“FBI obtains search warrant … ” Washpost


"The FBI has obtained a warrant to search the emails found on a computer used by former Congressman Anthony Weiner that may contain evidence relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to law enforcement officials.

One official said the total number of emails recovered in the Weiner investigation is close to 650,000 — though that reflects many emails that are not in any way relevant to the Clinton investigation. Officials familiar with the case said, though, the messages include a significant amount of correspondence associated with Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife.

The agents investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server knew early this month that messages recovered in a separate probe might be germane to their case, but they waited weeks before briefing the FBI director, according to people familiar with the case.

FBI Director James B. Comey has written that he was informed of the development Thursday, and he sent a letter to legislators the next day letting them know that he thought the team should take “appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails.”"  Washpost


 "the messages include a significant amount of correspondence associated with Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin, "

I wonder from whom they obtained a warrant.  This could be the crack of doom.  I imagine that they will mine out the e-mails from/to Hillaryworld and look at them.  pl 


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  1. Sam Peralta says:

    Did anyone watch the Sunday newsie shows?
    Curious, what the Borgist media was saying? I’m sure they may be freaking out privately about their best laid plans to manufacture the election result!

  2. Given today’s state of advanced search and analysis technology, we should know what’s in the emails NLT Tuesday morning. And that’s giving them time for the inevitable bureaucratic processing.

  3. turcopolier says:

    And as your SGM mentor said, “the shits on good buddy.” pl

  4. eakens says:

    Weiner is going to give up the farm to avoid going to prison as a convicted pedophile.

  5. Tyler says:

    What a time to be alive.

  6. Jack says:

    It seems the shit was flying at FBI HQ, ever since Comey gave the Borg Queen her free pass from indictment. It seemed that when AG Lynch recused herself soon after her tarmac tryst with Slick Willie came to light, that Comey had been brought along.
    With AG Lynch firmly in the pocket, is it a foregone conclusion that it will turn out to be a nothingburger? And the Borg can cover it under the rug after the manufactured election result is announced?

  7. Jack says:

    TTG, Sir
    Pure speculation on my part, but what if they found all those deleted emails from the server? And there’s some perjury by a few like Mills and the Borg Queen too?
    Is the FBI likely to spill the beans or do they let AG Lynch let it all slide under bureaucratic obfuscation?

  8. The Beaver says:

    @ TTG
    as explained to me on another forum and I quote:
    650k emails can easily be ingested into an appropriate eDiscovery software environment in less than 4 hours, even if there are lots of attachments. It would take less than 24 hours to index such a small chunk of data and search for emails of potential interest.
    Then you cross-index it against the existing repository of emails that already exist and look for unique ones. That’ll take a matter of minutes.
    The end result is the only things which has to be reviewed by a live human being, and reviewers typically tag ~180 documents per hour.
    And that’s assuming you don’t use existing eDiscovery logic to further filter by looking for specific metadata, adjacency of key phrases, etc… before a human being looks at the output.
    Actually, the most time consuming part of eDiscovery these days are… redaction.

  9. Fred says:

    Will we be having a Sunday Night Massacre by way of Huma (Mrs. Weiner) cooperating with the FBI or just an orgy of Monday morning pardons?

  10. If the FBI doesn’t come up with a real bombshell real quick, HRC is going to emerge from this stronger than ever. I am reminded of the SNL skit right after Bill Clinton weathered his impeachment. Darrell Hammond as Clinton came to the podium and started off, “I am bulletproof. Next time you best bring kryptonite.”

  11. Cortes says:

    With all due respect, that has been thoroughly investigated:

  12. Tyler says:

    I’ve heard some interesting theories that the reason you’re seeing the slow abandonment of Clinton is that Trump made the ultimate “deal” with Obama to not go after him for being involved in this. So the word was passed and there you go.
    But a pardon of Hillary is also making the rounds among the Democratic brain trust that Obama should just pardon Clinton cause “we already know she didn’t do anything”. You want to 100% elect President Trump? That’s how you do it.

  13. Tyler says:

    Can someone confirm/deny if Weiner stored the emails in a file called “Life Insurance”? Cause if so woo son.

  14. different clue says:

    It depends how personally offended and betrayed AS PEOPLE they feel about all this. It also depends on if they can cover their tracks so well that the leaker is never ever found out. If they can figure out how to “cause these emails to emerge” from an utterly unexpected direction from which no digital trail of any sort can be walked back, then these things will be released.
    They know how the OverClass hates the Snowdens it can find and name. They won’t want to be exposable as those Snowdens.
    In my purely intuitive and totally amateur opinion.

  15. Jay says:

    If field agents had access almost a month ago but did not signal HQ until a few days ago. I am assuming that they got something. Either that or Comey is being set up for the biggest fall ever to hit DC since Tricky Dick…

  16. Tyler says:

    Nah, disagree. On the other hand, I don’t think he would have touched this if there wasn’t a bombshell, and the desperation of the Dems makes me think this is it. Reid is filing Hatch Act charges against Comey, and the best the DoJ would do is say “they wouldn’t recommend it”. That tells me that they wanted plausible deniability so that of Comey didn’t file and it came out they were clear of impropriety. They didn’t tell him NOT to after all.
    Whatever is in those emails is radioactive. Comey knows it, the DOJ knows it, and the Dems know it. It is pure crisis mode over there.

  17. LT says:

    Happy Halloween !
    Thought you might appreciate a spine tingler on this festive day.
    The Borg Queen *unmasked* :
    Here her arrogance is seen in all it’s Shining glory:

  18. shaun says:

    Just asked my wife if we have enough popcorn for all of this.

  19. FND says:

    I have a conspiracy theory. Wiener got Huma’s email address that she used for state department business and later the Hillary presidential campaign. He then had his laptop automatically download any and all emails addressed to Huma. What was the motivation for that? Could be simply that knowledge is power, or could even be he was sharing them with Israeli intelligence out of Israeli patriotism or for money.

  20. steve says:

    Perjury by Hillary?
    If I recall the events surrounding her FBI interview, she wasn’t sworn. We may have to settle for “making false statements” to the FBI as a consolation prize.
    Which is good enough for me.

  21. steve says:

    Spousal immunity varies from state to state. Even in federal cases, the scope of immunity varies according to the applicable state law iirc.
    No doubt Abedin’s and Weiner’s attorneys have done their research–separately of course.

  22. steve says:

    Pols at Obama’s level are certainly calculating if nothing else. I doubt if Obama weighs in on the matter at all–certainly nothing in the way of bashing Comey, much less a pardon of Hillary. He’s far too smart and again, calculating, to do that.

  23. kooshy says:

    IMO if they didn’t had discovered/recovered an important new evidence Comey/Feds wouldn’t have dared at this stage of elections disrupt the campaign. We will wait and see. This 2016 elections ( dog and pony show) is unprsedented in anybody experience. In every which way I have seen.

  24. steve says:

    I note that Bush’s former “ethics adviser” has weighed in by lodging a Hatch Act complaint against Comey.
    Is this the guy who ethically advised Bush on torture or the illegal mass surveillance of the public?
    Who knew that Bush had an ethics adviser?

