“D.C. committee recommends stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and others from city government buildings”


"A committee reporting to D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has recommended renaming dozens of public schools, parks and government buildings in the nation’s capital — including those named for seven U.S. presidents — after studying the historical namesakes’ connections to slavery and oppression.

The report drew a torrent of criticism, especially for its suggestion of adding plaques or other context to some of the most famed federal locales in the city, including the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. After a harsh rebuke from the White House, the Bowser administration removed the recommendations dealing with federal monuments on Tuesday evening.

A White House statement called Bowser (D) “the radically liberal mayor of Washington, D.C.” and said she “ought to be ashamed for even suggesting” revisions to the marble monuments dedicated to presidents who were enslavers. “President Donald J. Trump believes these places should be preserved, not torn down; respected, not hated; and passed on for generations to come.”"  Washpost (Bezos blog)


The hysteria rolls on.  Will the Democrat and minority dominated city of Washington retreat from this absurdity?  The picture is of the statue of Freedom depicted as an Indian woman.  It stands on the dome of the capitol.  Surely the DC government thinks this is "cultural appropriation."  

Can we expect that the DC government will not return like a dog to its bone to the idea of re-naming federal owned property?  I think not.

They will, of course want to re-name the District of Columbia itself.  The names of Columbus and Washington must be removed (irony).

IMO the capital of the United States should be moved to somewhere out in the center of the country and the functions of government dispersed so that the federal government is not hostage to a minority dominated city.  pl 


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41 Responses to “D.C. committee recommends stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and others from city government buildings”

  1. Fred says:

    These are the people yearning for year zero.

  2. Clueless Joe says:

    At least, these fools should be consistent. You don’t just want to put the Washington Monument into context. If this is required then the very least is to ask to change the city’s name as well. Plenty of “fun” would ensue.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Truly worthy of Pol Pot. So infuriating I can’t compose a response. Only thought to say that moving the capitol would be interpreted as surrender.

  4. Deap says:

    For another view about “black oppression” in America, as we speak, from the voices of black America themselves: https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2020/09/02/youd-sure-hate-to-see-this-video/
    Obviously, this clip needs wider viewership to directly contradict the media and Democrat agenda. “Trump is a racist” — How is he a racist? —– (crickets) How is he a racist? (More crickets)

  5. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Return like a dog to its bone?
    Rather, like a dog to its vomit.
    And my God, yes, relocate the capitol, disperse any useful units, remove anthing useful (those horrid monuments, National Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, etc.), and let the current location revert back into a malarial swamp. Oh, wait; it is already a malarial swamp. Let Bowser be mayor of Baltimore II, a position for which she is undoubtedly well-suited.
    OT: In further mayoral news, Mayor Wheeler of Portland, who has been responding to President Trump’s offer of help from federal law enforcement by telling him to pound sand, has announced that he is moving from his condominium complex. It seems that several successive night of protests (mostly peaceful except for the property damages and vandalism) led him to this choice. He apologized to other residents, holding them blameless for the situation. Well, if they voted for this man, they only got what they wanted, good and hard.

  6. Jack says:

    The WaPost cleanup crew in action. D.C. Mayor Bowser released a report recommending “the Federal government remove, relocate,or contextualize” Washington Monument, etc. After pushback, Bowser removed that page–and the WaPost now pretends “remove” and “relocate” were never there.

    These people are nuts! The level of propaganda and disinformation is at such incredible levels.

  7. A. Pols says:

    Home rule was a mistake; I thought so at the time and still do. DC, as a federal city should be run by a department of the Federal govt. and the “mayor” or city manager should be an appointee of the president.

