IMO Trump should NOT run again.

The once and future …

“Trump’s endorsement may be one of the most valuable things in Republican politics, but Ellzey has been able to outspend Wright in the race, bringing in over $1.2 million to Wright’s $454,000 as of July 7. And while Wright has led Ellzey in several internal polls released by her campaign, uncertainty over exactly who will vote in a summer special election featuring two Republicans with similar ideological leanings means Ellzey can still hope for an upset come Tuesday.

“We are very similar,” Ellzey said on the Dallas-based Mark Davis radio show in early May. “I think the voters recognized, irrespective of some mailers that aren’t true, we are very close, hand-in-hand so to speak, philosophically.”

The Texas race kicks off several weeks of special elections highlighting the dynamics shaping both political parties. While the Texas campaign and another outside Columbus, Ohio, have tested how impactful Trump’s backing remains for Republican candidates, another primary centered in Cleveland is an opportunity for progressives to notch a big primary win, as former Bernie Sanders campaign chair Nina Turner faces off against the more moderate Shontel Brown.” politico

Comment: “Impactful.” Funny word.

I like Trump’s policies except for his slavish groveling at Israel’s feet, but, he IS a New Yorker. Other than that …

Well, his inability to understood the difference between entrepreneurial business dealings and government was absurd.

His NY City brutish business personality is repulsive but the thought that his boorishness caused soccer moms to reject him is so awful as to be a cosmic level bad joke. “I grab’em by the p—y and if you have power they just follow along …” That kind of thing gave us the dementing Joe? My god!

People at his rallies chanted “we love you” right to the very end. Leaders are seldom loved. They still love him, however many millions there are.

QAnon? This is an asinine DemoMarxist IO ploy but the soccer moms and dads and the gullible may believe it and that could be the deciding nonsense in ’24.

We can’t afford that possibility. The Republicans have a deep bench of possibilities; DeSantis, Abbott, Noem, etc.

What Trump should do is accept the role of kingmaker, bring his followers with him and put them solidly behind someone like DeSantis.

That is what a statesman would do. Sigh. pl

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  1. BillWade says:

    I sincerely hope Gov DeSantis will be content to remain Florida’s governor , perhaps a run for the senate after his 2nd term is over. He’s reaffirmed that our children will go to school mask less, no more lock downs, and no discrimination based upon a person’s vaccination status. I’m getting old and prefer to remain somewhat free in my Club Fed instead of a harsher prison. I don’t think DeSantis could win anyway. A lot of people outside of Florida are as dismissive of him as they are of Trump in addition to the way votes are now (mis) counted.

  2. Oilman2 says:

    The real question is whether Trump wants the Republicans for anything other than an approved ‘vehicle’ for a 2nd term.

    Traditional republicans, RINOs and the rest actively undercut him at every opportunity, and then there is the “piece de resistance” of Pence enshrining the corrupt election. Does Trump really give a damn about Republicans in general? I think not, and it would not surprise me to see him split the party up, just as the Democrats are wont to do via progressives vs traditionals this coming season as well.

    Trump is enjoying himself whether president or not at this point. I don’t see him remaining off-stage – not in his nature.

  3. Gallo Rojo says:

    I wrote about this in the Trump – Desantis Gordian Knot and how this issue presents problems for both men. Trump is a flawed Tribune who refused to step into the role fate provided him (An event equivalent to the failure of D Day or the Stauffenberg Bomb Plot succeeding). Desantis is the heir to Trump, but you can’t be the king while the king is alive. A joint Trump-Desantis ticket with Trump being Trump and Desantis handling personnel issues is really the best way forward.

    I have my issues with Big Orange Retard, but the service he did in his kamikaze run on the central pillar undergirding the illusions in our fake and gay society simply cannot be measured. Tens of millions of normies are in the process of seeing the world for what it is and realizing their leaders hate them – Trump did this.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO, Trump will not run again. Desantis will run and he will win with Trump’s endorsement. Trump will enjoy being a king maker. He will revel in seeing that candidates with the Trump brand prevail over the other brands. That is the happy compromise that keeps Trump’s narcissism satisfied risk free. After all, he can rest on the idea that the 2020 election was stolen and that he really was a two term POTUS, while not facing the risk of losing again (legitimately or by hook & crook) and remain in the public eye and, icing on the cake, stick it to his tormentors.