  25. Bill Herschel says:

    Too much salivation in these comments, too little food. What would food consist of?
    Just keep in mind how far, “I didn’t have sex with the girl,” got. The idea there was that what mattered was whether he lied, not sex. I think we’ve already accepted that the emails didn’t contain launch codes, so their contents is not really on the table. It’s whether there was perjury.
    So you have to prove perjury. And you have to do it in a short period of time ex parte. The risk to the Republican Party, already a train wreck, is very, very great.
    And all the while, no one mentions $500 billion for “defense”, heroin flowing from Afghanistan into the veins of American youth and destroying them, and the destruction of country after country by American aggression. All of which, can be laid at the door of Hillary Clinton and no where near as successfully at Donald Trump’s.
    The problem is not Hillary Clinton. The problem is that Donald Trump is a moron. He had this thing for the taking. But he wasn’t up to the task. By a long, long way. Too much pussy, too little brain.

  26. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    “so their contents is not really on the table.” Oh, come now! For you classified information transmitted improperly is not important unless they are nuclear launch codes? The next person who writes “pussy” on this blog will go to joining EA. pl

  27. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    Having re-read the nasty political invective and insult contained in your last comment tell me why I should not ban you. What makes you think you have the right to insult people on SST? pl

  28. robt willmann says:

    Last Friday, 28 October, after the news that FBI Dir. James Comey sent his letter to Congress, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia (1983-1988), Joseph diGenova, appeared on a WMAL630 radio show and talked about Comey’s letter.
    He was under the impression that the existence of e-mails relating to Hillary Clinton and her e-mail server was originally discovered on a phone of Weiner and/or Abedin. He does not mention a laptop computer. Current and former FBI agents talk to diGenova, so he might be correct. The first indication may have been on a cellular smartphone.
    Another item of interest he relates is that the laptop computers of Hillary buddies Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, that were to be destroyed as part of the disgraceful “hip pocket” immunity agreements made with them during the earlier so-called investigation — which would of course destroy potential evidence — were not destroyed after all. FBI agents refused to destroy them. If true, I will guess that copies of the laptop hard drives were also quietly made and put here and there.
    While U.S. Attorney, diGenova prosecuted Jonathan Pollard, the spy for Israel. After Comey made his bizarre public presentation on 5 July 2016 about Hillary and that no prosecution should occur, later that day diGenova was on a radio call-in program, and was so mad that he really cut loose and spoke his mind. It was pretty interesting to listen to.
    If there are around 650,000 e-mails on the laptop, I wonder what the time frame is during which they were sent. A time period of five years would be about 356 per day. Maybe backups were made of multiple e-mail accounts elsewhere, or maybe of the Clinton e-mail server itself, and the backups were copied onto the laptop as storage or as insurance.
    I read somewhere that in all the 39,500+ John Podesta e-mails that were leaked, none are to or from Hillary. If so, Wikileaks is segregating things and separating Hillary out. Are e-mails from her or to her going to be released by Wikileaks this week?

  29. apol says:

    Comey is Catholic , like you Sir, if I’ve understood correctly.
    While the Borg doesn’t hide it’s affiliation could this be
    Catholic/ WASP pushback from a source that is much ‘bigger’ than Comey?
    Otherwise is she wins it’s hard to imagine there will be another
    ‘real’ election in the future.
    The question is rhetorical of course!!

  30. DC says:

    I’m waiting for the backstory of why Comey knew nothing of Weiner’s laptop until last week (well, that’s what the ‘news” says) when his investigators in NY had it for weeks. Could there have been problems getting a warrant approval from DoJ? Did Comey ask for such approval before writing his letter to congress? In my mind, that letter would have been very useful as leverage against a reluctant DoJ.
    Apparently Comey had a seriously difficult time getting warrants in the initial investigation, which is why he had to create all of those highly irregular immunity agreements in order to get access to evidence.

  31. Cee says:

    or could even be he was sharing them with Israeli intelligence out of Israeli patriotism or for money.
    Could be.
    She said she didn’t know how they got there. I have often wondered about the marriage since she was accused of being a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood. Was his job to keep tabs on her and HRC?
    Anyway, she should have used her own protected PC for anything work related.
    I guess she wanted to have access to his so she could keep tabs on his perversion. She’s lucky to be out of that marriage.

  32. steve says:

    Colonel, regarding your question as to what judge signed off on the warrant, I don’t think it would be that difficult to obtain one from most judges, particularly if the magistrate hasn’t previously been burned by the agent signing the affidavit. It’s generally a routine matter but then again, this is hardly a routine investigation and no doubt Hillary gets “extra due process” protection. For the peons, I have known judges to not even read the warrant presented.
    Not implying it happened in this case at all and I don’t know that the feds do it, but local law enforcement frequently engages in judge-shopping.

  33. Tyler says:

    Or the Turkish Government donating megabux to the Clintons.
    Just a big FYI for anyone who was using triple bankshot lawgic to convince themselves that no way no how was Clinton going to expand the war in Syria.

  34. Tyler says:

    He doesn’t need to openly bash anyone. He just needs to withdraw his support, temperate as it has been, from Hillary, and let her hang herself. I think he knows the writing on the wall and that blacks aren’t going to come out for a sick old woman like they did for him. Another flaw in the modeling methodology of the media is assuming that record minority turnout will hold.
    Trump is winning 11%+ of blacks in Florida and NC apparently. For the record, Romney won 2%. Not that the black vote was super key this race, but Trump winning a bigger share of a declining pie just points towards a Trumpslide even more.

  35. johnA says:

    It is astounding to me when I see comments that openly pooh-pooh the security norms of the country.
    If the divide has driven each side to that then I hope some will sit down and reflect of what they are after.
    Where would one stop if each person setup and acted on his own security rules?
    I am in favor of open info , probably in the extreme, but you have to stop and think of others and what you are going to let loose.
    That there could be ANY thought of data at the SOS level being widde open is just impossible for me to understand.
    I would and did fire people in private business who had a fiduciary duty to guard info and did not abide the rules they agreed to.

  36. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I’m not sure if HRC will emerge this “bulletproof,” but it seems clear that even if FBI does uncover something, it won’t register on most of the public after all these. Regardless of the finding, the partisans of Clinton will stonewall, insisting that the the findings, should there be any, are bogus (or insist on how she is innocent, if there is no significant finding). The partisans against Clinton will do exactly the opposite. There will be no independent expertise (that is highly visible, at any rate), so to speak, who will speak publicly as to what is kosher and what isn’t and most of the public will not be able to evaluate whatever is or isn’t uncovered.
    All in all, then, nothing will change, other than further solidifying existing beliefs, not necessarily without justification. To the degree that people who are presently willing to give Clinton a pass are more numerous, I’d imagine she might be stronger, but further subverting any sense of trust she might enjoy from a large minority of the population, who are already deeply distrustful of her and her clique, would also destroy her ability to govern effectively. What might result is a narrow and precarious majority/plurality trying to beat down a large and determined opposition, even if the latter is smaller, by force, figurative or literal, legal, semi-legal, or informal. This can get very ugly and dangerous.

  37. norlurking says:

    I also have been leaning towards that theory…..

