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  1. A Pols says:

    Diazepam is Valium, useful for seizures and much else…

  2. rjj says:

    as long as people are conjecturing, this should be one of the considerations
    what are the symptoms of Diazepam overdose and/or interactions.
    [snip from link]
    A total of 893 drugs (5124 brand and generic names) are known to interact with diazepam.
    13 major drug interactions (53 brand and generic names)
    753 moderate drug interactions (4010 brand and generic names)
    127 minor drug interactions (1061 brand and generic names)

  3. SmoothieX12 says:

    That is really troublesome. I “experienced” ever-incapacitated, alcoholic and low life Yeltsin who literally gave up the country to the cabal of low lives to be robbed and factually demolished. Not having a national leader who is sane, reasonably healthy and self-aware is a scary proposition. HRC is not a healthy person by any criteria. It shows. Could she be, as was proposed earlier on these discussion boards, merely a vehicle to get a special interest group into power? This is down right scary, it also makes any US pontification on “democracy” simply unsustainable, not that it is not laughable now anyway.

  4. crone says:

    Diazepam, also known as Plumiaz, also known as Valium…
    Over the weekend internet has erupted w/ questions wrt HRC’s health and speculation that she is having recurrent seizures – a result of the CVT discovered after her fall in 2012.
    “In 2012, Clinton had a cerebral venous thrombosis (blood clot in her brain). The story went like this: Clinton supposedly had an intestinal infection and got severely dehydrated. She fainted, fell, and hit her head, which resulted in a concussion. A few weeks later, she was found to have a cerebral venous thrombosis (blood clot in her brain). Her doctors claimed that she was “making excellent progress” and they were “confident she will make a full recovery.” Source:https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/hillary-clintons-blood-clot-most-likely-in-a-leg-experts-say/2012/12/31/d2c853ea-5376-11e2-bf3e-76c0a789346f_story.html

  5. Swampy says:

    look into Gelastic Seizures and HH – Hypothalamic Haramtomas.

  6. rjj says:

    Is Biden getting much mention as these health reports make their way onto the nightly news?

  7. Freudenschade says:

    I’ve taken a little dig through the article linked. About half of the “evidence” can be dismissed out of hand. In particular, a clip of the “seizure” video, from a different angle, with sound and in context, makes it clear she’s doing a double take on being asked about selecting Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.
    Might there be a health issue? Perhaps, but right now the evidence is mighty thin. It’s akin to diagnosing Trump with a personality disorder from afar.

  8. turcopolier says:

    What abut her ever present dark skinned minder? What about the Diazepam carried in his hand while walking with her? pl

  9. different clue says:

    She is a vehicle to keep the Obamazoids in power and cement and permanentize the Obama achievement . . . just as Obama’s mission was to cement and permanentise the Cheney/Bush achievements.
    The Country Club-Wall Street Republican/ Cat Food Democrat Coalition wants Hillary and then Kaine in there to ratify and sign more Free Trade Treason Agreements, and to privatise Social Security and Medicare. Only a Decromat President can achieve the privatising of Medicare and Social Security, just as only Nixon could go to China.

  10. different clue says:

    The “seizure film” looks either run forward and reverse several times or otherwise run forward from the same beginning over and over several times with very smooth splicing between each run to make it look real. If my intuitive eye-feel impression about that is correct, perhaps that particular video should not be relied on to make the case for Hillary’s health problems. If that video became discredited, the discredit could spill over onto other evidence leading it to be improperly disregarded.
    Just a sense of caution on my part.

  11. Dr. K says:

    Or Obama being a narcissist and not Trump.

  12. Freudenschade says:

    It should be easy to put a name to this face and determine if he is a physician or a secret service agent (or both?). Also, I’ve looked at the unretouched original digital photo (which you can find at medium.com). Despite my efforts with photoshop, I’m not able to tease an injector out of it. That may simply be my lack of skill (I’ve only been using it for a scant two decades or so), but I’d prefer confirmation from someone other than the conspiracy press.

  13. The Beaver says:

    Can this be another case of tonton Mitterand and his personal doctor who was always next door to his bedroom whenever he was travelling.

  14. Peter says:

    Maybe she’s just an insatiable benzo addict, who knows… With Bill clearly high out of his mind at the DNC when all the balloons were released I just don’t know about these people sometimes..

  15. BabelFish says:

    Another note, from personal experience. Diazepam and an opioids, taken together, produce a powerful narcotic effect. I had this combo for an angiogram and it produced the classic ‘go ahead and cut my head off with butter knife’ effect. Any mixing of the two outside of a medically controlled setting could produce very erratic behavior and dangerous health implications.
    Yes, you would think a presidential candidate would have better medical care and monitoring but the same could be said for many professional and entertainment people who ended up significantly impaired by drug combinations.

