable.

  20. Deap says:

    The Texas, thank you for your practical observations about today’s independent African nations. Add the former imported slave Caribbean islands nations now long independent, and I cannot point to any which can serves as a model for independent successful governance or economic viability. Help me out if you can, if I have overlooked any.
    I see instead overall crime -petty and grand, drugs, corruption, environmental degradation and gapping wealth disparity if there is a source of wealth – often western tourism and/or non-sustainable resource exploitation. Amid the occasional, but not long lasting, individual success stories. I speak more collectively. And pessimistically, even when there is surprisingly much to celebrate and cherish on this continent.
    I recommend anyone interested in the post Civil War US freed slave repatriation experience to Liberia to read the fascinating non-fiction account “Mississippi Africa”. The author tracked descendants of repatriated former US slaves that came from his own ancestor’s Southern US plantation. They told their Liberian stories.
    How did these generations of freed US slaves take over Liberia, due to their superior skills learned while in the US, until there was finally a devastating rebellion by the local non-former US slaves in this country a few decades ago. What right did we even have to “create” Liberia -let alone assume Africa was fungible Africa to any former US slaves?
    This recent upheaval devastated Liberia’s relatively functioning economic base as an oil exporting nation, while it was under the domination of the former US slaves. Liberia today now functions under a different power structure that cuts out the former US slaves role in its governance, as it fails into another failed African nation status. (By western terms, naturally – maybe this is the start of a new successful African model?)
    One can talk all they want about their dreams of a superior ‘black nation” arising out of the ashes of any western interference, but considering how many independent African run nations now exist decades after any vestige of European colonialism or centuries after Caribbean enslavement, one wonders why all these “African” models do not yet thrive on their own.
    Were the national maps drawn in Africa guaranteed to permanently destabilize it? Should the national boundaries be redrawn with present and native understandings?
    Malawi, under a lone but enlightened dictatorship had promise at the end of the last century – endeavoring to become the “Switzerland” of Africa leading in administrative services, education, health care and as a regional safe harbor economic center. However those noble intentions died in succession rabble that followed the death of benign dictatorship – Dr Banda.
    Having traveled extensively in Africa- Cape to Cairo – I love this continent, but despair at its failure to become a stable member in the family of global nations decade after decade.
    What new model will CHOP offer, after so many other independent African and freed slave nations have failed to bring about? Africa today is probably far more in the grips of China than it ever was under the relatively short duration of British Empire. Belgium was the worst case model, but we are still talking 75 years ago when that colonial nightmare was over.
    Any success pockets one finds in Kenya today come more from following its former British or European colonial model, than any newly evolving model out of purely African tradition. South Africa, post independence teeters, with probably far more de facto apartheid today, than they would like to acknowledge.

  21. Vegetius says:

    If the GOP could get 3-5% more of the white vote they would not need the votes of a single nonwhite anywhere to maintain power for another decade.
    During which time the 40 million illegals now inside our borders and their anchor babies could be deported, buying perhaps another decade to put things right.
    Politics is war by other means, and the current struggle is about who rules this land, not who can get paid the most to lose gracefully while sending our people to die for Israel, waving around The Federalist, and repeatedly bailing out Wall Street and the banks.
    All this could be accomplished very easily by actually asking whites as such for their votes, and by explaining how proposed policies would be pro-white. These policies do not have to be bad for any other group, they just have to be good for white people as white people. And the Marxists are actually helping to alienate white suburbanites by burning and looting the adjacent city centers.
    Yet pathetic conservatives would rather tell lies about fiscal responsibility, grovel before an enemy-controlled media, and wash feet.
    White identity politics is going to go mainstream sooner or later anyway as conservative idiots either wake up or die off. Few whites under 40 think ‘conservatism’ is anything but a club for losers, and with good reason. And the number of whites over 40 that share this view grows every day.
    But the later it comes the worse it will be for us as a group. Most likely a complete liquidation of all current GOP officeholders will be needed.
    Electorally-speaking, of course.

  22. Tidewater says:

    Congressman Clyburn’s concluding statement about what we can learn about white American police work in the action of Shelby County, North Carolina, police when they arrested Dyllan Roof– that they gave preferential treatment to Roof, presumably because they are racists–and took him to a Burger King. That never happened. Sad old, out- of- date Geechee got it all wrong. That was just another modern Twitter legend. He too dumb to check.
    But even if they had–it would have been about getting Roof to waive extradition. Which he did, anyway.