  38. Stephanie says:

    Very possibly. At the very least, it sounds as if Comey has lost control of his department, with an act of very poor judgment resulting out of fear of congressional Republicans and his viability within his party. This may well backfire on him badly (while still damaging Clinton and casting a shadow on the election).
    A colossal screwup. And what certainly looks like an example of government overreach with possible Fourth Amendment issues.

  39. johnf says:

    According to Wiki he was raised Irish Catholic but has changed to United Methodist, maybe under the influence of his wife.
    What is even more interesting is that, according to Wiki, he is a longtime and close friend of prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, also Catholic, who Comey, when Deputy Attorney General in 2003, appointed to run the Grand Jury investigation into the activities of the hooligan Scooter Libby, Cheney’s Chief of Staff, in the Valerie Plame Affair, where Libby exposed the identity of Plame while she was a CIA agent in-the-field agent. Fitzgerald was later the Chief Prosecutor at Libby’s trial and got Libby a prison sentence which GW then conveniently pardoned.
    So it seems that Comey is a righteous guy and there are quite a few strong anti-Borg heavyweights in the field. Let’s hope Fitzpatrick ends up prosecuting Clinton – or even the Clintons.

  40. turcopolier says:

    Stephanie Your comment amounts to an act of political character assassination upon Comey. All of your statements are mere assertions of your hostility to the man. 4th amendment? it sounds to me that you are fearful of losing the election. pl

  41. alba etie says:

    A pox on all the political partisans . Director Comey is an honorable public servant that both sides have excoriate.

  42. Croesus says:

    any logic to the speculation that Weiner is being vindictive? or feeling guilty & practicing CYA?
    Didn’t listen to the Sunday talkies — were the Russians mentioned?

  43. Jack says:

    This is a perfect example of how partisanship has polarized the country. There is no outrage on the part of Democrats, no disavowal at the handling of classified information by the Borg Queen. Any lesser person would have been crucified. Here we have a person stating that she is the best qualified by virtue of her experience, intellect and temperament to be commander-in-chief of our military yet is demonstrating that to prevent FOIA requests she is willing to jeopardize the national security of the country. And all the Democrat partisans do is howl vast right wing conspiracy.
    Our country is no longer governable as our people are so divided and there is no common ground. The urban and coastals who support the Borg have nothing in common with the rural Les Deplorables. The implications if the Borg Queen is elected by the more populated urban & coastal regions is horrendous. She will have to quash the investigations by further politicization of the DOJ and FBI. She will have to continually fight the minority in the GOP who represent Les Deplorables, while paying of the Borgist big money and media. In this type of vitriolic environment the only way out is to escalate the conflict with Russia with even worse implications.
    It would seem the right thing to do would be to empanel a grand jury and appoint a special prosecutor. We can’t have a powerful political family to be treated differently than any other person with the responsibility to safeguard national security information. There has to be confidence that the justice system has at least some semblance of integrity.

  44. different clue says:

    I do not know. I do not know about any of that. But IF Weiner is feeling vindictive or guilty or survival-minded or a combination of all three, then he will make the mid-to-low ranking FBI peoples’ jobs easier and the Borg’s position a little harder.
    He should avoid flying in small planes for a while, and never go walking anywhere alone or after dark . . . when “muggings gone wrong” take place.

  45. different clue says:

    If Comey is being set up, and if he senses that he is being set up; I hope he knows how to drag down everyone above him all the way down. I hope he is saying to himself ” I ain’t nobody’s grandmother.”

  46. Stephanie says:

    Respectfully, sir, I think he made a mistake, as I said, and yes, I think a portion of his motive was political. I don’t blame him entirely – I’d be afraid of the GOP congresscritters, too. I can’t think of any other reasons for a sane and competent leader of the FBI, and I presume that Comey is all of those things, to do what he did. Comey has some good and bad things on his record. This is a bad ‘un.
    Republicans have spoken out against Comey’s actions, including some who thought HRC should be prosecuted.
    Orin Kerr’s preliminary take on the Fourth Amendment question:

  47. plantman says:

    It seems to me that Abedin’s computer might be a red herring, and that the real objective is to reopen the investigation so that Comey isn’t discredited for underreporting serious violations of security that may have posed a national security threat to the US.
    In other words, Comey doesn’t want to do what he is doing (and he’s certainly NOT trying to effect the election), he’s just trying to protect his own backside.
    If he let’s the whole thing slide, then he’ll get hammered when the details come out after the election….and he could face prosecution.
    He kind of backed himself into a corner in July when he repeatedly told congress he was closing the investigation.
    New reports confirm that the investigation has been ongoing…And it sounds like the investigators feel like they have a strong case that gets a hearing one way or another.

  48. Sam Peralta says:

    We have blatant collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign. That’s A-OK, right?
    Can anyone believe that CNN executives were not in on the deal? And now that these communications get exposed (by of course the new bogeyman, Putin!!) they do they obligatory firing. Who knows what the behind the scenes deal really is? Can anyone trust what the media spews?

  49. turcopolier says:

    I know you want her to win and initiate some sort of utopian world but why are you fearful of the result of the election? she is ahead everywhere important and early voting has enable the marshaling of democratic party core voters by busing them to polling places. Why are you fearful? OTOH, what are you going to say if the archive on weinerman’s laptop turns up a lot of E-mails that went through Hilly’s Microsoft Exchange accounts and her server and that some of them contain classified information of some import? What will you say? pl

  50. b says:

    A WSJ piece today explains that behind this all is also a wider investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
    There are also likely Clinton emails on the notebook that were deleted from the Clinton server after the investigation into it started.
    A lot of FBI agents are furious at the attempts to block their investigations.
    (They probably unofficially know what is in those emails.)
    Comey is covering his ass. Those agents would have talked to the media if he had followed the Justice Department’s advice. That would have meant real trouble for him.

  51. turcopolier says:

    From what I can understand the US Attorney for the Southern district of New York is cooperating with the dissident FBI people. pl

  52. Bill Herschel says:

    I don’t have any business writing comments here. It’s onanism pure and simple. I am banned.

  53. Sam Peralta says:

    Col. Lang
    We’re really in banana republic territory as this Zerohedge post notes, that Asst. AG Peter Kadzik writes Congress that DOJ will apply all necessary resources to review the Weiner emails. But, it seems Kadzik’s son sought a position on the Clinton campaign. Similar, to the Deputy Director of the FBI whose wife received payment from Terry McCaulife, overseeing the Clinton investigation. There’s no consideration it seems for conflict of interest in DC these days.
    “The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.
    The post-Benghazi dinner was attended by Podesta, Kadzik, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures. The first mention of personal contact between Podesta and Kadzik in the Wikileaks dump is in an Oct. 23, 2015 email sent out by Vincent Roberti, a lobbyist who is close to Podesta and his superlobbyist brother, Tony Podesta. In it, Roberti refers to a dinner reservation at Posto, a Washington D.C. restaurant. The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.
    Podesta and Kadzik met several months later for dinner at Podesta’s home, another email shows. Another email sent on May 5, 2015, Kadzik’s son asked Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign.