  8. Barbara Ann says:

    As @Jack observes, these people are nuts. The good news is that as the Woke Terror whips itself into an ever greater ecstasy of political correctness, more and more sane observers will see this for what it is; plain and simple cultural vandalism.
    Alastair Crooke had a great piece out on Monday entitled “The Dissolution of Liberal Universalism”. His big picture take is pertinent to this discussion IMO, as it concerns the cultural expungement central to the Liberal Universalist (globalist) project.
    Crooke contrasts the rise of Eurasian civilizational states*; Russia, China, India, with the decay of “Liberal Universalism”. This term describes the post WWII European idea that breaking down the barriers which separate people will necessarily lead us towards a future without conflict. National and political boundaries were the first to go (the EU) but the project’s ethos was by design anti-cultural. Its ultimate goal is to replace outmoded national, ethnic and other cultures with one universal culture. David Habakkuk described this recently as “Marxism-Lennonism” I think.
    * These being defined as being organized around culture rather than politics
    The Universalist mindset has infected utopian-minded Leftists in the US and seems to have mutated into a nihilistic culture-hating cult. Enter the Contextualists.
    Crookes quotes Bruno Maçães, a Portuguese politician as observing that “Western societies have sacrificed their specific cultures for the sake of a universal project”. This is true for much of Europe, but the front line is now the US.
    November 5th, as much as anything else, will be a referendum on American culture. Trump and conservatives want to retain/reinvigorate it and (re)build the American civilizational state. And many Democrats – as exemplified by Mayor Bowser, want to tear it down and erase all history that offends their ever-more-delicate woke sensibilities.
    Avoiding warfare is a laudable aim, but ending it altogether? Well I reckon the only thing worse than periodic warfare is a universal world ‘culture’ where national and other differences have been erased such that we all live in bland dystopian harmony and no one ever has so much as their feelings hurt.

  9. walrus says:

    To be renamed Pelosigrad after the forthcoming color revolution.

  10. Fred says:

    I would certainly move a number of the federal departments out of the region. CDC to Mississippi, Agriculture to Iowa, etc. The more rural the better. When the inevitable retirements happen abolish the positions. As to D.C. itself, enough with paying extortion to keep some crooked pols in senecures. Re-take federal control of the district, eliminate all the public housing projects. Let those folks move.

  11. Polish Janitor says:

    This entire summer has clearly demonstrated to every concerned citizen and outside observer that it is such a bad idea to allow crazed ideology-infected leftists (most of them minorities) run cities, municipalities, city councils, police departments, and other political positions and local and state levels.
    I can’t understand why these mentally compromised mayors and council members who take the oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution to serve and protect, do anything but serve and protect! I have come to believe that their constitution is surely not ‘The 1787 Constitution’ but something else, like a two-page apple or google ‘community guideline’, ‘terms and services’ or something similar to that which is handed out to them once they are in office. I keep asking myself, who do these people think they are? ordering cultural appropriations around, making demands and embarking on maoist ‘reform’ at the home, toppling and defaming statues and erasing a country’s history, culture and heritage?

  12. scott s. says:

    It used to be organized as Washington County and Alexandria County. After retrocession Alexandria City began annexing the unincorporated county which successfully seceded to form Arlington County, named for Washington’s step-son’s plantation which encompassed a good-sized chunk of the land. It’s most famous resident was George Washington Parke Custis and through his daughter RE Lee.

  13. turcopolier says:

    Scott S
    That is correct and after the CW it was stolen by the War Department from Lee’s wife.

  14. Jack says:

    As this clip shows under the guise of keeping people “safe” the governing elite have destroyed small businesses. But the rules don’t apply to the ruling elite.
    Just like under the guise of keeping Americans “safe”, the governing elite destroyed our liberties with mass surveillance and secret courts where fraudulent evidence is acceptable. Now AG Barr wants to create a two tier justice system where the secret court can order warrants for you and me but provides exceptions to the governmental and political elite.
    We are the patsies!

  15. Deap says:

    Those guys did not give me the vote either. Nor grant me any property rights. But I’m okay because they laid the foundation for something pretty darn special and the flexibility to adapt to changing time.
    Leave them alone – they were giants of their times. No skin off my nose today, because of what they did or did not do 250 years ago. They were quite a remarkable group, flaws and all only prove there are sparks of the divine that exist in us all.

  16. BillWade says:

    Barbara Ann, Election day is November 3rd, it’s on a Tuesday. It’s not on November 5th, which is Thursday. Don’t forget to vote!