  16. robt willmann says:

    At noon today, the Washington (Pravda) Post jumped in to try to belittle any questions about Hillary’s health, in light of the recently displayed photos–
    The article tries to explain away the strange incident in the video clip at the rally in which she blanks out, and the black man goes up and talks to her, saying, “keep talking”, etc. The Wash. Post claims that he is Secret Service Assistant Special Agent in Charge Todd Madison. If so, perhaps the Secret Service protocols have changed, in observing how he appeared there and in other photographs.
    Regardless of what his work status is, it can be seen over time that she has real health problems. In my opinion, they are disqualifying, in addition to the misconduct involved in her private e-mail server while secretary of state and the misconduct in the Clinton Foundation and its associated organizations, which also show that she is unfit for the office of president.

  17. Re says:

    It’s as disconcerting and perhaps more so from a different angle. It appears to be some kind of involuntary head whip.

  18. Muzaffar Ali says:

    Excellent coverage on her medical condition….it is worse than we know!

  19. crone says:

    minder is wearing a lapel pin indicating he is a “medic” – he can be seen in photos of her either beside or behind her… with the ever-present Diazepam (marked as such) in his hand…
    “…. Might there be a health issue? Perhaps, but right now the evidence is mighty thin. It’s akin to diagnosing Trump with a personality disorder from afar.” ~freudenschade
    I totally disagree 1) that the evidence is mighty thin or 2) it’s akin to…
    Some side-effects of large doses of Diazepam/Valium might be: drowsiness, dizziness, spinning sensation, fatigue, constipation, ataxia (loss of balance), memory problems, restlessness or irritability, muscle weakness, nausea, drooling or dry mouth, slurred speech, blurred or double vision, etc.
    Several photos have appeared indicating HRC has difficulty managing stairs. CNN attacked Drudge this a.m. for posting a photo taken of HRC Feb. 24, 2016 (because it WAS old, according to CNN) http://money.cnn.com/2016/08/08/media/drudge-report-hillary-clinton-fall/ The weather in Charleston, SC that day was sunny, no rain, no ice/snow, Hi 72 low 55 The claim is HRC ‘slipped’ – if that IS indeed the case, why are there so many people assisting her, with the ever-present handler on her left?
    The Col.’s link to ZeroHedge above has additional photos of the incident which in my view added together indicate she was ‘helped up the stairs’ – Diazepam could be causing weakness in her legs or perhaps she is having double vision or depth problems.
    Something is amiss… If she is having seizures, she has no business seeking the office she is seeking PERIOD.

  20. VietnamVet says:

    First of all, Hillary Clinton is old at 69. I retired at 68 with arthritis and the start of short term memory loss which has gotten worse in the last five years. Barrack Obama looks old and he just had his 55th birthday. She wants to go out as the first woman President and to install Tim Kaine to finish out her term. But, even if she never had a brain injury from the concussion and thrombosis; she is the leader of a nation on the brink of revolt (ask Tyler if this is hyperbole). She enters a schizophrenic World at War but the propaganda says that this, the best of all possible worlds, is at peace. The foreign top priority is to remove the Assad Regime with proxy Islamist forces but America is trying defeat Islamists associated with the Caliphate simultaneously on the same battlefield. NATO just lost Turkey to the Islamists. The EU is splintering from austerity and the war refugees. It would drive a sane woman mad. Worse, at any second, she could launch a nuclear attack against Russia. She said that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is tapping Adolf Hitler’s playbook to justify his invasion of Ukraine; a mischaracterization that starts Great Wars.

  21. SmoothieX12 says:

    This could be true but I am more worried about the President of a nuclear superpower who will be surrounded by some people who do think that they can start and win war with Russia.

  22. Freudenschade says:

    You must have access to very high resolution images. And you’re even able to enhance a lapel pin to identify it as that of a medic? Hats off. I’ve written a few image processing algorithms in my day and am not sure how you accomplished this miraculous feat.
    Wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so. Taking a few hundred pixels and running it through a few image processing algorithms isn’t going to give you that magical result from the movies, where a blob turns into the sharp image of a face. Most times a blob is just a blob, maybe a pen, the side of an iPhone, who knows. Identifying it as a diazipam injector held at the ready, like Bones from Star Trek, seems far fetched.
    Give the following a try: see if you can make out what his badge says. It’s much better lit, has higher contrast. If you can make it out, let’s talk again about the blob.
    Does she have serious ongoing medical issues? Maybe? But so far all the evidence I’ve seen is either fraudulent or highly speculative. Stop grasping at straws and find some real evidence.