  54. Jack says:

    What credibility does Sanders have anymore? He got screwed by the DNC and instead of expressing outrage at how the primary was not on the up and up, he’s campaigning for the Borg Queen in New Hampshire today.
    He seems to have hoodwinked all those small donors and the millions that voted for him and cheered him at his rallies.

  55. Tyler says:

    Reapectfully, Iowa, Florida, NC, and Ohio point to a Trump win, the others are functionally tied with the exception of WI.
    I think its going to be a blowout.

  56. turcopolier says:

    Bill Herschel
    Not by me. pl

  57. mbfromnm says:

    Now that is good news indeed!

  58. ked says:

    For those of you who find cybersec a puzzle… and enjoy puzzles & puzzling…
    (ain’t the future tense!?)

  59. Kooshy says:

    Stephanie, in my humble hope, I hope the women in this country elect the first women president that has real integrity and a self discipline, acceptable to real clear majority of voters including men, we just exprianced the first black president that IMO did not elevate this country to the the pride of blacks people, like MLK did although he had the opportunity to do so. IMO, HRC has too much scare on her dossier and her past political activities to be a credited symbol or icon.

  60. Haralambos says:

    With all due respect, I believe the sentence was commuted, not pardoned. I am not a lawyer, but I followed this closely at the time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Libby_clemency_controversy

  61. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, most interesting audio.
    Thanks for the link.

  62. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Charles Hugh Smith, the main writer at the plugged-in financial blog Of Two Minds, that significant elements of the Borg (Deep State in his terminology) have come to view the neocon strategy as an “irredeemable failure” and thus are pulling the plug on its most prominent apostle, Hilary Clinton: ” . . the upper ranks of the Deep State now view Hillary as an unacceptable liability. The word came down to Comey to act whether he wanted to or not, i.e. take one for the good of the nation/Deep State/Imperial Project.”

  63. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Zero Hedge reports that the DoJ is finally joing the parade. The only problem is that its point man will be John Podesta’s best friend, Peter Kadzik,

  64. Earthrise says:

    I am certainly no expert, but I think the world works like this. To take your place in the criminal cartel which runs our world, you need to have skin in the game. It is that corrupt at the top, you can only join them by offering up a card on yourself (or acknowledging the cards they hold against you). In the past, it was good enough to suggest you were a closet homosexual to keep all the chiefs in line. This slur has lost it’s career-ending sting, so the card of choice these days seems to be paedophilia.
    Again, no expert, but I believe the only time someone from the ruling class gets charged with a criminal offence is either they have stepped out of line, or they have become a liability. They are all corrupt, all criminals, and to a degree they seek out positions of high power to protect themselves from their own crimes (and be in a better position to commit more). It is not as I once though that power corrupts, but that power attracts the corruptible.
    Comey has fallen on his sword by releasing these emails, he cannot have a career in the public service after this. The meme could be he is a hero, and the FBI have finally found their spine. But I don’t believe it. The timing of the release is a political move because it cannot be resolved before the election (which is might have been if the original investigation went ahead). And if the original investigation had gone ahead, Hillary’s power base would have quashed it. While I love the meme of the principled people’s hero, this is not how the world works. If the ruling class have allowed this information to leak, they have abandoned Clinton. Working under my own operators, they have dropped her and she is either dead women walking, or another eight-year seat-warmer in a pant suit.

  65. VietnamVet says:

    This Halloween is a horror. What is not on today’s front page. Al Qaeda after being resupplied by the West continues it offensive to relieve Jihadists in East Aleppo. The Russian aircraft carrier should appear off Syria towards the end of the week. Ash Carter will take Raqqa within weeks. NATO enlarges its military footprint in Eastern Europe. 650,000 e-mails of Hillary Clinton’s top aid were found on an alleged pedophile’s laptop. It is almost certain that some of the e-mails contain classified information since redacted e-mails were released to the public in the Judicial Watch’s lawsuit that were sent from Hillary Clinton private server to Huma Abedin’s state.gov address and were then forwarded to her private e-mail account. At a minimum, e-mails dealing with national interests were intentionally saved on unsecure devices at home as life insurance. No one mentions that there is a privatized legal system for the little people and none for the ruling elite. Civil Servants would be indicted and jailed for the behavior of the Weiner family adults. The political polarization is driven by looting, propaganda and ideology. It will only get worse unless the people unite to restore the rule of law with equal justice for all.

  66. Patrick S. says:

    Heard on the radio today that the democratic party is now focusing on getting people to vote early. Possibly they’re worried about something?

  67. GulfCoastPirate says:

    So you’re another one who thinks Russian hacking and passing of information to Wikileaks is OK in order to influence an American election. You should be ashamed of yourself but I know you aren’t. What do you think they have on Trump? His old campaign manager? Do you think they only hacked into Democratic accounts?
    You better learn to speak Russian if Trump gets elected because he’s compromised from way back.

  68. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I’m waiting for the backstory of why Comey knew nothing of Weiner’s laptop until last week
    I’m waiting for the backstory on why Comey wouldn’t call out the Russians when the rest of the government did so.

  69. wisedupearly says:

    I find quantum entanglement an interesting puzzle but by the time Slate came up with “suggestive” for the fifth time I gave up.

  70. GulfCoastPirate says:

    More Russian meddling. How do you know you haven’t been fooled by Russian forgeries? I guess it doesn’t make any difference if your CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) is more pronounced than your love of country and clean democratic elections.

  71. Stephanie says:

    I don’t think I expressed any fear that Clinton would lose. I concede readily that I think it would be a catastrophe for the country to have Orange Julius Caesar in the White House. I expect this will end up like the other FBI investigation. I am concerned that this situation could spiral out of control in ways we can’t yet imagine. I’m also concerned that there are some who would seemingly welcome such an outcome.

  72. GulfCoastPirate says:

    PL wrote:
    ‘OTOH, what are you going to say if the archive on weinerman’s laptop turns up a lot of E-mails that went through Hilly’s Microsoft Exchange accounts and her server and that some of them contain classified information of some import? What will you say?’
    I won’t say anything. How is Hillary responsible if someone with an account on that server uses it to commit a crime? What about my server? Would I be responsible? How about Google? If someone uses a Google account to pass classified documents are you going to prosecute Google? What about their CEO? I will say the same thing I’ve been saying for a long time now – a lot of people commenting on this don’t have the slightest clue how these systems work.
    Now, on the other hand, if someone intentionally sets up a server so that only DNS addresses in Russia can access that server then I would be very, very suspicious. How about you?

  73. turcopolier says:

    GCP & Stephanie
    Do you care you care if she has done anything illegal (hillary) as reflected in her e-mails stored on Abedin’s? accounts? pl

  74. turcopolier says:

    The “rest of the government” is Jim Clapper. Need I say more? pl

  75. Cortes says:

    A lengthy but very interesting essay on the damaged goods that the candidature of HRC represents (the author is/was an English barrister):

  76. turcopolier says:

    If the messages show her as having broken US law, is that significant? pl

  77. Bobo says:

    I appreciate what your saying but the server in question is a HRC controlled server that commingled DoS, Clinton Foundation, personal, Top Secret, Secret, confidential and other government information. If she abided by leaving DoS info where it belonged she would not have this problem. Now should Huma statements prove accurate then Anthony Weiner stole that information and will suffer the consequences. Of course if there is no clintonemail.com info on the computer then we will have to question Comey.
    Now was that info hacked by a foreign government, was the info provided to other entities, utilized for other nefarious conduct we do not know but the FBI is properly checking it for the benefit of this nation.
    Time will tell.

