San Jose


"In San Jose on Thursday, a volatile crowd outside a Donald Trump rally assaulted numerous attendees. They punched a man in the face, knocking him to the ground; bloodied another man by bludgeoning the side of his head with a duffel bag; trapped a woman against a glass door, pelting her with an egg and other objects; snatched a cap off a man’s head, lighting it afire on the street soon afterward; and perpetrated other hateful acts against total strangers, with many fellow protesters cheering them on and a brave few fervently pleading for nonviolence.

The bad actors in San Jose should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, and broadly condemned. In addition to attacking fellow human beings, they did violence to the shared right to assemble. They assaulted the American inheritance of a politics that is decided peaceably at the ballot box by the people, not in the streets through force or intimidation."  The Atlantic


If the people waving the Mexican national flag at US political events are US citizens, they are disloyal to the United States and collectively harbor irredentist ambitions for the US Southwest on behalf of the Mexican state.

These people are attempting to block American citizens from exercising basic political rights through intimidation and violence when they think it necessary.

They must be aware that they are fuelling Trump's campaign as living symbols of the illegal alien presence that he and his supporters object to.  If he is elected they will have themselves to blame but I doubt that they will do that.  pl

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  1. Booby says:

    To PL
    Hitler used the “Brown Shirts” to intimidate the opposition. We can not allow violent street mobs intimidate US candidates & voters.
    Mobs are rarely spontaneous. Follow the money.

  2. turcopolier says:

    that is true. The money trail would be interesting. pl

  3. PirateLaddie says:

    Col. you’re right about the money trail — it could run several ways.
    Interesting, some recent immigrants to Europe are carrying out a campaign of rape & intimidation that I expect will call forth a serious response from the nativists and proto brownshirts. In the US, a few of our less recent immigrants appear willing to risk similar wrath (probably bloodier, given the American propensity for violence) to score political points. You don’t want to call a pit bull out to play.

  4. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Agreed. re both the post and following the money.
    PS: On your home page there is no post title and associated link. The link only shows up in the “Recent Posts” column.

  5. turcopolier says:

    ex PFC Chuck
    Thanks pl

  6. The San Jose Mercury reports that several arrests were made, but says nothing about the identity of those arrested. I saw a lot of internet chatter last night suggesting that the violent protesters were Black Bloc anarchists from Seattle, but that’s just speculation at this point.

  7. kooshy says:

    Colonel IMO, the pro Clinton Media, which is majority of the US’ MSM are also to be blamed. For a whole week they have been ponding Trump and adding fuel to the fire. IMO they are promoting it.

  8. The Observer says:

    Classic tactics from Lenin to Gene Sharp’s “color revolts” — they are trying to provoke a reaction from Trump supporters to 1) establish as “fact” their claims about the racist and violent nature of his campaign and supporters (press will ignore the action and focus on the reaction); and 2) most importantly justify escalation. Escalation is critical and the protesters have every advantage at this point. I don’t think this kind of street violence is meant to intimidate Trump supporters as much as it is to provoke his supporters to violence. This is not political protest, it is commie agitation techniques as outlined here:

  9. Travis says:

    Do you think this sort of thing will get worse? To the point of fatalities? I hope not. I shudder to think of the consequences.
    “Bibulus burst into the forum while Caesar was still speaking. Strife and tumult arose, blows were given, and those who had daggers broke the fasces and insignia of Bibulus and wounded some of the tribunes who stood around him. Bibulus was in no wise terrified, but bared his neck to Caesar’s partisans and loudly called on them to strike. ”
    Appian _The Civil Wars_

  10. SmoothieX12 says:

    I am always fascinated with the fact of US soccer crowds whenever US National Men’s Team plays in places like L.A. with Mexico or any Central America national teams being very partisan not in favor of US National Team. I almost blew my vocal cords while rooting for incomparable US national team of Bruce Arena on 2002 World Cup when if not for atrocious refereeing in Germany’s favor it should have played in semi-finals. It is not unique at all to have favorite national teams other than one of your own–I am a long time fan of Italy and loved legendary France of Platini’s times. I do still root of US big time. But to be aggressively booed at own home turf by majority of stadium is absolutely ridiculous–but that is what boys of US National team endured for years. That’s one of the manifestations of “loyalty” issue. Well, in general, the world of soccer is a whole other universe.

  11. Tyler says:

    Keep lifting keep posting.
    The mask is slipping away for more and more people. America doesn’t want a lawless crowd of mystery meat waving foreign flags and demanding the death of anyone who makes them angry. That’s what Hillary represents though – more of this.
    Gonna be interesting times ahead.

  12. F5F5F5 says:

    Regarding the money trail, loose movements like Occupy and BLM are persistently alleged to be financed and/or trained by Soros-backed charities/funds.
    That would – maybe – explain why only Sanders and Trump rallies got seriously disrupted, and oddly enough by the same sort of people.
    We like to talk about herding cats here, but that’s more about about herding dogs. It’s easier, cheaper, and you can shoot them legitimately if they but start gnarling at you. The other dogs won’t even mind.

  13. Tyler says:

    You can likely find (((Soros))) or one of his hydra heads behind this.

  14. F5F5F5 says:

    Regarding the irrelevant foreign flag-waving, it’s been like that in Europe for decades. Especially after football (soccer) games, or whichever national occasion.
    The worst example is France, where men would be waving Algerian, Tunisian, and miscellaneous African flags after Hollande’s election, or after any significant football victory. Yet the same people, I assume, would boo the French national anthem whenever the French football team would play any team from south of the mediterranean.
    It may sound silly since it’s about a game, but it tells volumes about certain self-hating mentalities that run rampant throughout Europe that IMHO led to recent atrocities.
    (btw when is Patrick Bahzad’s third instalment due?)