  23. Jim says:

    Democrats led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton destroyed the African nation of Libya.
    A nation that had free universal health care, employment and housing guaranteed.
    There are now open slave markets in Libya. It’s worse there than here: they have war lords and proxy wars with outside powers competing. . . here we have charlatans and rioters and feeble minded politicians, and eunuchs pretending to be the media.
    Thank you Barack Obama.
    Obama moved onto Syria, destroying it, and Ukraine, destroying it.
    Obama destroyed Occupy Wall Street.
    Who does he think he’s kidding?
    This war criminal telling the world, even today about justice. He can mouth it and perhaps he can even spell it, but to Obama, that is just a scrap of paper.
    Why are domestic police officers facing the death penalty — and Obama and Clinton and other war criminals who destroyed entire societies and entire nations not?
    No one is above the law.

  24. PRC90 says:

    Fred, there will certainly be attempts to stand up and stand down these mobs, eg., by anarchist elements such as Antifa, however that and other aspects of this insurgency are being solely informed by social media. It is that attribute which allows another factor to come into play, that of simultaneously actioned mass hysteria.
    Information, be it an actual call to arms, or a scream of outrage or of the presence of a weak point suitable for mass concentration, is instantly available to tens of thousands at a time and when they move as one as a result of this simultaneous receipt of information and consequent action, it may appear as coordination.
    The PRC, Kashmir and Myanmar authorities have on occasions shut down the internet in insurgent areas for this reason. I suggest that it WILL be interesting to see the results when the same thing is finally done in flashpoint areas of the US in the coming weeks.
    Barbara Ann. Yes, the Woke Terror sweeping the media and HR ? These people are extraordinarily well paid, have high debt levels, and already lead lives beset by political correctness. Within that paradigm, the unscrupulous will have little difficulty in unleashing a reign of terror; the revealing of truth is an anachronistic memory.
    As the number of foot soldiers is unlimited, this can only be brought to an end by proprietors ordering the children to sit down with their hands on their laps. When ?

  25. Seneschal says:

    We’ve all read this script before. There aren’t enough good men left, and when a society turns its back on the good, there can be only one outcome. Captivity, exile, or death. We are where we are because, collectively, we forgot something, and now we need to be reminded. There is nothing new under the sun.

  26. Polish Janitor says:

    After winning the Carolinas and Super Tuesday, the Biden campaign took off only with the help of Rep. Clyburn’s mobilization of black votes. This has been the underlining theme of Biden’s campaign, and was carefully engineered with the help of the DNC machine with emphasis on the significance of the black votes in November.
    The expectation from Biden since March has been to name a black woman and a few names began circulating as potential candidates along with several high-ranking white women. From Withmer, Warren, Klobuchar to Abrams, Kamala, Condi Rice, Susan Rice and even Michele O.
    Campaign strategists are well aware of the importance of black votes in elections, especially for Democrats. Notwithstanding, the black vote is even more crucial for Republicans and for a good reason too: in 2004 Bush won 11% of black votes and won re-election, McCain secured only 6-7% and lost, Romney could not get more than 4% and lost, and Trump won 8% and won the 2016.
    Since 2016, Trump has done a good job for the black community: Criminal reform bill, lowest black unemployment in history, cutting taxes which had some positive trickle-down effect for black businesses at lest until the Covid-19 blew everything up to square one. So you can see that Trump was focusing on tapping into at least 10% black votes which would undoubtedly have been catastrophic for Democrats and would have secured him a solid chance in November.
    What has been going on lately IMO is that Democrats are doing whatever they could to prevent Trump from winning re-election by not allowing Trump to become comfortable with the black votes. Their key objective has been to create as much separation as possible between Trump and black votes. Black democratic leadership is also fully on board and they seek Biden to nominate their shadow president who would be more or less managing everything like Cheney did during W’s presidency.
    My gut tells me that it is gonna be either Michele O or Stacey Abrams (a Rhodes Scholar) or even Kamala Harris. And believe me if Biden manages to somehow win and this scenario turns into reality, these’s gonna be chaos.
    In the meantime watch how centrist Democrats are working hand-in-hand to undermine Trump’s chances, along with the NeverTrumpers and Neoconservatives such as Bill Kristol, Mike Murphy, who left and right are propping up these damn PACs such as the RightSide PAC and the Lincoln Project, etc. They are now campaigning for Biden in key states such as Arizona, Wisconsin, Ohio…Remember folks these are REPUBLICANS campaigning for Biden a DEMOCRAT! And now there is another prominent filthy neocon, John Bolton with his new book that is aimed at screwing Trump’s character and Foreign policy and solidifying the Borg/Blob’s alliance with the Biden campaign at least until Trump’s defeat and the restoration of their version of normalcy in the white house.
    Key Tip to understand what’s going on: it’s East-Coast Straussians (i.e. Republican neocons and centrist Democrats) vs. West-Coast Straussians (i.e. Trump, Peleocons and folks at Clairemont Institute down in California)
    Strange times…