  78. turcopolier says:

    “Ash Carter will take Raqqa within weeks” With what? The Turkish Army? pl

  79. Jack says:

    We’re into speculative territory, but it is possible that the trove of emails included those that were deleted. And maybe they were deleted for a reason to thwart the subpoena.

  80. GulfCoastPirate says:

    If she actually did something wrong then yes, I for one care. So far we have no evidence she has done so. We have a lot of speculation. If Abedin stored anything other than emails about kids and grandmas on those accounts on Weiner’s computer then Hillary should fire her immediately. If she stored classified info then prosecute her if it is illegal but let’s not forget we have little to no info until the last couple of days on Trump’s email accounts and servers. The info today is serious. That server was set up so only specific IP addresses in Russia could access it and it had been so since 2010 if I remember correctly. That wasn’t an accident. It would take someone with my knowledge to do that. On the other hand we have Wikileaks passing along info stolen by Russian intelligence (someone on this blog posted the article on Fancy Bear and how they did it) to demean Hillary and the Democrats – effectively interfering in our election. We don’t have Hillary’s actual emails (other than what was turned over to the FBI) because the Russians didn’t actually hack into her computers or her servers. We have third party accounts she may or may not emailed or who may or may not have emailed her.
    I’ve told you this before. I’m not a big fan of Hillary or her husband. It’s not really going to bother me all that much if Trump is elected but he’s a dangerous man. At least in my opinion. He will put the final nail in the coffin of the American working/middle class while proclaiming to be its savior. I think we can withstand Hillary for something better in the future but Trump is going to sell us all out.
    Just my opinion.

  81. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Maybe not.

  82. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Of course but I’m not sure how Hillary could have broken a law if it was Huma’s account? If Huma forwarded something to that personal account that was classified is that on her or Hillary? I’m not as expert on that as you are so I will defer to your expertise.

  83. GulfCoastPirate says:

    The DNS information in the article came from Trump’s server. I’m not sure what you are talking about. Has any DNS info on the Clinton server been published?

  84. GulfCoastPirate says:

    So what? It’s not illegal to delete emails that have yet to be subpoenaed or don’t meet the particulars of the subpoenas.
    Look, I’ve been doing this almost every day since Microsoft Exchange came out. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t bitch at people about deleting things and reducing the size of their mailboxes. So far there is nothing that is illegal. The GWB administration deleted 22 million emails related to Iraq AFTER they were subpoenaed. Where is your outrage at that? And those were government emails on government servers.

  85. TV says:

    Don’t expect any big revelations from this “investigation.”
    Another example of the incestuous corruption in the swamp.

  86. Babak Makkinejad says:

    In situations like this, I am always reminded of the sage advice of LBJ:
    You see 11 Troubles walking towards you in the morning. As day progresses more of them fall off on the sides of the road and eventually you only have to deal with only one.

  87. TV says:

    Merges with Josh Earnest today – refusing to criticize Comey and actually weakly complimenting him.
    Turned to my wife and said that Obama just walked away.
    He’s not going to push her in front of the bus but he’s not going to throw a spike strip ahead of the bus either.
    She is now officially a liability.

  88. Fred says:

    The facts in the case are that Hilary chose a private email server, not Putin; that Hilary chose to mislead the public over about having turned over all of her work related emails not Putin; that Hilary chose to say she had neither sent nor received classified material over this server. Of course you blame Putin for doing so just as the Democratic Party blames the cops – Comey – for the investigation. She is responsible for her conduct. After 30 years of government service Hilary knew that everyone is spying on America. This is how she chose to defend the Republic.

  89. Fred says:

    I’m waiting for the Attorney General to testify under oath as to why she met with the husband of the party under investigation in a private meeting and the contents of the conversation.

  90. VietnamVet says:

    Yes. That is why it is idiotic that he said it. Russia has enforced their own no fly zone over northern Syria that Turkey apparently is not challenging. The only way for Turkey to seize Raqqa is if the Jihadists shave their beards and invite them in. There is no indications at all that the Islamic State had given up the fight or that R+6 would acquiesce to a Turkish incursion down the Euphrates River which would make a hot war hotter.

  91. Tyler says:

    1) There is zero evidence that “the Russians” hacked HRC and Podesta. Argument by assertion is not evidence. There is plenty of evidence that Podesta got phished and opened himself up.
    2) There is no evidence that these are forgeries, again hysterical arguments by assertions are not evidence.
    I’m worried about you buddy. You’re sounding as frantic and desperate as another poster here before he got el grande bota. Its ok, you don’t owe me $500 when Trump wins 300+ EV. I wouldn’t do that to you. But maybe take a few days off. Relax a little. I don’t want you having a monster MI on Nov 8th.
    I want you alive for this. I want you to witness what comes next.
    I want you cognizant of when Trump Makes America Great Again. And that there is nothing you can do about it.

  92. Jack says:

    So you’re another Democrat who thinks the Russian government hacked and passed Podesta’s and the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks? Where’s the evidence? Or is it like Dubya’s mushroom cloud assertion?
    Who should be ashamed? The Clintons, Podesta, Doug Band, Donna Brazile, and all the corrupt hangers on subverting the primary and selling governmental favors for cash.
    Nah! I’m sure you think that anything done by your team is acceptable. Even selling out to some Saudi sheikh. Stop moralizing when your team is rolling in the mud.

  93. different clue says:

    Those millions of people have become fully aware of eachothers’ existence. And they have become aware of becoming aware of eachothers’ existence.
    Millions of people. Millions.
    Some of them at least will stay in touch with eachother. Some of them will figure out how to stay organized and how to create long-term task and mission movements. They will do things like support primary opponents to Democratic officeholders who voted to Fast Track the TPP. If they can’t get those Democrats removed in their next primaries, they may well organize third-party voting campaigns to deny those Democrats enough votes to deny them re-election to their offices.
    Visible proof of their effectiveness in that regard would be the defeat and removal of the two Democratic Senators from Washington State and the defeat and removal of Senator Wyden of Oregon. If those three can be effectively primaried or Naderized, that will be proof enough to me that the Sander-backer movement is a self-propelling legacy which lives and succeeds.

  94. Jack says:

    Even Pravda on the Hudson reporting no link between Trump and Russia. But, but….Harry Reid and John Podesta says there is.
    Who you gonna believe?
    And, conveniently disregard the contents of the exposed emails and the web of corruption.

  95. jld says:

    “I’m waiting for the backstory on why Comey wouldn’t call out the Russians when the rest of the government did so.”
    Because he has the right informations and isn’t a propaganda loon?