    I voted for Trump twice and I love his policies, but I don’t want him to run again. I find my politics are pretty much typical of middle aged white collar conservatives. So there are no doubt many voters seeing it the same. We need the same philosophy and policies but a more professional and articulate champion of them in the office.

    Maybe Desantis can appoint Trump to Director of the CIA, FBI or some such agency. Then Trump can break out his old “You’re fired!” routine to great effect and standing ovation applause from his fans.

  5. Jim says:

    I agree Trump should sit this one out.

    More so because he had his chance.

    However, the majestic and catastrophic failure to convince a majority in our nation that Biden won fair and square is problem; this chipmunk in the wood pile is not going away anytime soon.

    Even worse, uhhh . . . it’s plainly obvious anyone challenging the Democrats in a substantive way: are marked men and women, to put it mildly.

    And I also agree there is a deep bench in the R field.

    Can any in the deep bench withstand the terror thrown at them, —and how well did Trump stand up to it, given he was under virtual White House Arrest his last fortnight in office?

    Though it may sound a bit of a stretch, nonetheless, cogent argument can be made, to the effect that: Trump’s always-tenuous “hold on power” from Jan. 20, 2017–Jan. 6, 2021 was fully put in stark relief, —by his last two weeks as the prisoner president.

    Jan. 6 is so totally ominous for a thinking person, as to nearly render this absurd spectacle — carried out by those under Trump’s at least titular command, —and continued with greater venom and perfidy, when Biden installed Jan. 20 — the most awful crime among so many in recent months and years.

    [quick note: three of my closest friends immediately on Jan. 7 all attempted to mock me and all three were immediately put in their place and have yet to say boo about this since, all three, Hillary Clinton-istas — this trio, told point blank, they have no idea what they are talking, none of us have any evidence of what actually happened, and even if it did happen as they claim, SO WHAT — this country belong to us, and politicians are expected to serve us, not the other way around.]

    Jan. 6 perpetrated by our own government ‘law’ ‘enforcement’ — against its citizens — is the MEGA-CRIME, albeit, with other top contenders, [that may in fact top it, this is true].

    Given Jan. 6 and Trump’s complete emasculation from then on, . . . how can a castrated man as a matter of fact do anything, besides pantomime, now?

    For this reason alone, Trump is finished business and damaged goods, politically.

    It is also worth noting he was, in my opinion, destroyed politically before he was ever sworn into office; the record substantiates this.

    And yet, he is by far the first choice for 2024, and that likely is due to fact he is the best able to not care about being destroyed, as those in the deep bench may be.

    But he was already destroyed, and all that this implies.

    I voted for him in 2016 — his bull shit and bluster, as far as I am concerned are irrelevant. He said he would end the wars, bring the boys home, do infrastructure, re-industrialize the country and its economic sector, appoint judges that are not WOKE [in retrospect, that was his message, even if WOKE was yet to become in the vernacular], oppose idiotic absurdities within political correctness, and, that he would think rationally.

    In Massachusetts, during the 2016 campaign season, leading Democrats, such as the state AG and Sen. Liz, and leading media organs such as Boston Globe. . . they all decided and others too: to create social conditions by which anyone identifying with Trump would become a social outcast.

    In the greater Boston metropolitan area, this happened.

    And as far west as Worcester County and into the Berkshires. [There are also many pockets in this state where this did not happen, mostly rural, mostly poorer, mostly forgotten.]

    One thing reporters did during this 2016 was try and get the small number of Republicans seeking state office. . . get them on the record on whether they were going to vote for Trump.

    And thus many Republicans in Mass. kept quiet, out of fear their support of Trump would ruin their careers, here in “liberal” Mass.