  17. optimax says:

    To me Portland’s most majestic statue is the Elk that was vandalized by Antifa, BLM and other primitive revelers. It was erected in 1900 by the mayor and sat atop a fountain local lore says a few elk can down from wooded hills to drink from. It’s the best in Portland, the best of a spirit being destroyed for simple because of its beauty. This whole thing is about monsters destroying America’s beauty.Look at the before and after photos of antifa women. (it’s on the web). From pretty young women to caricatures of a creatures in a 19th century mental institution.
    They want to destroy the beauty of our founding and growth by obsessing on its faults as presently judged. All these demonstrators and rioters have to replace our freedoms with is totalitarian control–ugliness.

  18. English Outsider says:

    Well, Barbara Ann, that summed it up, your comment –
    “November 5th, as much as anything else, will be a referendum on American culture. Trump and conservatives want to retain/reinvigorate it and (re)build the American civilizational state. And many Democrats – as exemplified by Mayor Bowser, want to tear it down and erase all history that offends their ever-more-delicate woke sensibilities.”
    – and also touched on a question I saw the Colonel pose just recently. In effect he was saying, how does all this affect us who live far from the United States? Which we can take further when when we ask “What’s all this got to do with us in Europe?”
    Because we have our own problems in Europe, in my view more serious than those confronting you in the States. Should we not be focusing on those problems? What is the turmoil in the States to do with us?
    A question you answer so –
    “Crookes quotes Bruno Maçães, a Portuguese politician as observing that “Western societies have sacrificed their specific cultures for the sake of a universal project”. This is true for much of Europe, but the front line is now the US.”
    “The front line is now the US”. Your battle is our battle. Though most of us in Old Europe, frozen as it still is in the parochial and rigid “progressivism” that is now the hallmark of the ancien regime, would deny that the battle has much to do with us even as they are uneasily aware that that battle is coming our way too.

  19. Barbara Ann says:

    Thanks @BillWade, don’t know where 5th came from!

  20. Artemesia says:

    Barbara Ann, English Outsider;
    ” how does all this affect us in an every-day way who live right here in the United States?”
    I’ve been involved in a relatively minor civil suit being heard in Washington, DC courts. The matter was introduced on Jan 6. At that time, hearing was continued to March 18. That date having fallen in the Lockdown time, it was continued to Sept 8. Two days ago the Court notified parties and lawyers that the case was continued to either Nov 10 or Dec 30 — it’s not clear which.
    In other words, the DC Court system is in serious disarray at a functional level that impacts ordinary citizens.
    No doubt tearing down the Washington Monument, or “re-contextualizing it” will go a long way to resolving that chaos.

  21. Polish Janitor says:

    English Outsider and to all,
    I completely agree with English Outsider’s take with regard to the notion that what is happening in the U.S., and to a lesser degree in Western Europe, affects the lives of those of us who live outside of the America. I can’t stress it enough the fact that these riots, statue-topplings, the so-called ‘peaceful protests’, and identity politics nonsense if becomes re-invigorated and snowballed into bigger size and scale, have the profound effect of transmitting to other places and will undoubtedly lead to anarchy in places that will take years to ameliorate.
    These protests and riots are very carefully manufactured movements by the social scientists in the culturally-Marxists and neo-trotskyite circles and fueled by the political liberal elites in the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Canada to undermine the two Weberian pillars of stable societies in targeted countries: 1. Political order and the central authority, 2. the economic and manufacturing sector. This is carried-out by amalgamation of two forces, 1. the millennium and Z-gen rank and file who have been brainwashed for years in the predominantly liberal academia, with identity politics and similar nonsense. These kids have no skills in manufacturing and the ‘real’ cycle of production that fuels the economic growth and stability in society and have been carefully pushed out of the manufacturing sector and to the academia sector with degrees what don’t worth a penny. What these kids only have is a set of ‘attitudes’ or ‘grievances’ toward what they frame as injustice, racism, discrimination, sexism and so forth. 2. The liberal and predominantly progressive jewish elites in academia, tech, media, politics, and bureaucracy are the ones who give these hopeless kids orders where to go and what to do next. Their objective is to start a successful and fruitful ‘progressive’ campaign in America to then be able to ‘export’ it around the world, especially in countries where they deem as ‘authoritarian’ and ‘illiberal’ for ultimate benefits of the transnational elites’ interests in those wrecked countries. I can assure you that they have very big plans in all five continents, starting from Western Europe where populist nationalist and right-wing parties have been able to gain a lot of momentum and form an obstacle to the further progressive creep there. Then they will turn their attention to Russia, then the Middle East, and then China. The success of this ambitious campaign depends on how successfully they will be able to pull it off in America. This is a rough definition of the new foreign policy doctrine by the liberal elites in the America. Think of neoconservatism 2.0 (not the Irving Kristol’s version) where you have the Democratic Party establishment + the Republican Party’s (Bush 43) Never Trumper national security wing, and AoC.
    And below you can find some important evidence in this regard:
    1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/12/books/review/the-arab-winter-by-noah-feldman-an-excerpt.html
    (This explains the reason why the Arab Spring movement failed and the writer’s theory of how to make similar movements work in the future)
    2. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/08/13/kamala-harris-soft-power-election-2020-vice-president-biden/
    (This one is very important for anyone concerned with the prospects of the exportation of BLM/Antifa-based soft-power foreign policy under Biden and Kamala)
    3. https://www.basicbooks.com/titles/richard-n-haass/foreign-policy-begins-at-home/9780465071999/
    (the usual suspect and arch neocon, Richard Haass actually laid out the ‘meat of the matter’ in this 2013 book which I believe explains what is happening in America, i.e. reform at home, and then its export around the world)