  96. different clue says:

    And who might that woman be? The name Tulsi Gabbard comes to my mind from a character standpoint. But the Borgists and the Catfood Clintocrats will try to destroy her career in politics and drive her out of public life and into private obscurity out of revenge for her ever having supported Sanders.
    If she wants to continue in politics, here is where a Big Bitter Berner movement could show itself useful . . . by giving her all the money and support she requests if she decides she wants to defeat the Catfood Clintocrats and the Borg as they try to de-elect her next election.

  97. LeaNder says:

    Tyler, bombshell plus blackmail? Or is the blackmail the ultimate bombshell? There wouldn’t be a bombshell without? The truth and nothing but the truth will set us all free? Weiner is the ultimate hero?
    But maybe, I don’t get it.
    It’s admittedly, sorry, slightly amusing to watch you reach verbal recruitment top form in this context. Personally I find optimax’ link above the best YouTube response to matters.

  98. LeaNder says:

    On the surface that looks like a modification of Tyler’s “life insurance” suggestion.
    If you are a writer why not make Huma an agent of a foreign nation too? How about Saudi Arabia? In the end it is found out that private photos between the two were planted in an alternative context to get him into trouble. Weiner at one point realized his wife one way or another wasn’t kosher and started to collect the mail of his wife in a folder named: Life Insurance.

  99. The Beaver says:

    @ GCP
    Pl excuse my question ( I have been busy on something else since yesterday morning and thus have not followed up on the emails) but would appreciate knowing which article has mentioned about the DNS information coming from Trump’s server. Thanks

  100. Out of Steppe says:

    This column in the NY Post today gets it almost exactly right:
    But Lowry leaves out the one person who could’ve stopped this train wreck: Obama. Instead he cleared the field for Hillary. And so the train wreck and its aftermath will be, after all is said and done, his legacy.

  101. ked says:

    I suppose suggestive is a good way to describe preliminary evidence from a yet to be completed investigation. What might be alternative interpretations of the same information? Given the tenor of these times, I was somewhat impressed the writer did not claim factual certainty of the most extreme conclusion one could fabricate.

  102. Jack says:

    I’m not up to speed on when the subpoenas were issued and when Hillary ordered the guy who took the fifth to delete the emails. I have read he was on Reddit trying to get advice. The bottom line IMO is that in order to avoid FOIA requests, she setup a private server and as Comey has already stated she jeopardized national security. This is one among a long list of bad judgments, which negate her claim as the one with superior intellect and experience in national security affairs.
    FYI, I never voted for Dubya nor believed in the Iraqi WMD propaganda. Common sense lead me there and in fact while searching for the dissenters with the right knowledge and experience is how I found Col. Lang and SST. Having said that I did not vote for Obummer either. His hokey Hope & Change I knew would mean many would be left without hope and only change. However, I have voted for Trump this time as an antidote to the current Russia hysteria by the Borgists. I see no reason why we can’t have a cooperative relationship with them and note that only Trump has stated he would make efforts in that direction. In my mind we face only one existential threat and that is climbing an escalatory ladder to a nuclear exchange with the Russians and I’ll give my vote to any candidate that will avoid that.

  103. Tigermoth says:

    Dito RW

  104. Tigermoth says:

    The answer in a GCP world would be: “Putin told her to, and she reported back to him”. LOL

  105. Sam Peralta says:

    It seems that there are some who claim there was nothing wrong and illegal about the Hillary private server and the deletion of government emails. I am no lawyer and can’t say with certainty if the law was broken. All I know from reading some of Podesta’s emails is that the whole comingling and collusion between the Clinton Foundation, Hillary campaign, the media, the big money including the Saudis & Qataris and the Likudniks stinks to high heaven.
    Now there is the email from Podesta to Cheryl Mills “to dump all those emails”.
    If there is a transparent investigation without tarmac meetings between Bill and the AG, maybe we can get to the bottom of it and find out about the rotten state of Clintonworld.

  106. Miletus says:

    My gut feeling is that we’re talking about a back-up here, i.e. an archive. There are other, plausible, explanations, but they don’t seem probable to me.
    “If so, Wikileaks is segregating things and separating Hillary out.”
    Not necessarily. My mentor taught me that if you can get someone else to write your email for you, then that’s the way to go. Plausible deniability. I doubt I had more than a dozen emails from him after working for him for more than 6 years. The ones I had usually said something like “Call me when you land”.

  107. Miletus says:

    To: cbutts.obama08@gmail.com
    Date: 2008-09-08 17:21
    Subject: Peter Kadzik
    Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail. I’m sure
    Christine knows him. Wants to help. Think he would be an excellent
    vet lead. 202-420-4704
    Agree: It doesn’t pass the smell test.

  108. turcopolier says:

    Personally I prefer the theory that the program was set up to download her e-mails to this computer behind the wall of her user identity and that she forgot it was running that way over time. pl

  109. Tyler says:

    He had to have known it was huge.
    And what can I say? This material is ah-mahz-ing.

  110. Jack says:

    That’s exactly what I too think happened. Huma forgot that the laptop her husband used had Outlook configured to download all her emails from Hillary’s private email server.
    It is likely that the emails deleted at the server and then the disk cleaned may be on the laptop. At least the one’s that Huma was party to. If these emails contain classified documents or pay-to-play or other interesting threads that could lead to potential felony violations they may become hard to conceal despite the best efforts of McCabe, Kadzik and Lynch. Clearly, Podesta was advising Cheryl Mills to get rid of the emails sometime back as he seemed to have been concerned about them.

  111. Miletus says:

    What has left me stunned is this: I’m fairly confident that, with the will, I could have gained access to this data. What stopped me? Well, lacking will (motive), for one thing, but also the fact that I would never expect for one moment that it would have been so accessible.
    It wouldn’t have been difficult, in principle, either. Forget state-level actors: some punk script-kiddie could have got hold of this. Someone with a modicum of social engineering skill could have gotten access to that device.
    But apparently this isn’t a big deal. I find myself shaking my head as I watch the media discuss this. What hope is there?

    I once complained to the guy who headed up my old IT dept. that our password set-up was too weak. Passwords had to be 8 characters; any characters; single case; no special characters required etc. I told him it was a joke – it was too easy to crack passwords and usernames were email addresses (publicly available). All I would need was the address of the exchange server.
    He told me that the problem with longer passwords was that people always lost or forgot them: They would then call support to have their passwords changed and this would cost a lot of time and, hence, money.
    At the same time, he’d been working on a business case for swapping out some dept.s (incl. his own ofc) HP machines to Macs for at least a couple of years. He’d been turned down, rightly, more than once.
    For a giggle, I broke his (admin) password and installed OSX on his HP. Nobody besides he and I know this story. He still didn’t change our password policy…
    This is why US national security has been put at risk…

  112. Jack says:

    We’ll find out by the next mid-terms in 2018 if the Sanderistas are a political force to reckon with. At least Les Deplorables used this cycle to knock out the GOP establishment. No idea what happens to them in the next cycle.