  15. All,
    There are some problems behind all this which I have been trying, not entirely successfully, to get clear in my mind. But it seems worth trying a ‘sighting shot’.
    Given the narcissism which is a fundamental characteristic of modern élites, alike in the United States and Western Europe, what they take for granted is that all ‘immigrants’ want to be like them.
    In Britain, certainly, part of what is at issue is the revolt among those élites against central elements of traditional ‘Protestant’ culture.
    This was not simply silly – but then, it is also something made possible by the easy availability of contraception. And where this ends we do not know.
    The perception that ‘immigrants’ want to be like the ‘natives’ is not simply and entirely wrong.
    In relation to Britain, it is critical that, with immigration from the sub-continent, we take over a whole range of complexities and contradictions in imperial history.
    A critical part of this history had to do with the complexities of the spread of English-language education in the subcontinent.
    And the legacy of this is extraordinarily ambiguous. So at one level, you will find a whole range of people from very diverse backgrounds in the subcontinent – including military backgrounds – who are genuinely ‘multicultural’, and often in a very interesting way.
    They not uncommonly speak and write English much better than most ‘educated’ British people, and are in a position to compare and contrast different cultures. Such people can be of very great value.
    At another level, you have, for example, immigrants from the Pakistani countryside, who come here looking for a better life in material terms, but were never part of the ‘Anglicised’ culture in their home country, and aren’t going to ‘Anglicise’ here.
    And when you have a large concentration of such people in a place like Rotherham, you have a recipe for complete and utter chaos.
    I say this without malice or hostility. But it should be reasonably clear that one of the possible responses to ‘culture shock’, time and time again, has been a relapse into some kind of ‘fundamentalism’ or other.
    As to people flooding over the border into the United States from Mexico, I simply do not know enough about the situation to make confident judgements.
    But before assuming that this was an innocent and harmless process – and denouncing Trump for his talk of building a wall – I would want to be very sure indeed that the preponderance of such people would really want to ‘Americanise’.
    An alternative, obviously, is that at some point they might see themselves as being part of a ‘reconquista’.

  16. Narciso says:

    “If the people waving the Mexican national flag at US political events are US citizens, they are disloyal to the United States and collectively harbor irredentist ambitions for the US Southwest on behalf of the Mexican state”
    lol, this is worthy of being posted on Vdare.
    “perpetrated other hateful acts against total strangers, with many fellow protesters cheering them on”
    That’s what “hateful rhetoric” begets.
    “They assaulted the American inheritance of a politics that is decided peaceably at the ballot box by the people, not in the streets through force or intimidation”
    Civil rights movement was peaceful ballot box movement? Civil disobedience and protest require being on the street because the ballot box is controlled by the state that prefers the status quo irregardless to justice.

  17. jonst says:

    Could you please clarify what you mean when you write ” You don’t want to call a pit bull out to play”?

  18. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Not about Hispanics in America,
    but about the parallel ethnic transformation of Europe,
    consider the following quote:
    “Europe’s political class has, in effect,
    embraced the most aggressive form of multiculturalism,
    in which the establishment forms an alliance with minorities
    to dominate the majority.”

    Sound familiar?
    That quote comes from paragraph -7 of the talk “Germany’s Jeopardy” by Frank Salter.
    You can hear him voice the talk in a 30 minute YouTube video:
    I fully concur with the thrust of his talk.

  19. Liza says:

    Col. Lang:
    It’s been widely reported that the money trail leads to George Soros. These reports are based on Soros’ financial support for These reports seem credible since Soros has invested millions in Clinton’s candidacy. Also, Trump favors a rapprochement with Russia and opposes TPP and other trade agreements, which places him in conflict with Soros’ foreign policy agenda.

  20. Jack says:

    We need to get to the bottom of who are waving Mexican flags at the campaign rallies of a US presidential candidate. If they are US citizens as you say they are clearly disloyal in promoting the interests of a foreign state. On the other hand if they are foreigners they should not be permitted to disrupt an American election campaign.
    IMO, this only serves to highlight that foreign interests are manipulating our political system. And if that becomes more and more apparent there will be a backlash. Maybe the Borg would prefer violence and disruption to buttress their campaign of fear.

  21. turcopolier says:

    You are advocating political violence for the purpose of suppressing political speech? Are you a US citizen? pl

  22. Tyler says:

    When whites get put up against a wall, history shows we tend to push back rather hard.

  23. turcopolier says:

    Flags may be more important to me than to you. The carrying of foreign flags at US political events is not equivalent to carrying them at sports events. pl

  24. Tyler says:

    A lot of cultural Marxist drivel to excuse ambush attacks and a bunch of Mexicano putos ganging up on a single woman. The snap back is gonna be glorious.
    The Colonel would make a great edition to Vdare, incidentally.

  25. VietnamVet says:

    There is an ethnic fault line through the land that that the United States took from Mexico. Mankind is chauvinistic and tribal by nature. There is a Clash of Civilizations. This is exploited by those who want their homeland back and the financiers and war profiteers who make money from conflict. Also, there is the professional class that has cognitive dissonance on how they really make their money serving the wealthy. The disenfranchised have nothing to lose. Watch out. The forces that brought us Iraq, Ukraine and Syria are moving on to California.

  26. turcopolier says:

    Well, if the chicano insurgentos want to suppress US political life, they should be prepared for the backlash that will ensue. I don’t buy any of the babble about cognitive dissonance and the like. If Mexicans and their supporters want a piece of our country let them come take it. The hard people with guns will sooner or later show up. the mayor of San Jose seems to sympathize with the rioters and I would not count on Governor Brown to do anything that requires spine. pl

  27. Eric says:

    I’ve become depressed and hopeless about the future of America from what I see every day. And in my job (investigations) I’m privy to more info than the average American. A colleague of mine, a former CIA guy, said that when he gets together with his former spook buddies the discussion always turns to where to move to before the sh!t hits the fan. Another colleague (retired military officer) was a very liberal-minded and optimistic guy when I was training him. Four years into the job he’s the most cynical guy and sounds like Pat Buchanan in “The Death of the West”. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but each day I have to fight the nagging thought that the people in positions of power, the elites, are working to destroy America as we know it.
    OT: The Obama Administration has excoriated Trump for wanting to build a wall. And that walls don’t work. Yet the U.S. Government is spending $100 million for a wall. Not for America’s borders, but for our Middle East ally, Jordan.

  28. scott s. says:

    I’m not sure I’m buying this as culturally, New Spain territories north of the Rio Grande don’t seem to me that connected to that of Mexico City. Considering the short tenure of the Mexican Republic at the time, I’m not sure how much a feeling of “nationalism” existed in the local population (which in any case consisted of a high proportion of indigenous persons who may have had some cultural link to similar groups further south, but not with the elites who I would think define the “culture” of Mexico). Certainly, I don’t see how the modern immigrants from Mexico have any connection to those of the pre-Mexican War southwest.

  29. euclidcreek says:

    The events in San Jose reminded me of a tee-shirt I saw on young man, it read: Not Hispanic, Not Latino, Mexican. To wave the Mexican flag while burning the American flag and assaulting white people is OK, judging by the mild reporting of MSM. Trouble coming everyday – Frank Zappa.