  23. michael brenner says:

    Valium itself is no big deal. Many of us have taken it on some occasion or other. It’s the underlying condition that may be noteworthy.
    What I don’t understand is that Valium is considered passe – supplanted by 2 or 3 generations of functional substitutes. One would think that were the underlying condition so serious as to warrant the constant presence of a medic, he would be carrying a vial of one of the newer, customized drugs.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Michael Brenner
    Taking a valium tab because you have had a bad day and taking a massive dose from an auto injector seem quite different to me. pl

  25. Mishkilji says:

    This could be a flashlight used to disorient an assailant. BGs often carry them, mine did.

  26. raven says:

    Keep trying, it will hurt even more when she wins!!

  27. rjj says:

    why carry a clearly labeled injector where they are surrounded by gazillions people with cameras unless it was meant to be noticed?
    Didn’t Dick Cheney always travel with a team of emergency medical people?

  28. Amir says:

    You are incorrect. Valium is still used for seizure treatment in acute EMS setting, when no injection is possible and administered rectally as a gel with good absorption.
    Also in order to detoxify from Benzodiazepine addiction, it is used as a bridge.
    Another indication is for alcohol withdrawal although there are two other alternatives.
    It’s use as sleeping pill is “passe” as all the other benzodiazepines or Ambien and similar should be.

  29. rjj says:

    oops … word kept eluding me above. for “clearly labeled” read “conspicuously labeled.”

  30. Tyler says:

    First warfarin and now diazepam. Has Hillary’s doctor heard of anything beyond 1960 medicine? At this point I’m not shocked if she’s on Dig.
    Double surprising because diazepam injected intramuscular is frowned upon because it’s oil based and doesn’t absorb as readily into the blood stream as the newer classes of benzos. Ativan is used more in the hospital but is temperature setting. In a hospital setting Versed is the drug of choice, but is pretty potent (5-10mg IM is the dose and it’s absorbed readily).
    Gotta say tho best part of this is frauden denying as hard as he possibly can. So shameful.

  31. crone says:

    I apologize for not posting link for lapel pin…
    And you’re correct… although it ‘appears to be’… one would need to zoom in closer to determine that it is indeed a medic pin.

  32. ked says:

    No, those were Nazgul.

  33. different clue says:

    That’s a very sensible worry. I too worry about the next US President deliberately seeking and elevating the sort of people who think a war can be started and won with Russia. Maybe a pleasant little hybrid war.
    Because, among other things, if it goes nuclear then perhaps College Townville where I live could be considered “worth a bomb”. That’s the crudely selfish thing that every Hillary wanna-voter might be thinking about. If she gets elected and starts World War Clinton over some damn thing in the Ukraine, ” would your city be worth a nuke”?

  34. different clue says:

    This you tube video makes the head-whipping look real and not video-shopped. But it also looks like an overly drama-sarcastic response and not a seizure. So indicators of Hillary’s health should be sought elsewhere than in this particular video, it seems to me.
    Several other indicators appear to exist. Energy not mis-spent on this particular video might be better applied to pursuing those other signs and indicators.

  35. different clue says:

    Are there linkable videos or you tubes of Bill being visibly high during the balloon release? I would watch some if there were clicky linkies. But I don’t have the patience or initiate to watch hours of video from dozens of angles till I find it.

  36. Herodotus says:

    Good Lord are we in serious trouble…

  37. Fred says:

    “she is the leader of a nation on the brink of revolt…”
    I agree. Just today former Michigan state legislator Rashida Tlaib (who will receive taxpayer funded health insurance for the rest of her life for the six years in the legislature) led a score of people in protesting Trump’s speech at the Detroit Economic Club. The democrats in Michigan can’t let his economic message out (however good or bad it may be), it spoils the narrative. I for one am happy for Ms. Tlaib. she will receive taxpayer funded health insurance for the rest of her life for her six years in the legislature. Mostly I’m happy because I plan on leaving Michigan as soon as reasonably possible and won’t have to pay the damn bill for a lifetime politician’s lifetime benefit.

  38. Hank says:

    I would see HRC on a regular basis (w/ her USSS & DSS security details) when she was SecState. I almost never saw her without her cell phone to her head (ear). I don’t think it’s possible for someone to have more time with an active cell phone against the head. Even addicted cell phone users are required to do activities which HRC has done for her. So, if there is now evidence showing cell
    phones cause brain cancer, and this is, HRC should be one of the most at risk of any person on this planet.

  39. jonst says:

    Prof Brenner wrote: “What I don’t understand is that Valium is considered passe…”. I would guess IP/patent issues. Bigger pay off for new drugs protected under patent regime.

  40. Amir says:

    Even if she has HD a stroke and needs anti-epileptics, why would that (necessarily) bar you from presidency? One just has to look at FDR. At the end of the day, FUNCTIONAL status counts: just grill them during their campaign. As late as Jeltsin-like individuals are avoided.