  113. Miletus says:

    I agree that’s the most plausible explanation. In any case, if there is classified information on that machine, my opinion is that she has to go to prison. This can’t be acceptable…

  114. LeaNder says:

    Interesting hint, steve, arbitrary meditations. To avoid the emotional hypes around the topic:
    Richard W. Painter – Gonzales – James Comey/(Ashcroft)?
    Seems Comey left shortly after Gonzales took over from Ashcroft. Not the worst of all decisions, it feels.
    From February 2005 to July 2007, he was Associate Counsel to the President in the White House Counsel’s office, serving as the chief ethics lawyer for the President, White House employees and senior nominees to Senate-confirmed positions in the Executive Branch. He is a member of the American Law Institute and is an advisor for the new ALI Principles of Government Ethics. He has also been active in the Professional Responsibility Section of the American Bar Association.

  115. Miletus says:

    to clarify my last, I agree this is likely what Abedin did. However, the points I’ve made regarding how the email clients work, tells me that SOMEONE was aware that the emails were there and was using it as a back-up/archive.
    1. Wiener knew and didn’t tell Abedin.
    2. Abedin knew and is lying to the FBI.
    3. Both Wiener and Abedin knew, and Abedin is lying to the FBI.
    Let’s assume that she set-up the account a long time ago and the client stored her username and password in its cache memory by default: She then forgot about it.
    1. We know that there are “thousands” of emails (amongst the 650k total) that are connected to HRC.
    2. It takes hours to sync thousands of emails to a home computer.
    There’s a possibility that only Abedin used this email client;that she set it up once in the way I’ve described; downloaded (synched) those thousands of emails in one session; and then shut-down the client, never to open it again. She then forgot all about it. I think this is unlikely. I don’t think that she spent hours syncing thousands of emails and then forgot she’d done it.
    I think it’s more likely that she set up the account and downloaded some of those emails in that session. I also think that someone used that email client subsequently and synced more of the emails. Either they had to enter her password or it was stored in the cache. In any case, they can see the account in the sidebar and they can see the number of emails in the inbox.
    We don’t have enough information to determine who was accessing the email client but I’m confident that somebody was, and even more confident that they couldn’t fail to notice this account when they did. I’m inclined to think that that person was Wiener and that he thinks his decision to keep this to himself was a good one, with current affairs in mind.

  116. Miletus says:

    that story was rejected by the likes of Greenwald at The Intercept and the Daily Beast (big HRC proponent) amongst many others and they’ve been pooh-poohing it on social media since yesterday. It’s a nonsense.
    “This claim, presented here as *proven fact*, was RT’d 7K times even though USG & multiple media outlets concluded it was total bullshit:”
    ^^ Greenwald responding to Julia Loffe of Politico, who said:
    “In case the insanity of this is unclear, I repeat: Trump Org had a server designed to secretly, exclusively communicate with a Russian bank.”
    Why bring something that has already been authoritatively debunked here and, with all due respect, what is this knowledge you speak of? And how do you know that the Russian’s haven’t hacked Hillary?

  117. Cee says:

    I’ve heard some interesting theories that the reason you’re seeing the slow abandonment of Clinton is that Trump made the ultimate “deal” with Obama to not go after him for being involved in this
    Interesting. Just today I’m reading that POTUS, FLOTUS, Biden,Kerry Warren and others are no longer even following HRC on Twitter.

  118. Fred says:

    This doesn’t bode well for the future:
    “But that percentage climbs among college-educated Clinton backers, 66 percent of whom said they struggle to respect Trump supporters. Among white women who back Clinton, 68 percent said they struggle to respect those who favor the former secretary of state’s opponent.”

  119. Cee says:

    Col. Lang,
    Sorry, I have to squeeze this in here! Comey just released documents on Clinton pardoning Marc Rich. LOLOLOLOL!
    Payback is a beast.
    An old timely article for background.

  120. Keith Harbaugh says:

    There seems to be a lot of criticism of Comey’s Friday announcement, but fewer people publically defending him.
    Here is a very effective, I think totally valid, defense of Comey’s decision from Bush I AG William P. Barr:
    “James Comey did the right thing”

  121. Earthrise says:

    It is possible Dear Host that Weiner kept the emails as leverage, and has now played his card. He is a scumbag, but the pedophilia charge is the modern day career-ender. It is possible we are witnessing the playing of people’s cards in a do-or-die poker round. Looks like Hillary lost.

  122. Tyler says:

    Rats, sinking ship, my dear.

  123. Tyler says:

    GCP is anxiously pumping up the “fact” that one computer in one of Trump’s businesses had been in contact with a Russian bank or some such.
    A similar analogy would be if a computer that had once been used to look at porn in one of Trump’s businesses was reported as TRUMP USING CAMPAIGN COMPUTER TO VIEW GERMAN PORNOGRAPHY.
    The media is a bunch of lying shills.

  124. wisedupearly says:

    “”My work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. I made policy decisions based on what I thought was right,” Clinton said. “I know there’s a lot of smoke and there’s no fire.”
    28 million dollars worth of smoke?
    That how much Morocco “donated” to the Clinton Foundation whereupon (2011) the EPA harassed the American company mining phosphate in Morocco benefiting the Moroccan mining industry. The head of the EPA joined the Clinton Foundation as a Director in 2013.
    Secretary of State Clinton also approved the use of US funds in the occupied Western Sahara region in a repudiation of long-standing State policy and international condemnation of Morocco’s occupation of WS.
    Smoke kills far more than fire, Hillary.

  125. Larry Kart says:

    So the FBI, or one faction of it, has morphed into the Praetorian Guard?

  126. Miletus says:

    This is an official FBI Twitter account. It had been dormant from Oct 8th 2015 until Oct 30th 2016 when it was brought back to life. Since Oct 30th, it has posted 21 links to released documents, beginning with one related to Fred Trump.
    Further link titles include:
    Ethics and Integrity
    Domestic Investigations
    General Petraeus
    Protests in Baltimore
    Stay Behind Special Agent Program
    William J. Clinton Foundation
    Whoever decided to resurrect this account made some interesting choices in terms of what to link to. I don’t believe that the account has been hacked: Some of these documents really have just been released. Either someone at the FBI has a sense of humor (and plans to vote Trump) or, well, let your imagination run wild.

  127. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Actually, it hasn’t been ‘authoritatively’ debunked. This is from Greenwald’s article on the front page of The Intercept:
    ‘Could it be that Donald Trump used one of his shoddy empire’s spam marketing machines, one with his last name built right into the domain name, to secretly collaborate with a Moscow bank? Sure. At this moment, there’s literally no way to disprove that. But there’s also literally no way to prove it, and such a grand claim carries a high burden of proof.’
    Actually, if we get access to the machine and see how it is set up to accept/deny DNS requests then we would know authoritatively. If there is nothing going on then Trump should be glad to turn over the machine – don’t you think? The point is we know nothing authoritatively on Hillary and her emails either. Oh wait, we know Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would go after a prosecution and we know he sent a letter to the Republican Congress before he even had a warrant to look at any emails. How many around here have jumped to conclusions based on evidence much less flimsy than DNS logs?

  128. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I found the article on The Intercept but I didn’t find anything on The Daily Beast. Those are not sites that I frequent very often. Could you point me in the direction of the articles to which you are referring?
    Let’s examine Greenwald’s motives while we’re discussing this. Didn’t he have a relationship with Wikileaks and Snowden when Snowden was in Russia? Now frankly, I like Greenwald and think he’s a smart guy but based on what I read in his article I’m not sure he fully understood what the DNS logs were all about. Of course, there is no way for me to know for sure. Just my opinion from reading the article I found.