  30. Narciso says:

    Amusing that i’m a Cultural Marxist, an advocate of political violence and not a US citizen.
    “If the people waving the Mexican national flag at US political events are US citizens, they are disloyal to the United States and collectively harbor irredentist ambitions for the US Southwest on behalf of the Mexican state.”
    That’s a silly stretch and pitiful fear mongering. Are People flying the confederate flag disloyal to the US? fyi, People have the right to wave around whatever flag they wish its part of the first amendment. People who get their panties all in a bunch from flag waving or flag burning are childish. Its just colored cloth that’s most likely made in China.
    “These people are attempting to block American citizens from exercising basic political rights through intimidation and violence when they think it necessary.”
    Its moronic that people are throwing a Trump tantrum. Trump is selling his snail oil much better because Hillary is a terrible candidate that is struggling to put a way, free shit Bernie.
    Its amusing how people believe the Washington post or the media considering how they bullshit everything. Its a trump rally and not some riot at the election locations so at the moment no ones “political rights” are being infringed. Rallies and counter rallies have always existed and its ridiculous how things are getting exaggerated.
    Its sad how people pretend that its only trump rallies that are getting crashed by social justice warriors. BLM have been attacking everyone that they can and some animal rights activist crashed a Sander’s rally. The problem is that the media has been egging on protesters to try and force the candidates to toe the corporate line. This is nothing but media distraction just like Gay rights and Trans bathrooms.
    Btw, yes i’m a US citizen and no i’m not responsible for idiotic behavior of anti trump protesters throwing their tantrums.

  31. FkDahl says:

    Eric, my native Sweden is on a rapid descent so don’t go there… the betrayal of our political and media elites is massive. Forget Germany, France, UK …

  32. different clue says:

    I would suspect the people being discussed in this thread are US citizens.
    I have no evidence one way or the other. But it seems to me that illegal aliens who know they are here illegally and therefor subject to removal if visibly doing other illegal things in open view . . . would not risk doing those things. Whereas US citizens would feel safe in doing such things.
    I wonder if/when Border Integrity spokesfolk might coin creative neologisms like “chicanazi”, “latinazi” and so forth to see how the Mexicanazi Irredentists cope with such words.

  33. Laura says:

    Scott S. — I think you are essentially correct.
    I’m kind of surprised by how different things look from my (white) vantage point in CA. As a native California, NOT of Mexican heritage, I identify with them when Trump calls them rapists and murderers. Frankly, he is insulting my neighbors and friends and school mates and PTA members and plumbers and gardeners and parents of the students I know.
    I feel as if he is insulting Californians. Period. The ethnic line is blurring out here…

  34. Nana2007 says:

    If these were a bunch of Chicano radicals then I’m Huey Newton. They were bused in by the Soros brigade. Donald Trump reignites the Chicano movement! Horseshit.

  35. MRW says:

    I didn’t see the word “wall” in that article. Am I blind?

  36. turcopolier says:

    What Trump said is that SOME Mexican illegals are rapists and murderers. Try to get it right. pl

  37. Fred says:

    “tCivil disobedience and protest require being on the street because the ballot box is controlled by the state”
    Why just a few weeks ago I saw the Mayor of Ann Arbor go full George Wallace and unleash the dogs on the folks who dared show at the elementary school near me to vote. The water cannon, the tear gas. Why it was all on full display. Surely you saw it on CNN? No? Well, neither did anyone else.

  38. turcopolier says:

    You did not answer my questions. “that i’m a Cultural Marxist, an advocate of political violence and not a US citizen.” Nobody said that, only you. pl

  39. jonst says:

    I agree Tyler. But that pit bull comment set me off. Blaming the victims is the way I saw it.

  40. SmoothieX12 says:

    Citizenship and nation (nationality) are not the same. Federalist Papers, Constitution etc. were written within the framework of a very specific, largely, European culture. US loses European root–there is no US left, period. Albeit, it could be argued, with what Europe (and parts of the US) represent today has nothing to do with European culture and it’s not a big loss to lose such a “pivot”. The MO of the “left” (and of cuckservatives)today is to discredit the whole notion of nationhood as a community of people who are close culturally.

  41. pl and Laura,
    Trump’s quote was, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Nothing about murderers. He’s sure they are rapists, but he assumes only Some are good.

  42. Tyler says:

    SJ is a sanctuary city, which means no one is getting deported. Which means they have nothing to fear, until Emperor Trump (PBUH) sends the DEPORTATION FORCE to rip them out of their hidey holes like meat from a nut.

  43. Tyler says:

    You’re a cult Marxist because you act like a cult marxist, right down to the snarky constantly trying to sound amused toned when you’re on the edge of being triggered.
    False equivocacy, misrepresenting facts, and handwaving from another slimy SJW. What a shocker.

  44. Tyler says:

    Because you are a pathetic self hating white.

  45. Edward Amame says:

    Well that’s doubtful. Soros isn’t stupid. He either is or probably will be supporting the Democratic candidate. Riots like the one in San Jose don’t help the Dem candidate in any way (nor IMO do peaceful protests). It’s more likely that a planned protest was organized by short-sighted, naive, angry Mexican-American kids (probably students) using Facebook — and it got hijacked by a bunch of gang members and/or young guys out to stir it up.

  46. jerseycityjoan says:

    I think that we are just entering a new period of social unrest.
    I will not claim to know specifics. But average Americans have had a whole lot of things taken away or disappear with little to no organized and/or effective protest.
    Our population is rapidly growing, wages are not; technology will continue to act as a relentless job killer.
    Many have been living off assets gained in better times or from parents and grandparents. As those are no longer available, I expect many things to hit the fan.

  47. Eric says:

    America Is Already Building A Big Border Wall—It’s Just Not Here
    It’s actually costing us a half-billion dollars.

  48. GulfCoastPirate says:

    VietnamVet wrote: ‘The forces that brought us Iraq, Ukraine and Syria are moving on to California.’
    very perceptive

  49. eakens says:

    “People who get their panties all in a bunch from flag waving or flag burning are childish. Its just colored cloth that’s most likely made in China.”
    Go fly a Nazi flag in front of the Holocaust Memorial and let me know how that goes for you.
    What one does with a flag is more symbolic as the flag itself. The people who show up at a Trump rally and burn the flag are telling you a lot about themselves.

  50. Jack says:

    I don’t necessarily think it’s just Soros money. The entire Borg – Soros, Koch, Adelson, Wall St, Medical monopoly, Defense Intelligence contractors, plus the entire Beltway banditry – have a lot of money sloshing around. This is exactly what the nexus of big money and big government looks like. They’re having conniptions with The Donald. He’s won the primary of one of the political duopolists without kowtowing to them and despite all the Borg resources arrayed against him. Now, they have to create a climate of fear. That’s what Crooked Hillary’s speech in San Diego was all about. If they can stoke up some violence and attribute it the “fascist” elements that support The Donald they think that they can create a change in sentiment of support. This could go wrong in a hurry as we know the Borg are not the sharpest tools around. There is enough kindling for some serious violence.