  41. turcopolier says:

    You mean this man? “Oladotun A. Okunola, M.D.
    Dr. Okunola joins the prestigious Neurology group, Neuroscience Center of Northern New Jersey, to provide a variety of specialized care. He specializes in epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, and sleep medicine.
    Dr. Okunola completed medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. He stayed and completed his internship and neurology residency at Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC. He received fellowship training in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC. He also completed a sleep medicine fellowship at Norwalk Hospital, Connecticut.
    As part of his fellowship training in clinical neurophysiology/epilepsy, he focused on intraoperative and epilepsy monitoring; EEG and EMG. As a sleep specialist, he diagnoses and treats sleep related disorders such as daytime sleepiness (hypersomnolence), insomnia, narcolepsy, obstructive, central, and complex sleep apnea, etc.
    Dr. Okunola is board-certified in both adult neurology and clinical neurophysiology. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Neurology.” Assuming that this is the man, does not everyone travel everywhere with their own neurologist? pl

  42. Edward Amame says:

    It’s a Howard Dean scream moment, not an ER moment.
    The Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and Breitbart are reeeeeally reaching with the head bob. Nobody else. Here’s a clip shot from another angle of her head bob at the coffee shop that shows why. Clinton was in a good mood after a series of wins and Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement, making an exaggerated joke-y head bob response to simultaneous questions from three reporters. I don’t get the joke, but the three reporters laughed and Clinton dodged the questions with a joke about green tea right after le bob, smiling and they laughed again and she laughed.

  43. irf520 says:

    Yes, him. Certainly bears a passing resemblance to the guy who seems to accompany HRC everywhere.
    “Assuming that this is the man, does not everyone travel everywhere with their own neurologist?”
    I don’t. Maybe “everyone who’s anyone” does.

  44. tim s says:

    HC is a seasoned politician, who certainly understands the high importance of appearances. She must be aware of the possibility that what might be intended as a joke could be mistaken as a serious problem and would avoid any such possible misunderstanding, which could be devastating to her goals. Think Howard Dean and his much less disturbing howl.
    Is there any history of her being such a jokester? I’ve never seen it. If it were a joke she didn’t follow through with it. I see the tea comment as more cover than completion of a joke. Besides, who of her people were laughing?? NONE of them. Such kiss-asses would be howling like Ed McMahon. They were perhaps the most disturbing part of the video, zombie like in their non-response.

  45. F5F5F5 says:

    From whichever angle I saw it, this definitely looked out of place.
    Having said that, she is incredibly good at regaining control.
    Anybody who has, or had, a close relative in a really bad condition can recognize that. And if you do, you would understand what humiliation means, and you would know what giving face means.

  46. rjj says:

    had to look it up. thanks for the laugh.
    need to belabor the point in case it isn’t obvious – Darth Cheney’s medical support team did not show up at public gatherings wearing red cross medic arm bands holding defib paddles at the ready.

  47. rjj says:

    “It’s a Howard Dean scream moment, not an ER moment.”
    thanks for the reminder.

  48. LeaNder says:

    Pat, for whatever reason, I am with Michael here.
    Pretty personal, admittedly.
    The tongue issue and this one seem bizarre to me. Full discovery, my father was once medicated with Valium. I would guess by a somewhat helpless doctor that tried to understand the professional stress he was in and didn’t quite get it.

  49. rjj says:

    jokester question…
    she does clown around. laughs a lot. has a very funny three stooges schtick.

  50. Bookwurm says:

    Having viewed several version of this “head bobbing” Video it was the expressions of the reporter on the left absolutely startled expression in reaction to hillary’s head banging that i found interesting, as well as the stone faced aides standing behind her pretending “nothing was amiss here, its just your imagination”

  51. Peter says:

    There you go. It went viral so it was the first one that popped up. You can see everyone shaking hands and talking, while Bill is off to the side just kicking balloons with his mouth wide open. There was also another recent video while Hillary was doing an interview he was standing right behind here with his mouth hanging wide open. He hasn’t looked too good lately.

  52. JHG says:

    Coumadin is still widely used to prevent blood clots; it does require certain dietary precautions, routine monitoring, usually monthly finger sticks after a therapeutic level has been established, and is reversible with a commonly available drug, Vitamin K. She may have degenerative joint disease in her lower spine which in a flare up can cause difficulty with stairs; I have that and prolonged setting or even sleeping in an unusual position makes the two stairs that join my living room to the library difficult to maneuver without using the walls for support. As to the purported lesion on her tongue, in my experience oral cancers are treated with wide excision and radical neck dissection and not local removal. The syphilis was a nice touch though.