  22. blue peacock says:

    Barbara Ann, EO
    When I look at Barack & Michelle Obama with their $300 million Netflix contract, multi-million dollar home in DC and an estate in Martha’s Vineyard, best friends with David Geffen and Richard Branson as well as the Hollywood elite, all achieved as a consequence of his rise from community organizer in Chicago to the Presidency, I don’t see any left-wing radical. Note that he was backed by the Pritzker family wealth for the Illinois legislature run and the subsequent US senate run and even more heavily by Wall St for his first run for the presidency. Recall that John Podesta was the head of his transition committee after his first win. Recall also that the Podesta emails leaked show that Wall St decided the key hires in the Obama administration including Holder & Geithner.
    This idea that the Obama’s & Pelosi’s are marxist is lazy labeling! IMO, they are the epitome of how the system is gamed by a close circle of the wealthiest and most powerful. The Party of Davos as @Jack calls them. They don’t care about BLM or Antifa or any cultural identity. The race among them is to be accepted by the “club” and the lifestyle of great wealth and power. They hold the proles in contempt as they smirk with satisfaction at their great manipulation ability. The rub it in your face brazenness of Jeffrey Epstein and his fellow travelers Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Ehud Barak, Dershowitz is what its all about.
    The foot soldiers in creating mayhem for the cameras are just that – anarchists devoid of any meaning in their own lives who are getting their 15 minutes of fame courtesy of CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times and the Washington Post. Many Americans in the coastal urban centers have become woke and have provided the scenes of the many with their BLM signs. The question is where has wokedom arrived from? Is it again from a place of being patronizing, just like all the programs behind the War on Poverty? Trump is a lightning rod for these people with his manner and style of speech. What they hate most about him, is that he uses his bully-pulpit and Twitter feed to call bullshit on the complete fakeness of wokedom.
    The most woke don’t want poor blacks and latinos living in their fine neighborhoods. Do you think the Bel Air crowd want housing projects down their street? How do you think Megan and Harry and their neighbors Oprah and Ellen will feel if a major low-income housing project was built in their tony Montecito hangout? Would they want to spend any time socializing with families from South Central LA for canapés and wine? Wokedom is about being smug in their cultural superiority. It is the contemporary version of the mission to civilize the savages from a few centuries ago.
    I’m completely in agreement with @Jack that this is all meant to divide and distract from the real looting that has taken place over the past many decades and is continuing to accelerate. Trump is no bulwark against the real looting. While he’s seemingly battling the cultural identity war, he’s enabling the looting at an even greater scale than even Obama did. Is he playing the MAGA crowd, just like Obama is the BLM crowd?