  51. Jack says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. Do the immigrants want to and bottom line do they actually assimilate into the culture of their new country?
    As you note there are a lot of South Asian immigrants into the UK. Some as you point out have assimilated and speak and write English better than many Anglo Saxons. In fact they’re highly productive with key positions in the private sector and government. On the other hand there are others from the same region who refuse to assimilate and treat with disdain their host culture. They consciously ghettoize themselves and are ripe for manipulation by certain political interets.
    The waving of Mexican flags and doing the bidding of foreign powers like many in our Congress at least when it comes to Zionist and Saudi interests are all pointing to a clash between national interests and interests of others. The more brazen these people get the more resentment that is building among the people who want to put their nations interest first. Centrifugal forces are building in the west.

  52. wrxlly says:

    Americans definitely deserve to have Donald Trump as president. The funny (or ironic) thing is that Trump is exactly like a Latin Caudillo (of the right wing flavor) in so many ways. He reminds me of Álvaro Uribe quite a bit.

  53. Tyler says:

    The (((Borg))) never think through how this ends.

  54. Tyler says:

    I took the statement as the protestors are calling out a pit bull in the form of militant white tribalism. The kind of wholesale industrial slaughter that makes this cartel nonsense look like guys giving each other titty twisters in their mom’s basement during Dungeons and Dragons.

  55. Tyler says:

    Unfortunately for them, they never got to the “disarm the Kulaks” phase of the process.

  56. Tyler says:

    It’s almost like whites, having re-discovered tribalism, are responding in the ways that others have.
    You say “big man” I say “Emperor Trump” (PBUH).

  57. Henshaw says:

    I wouldn’t give the ‘commies’ the honor of inventing this technique.
    It might have been used by the Bolsheviks, but provoking an over-reaction from the other side/authorities in the hope of initiating a wider conflict that will (hopefully) end in your favor is an old technique. I understand it was used by the Zealots against the Romans in first century Palestine.
    There is a converse situation, too- the planting of people in the other side who will do something extreme, eg planting stone throwers in a peaceful crowd, to justify a strong reaction by authorities. IIRC, this technique was used in some of the union-busting disputes in early 20th century USA.

  58. kao_hsien_chih says:

    “Civil disobedience and protest require being on the street because the ballot box is controlled by the state that prefers the status quo irregardless to justice.”
    This is absurd. So Donald Trump, a private citizen who is exercising his right to say what’s on his mind and happens to be running for president, is somehow “the state” controlling the ballot box? I will grant that his thoughts and comments are controversial, but violent thugs trying to shut him up are somehow the equivalent of civil rights marchers? There are other movements that these “protesters” remind me of, and they are not exactly the kind of people one should look back upon with fondness.

  59. Given the location of this ugliness, this is probably not the planned action of the vast left wing conspiracy and/or Soros money. It was the local boys from the barrio (legal and illegal) coming across town, waving Mexican flags as symbols of their heritage and engaging in flat out hooliganism. We’re not going to see the industrial strength, Soros funded wilding until the conventions and beyond.

  60. ToivoS says:

    These attacks against Trump supporters will obviously help him in the general election as the colonel points out. These are not well funded movements but are spontaneous eruptions by angry and undisciplined Hispanics.
    It reminds me of the proposition 187 campaign here in California in 1994 (prop 187 would deny public services to illegal aliens). In the closing days of that campaign the No on 187 votes were rapidly gaining on the yes (I was working the No side then). In the last week of the campaign there was this massive demonstration in LA backing the No side — it was a veritable sea of Mexican flags. My immediate reaction was, oh no, we had just lost the state vote. Indeed 187 passed with about 65% of the vote. Later I asked some of the No on 187 campaigners how they could have let that happen. They said they didn’t but had simply lost control of the street.
    In any case, if too many of these kinds of things happen today, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump even wins California. The fact that he is spending time here in California it makes me think he sees such a possibility.

  61. VietnamVet says:

    Laura and Scott S.
    Like most white Americans, I spent a week in Mexico decades ago, cannot speak Spanish and my only contact with Latin Americans are workers who come to repair my house. A color revolution never comes from the majority but is brought on by a relatively few true believers who are filled with hatred and have a cause greater than themselves. They are funding by outsiders to exploit cultural and religious discord for power and profit. It is coming to the Southwest just like the silent increase in the death rate has come to middle America. The current status quo is austerity, refugees, endless wars and chaos.

  62. LeaNder says:

    “There are other movements that these “protesters” remind me of,”

  63. LeaNder says:

    Well said, eakens. Why would I want to burn any flag, by the way?

  64. Tyler says:

    Yes yes, just high spirited hijinks by a bunch of Mexican-American youfs coming back from AP Chemistry class and nothing at all like the (((Soros))) and (((Borg))) color revolutions of BLM violence committed by alien agitators waving foreign flags.
    Do you actually believe the sh-t that you spew? Do you think anyone else here other than the cucks do?

  65. jonst says:

    Agree JJ. 100%

  66. HawkOfMay says:

    I fear you are correct. Fast Food restaurants are threatening to replace workers with automation if the minimum wage goes to 15$ an hour. Automated long distance trucking is coming (10? years). The automation problem does not just apply to the low paying workers. Any repetitive job that does not rely on creativity, the ability to learn quick and solve problems is at risk. For example, many law firms are replacing legal clerks with expert systems.
    Like other economic dislocations in history this will bring unrest.
    This is one of the reasons why I think Trump is such a dangerous candidate. When Trump attacks Judge Curiel he is not just attacking a single judge; he is having a corrosive effect on the systems that keep this country running. He is paving the way for even more extreme candidates in the future that will have no hesitation in hijacking that social unrest.

  67. Laura says:

    Hmmm…Tyler, perhaps you don’t realize that Mexican-American students actually DO excel in AP Chemistry classes? Believe me, I’ve interviewed them for scholarships and reviewed their transcripts and they also excel in AP Physics and AP English and get into the top colleges based on their grades. I understand where you are coming from, but you might want to think about how wide you throw your net.
    Facts should count for something. Edward Amame is probably accurate about the genesis of the violent protests. That the rioting “was ticked off locals” does seem to be the local take. It doesn’t take a billionaire to rile up a bunch of teenagers and young adults (San Jose State U is next door) who think they have been disrespected. I also don’t think blaming BLM is terribly accurate when Trump has been dissing every Mexican-American in the US! Believe me, in California, you do NOT have to pay people to gather and to express their anger…in fact, that would be insulting!

  68. Laura says:

    HawkOfMay, You are right about the current and coming economic disruptions. ANY job that doesn’t require a hands-on feature is at risk. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. are still employable…the rest of us, not so much. This nation requires new thinking about economic power and success and individual economic security.
    When Trump attacks Judge Curiel as he has…he is attacking the Constitution of the United States.
    It’s going to be long election season.