    Gov. Baker, of course, was feted by the Globe and others as a hero for opposing Trump’s election.

    But, what kind of society, in the 21st century, allows it. . . says it is socially OK to target supporters of one of the two major political parties? Don’t say this didn’t happen in Massachusetts. I had a front row seat, and spoke to the trembling Repubs wanting to keep their seats. Who told me over and over their experience with social “justice” warriors, aka “news” “reporters.”

    Yet, in “liberal” Mass. . . this was OK. In fact, it happened, and continues to snow ball into worse and more abusive forms.

    This is abuse.

    And it is created and perpetuated and condoned by leading Democrats and leading media companies in this state.

    It is so socially “acceptable” here that this is considered normal!

    When I first hear that diabolical phrase: “the new normal” — I immediately knew exactly what it meant. I had already lived it four years and running.

    The Russian intellectual Dmitry Orlov all this century has written about this country’s collapse.

    Prior to him, in the last century, the American Morris Berman wrote about it.

    And in the century preceding, Dostoevsky wrote about, viz. Russia.

    We are now living, in this country: in its no-longer-deniable consequences, that including it being OK to be abusive to your fellow citizen based only on who he or she may wish to be President of the USA!

    And how much more abusive can it get, than being told that those who refuse to be shot with the covid “vaccine” poisons are un-American, are not doing our patriotic duty. . . we are all being set up to be abused, to be blamed for a criminal operation of which we had no hand in creating nor in perpetrating.

    To become social outcasts, virtual lepers in our own country!

    This Nurse Ratched society of which we have become, where so many now suffer from a Stockholm Syndrome — a great neurosis, thanks to decades of propaganda now ratcheted up so extremely, to such an acute level: that civil discourse itself is deemed subversive by authorities, national, [and state and local, in some parts of the country, at any rate].

    In 2020 I supported Gabbard for similar reasons I voted Trump in 2016.

    Look what happened to her.

    A serving veteran of armed forces, a woman, a minority — she had all the WOKE attributes and she was politically destroyed.

    Plus, she is a Democrat!

    This is all something to think about, between now and 2024.

    As for covid and its excesses, is Israel where we are headed, for real?

    “There is a time and a place where discussion needs to stop . . . the science is unequivocal. . .vaccines work; they are effective and safe,” this Israeli charlatan is preaching. Nurse Ratched would be proud. [Science dies in Darkness.]

    And the charlatan admits outright: vaccines are not effective — the Israeli government is ordering all to wear masks, no matter what, despite getting the shot.

    And this charlatan knows masks don’t work. What, at most, prevent spread for ten minutes, instead of ten seconds, maybe, if that? All the studies show when indoors, masking does squat, if someone is infected.

    Yet many wear them and do so precisely because they now suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and various and sundry other neurosis. And at the same time vilify the rest of us.

    This is what tyranny look like, smells like and tastes like.

    Prior to 18 months ago, it was universally understood that herd immunity always comes, naturally, and a safe and effective vaccine can potentially speed up the time-line to reach it.

    Now, we are told vaccines bring herd immunity.

    Really? then where is it?

    Prior to 18 months ago, it was universally accepted that prophylactics, and prevention and all were always the essential keys to keeping folks healthy.

    And a year and a half ago it was known that chloroquines and Ivermectin could do just that.

    And to this day, the authorities, such as in DC and Israel and the UK and the NATO countries all pretend not to see this.

    Vietnam, country ~100 million: 370 covid deaths, = 4 deaths per 1 million population [or 4 per capita, using 1M].
    GDP-PPP [Purchasing Power per Capita] = $6,790 [2017 data]

    The richest western countries in the world, NATO and US: all exceed 1K covid deaths per 1M
    Germany is among “lowest” at 1,095 covid deaths per 1M. GDP-PPP = $52,556
    Italy at 2,120 covid deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $40,924
    UK at 1,892 /M / GDP-PPP = $44,920
    USA at 1,882/M / GDP-PP $59,928
    France at 1,706/M / GPD-PPP = $44,033

    Real Clear Investigations, dateline Aug. 4, 2020, reported:
    “On April 6, 2020, an international team of medical experts published an extensive study of hydroxychloroquine in more than 130,000 patients with connective tissue disorders. They reaffirmed that hydroxychloroquine was a safe drug with no serious side effects.”