  129. Dabbler says:

    I supported Bernie and I would have hoped and do hope that something would have come of it, but jack’s right in saying that Bernie got screwed and is now supporting the Borg queen and that deflates his credibility. If he wanted to leave a movement he could’ve just sat down. His actions show that he was not interested in long-term construction of an independent movement or base.
    My perspective from the vast unknown lands of Eastern Washington is that there is currently no left opposition, no left voice raised against Patty Murray. No one is speaking against her now, she won’t be effectively primaried should she run again in six years, and Bernie has not spoken against her because he knows which side of the bread the Senatorial butter’s on. Patty, a decent woman, is for TPP because… Boeing, Microsoft, etc. In other words, and respectfully, the last paragraph of your comment seems to be a pipe dream (now legal to have these in both Washington and Oregon).

  130. Jack says:

    More scuttlebutt on Asst.AG Peter Kadzik, who is apparently heading up review of Huma’s emails from the DoJ side. We know he’s a good pal of Podesta and his son sent an email to Podesta to join the Clinton campaign. And now it seems that Kadzik was giving Podesta a heads up on DoJ discussions on HRC.
    If it weren’t for the exposed emails no one would believe the depth of corruption.

  131. J says:

    Wonder if the FBI will pursue Rico against both Hillary and Bill? Also it appears that John Podesta’s best buddy in DOJ is the one handling the Abedin emails investigation. Podesta IMO needs to be prosecuted under Rico, and his best buddy in DOJ REMOVED from the Abedin email investigation.

  132. J says:

    Podesta’s best buddy as DOJ handling the Abedin email investigation is Assistant AG Peter J. Kadzik. Podesta and Kadzik had a schmooze dinner together the day after Hillary’s testimony back in October 2015.

  133. Miletus says:

    I appreciate that this may sound far-fetched, but I’m now reasonably certain that someone in the FBI is mobilizing Anonymous.
    The links I referred to above are part of a cipher. For example, the second last tweet refers to firearms but when you follow the link and cross-reference with the Executive Order it mentions, that EO actually refers to a ban on “smoking in the workplace” i.e. smoking gun. The next link is to the documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and the pardoning of Marc Rich (have had dealings with his people before….villians). Note that Kadzic lobbied WJC to pardon Marc Rich…
    FYI, these are the docs that are making the news today (that Mook is complaining about).
    There are many other clues in this cipher, including smoke signals to Anonymous (Fred Trump and Nikola Tesla links are in reference to a popular ‘fan fiction’ meme that is popular amongst anons – that DJT is a time traveller).
    I appreciate how this might sound but I’m quite certain something is afoot. I spend a lot of time in this world and there’s no chance this isn’t what it looks like. Note also that the FBI Vaults account notes that this is an “initial” release regarding the Clinton Foundation.
    Anonymous is now bombarding the FBI Records office with FOIA requests related to the documents that have been released.

  134. Jack says:

    Fascinating connection that current Asst.AG and Podesta pal and DOJ point man on investigating Huma’s emails was lobbying Slick Willie to pardon Marc Rich.

  135. Miletus says:

    I’m also seeing reports that the FBI has uploaded their files on Vince Foster today. I haven’t been able to confirm that they were uploaded today or at an earlier date, but they have definitely been uploaded.
    I’m not sure what to make of what’s happening here. It almost looks like someone within the FBI is trolling the Clinton campaign, using an official FBI Twitter account, but whoever is doing it is delivering in terms of actually releasing the documents (so that rules out the account having been hacked). This can’t be a rogue agent or two…
    So far, in the documents that have been released, WJC, Kadzic, and Comey are all connected to the Rich pardon. It’s not clear whether or not this is the smoking gun referred to.
    For the curious, this has set 4chan and Reddit (favorite haunts of anons) for most of the last 12 hours. They’re now hard at work examining the documents, therein being the value of ‘mobilizing Anonymous’. For those who aren’t easily offended, go to those sites to find out more.
    I will say this, I never expected to see a time when Anonymous would be cheering on and ostensibly working with the FBI, but that is what appears to be happening right now.

  136. different clue says:

    Please! for just one moment allow me to have my pipe and my dreams.
    I can’t disagree with you on the actions and meanings of Senator Sanders himself. But he did always say he would support “the Democratic nominee” if it weren’t him. That was the agreed-upon price for the Democrats permitting him to run in their primary. One could say that exposure of the DemParty’s steady rigging and conniving to make SURE he would not be nominated could be taken to release him from any promise. But he is not hard and vengeful like that. And, as you say, he knows which side his Senatorial bread is buttered on. Let us hope he can be effective in the Senate going forward.
    As to his movement, small but growing numbers of them are deciding that they don’t need his leadership or even permission to take future action against the Catfood Democrats. They will thrash around for a while trying to find ways to stay organized and movemented on their own.
    Will they succeed? I hope so. 6 years is a long time and people could still organize a revenge-movement against Murray between now and then.
    The soonest and most likey opportunity for action will be Tulsi Gabbard’s next campaign, should she decide to mount one. The Borgist, Clintonites and Catfood Democrats are all united to destroy Tulsi’s presence in public life. If enough Berners can give enough money, involvement and energy to get Gabbard re-nominated and re-elected in the teeth of Establishment opposition, that would be an early victory which would hearten and inspire the Berners to further action.

  137. different clue says:

    Babak Makkinejad,
    Yersiniobama pestis?

  138. GulfCoastPirate says:

    You can’t set up an account to download all the emails on a server out of your account. If she set up an account on this laptop and cached all of her emails it would be for HER emails only. If there really are 650,000 emails then that would mean it would have to be 650,000 emails between her and Hillary or that she used that particular email account to communicate with others besides Hillary.

  139. turcopolier says:

    The trove would likely download anything she was addressed on as CC or BCC. pl

  140. GulfCoastPirate says:

    That’s correct. Anything that was addressed to her and went in her mailbox on the server could be cached to the local drive. Other emails in other mailboxes could not.

  141. different clue says:

    Snowden wasn’t in Russia by choice. He thought he would be transiting through on his way to somewhere more funner. But when he was physically in Russian Airspace, the Obama Admin State Dept. decided to cancel Snowden’s passport. That cancellation left Snowden unable to travel to anywhere and thus stuck in the Moscow Airport for many days until Putin decided to take him in. When talking about it, Putin even chided the Obama Admin for “poor craft” ( if I remember his choice of words) for de-passporting Snowden while Snowden was still over Russia.

  142. different clue says:

    Out of Steppe,
    What does he care? As long as he gets the hundreds of millions of dollars he expects in payment from a grateful OverClass for a job well done, he’s good.

  143. Chris Chuba says:

    “You can’t set up an account to download all the emails on a server out of your account.”
    That is exactly how POP3 works. If her email client was using that protocol instead of IMAP, it could download a copy of all of her emails and leave the original on the server. A perfect storm.

  144. different clue says:

    The cossacks work for the Czarina.

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