  53. Freudenschade says:

    although I’d still like to see some effort spent on identifying Todd Madison (I don’t have access to records that would allow me to identify him), I thought I’d run down the good doctor and see if he’s likely to speak with an American accent as the agent did on the animal rights protester video. As it turns out, Dr. Okunola was born 9/1/1974 in Washington, D.C.
    So, he’s native born and was educated in the DC area.
    There are a few articles quoting an agent Todd Madison in 2010, so someone by that name existed at the secret service before now.

  54. PeteM says:

    The problem with these entertaining but TFH memes about the Clintons is that they provide them and their minions with easily used cover for their real documented crimes and agendas. Any fact based attack directed at HRC’s many defects are easily comingled with these fringe fantasies and discredited as just more unfair political attacks and it works and has worked for them in the past.
    The choice of valium in this story is a bit strange and revealing because much more effective newer drugs are what are prescribed today because valium is extremely addictive requiring hospitalization to avoid possible death from withdrawal.

  55. turcopolier says:

    “this has the feel and touch of a fake” Why. People of your generation in Germany are so prone to believe wild eyed conspiracy theories. Why not this one? pl

  56. Tyler says:

    Because FDR had no visible mental deficits, while it’s obvious Clinton has more than her share from her stroke.
    What a bad analogy.

  57. Tyler says:

    Fingers in the ears, LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU is the name of the game over there I see.

  58. Tyler says:

    “It’s a fake because I said so”. You’ve been here how long and you think this passes muster?

  59. rjj says:

    Tyler if HRC is too ill to continue, what happens next. Who runs in her place?

  60. Babak Makkinejad says:

    The interesting thing for me is how much FDR (and Marshall, with him) has faded but the myth of Churchill flourishes.

  61. jld says:

    Of course it “passes”, this is Leander, she knows because she “feels it” and she probably didn’t read the text she is arguing to (or she read the wrong one)

  62. Bill Herschel says:

    If we stipulate that Trump is at a 15% likelihood of winning the Presidency, I think it is extremely important to ask how that came to pass.
    I think we must also stipulate that Clinton, Jeb Bush, Rubio, Kasich etc. are all masks of the same candidate. Yes, there are “wedge issues” that separate them, but in general they all bring exactly the same premises to the political discourse. Trump didn’t. And he resonated with, what is it, 30 million voters?
    What’s going on? That’s the important question. I don’t think anything can be done about what’s going on, but I think this group in particular should give a shot at the answer. My own hypothesis probably starts with what is referred to as the “All Volunteer” Army (Air Force, etc.). It appears that no one really gives a damn about pretty much any armed conflict entered into by the Executive Branch. As long as the casualties are measured in thousands and not tens of thousands. In fact, half the population probably is eager to support and commend those in “harms way”. Put an American in “harms way” and his cause is supported reflexly by the entire country.
    So, who supported Trump? He won the South Carolina Primary after trashing George Bush and the Iraq War. How did that happen?
    I freely admit that I have no expertise and no real intellectually coherent idea about all this.
    Clinton’s health is probably a red herring. It will be President Kaine if she has a problem.

  63. Swampy says:

    How about this “senior moment”

  64. JMH says:

    Everything else aside, the arm touch and back patting in the video show that you have cause for worry.

  65. LeaNder says:

    not because I said so, Tyler, because it looks like one. It’s the type used in a specific genre, comedy. But yes, I cannot get hooked on this type of stuff. Beyond the specific genre, that is.

  66. LeaNder says:

    Could “b” and me belong to the same generation? No idea. Could we stand as some type of pars pro toto for the generation you have in mind? Who knows. Maybe.
    “Wild eyed conspiracy theories”, interestingly enough I was introduced into the genre by a multitude of US generations JFK, ML, Watergate, Iran Contra … In the US it’s occasionally called “Deep Politics”. … only after I realized the much older historical literary tradition.

  67. BabelFish says:

    Karen Ann Quinlan. She went into a coma with Valium and a couple of gin and tonics. And became the unfortunate poster child for the right to die movement. Extenuating circumstances were low body weight and a two day fast but the risk is still there. I am hardly up to date but I can’t think of many good reasons to be using the stuff.

  68. Fred says:

    That’s note Pravda, it’s Oligarch Jeff Bezos news. Pravda is on the Hudson, the Oligarch Carlos Slim paper. What was it Bernie and Donald have been saying, the system is rigged? Here’s some more proof.

  69. Fred says:

    For the umpteenth time:
    1. Evaluate the source of the information.
    2. Evaluate the information itself.

  70. Fred says:

    “If we stipulate that …”
    Your number is too low. You also leave out “The Wall” and it is not a reference to rock and roll but that other thing you leave out: Immigration, its impact on culture, school quality, employment levels and wages. How did all those things happen? The Establishment let them. Who is not the establishment candidate – one of the 2 New Yorkers running for office. Hilary’s vote for the last war is old news, which also is conveniently forgotten.