  27. turcopolier says:

    You are either an idiot or a lefty agitpropper. The Biden thing is MY analysis. If you don’t like my analysis – fine, but if you write something that stupid again, I will ban you here.

  28. Barbara Ann says:

    The Deep State folk you described here: “Suppose some very rich folks bought the majority of American media. They control that by influencing who is hired, promoted and fired throughout their networks”
    I did not intend “walrus'” to be read in the possessive sense!

  29. Rick Merlotti says:

    Colonel, I misread your post and then you misread mine. I assure you I am not a woke lefty agitprop agent. Tho I may be stupid 🙂
    The Dems and the MSM have gone insane. I read your site everyday to get a reality fix. Keep up the excellent work.

  30. jerseycityjoan says:

    We will not deport the illegal immigrants we already have. Their children born here are citizens and cannot be deported.
    I agree with you that white identity politics will become more prevalent in the years ahead. It’s inevitable as we become less than 50% of the population. But we will have to get our way through cooperation with other groups and the economic power white people still have by owning so much of everything here. I am assuming that today’s anti-white white people will change their minds once we are a minority but I could be wrong about that.
    Our biggest task will be to convince the country to reduce immigration levels in the future. This will benefit the whole country but it will be a hard sell until we start to see the catastrophic permanent job destruction due to technology predicted by Andrew Yang and others. Once people finally have to face the facts that we don’t and won’t have enough jobs for ourselves, presumably their ideas about immigration will change, even if they themselves are immigrants. Of course I could be wrong about that, too.

  31. turcopolier says:

    Rick Merlotti
    Bless you.

  32. Deap says:

    We can no longer support “immigration” in any form when a singular goal is sending dollars earned in the US economy, out of the US economy.
    When US remittences are used to fund corruption in “home countries”, this is a lose-lose for the US. We are not seed corn for the third world. If they come and want “revolution” in the US, they need to take those sentiments back home and start their “revolutions” there.
    Run the numbers: 50% of Calif tax revenues are committed to public education. Well over 50% of Calif K-12 are illegal “english learners”. And California consistently ranks #45 nationwide in student outcomes. That is the “system” that must be changed.
    Yet all we do is encourage more “revolutionaries hell bent on destroying us from within; not asking them to change their own lives back home for themselves.
    This is building systematic dysfunction on our tab on our own home turf. The numbers do not lie. Nor can we let the only response be cries of racism. We owe solid K-12 educations, in English, to our own citizens first. We owe a non-diluted public education dollar to our own citizens first. And we need to talk about this.

  33. jerseycityjoan says:

    I want much less immigration too. But I would say remittances are not the major problem. The major problem is starting with one or two immigrants and ending up with dozens of relatives here eventually through chain migration. It’s the relatives here that will cost us trillions eventually. I think remittances mostly go to support family members. American money does fuel corruption down there through illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution, guns sales and trafficking.
    I don’t know where you got your numbers on illegal English language learners in Califotnia but it didn’t match what I saw on the internet, which was much lower. Plus lots of legal immigrants don’t speak English.
    We need to put our own people first. We sure do need to talk about that. The Democratic Party — my party — has moved to a virtually open borders policy though they don’t want to admit it. It is painful for me to see and it makes getting anything positive done about immigration almost impossible as the Democrats and their cheap labor Republican and libertarian allies combine to keep trying to increase immigration, not decrease it.

  34. Mike46 says:

    Martyrs for the cause. Steven Carrillo & Robert Justus wanted to get the boog rolling, maybe they succeeded.

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