  69. jayinbmore says:

    As a former denizen of San Jose (lived there from age 9 to age 18 and then San Francisco till age 28, and my parents still live there), I would have to agree with this. Guys like that have been in San Jose in small numbers well before Soros was flooding his money into political activism.

  70. Robert says:

    Trumps ascendance scares them because they don’t see a place for themselves in a new economic order that has left them behind. Waving a Mexican flag for them is the same as displays of the Confederate flag in the South, they are proud of their heritage, and resent being labeled as murderers and rapists, evil people.

  71. turcopolier says:

    The Confederate States of America have not existed since 1865. Reverence for its flag is at best a matter of nostalgia for a lost opportunity to achieve independence from people seen as alien in culture. At worst it is the emblem of racist bigots. The Republic of Mexico is very much alive and existing and that flag is the official symbol of that state and country flown over all government installations and carried by the Mexican armed forces. IMO to display it at a US political function is an indication of the basic loyalties of the people doing so. If you want to make an argument for a banner honoring ethnic pride why not argue for a banner with the image of the Virgin of Guadeloupe. I could accept that. Tell me what the reaction would be to Mexicans carrying the US flag at a political and partisan event in Mexico City. pl

  72. marc says:

    Not that Trump’s rhetoric isn’t designed to elicit a reaction from ‘real’ people, but this all smells of the left-right dialectical drama that the likes of Karl Rove and others dream up, another recent example being the ‘transgender toilet crisis’. (I have gay relatives and friends, and am well into my middle age, but have never heard of such a ‘crisis’ until now.) ‘Let’s you and him fight’, a time honored tactic.

  73. steve says:

    “He’s won the primary of one of the political duopolists without kowtowing to them”
    ??? He has already to promised to give them what they really want. He has promised increased defense spending, and he has promised the largest tax cut on rich people of all those who campaigned.

  74. turcopolier says:

    Is there something in the Constitution that forbids disrespect to an individual federal judge? I don’t think so and I know quite a few for whom I have no respect. Is Trump threatening to remove Judge Curiel from office if he is president? I haven’t heard that. I am not a lawyer, but I am under the impression that Trump has the legal right to challenge Curiel’s neutrality in a writ calling for recusal. He has not done so but has the right. So, how is he challenging the Constitution? Like a lot of women you don’t like Trump because he is an uncouth nouveau riche, arriviste bully. I, also, find him rather vulgar and common but I have not seen that he challenges the Constitution. If elected his powers will be severely limited by that Constitution. Ask Obama if that is not true. Don’t for a minute think that the US Armed Forces would resist a bill of impeachment against him. they would find it amusing to watch him writhe. pl

  75. Will Reks says:

    I’m not really sure that its any different from Irish-Americans waving Irish flags to celebrate their heritage. I’ve seen that happen and not just on St. Patrick’s Day. What does assimilation look like? The children of most Latino immigrants will be speaking primarily English and I suspect many of them will identify as white in the years to come.
    Many here defend flying the Confederate flag and then are offended by those who would wave a Mexican flag. It’s a bit hypocritical.

  76. turcopolier says:

    Will Reks
    No. The Republic of Ireland has no irredentist ambitions in the US. Is that true of Mexico and the Chicanos in these riots? pl

  77. Will Reks says:

    Make sure to watch the video at the bottom of the link. I’m a law and order guy. Everyone behaving like this and like the violent protestors at the Trump event should be identified and prosecuted whether they are leftists, anarchists, fascists, or however they identify themselves.

  78. Robert says:

    Hi Pat,
    Schwarzenegger said something a few years back that I think explains it somewhat. Everyone else who emigrates to the US, including him, has to fight to get here, make it here,and going back home is not an option. They suck it up and make a go of it. As we share a border with Mexico, they can go back in a half day’s drive. it muddles the sense of national identity about who they are, particularly in a state where most streets and towns have Spanish names. Anything that starts with San, Santa, Los and most major streets. Even the capital, Sacramento is a spanish name. I have heard mexican american friends say California was “theirs” first, and yes it irks. I don’t know of any other State that has quite the same issue. BTW-Thank you for letting me post.

  79. Will Reks says:

    There is no way that any part of the United States will go back to Mexico so I’m not sure why you are hung up on this. Mexicans are no different from any other ethnic group that has migrated to the US. Do you really think Mexicans are crossing the border to one day reclaim land for Mexico or are they looking to make some money?
    These Chicanos are mostly recent immigrants and they are protesting what they see as an attack on their heritage and honor. It’s no different from people who are offended by an attack on Southern heritage. They are even more motivated to fly flags that represent their heritage, not necessarily their country of loyalty.

  80. turcopolier says:

    Will Reks
    I do and heard the Mexican ambassador to the Us say as much in Washington. Irredentism is a long game and they are winning. pl

  81. Tyler says:

    Like a typical prog woman you are unable to read what is being said before bursting forth with the contents of your spleen, vomiting forth a string of anecdotal evidence unsupported by reality (such as a cursory look at Nobel Prizes).
    The “Mexican-Americans” you speak of are not the descendants of Mayans and 90Iq range peons that make up the bulk of illegal immigrants, but those with high Spanish admixture who happen to have a last name that ends in a vowel or a Z. Think “Jorge Ramos”, the Univision propagandist who was blonde and blue eyed in his younger years.
    He has not been “dissing every Mexican-American” – just the illegal invaders. But please, continue to dissemble and make your excuses. It’s only making you look more pathetic to the commentariat here.

  82. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    No, they won’t. We’ve had three generations of immigration from south of the line to see that indeed, they will not as much as you and your (((fellow travelers))) continue to insist otherwise cause “Muh Statue Poem”.
    There’s also the not so small fact that one subgroup is Hispanic while the other is European.

  83. Tyler says:

    MRW has always lacked the ability to comprehend what he reads.

  84. Tyler says:

    Wow, so the people who hate being labeled as lawless thugs act like lawless thugs in order to prove how wrong Trump’s label is?
    In what world does this make sense lmgo.

  85. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    Boy you have no idea what you are talking about. “Chicanos” are Mexicans born in America and who identify more with America than with Mexico.
    More dissembling from the (((Left))) about how secretly its Trump’s fault for the people he called thugs are acting like thugs because…???
    Show me the last time people waving Confederate flags went full on mob attack on people who politically opposed them? This decade. Good grief, you and the other self hating whites here are so pathetic. How much do you flog yourself before you get out of bed?

  86. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    Yeah, I see them defending themselves against a mob of people ready to assault them and discovering people aren’t as defenseless as they thought.
    Put on your zipper mask and beat yourself 100 times for posting such a horrible, breathless story. Shame the progs didn’t disarm the kulaks, eh?