  71. turcopolier says:

    Trashy movies and Nixon’s silliness? This impressed you? pl

  72. Tidewater says:

    Tidewater to All,
    Among a number of things that can happen to a person who is having an occipital lobe seizure: that person will not see as well as usual; or will not see at all; will see an image that is replayed again and again; will feel as if his or her eyes are moving; will have eye pain; will have sideways eye movements that are not controllable; will have rapid rhythmic eye movements where the eyes move quickly in one direction, and then slow down and move in the other direction (this is called nystagmus); will have fluttering eyelids.
    I believe that any professional examination of the videos that exist so far–and there will be more of them– will conclude that Hillary’s eyes showed very disturbing movements during the coffee shop interview with Dan beside her, (not as I said previously, incorrectly, Sam ). What I have described as phase two, the deception phase, which began seconds into the event, a clever attempt at playing it off as a joke, is that Hillary Clinton’s right eye turned grotesquely to the left as if she were crossing her eyes, but her left eye was out of sync with this movement and seemed to look ahead. In any event, because I am now relying from my memory of a previous study of the video a few days ago, if, perchance, I am wrong in some particulars in describing this eye movement, I will still continue to maintain that her eyes were out of sync in the first involuntary phase, and that she had uncontrollable sideways movements of her eyes also in the second phase. Indeed, she had the eye movements that are described as “nystagmus.” And her eyelids fluttered.
    There are now other videos showing her speaking, making yet more non sequiturs. (I thought her comments on trying the chai were a non sequitur.) This one is very clear and very strange. In a talk about health care, she seems to “jumpcut” mentally into a completely unrelated, impenetrable, and incomprehensible remark. It is as if, somewhere in her mind, she has seen a few paragraphs ahead. She would have come to this paragraph sequentially in her prepared remarks–did it have the word “spiral” in it?– if her mind had not played the kind of trick on her that would terrify me. (I saw this happen to my mother.) She blanked something. You can acquire this video on the health talk from August 9, 2016, Drudge Report.
    My limited understanding of a diazepam jab, if it is indeed administered that way, but however it may be given–the valium would begin to work within one minute, and would immediately help to control, or stop, of slow down and ameliorate a focal seizure. Perhaps the reason the diazepam is carried in plain sight is because the situation is critical, and time is the essence. If that is a flashlight, I am still convinced that diazepam is the method that is designated to be used here, and it somewhere around in that handler team. It simply has to be there! Nothing else works as quickly or as easily.
    I have been on Versed twice. Doctors joke about it, and warn patients that it will remove any memory of its having been used. It is used for getting that little camera down your throat or up thine arse for a look at your insides. Wonderful stuff. You need not fear these procedures. What I remember is lying on my side, and then a voice says that I can wake up. I open my eyes, the whole thing is done. A camera has gone down and looked at my esophagus or up around the twist into the upper zones of my gut. It is done in a medical setting and there are quite a few machines and several doctors. Too complicated if Hillary goes down on stage.
    In the coming Regency, I think this shaman, Dr. Okunola, will play an important role. The Clinton’s have found their root doctor. Hey, he could end up being like Ahab’s “speck synder” or chief harpooner. America’s Fedallah!
    A lot of old-timey flashbulb attachments you can get for a Nikormat or Pentax will do the trick!
    As my black Gullah buddy used to exclaim, with an evil laugh, “THIS IS AMERICA!”

  73. Tyler says:

    Yes you’ve convinced me. Obviously its totally in character for her to respond to a question by pretending to have a seizure and not in line with the other revelations about her health.
    No wonder you people are losing your country to 3rd world rapeugess.

  74. Tyler says:

    Because his emotional argument with its half baked sophistry appeals to your ridiculous nature.

  75. Tyler says:

    Yeah, but this is the Borg Queen. You’d think she’d be able to get something more up to date like Versed or even Ativan vs. a drug that’s almost as old as she is.
    It really is kind of par for her, seeing as she’s also on Warfarin which is another ancient drug.

  76. walrus says:

    @Tidewater; as long as they put it down your throat first…..

  77. steve says:

    Those of us who do heart surgery and trauma are not enamored of the new anticoagulants. Warfarin is reversible. Dabigatran is also (normalizes PTT but not much outcome data so not really sure how well it works, though we do stock it now.), but that drug has its own pluses and minuses. The rest still have no viable reversal agents last time I looked. The new agents have the advantage of not needing such close monitoring, it is difficult to adjust warfarin doses, but they have shown minimal advantage over warfarin in terms of lowered bleeding risks. A lot of docs are not switching over because of these issues. There are reversal agents in the pipeline for the newer agents. If these pan out in outcome studies, then I would expect to see warfarin really start to go away, eventually. The new drugs cost 10-20 times as much as warfarin.