  23. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Well, well, Mayor Bowser stirred up her BLM mob, and they now assume that she owes them, big time, for services rendered.
    Seems to be a pattern here, as other democrat mayors have discovered. Once you raise the rabble for your own political purposes, brace yourselves for having the ante raised.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Yes. Think of Danton and Robespierre. pl

  25. turcopolier says:

    blue peacock
    “he’s enabling the looting at an even greater scale than even Obama did.” Be specific or shut up. Pelosi is not a Marxist. She is a grasping politician. To argue that Obama is not a Marxist is problematic given his deep and long associations.

  26. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang,
    See chart below. Direct transfers of cash to Wall St & corporate managements. Scale is in trillions. Compare Obama term to current Trump term.
    Similarly, look at the federal government debt growth under Obama vs Trump. You can see the significant relative increase under Trump.
    Re Obama: Are decades past associations more relevant than recent decades associations? Who do the Obama’s socialize and associate with now? Are those that live in the Top 0.1% bubble actually Marxists? During his term he fought single payer which would have been considered socialist.
    My argument is that Obama like Trump, have used cultural identity messaging to gain power. Not necessarily that they believe in it themselves. It is a means to an end, IMO.

  27. walrus says:

    The term I coined for Pelosi and her ilk i; “Champagne Socialist”. I used to know plenty. A six figure salary, a beautiful house in an exclusive and trendy neighbourhood and strong left wing positions where they were fashionable.
    There are whole suburbs and towns like this in part of Australia. Balmain in Sydney, Northcote, Fitzroy in Melbourne. The towns of Castlemaine, Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, etc. Oh so politically correct and boy! Those house prices!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Strictly speaking Arlington was taken from the Lees’ eldest son Custis, although his mother had a life interest in the property. As you probably know, he obtained compensation for the loss after the war. He had the option of reclaiming the land, but chose not to (Montgomery Meigs had deliberately made the property uninhabitable), not wanting to take up residence in a cemetery.
    I can’t believe Mayor Bowser really has nothing better to do. And there is already plenty of “contextualization” around the Jefferson Memorial.

  29. turcopolier says:

    Theft is theft. It was a struggle to obtin compemsation for the theft.

  30. turcopolier says:

    Blue Peacock.
    You will have to explain your chart. What does it actually show? Yes, people made money under Trump until you Democrats convinced him to foolishly shut the economy down. IMO the left giving barons on Wall Street are more like the people in Germany who supported the Nazis than they are like Marxists, you know, the Krups, etc. The Obamas’ hearts are on the left but their pocketbooks are their very own. You do know that Michele made her TV speech for the DNC from her $12 million beach house on Martha’s Vineyard? Obama resisted single payer because he knew he could not get it passed and failure would endanger passage of the ACA. In any event the combination of the ACA and expansion of Medicaid was just great from his point of view as mechanism for the transfer of wealth to the people he favored.

  31. Barbara Ann says:

    blue peacock
    Trump’s presidency is currently the only constitutional bulwark against the forces that would erase conservatism forever. I’d forgive him a very great deal because of that.

  32. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang.
    You say “….you Democrats…”. I’m a registered independent. I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary in the last election. I have voted for both Republicans & Democrats as well as others in elections. For example, I voted for Ross Perot.
    The chart I linked to is the Federal Rserve’s balance sheet. The Fed grows its balance sheet when it creates liabilities with a click of keyboard (money printing) and buys financial assets from Wall St. These assets can be Treasury securities, Mortgage-backed securities, Other asset-backed securities, Junk Bonds, Investment-grade bonds, ETFs and in the case of 2008 even completely impaired securities like some of the Bear Stearns assets at par or even higher.
    This is a direct transfer to Wall St and corporate managements. Here’s an example – a failing corporation’s bonds will be trading well below the initial offer price. The Wall St firm that held from its initial offering is sitting on a loss. The Fed buys those securities at par or higher to make sure the Wall St firm doesn’t lose any money on that trade. This failing company now issues even more bonds that get’s sold to the Fed through a Wall St firm. This additional capital is paid out to managements for a big bonus or used to buy back stock since management compensation is in stock. The firm then goes bust. The Fed has eaten the losses but they never have to recognize it. In 2008, the Fed bailed out managements of Wall St firms and allowed individual homeowners to go bust. Now, under the umbrella of virus lockdown, trillions of dollars have been transferred to Wall St. They could have also written a big check to every American who lost their job due to the lockdown. They didn’t do that as that is considered “socialism”.