  87. Will Reks says:

    I agree with you that Mexico has ambitions of regaining what it sees as its territory. We can see how strongly people feel about historical claims to territory from Turkey under Erdogan, Russia’s re-acquisition of Crimea, or the Falklands War.
    This is not going to happen politically, in my opinion. War is what it would take for Mexico to re-claim any of its old territory from California to Texas. A generation or two from now the children of all the La Raza activists will all be culturally American, just like every other ethnic group before them. They are not some special case.

  88. Tyler says:

    Also gawker link lol. Didn’t they just lose a 100 million dollar verdict to the Hulkster and said they might not post a sex tape of a 4 year old, maybe? Try harder after your flagellation.

  89. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Steve – don’t confuse them with facts.

  90. GulfCoastPirate says:

    militant white tribalism????????????

  91. no one says:

    Will, I have had members of La Raza tell me that their strategy is, “We shall overwhelm” – meaning a demographic take over of “Aztlan” (the US SW + CA). I assure that they are serious. It seems to be working for them so far.
    These people are different. They cling to a third world vision of things.

  92. Babak Makkinejad says:

    It was not Mexicans that migrated to US, it was rather US that migrated into Mexico; gobbling up 1/3 of Mexico.
    There are entire areas of Texas that is Mexican, there are entire Mexican villages in New Mexico – for example. Admittedly, many are bilingual but that does not necessary indicative of their loyalties.
    You might be right that no part of the Southwest is going to go back to Mexico but, at the same time, in my opinion, US is vulnerable to a campaign of low intensity warfare – supported by one or multiple foreign powers.
    That there has not been anything such as a Forca Murrietista Para Liberacion de California (FMLC) or a Frente Naciaonal para Liberacion del Norte (FNLF) or a Partidi Revolucionario de Trabajadores del Norte (PRTN) does not mean they could not come to existence in the future.
    In fact, North American apetite that is destroying the Mexican state could expedite such developments as the Writ of the Mexican State decays immediately South of the Rio Grande.

  93. Babak Makkinejad says:

    You know very well that in England, Shia Muslim Iranians and Hindu Indians, Orthodox Russians, and Catholic Poles are posing no problems to the United Kingdom.
    Nor do Sunni Muslim Caribbean whose religious adoption of Islam is primarily a response to real and imagined Anglo-Saxon racism.
    The issue facing UK, largely in London, is traceable to Sunni Muslims from Pakistan.

  94. Allen Thomson says:

    > I do and heard the Mexican ambassador to the Us say as much in Washington. Irredentism is a long game and they are winning. pl
    Would you have a link to the ambassador’s statement? Here in south Texas, > to >> 50% Mexican-American, I have some interest in the matter.

  95. steve says:

    I have read that the Hispanos of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, who have had a presence there since 1600, identify very little with Mexico, at least with the more recent influx of Mexican citizens.
    In the eastern area of the New Orleans metro in St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes, there is a sizeable group of what are called “Islenos”, descendents of the Spanish from the Canary Islands who settled the area in the mid 1700s. Surnames such as Gonzales, Guitterez, Fernandez, and Hernandez are common and used to be predominant in local politics. The segregationist Leander Perez from the early 1960s was an Isleno. Those folks have absolutely zero identification with hispanics or latinos from Mexico.
    To drone on, in south Texas I’ve seen 5th or 6th generation Mexican good old boys running for political office with names like “Jim Bob Suarez” or “Bubba Gomez” on their yard signs. I’d say they’ve assimilated. My wife’s neighbor in Houston was a Mexican-Texan whose family went back for generations. Thirty years ago I used to hear him in his yard yelling about “damn Mexican wetbacks”.
    So, there is certainly a variety of hispanics and Mexican descendents in the US.

  96. Jack says:

    Promises are one thing and actions are another. Look, he didn’t kowtow at all to the Republican establishment during the primary when it would have been easy. It would be farcical to say that he did.
    In South Carolina before their primary he nailed Dubya and his decision to invade Iraq yet won that primary. While he pandered at the AIPAC conference he also said during a debate that the US should take a more even-handed role. He’s always said that he would be friendly with Putin which is a completely opposite position to the Borg.
    Now, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know if he’ll be elected President or if elected what kind of President he’ll be. But, under no circumstance can I abide the certainty of Crooked Hillary’s more wars and more Borgist enablement.

  97. Jack says:

    Will Reks
    It’s one thing to wave Mexican flags at a Cinco de Mayo event or a soccer game and quite another to protest a US presidential candidate’s election event waving Mexican flags. They are qualitatively different.
    I’m a fifth generation Californian and have grown up with multi-generational Latinos that are fully assimilated Americans. They tell me that it is highly disrespectful and should not be tolerated. If there is a backlash its these longstanding communities that suffer not the grifters who will just run across the border back.

  98. Tyler says:

    A judge, especially a La Rasa aligned, illegal alien scholarship granting judge, ain’t a king. I know as a statist you want a big daddy to come in and tuck you in, but Trump is 100% correct to call out this affirmative action mandarin out on his legal shenanigans.

  99. fasteddiez says:

    You mean Patrick Bahzad posts here? He gives updates on Maghreb terrorist activities in France & Belgium on the “Sic Semper Tyrannis site.”

  100. turcopolier says:

    No, I merely heard it from him in after lunch remarks. p

  101. Will Reks says:

    It seems you’ve been triggered and are lashing out. Not one word was said about the Vanilla Messiah. Stop being so angry, man. (((Trump))) loves the Hispanics.

  102. Will Reks says:

    Triggered by a link to a website. Sad!

  103. HankP says:

    BTW, I’d just like to point out that the triple parenthesis thing that Tyler uses is a known white supremacist/anti-semitic tracking tool.
    Just a coincidence I’m sure.

  104. Edward Amame says:

    Reread my post. I didn’t suggest that it was high spirited hijinks. I suggested that it was probably organized by students and hijacked by gang members and others out to stir it up. Or maybe the intention was always to rough up Trump supporters, I don’t know. But I do know that it didn’t require a billionaire’s money to get hundreds of angry Mexican-Americans to show up at a Trump rally in CA.
    What you’re suggesting is tinfoil hat BS.

  105. Tyler says:

    Black and a tranny. Oh my word what a creature to behold.

  106. Tyler says:

    You talking about facts. Holy lol.

  107. jonst says:


  108. Doug Colwell says:

    IIRC Spain is in Europe.

  109. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Tyler wrote: ‘The “Mexican-Americans” you speak of are not the descendants of Mayans and 90Iq range peons that make up the bulk of illegal immigrants, but those with high Spanish admixture who happen to have a last name that ends in a vowel or a Z. ‘
    Should the fascist, racist pig that is Mr. Trump build a wall between the US and Spain?