  78. Cee says:

    I was telling someone the other day why I didn’t like or trust Hillary. I also mentioned the relationship between Boris and Bill.
    Wasn’t there some nasty underhanded uranium deal?

  79. Cee says:

    Huma testified that she warned people that HRC was easily confused.

  80. Bobo says:

    As much as this fits you have to come to the conclusion that it is fake after spending a little time checking it out. Heading is wrong, position is wrong, style is wrong plus last paragraph is too cute. Not your fault.

  81. Tyler says:

    Thanks for that. And I’m sure the fact that Versed tends to make you blackout isn’t helpful to her, so Valium in that case.

  82. Tyler says:

    Someone else who will certainly lose to Donald Trump.

  83. jld says:

    Poverty and unemployment are

    What an incredibly silly argument!
    (hint, it is TAUTOLOGICAL, if you are poor and/or unemployed it hurts, wow, nobody would have guessed!)
    And, BTW, problems with immigration aren’t related to “dark-skinned others”, it’s not the skin color which hurts it’s that they COMPETE with your own low skill capabilities if YOU are likewise low skilled.

  84. YT says:


  85. Fred says:

    Pacifica Advocate,
    You are calling me a racist. That only took three paragraphs. Congratulations. Those here illegally are employed, just not in the countries they are citizens of. That negatively impacts wages and benefits of American citizens.
    If these other cultures are equal or superior why does people leave them by the millions every year to come to the US? Where in the Constitution does it say that allowing immigration is an obligation of the federal government or the states? Where does it require federal or state expenditures on non-citizens? I’ve looked but I still can’t find the zeroth amendment anywhere – except in the campaign promises of Democratic politicians.

  86. Edward Amame says:

    Consider the sources: Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and Breitbart. I think you just made LeaNder’s point.

  87. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    So, if you REALLY dislike the source you dismiss the possibility that the information might be true. Good thinking! pl

  88. LeaNder says:

    emotional, you or him?
    Let me add this. In my father’s case there weren’t any withdrawal problems, he simply headed towards a nervous breakdown. … Not that the “hot-head issue” ever disappeared even in his pretty old age by now.
    On the other hand, Tyler dear, I have to admit I would have been very, very seriously interested in the diagnosis and medication (combination of uppers and downers) of one US pseudo-hero we agreed to seriously disagree on.

  89. turcopolier says:

    “I would have been very, very seriously interested in the diagnosis and medication (combination of uppers and downers) of one US pseudo-hero …” Don’t be cute. who do you mean? pl

  90. rjj says:

    She is clowning. frames have been removed to distort it.

  91. rjj says:

    He doesn’t have the numbers. Seems to me if she were out of the running –
    Trump would lose a sizeable chunk of his ABC (anybody but Clinton) voters.
    The Dems would gain Bernie’s, the refuseniks’ and the independents’ ABTEC (anybody but Trump except Clinton) voters.
    With only one polarizing/energizing candidate, many FU voters would lose their zeal and stay home.

  92. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    It’s easy to distort photos and videos to take on a different meaning. I looked at the head-bob from another, unedited angle that suggests fringe right-wing blogs Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and Breitbart are trying to manufacture a HRC health problem.

  93. turcopolier says:

    Edward Amame
    I understand that you wish to discredit the sources in your zeal to protect her. I have been cross-examined enough times to be able to recognize the technique. there are actually a number of other photographic evidences of her antic behavior. I posted a number of them. Unfortunately, your protective wishes are overcoming one of the basic rules of analysis and have lapsed into political propaganda. pl

  94. LeaNder says:

    Pat, are there trashy movies of Nixon’s silliness? If so I haven’t seen them. Besides, I wasn’t into politics at the time.
    But to remain true to myself. I have to admit that two things caught my attention at the time I still read “Die Zeit” more regularly. Avoiding politics though mainly. Not after 2001 though.
    One was an argument that Nixon really did not do things much different from his precursors as president, he simply was more paranoid then anyone before him.
    The other was a small review of a book by a German correspondent that after having spent a lot of time in Russia was sent to the US. The nutshell idea was that the land-of-milk-and-honey, he thought he was sent to after Russia, somewhat disappointed him. To such an extend he wondered about parallels in spite of the supposedly opposite systems. Sounded interesting. Although I unfortunately had given up archiving more interesting matters at the time. 1998 – 2001, I would guess. 2001 being the date that somewhat politicized me. … Maybe I should give the horrible Zeit archives search function that unfortunately extend to other tools a try again. Maybe they are better now?

  95. LeaNder says:

    George Zimmerman

  96. turcopolier says:

    George Zimmerman? “one US pseudo-hero” For whom? His own family did not seem to like him. pl

  97. turcopolier says:

    “are there trashy movies of Nixon’s silliness?” There are. pl

  98. Tyler says:

    You with your entire “argument of feels” style while you’ve been here making that statement is amazing for its lack of self awareness.