  33. blue peacock says:

    Barbara Ann
    What is your definition of “conservatism”?

  34. optimax says:

    After his last term in office, Washington returned to his plantation and calculated he had 300 slaves. Only 100 were available to work, the other 200 were too young or old or infirm to do so but were still fed and cared for. The tidewater Virginians believed in keeping the slave families together, therefore, they weren’t separated through sale. Washington bequeathed the slaves to his wife, to be freed upon her death and if too infirm to be cared for by the estate.
    The White laborers in the north didn’t have such a generous disability and retirement package at that time. They didn’t have any at all. When unable to work they lived on charity or starved. Not all slave owners were as compassionate as Washington, but some were. We don’t mention them in political or polite conversations in these racially charged times where Black grievance depends on a one sided narrative.

  35. Fred says:

    ” We don’t mention them in political or polite conversations….”
    We don’t mention who enslaved thier ancestors and sold them off either.

  36. Seward says:

    My own guess, FWLIW, living in a MD suburb 20 miles north of downtown DC, is that if the D’s win the Presidency and both houses, DC will become a state, which activists there have proposed renaming “Douglas Commonwealth” to retain DC. My guess is they’ll likely try to rename the municipality “Banneker,” along with the Banneker Monument (for Benjamin Banneker, a black surveyor of DC). [Warning: my guesses are usually wrong.]
    It would be more sensible to retrocede DC back to MD, which the new MD regime might welcome. After generations of rule by sensible Southern Democrats, with an occasional sensible Republican thrown in, the D’s in MD have been taken over by BLM supporters.

  37. Barbara Ann says:

    blue peacock – great question, we bandy about undefined terminology too often.
    So I see no need to finesse Burke’s original concept – i.e. belief that:-
    – Traditional values are eternal and not subject to ‘modernization’
    – Gradual change is better than revolution
    – A socially cohesive society requires a dominant faith or common religion
    – The purpose of Government’s is to secure the natural rights* of men not ‘improve’ us
    – Private property (one of the above rights) is sacrosanct
    * Importantly, these arise out of the above mentioned traditional & spiritual value system, NOT as a result of the pontifications of intellectuals
    Progressivism refutes the first 4 out of hand & the Marxists of course take issue with #5.
    Happy to have Burkean scholars & others point out the flaws in my definition.

  38. optimax says:

    They are remaking the tv mini-series “Roots”. I wonder if it will keep the fictitious scene of white slavers entering the jungle to capture slaves, taking them from utopian existence. Showing blacks capturing other blacks would make “the black kids angry.”

  39. blue peacock says:

    Barbara Ann
    All laudable points that I would largely agree with. The challenge is point three. Even Jefferson & Madison believed in diversity of religion and/or faith. Where we have failed most miserably especially over the past several decades is your point 4. Government no longer is in the business of securing natural rights of men but has become extractive. Something Tocqueville observed a long time ago could be a distinct possibility. Which leads to your point 5. Private property is no longer secure as government can impound or impair it any time and have even done so capriciously as seen with civil forfeiture.
    In you opinion why do you believe Trump is the last bulwark to these points? I didn’t see much tangible actions on his part to justify that belief. For example, he signed the FISA renewal, which as we know is the very antithesis of point 4. Now a court after a decade has ruled that mass surveillance is illegal. I don’t see Trump ending it and he hasn’t called for the repeal of the Patriot Act either. The actions of his administration are not much different than previous administrations.

  40. English Outsider says:

    Barbara Ann – thanks for that definition. I shall certainly remember it.

  41. optimax says:

    Property isn’t sacrosanct when government doesn’t believe in protecting it. Breaking windows. burning the lobby of the mayor’s condo is all free speech. Ha ha ha. I must be demented, I live in Portland. God, has it changed.

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