  110. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Tyler wrote: ‘The snap back is gonna be glorious’
    Is it? What will it include? Slavery? Jim Crow? Please tell us. Will you take control of the bodies of women and force them into having your babies? Will internment by ethnic group or race be a part of your glorious snap back? Which of us will be able to sit at the lunch counter? How many of us will you send to the back of the bus? How many unions will you bust and how many workers will you beat up in order to keep your glorious profits high?
    Come on – let us all know. Your boy doesn’t have a chance. By the time the election gets here he will be toast. He may lose worse than Goldwater and deservedly so.

  111. turcopolier says:

    “What will it include? Slavery? Jim Crow? Please tell us. Will you take control of the bodies of women and force them into having your babies? Will internment by ethnic group or race be a part of your glorious snap back? Which of us will be able to sit at the lunch counter? How many of us will you send to the back of the bus?” Do you actually believe any of that or is this just rhetorical BS against Tyler? pl

  112. Babak Makkinejad says:

    (PBUH) – Peace be Upon Him – in common usage, is applied to the dead and not the living.
    I do not suppose you are expressing a death-wish for Trump.

  113. euclidcreek says:

    Do you really believe that? Sounds like BS.

  114. Doug Colwell says:

    TTG, I must disagree. Soros will be doing everything he can to achieve his aims, and those of the Rothschilds. Why would he sit back and let events take their course? If anyone ever had an agenda, it’s Soros. I’m not saying he had a hand in this, but he surely has his hand in somewhere.

  115. LeaNder says:

    “In relation to Britain, it is critical that, with immigration from the sub-continent, we take over a whole range of complexities and contradictions in imperial history.”
    No doubt. But since you indirectly invite readers to go back to your earlier comment. Here goes:
    Could Europe too have adopted much too carelessly some alternative “melting pot” ideology? … Could it ever have done anything different at the time, or over the ages? In hindsight it surely should have. But what could respective approaches have triggered? What would respective solutions trigger now?
    What I am trying to get at: what are the real differences between immigration inside the empire and outside of it, if you look at the facts on respective European the ground? …
    Vague private association when I read the above: Is there a real difference, in other words, concerning successful imperialist countries (from the sub-continents?) versus failed ones as far as immigration goes? Ignoring the startling recent numbers for the argument.
    Vaguely: Alluding to Germany as a failed imperialist here. And its somewhat different history post WWII of inviting “foreign” work forces? “Gastarbeiter”. Supposed to leave again one day? In no doubt heavily different times. 😉
    If I may. It feels that a part of Germany, a regional point of contention in post WWI encounters, may have drawn as many imperial immigrants from a then still reigning Prussian perspective. Vaguely alluding to Babak’s Diocletian theory here. I am not aware that the people there or for that matter in Vienna caused much trouble. Beyond the traces they left. Although the immigrants in Germany’s case were Polish and Vienna’s were some other types of non-Diocletians. Except maybe, if I assume that Babak’s theory includes the basic hypothesis that citizens under whatever reigning empire are somehow ‘reformed’.
    The population climbed rapidly. Towns with only 2000 to 5000 people in the early 19th century grew in the following 100 years to over 100,000. Skilled mineworkers were recruited from other regions to the Ruhr’s mines and steel mills and unskilled people started to move in. From 1860 onwards there was large-scale migration from Silesia, Pomerania, East Prussia and Posen to the Ruhr. Many of them were Polish speakers and they were treated as second class citizens. In 1899 this led to a revolt in Herne of young Polish workers, who later established a Workers’ Union. Skilled workers in the mines were often housed in “miners’ colonies”, built by the mining firms. By the end of the Prussian Kingdom in 1870, over 3 million people lived in the Ruhrgebiet and the new coal-mining district had become the largest industrial region of Europe.[7]
    My challenge after the above babbling would be: Can we deal with matters now or then only via religion and contraception? Simply it was invented along a longer historical path? …

  116. Tyler says:

    I did read your post. I was mocking your dismissive tone, much like Im going to mock you more for dismissing this sort of agitprop (as seen in Europe, Ferguson, and Baltimore) as conspiracy theory stuff. Keep whining.

  117. Tyler says:

    Pro tip: Mexicans aren’t Spanish.

  118. Tyler says:

    No, I’m having fun.

  119. Tyler says:

    We can only hope. I’ve got all this sharp looking Hugo Boss and no one to wear it for,
    Story of my life. Anyway, like .most blacks you put on a brave posture but I can hear you breathing into the paper bag from here on between each sentence. Even you can see Crazy Bernie and Crooked Hillary have no chance against Emperor Trump (PBUH). However you have nowhere to go when he makes America great again as no one wants a feral regard.

  120. Fred says:

    Schwarzenegger was full of crap.

  121. turcopolier says:

    Who said you were “granny hasbara? pl

  122. kao_hsien_chih says:

    A couple of generations ago, people might have said there’s no way that Kiev or Sevastopol (for a while) would not be part of Russia…
    To reinforce what Tyler brought up also, there is something very peculiar about the way people use the word “Hispanics” these days.
    A large majority of “Hispanics” might be relatively recent (if not in years, possibly psychologically) immigrants from Mexico and Central America, but many are not, and the latter have little reason to dislike Trump. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and many “old” immigrants, as well as those who are not immigrants at all, have little or reason to feel repelled by Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric particularly. The kind of nutty antics by the troublemakers in San Jose will not win their sympathy.

  123. Will Reks says:

    No, that’s exactly what it is. It’s an echo used by the alt-right to identify Jews or to highlight Jewish control of the media. He doesn’t hide what he is but he’s really more of a troll than anything else.
    Tyler, based on his attack dog role here, would fit in perfectly on a lefty campus shouting down those who happen to have a different view.

  124. Robert says:

    Jay, I grew up in San Jose, mid 70’s, then moved to Iran just in time for the revolution (Bell Helicopter) As a kid, Eastside San Jose scared me more than any of the worst days of the Revolution in Isfahan. I still live in California, and my beach town is, for Chicanos,split as “Westside” vs “Eastside”. No Soros Money needed.

  125. turcopolier says:

    will reks
    ‘his attack dog role here,” Tyler has no assigned role on SST. I tolerate him as I do you. pl

  126. turcopolier says:

    TTG and Laura
    I don’t want to quibble about Trump’s exact words about Mexican illegals. One of the man’s handicaps is an evident inability to speak artfully and clearly off the cuff. This may or may not be phony. Business negotiators and generals often adopt this as a strategy so that they can later claim to have been misunderstood by worthless subordinates and people across the table in business. This isn’t working for Trump in this context because the MSM is actively campaigning against him and using his exact words as weapons. Jake Tappers’ interview of him today on SOTU is an example. Tapper’s body language was relentlessly hostile and he refused to let Trump explain what he had been trying to say about Curiel. “But isn’t that racism?” Tapper asked over and over again. Actually it would not be racism, because Mexicans are not a race. Tapper then interviewed Clinton and was considerably warmer. Even when he asked her a question that made her look bad there was considerable murmuring of friendly sounds under his breath. The MSM/Borg obviously want her to be president. pl

  127. alba etie says:

    As you are aware I voted for Sen Sanders in our Texas Primary . Furthermore you know I am a self identified FDR Democrat .BUT given the tone & tenor of Big Grandma Clinton’s campaign, and her long train of baggage I could be a persuadable Trump swing voter . However just as I am leaning toward ” the Donald “- Mr Trump does something really stupid , such as attacking the sitting judge in his Trump University law suit . Trying to keep an open mind here , but may wind up supporting the Johnson -Weld Libertarian Ticket .