  99. Tyler says:

    Tell me how an old white Jew appeals to blacks.
    A minority of hisvoters are “ABC”, otherwise he wouldn’t have won the primary.
    Your numbers don’t add up, m8.

  100. Tyler says:

    You’re right doctor. She is obviously the picture of health and not needing a personal aid carrying around an auto injector or needing help climbing stairs or vanishing for weeks at a time or unable to complete a debate without an extended break.
    Nope, this is all a vast right wing conspiracy. I’m sure she’s ready for American Ninja Warrior.

  101. Tyler says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Oh boy, the these guys with their ridiculous arguments that have no bearing in real life, posted while they’re surrounded by whites.

  102. Nancy K says:

    Perhaps the auto injector is Vitamin K. She is on a blood thinner, makes sense.

  103. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    My zeal? There’s plenty to criticize HRC for, IMO mainly regarding her too pro-Israel/anti-Russia/generally hawkish FP outlook. But making up nonsense about her health is crying wolf.

  104. different clue says:

    tim s,
    I remember the “Dean scream”. The most disturbing thing about that is that it was audio-shopped into existence. Dean was in a room full of screaming people. He was struggling to be heard at all while trying to “rally the disheartened troops”. Audio-shop sound engineers “raised the volume” on Dean and “suppressed” the volume on the crowd, to fake the sound of Dean screaming crazy in a silent room. That’s what I read after the fact, and that’s what I choose to believe.
    (I realize that was somewhat of a tangent, but it leaves me a little upset unto this very day).

  105. different clue says:

    Thank you for this. He certainly looks “high” on something. But I am willing to be generous and think he might just be high on life. He might be thinking about all the money the Clinton Foundation will be able to harvest when Hillary gets elected. Sagans and sagans of dollars. Perhaps he is transported with glee over the thought that HE! . . . and NOT! Obama, will become America’s first billionaire ex-President.

  106. different clue says:

    Babak Makkinejad,
    It may be that Marshall has faded as FDR has faded. I don’t know. But the fading of FDR has been created by decades of Thatcher-Reaganism propaganda and pro OverClass spin mill output . . . as part of a multi-decades effort to destroy the working parts of the New Deal/ Fair Deal in order to privatize and profitize every possible public asset, to break unions and restore 1890s level of OverClass wealth-and-power monopoly, etc.
    I read that the Reaganites even wanted to drive Roosevelt’s face off the dime and put Reagan’s face on it instead.

  107. rjj says:

    I should have been more clear. It was too easy to misread what I said.

  108. Edward Amame says:

    noun: credulity
    a tendency to be too ready to believe that something is real or true.
    That’s not a tendency us NYers are known for. So when Googling “Clinton auto injector” pukes up 2 pages of stories on right wing websites and nowhere else, all I can say is: Sad!
    Same with Googling “Clinton needing help climbing stairs.” That one has Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily and Breitbart telling it that way while actual news outfits report she slipped on stairs campaigning in the primaries back in February.

  109. turcopolier says:

    Would you expect left wing sources to criticize her? pl

  110. Edward Amame says:

    Col Lang
    She got ripped a new one on various left wing sites during the primaries. But they tended to stick to real issues, mainly on FP, not made-up stuff.

  111. Fred says:

    Yes, not an intentional insult just the implied one. I of course am guilty of assuming the opposite. You avoided answering where in the Constitution immigration or state or federal funding for non-citizens is a requirement You did however state that “Immigrants who come to the US from Latin American countries generally go home, after a while.” I would conclude from this unsubstantiated statement that there is no need for a path for citizenship.
    “the people who move to the US are considered by their fellow citizens…incompetent buffoons, opportunistic social failures, or cynical traitors selling themselves to the highest bidder.”
    You move in unique circles. When President Vicente Fox was speaking college students at Alma College in 2008 and when he spoke to House Minority Leader Nancy in May of this year (in Mexico) he did not address Mexicans immigrants in America as buffoons, social failures or cynical traitors. He did have quite a bit to say about an American politician though. I guess he’s just an aberration though.
    As to your uncle, call 911. Hitting people is a crime. As to the “tired canard” Here’s same facts you can give your uncle. He can read the file while he’s in jail for hitting all those people. The relevant data is on page 64.

  112. Erich Newhill says:

    For posterity sake. Here is another photo apparently showing Clinton needing assistance to stay on her feet.

  113. AEL says:

    Clinton’s doctor (Lisa Bardack) is a highly regarded internist. If the drug doesn’t make sense, then I would lower the probability on the inference that it is an injector rather than stack a professional competence conjecture on top of the diazepam conjecture.
    Also, I am with Frauden, I don’t see an injector in that image.

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