  128. Tyler says:

    Will Reks,
    If you are going to try and use something, you should use it correctly. You seem pretty upset (accusing others of being angry is a good indicator that you are the one who is angry) – maybe you should take a break from posting?
    You are not good at this blending rhetoric and dialectic thing and its obviously taking a toll on your reading comprehension, as the title thread is about Trump and ergo everything ties into him.
    But, seeing as you are a self hating white, maybe you like this abuse? IDK.

  129. Tyler says:

    Trump had every right to call out the judge for his actions. I know we are used to thinking of our mandarin class never having to answer for their actions, but I for one am glad someone is calling out a judge who is hand in glove with La Raza and openly supports our laws being broken (with illegal immigration).
    Mind you, this judge was so eager to try and shiv Trump (and this is what it is) that he failed to expose documents correctly, and had to reseal the whole bit, which will likely end with the entire case being thrown out. Typical affirmative action hire.

  130. Tyler says:

    The (((Borg))) is indeed, not very smart. That’s why they had Mexican thugs waving Mexican thugs attack American citizens and think that people will be scared to vote for Trump so they can get more of what Clinton is offering (3rd world rule via fiat).

  131. alba etie says:

    Alright Tyler right here , right now I am calling B–llsh–T on your tirade against Judge Curiel . This judge is a former US Attorney who was prosecuting the Mexican Drug Cartels , and is a US born citizen . But to put my b–ll–sh–t call in more local terms – the Trump University minions were here in Texas, and asked to leave because they were defrauding Texans. Then Attorney General Gregg Abbott’s office told Trump University to leave Texas or legal actions against them would be taken ..

  132. GulfCoastPirate says:

    A bit of both. One of the components of Trump’s campaign is this notion that somehow America would be great again if only we could go back to a previous place in time. For whites like Tyler it’s mostly the 50’s before the introduction of the reforms in the 60’s. Well, if that’s where they want to return do they then not also want to overturn all the reforms they see as having made America ‘not great’? What do you think all this ‘PC Correct’ business is about?

  133. GulfCoastPirate says:

    turcopolier wrote: ‘The MSM/Borg obviously want her to be president.’
    So what? Hasn’t it always been the case in our elections that the press (media) has picked sides? Didn’t the earliest editions of newspapers in this country have preferred candidates? When you mention CNN why not also mention Fox and the entire conservative media to balance it out?

  134. turcopolier says:

    I don’t watch Fox and don’t know what they are saying. Nor do I listen to talk radio. As I have said before I do not support the idea of a machine politician like Clinton being elected president. I would prefer Sanders although he is too far left for my taste, but I think he is a decent man and sincere in his opinions. Aside from a schoolgirl leftist utopianism I do not thing she has any motivations other than greed and ego. pl

  135. Will Reks says:

    I think I’ll keep using it. It seems to have the intended effect. You know the Vanilla Messiah is planning a visit to Israel soon, right? I’m guessing he wants to keep those checks from Sheldon Adelson coming in and so is willing to lick Bibi’s boots. What a cuck.
    Here’s a link from a site that hopefully won’t upset you.
    Perhaps you will be able to get a lateral transfer to the virtual Deportation Force.

  136. Fred says:

    automation is coming to the warehouse floor. Those “reasonably” well paid jobs like at Amazon are going to disappear before automated trucking becomes viable.

  137. Fred says:

    The Confederate States of America ceased to exist in 1865. It was a creation of Americans and defeated by the North, which 150 years later still can’t get over having won the war. Mexico is a foreign country and a US political event is not the place to fly foreign flags.

  138. Fred says:

    no one,
    “They cling to a third world vision of things.”
    Which is why they have created the vibrant culture that is in existence South of the Rio Grande.

  139. Fred says:

    “US is vulnerable to a campaign of low intensity warfare – supported by one or multiple foreign powers.”
    Nothing would sure spur repatriation of non-European’s from South America faster than a terror campaign against Americans.

  140. Tyler says:

    Youre kinda making my point for me by pointing out that the judge is a traitor versus just another hostile alien, so thank you for that. Why the hell else do you call someone from Indiana who encourages Mexican law breakers coming here and living off the government tit?
    Let me know how many Americans Trump University killed. I’ll wait.

  141. euclidcreek says:

    If anyone is tracking anyone, just Google ADL spy scandal in San Francisco. Just the tip of the iceberg.

  142. Tyler says:

    (((Will Reks)))),
    You are more than welcome to continue to be a pathetic tryhard, I certainly won’t stop you.
    Your take on the situation is as basic b-tch as you are. Sheldon went to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of Vanilla Messiah, Emperor Trump (PBUH). I don’t get why he wouldn’t want to meet with another ethnic nationalist. This is only controversial to WN LARPers. Sorry to pop your bubble.
    Your posting career is taking some hits lately. Better stop now and reflect before you hit GCP status. Maybe you can take some time to get in shape, so you’re ready to join Trump’s DEPORTATION FORCE versus being a sad sack cuck sitting in his corner chair.

  143. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Look, I’m not a fan of the Clinton’s either. I’ve said that here plenty of times now; however, I find Trump obnoxious and a potential disaster on a scale that Hillary won’t come close to achieving. What perplexes me is why an educated and widely traveled man such as yourself can’t see through the rhetoric used by the troglodytes attached to Trump. When they say ‘Make America Great Again’ what in the world do you think they mean?

  144. Doug Colwell says:

    Yes, Tyler, you are quite right. I wasn’t going to mention that because most of their other ancestry has been on this continent for at least 500 generations more than almost all of mine.

  145. Peter in Toronto says:

    I like your style Tyler.
    t. from Canada, land of the Cucks.

  146. LondonBob says:

    “When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. They are not sending you. They are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists. Some, I assume are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting.”[Watch Donald Trump Go Full Nativist, by Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, ThinkProgress, June 16, 2015]
    No real secret the Mexican elites use the emigration of lower class, often indigenous, Mexicans as form of pressure relief for the Mexican society/economy.

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