    And reported: “countries such as China, Turkey, South Korea, India, Morocco, Algeria, and others began to use hydroxychloroquine widely and early in their national pandemic response.”

    Turkey, only NATO country among this half-dozen countries: had the worst results, but, as of today, reporting only half as many per capita deaths as the “best” NATO country, Germany. How can this be happening?

    China at 3 covid deaths per 1M population / GDP-PPP = $16,842
    South Korea at 40 deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $38,842
    India at 302 deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $7,166
    Morocco at 257 deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $8,225
    Algeria at 90 deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $15,293
    Turkey at 596 deaths/M / GDP-PPP = $28,002


    If US had the same, 4 deaths per 1M population, as Vietnam: that would be about 1,320 deaths out of ~330 million people.

    We here, nor the rest of NATO, can’t do better than Vietnam?

    One last side-note on this. I recall reading that when there was the massive riots in India not that long ago, within past two months or so. . . the riots as according to reports I read, were protesting being vaccinated, even as reports in big media here were saying just the opposite. Also, Psaki was claiming earlier this month: Cubans were clamoring for vaccines and that that is why they were protesting, etc. Cuba currently has 208 covid deaths per 1M population.

    As for whether the virus occurred in nature and spread to humans, versus: man-made virus, let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    Epidemic and pandemic viruses don’t magically appear out of nature, and this is boilerplate.

    “We keep implementing a medical, symptomatic, post-emergence approach which cannot stop an emerging pandemic. The only preventive action considered is the screening for viruses in the wild but it is not efficient since pandemic viruses do not exist in the wild, and indeed, have never been found.”


  6. BillWade says:

    Perhaps Macron shouldn’t run again either, I understand the Republican Guard has resigned, “not worth dying for”.

    • jld says:

      This is a fake new, the Republican Guard did not resign.
      I guess this is part of a disinformation op to discredit the opposition.

  7. akaPatience says:

    I’ve felt the same way, wishing Trump would transition to the role of kingmaker, and step aside for DeSantis. But judging from recent rallies, I suspect Trump intends to go for it again. In light of the extent of likely fraud (with perhaps some mis- or malfeasance thrown in) revealed in the recent Maricopa Co. AZ audit, it may be Trump, not Biden, who got 81 million votes. As it is, with even the Establishment granting Trump received 74 million votes in 2020, that places him as top vote-getter among all presidential candidates in US history, Biden and his supposed 81 million votes aside. SO, it’s no wonder Trump may consider running again.

    Squishy WSJ veteran Gerald Seib had an essay in yesterday’s edition, opining about corporations being political “orphans”, caught between the far-left and the far-right, but admitting they’ve trended towards Democrats in the wake of Republican-style populism in the Age of Trump. While some corporate types remain wary of leftists’ tax and spend tendencies, as well as some among them who don’t abide by the woke agenda, Mr. Seib is CLUELESS as to why corporations’ embrace of globalism may be alienating American voters, left AND right!!! He doesn’t seem to realize people don’t like their jobs and livelihoods shipped to other countries; they don’t like flagrant disregard for sovereignty, with porous borders facilitating countless numbers of illegals coming here to compete for jobs and social service benefits. He doesn’t realize workers, who’ve seen their opportunities and wages diminish, resent corporatist abandonment that rewards fewer and fewer of them. He longs for “bi-partisanship”, obtuse about the resulting Uniparty approach that’s favored globalism and is just what’s created so many disaffected Republicans. Totally, totally clueless. THIS kind of mindset is a big reason why Trump is a hero to so many millions of Americans.

  8. John+Merryman says:

    2024 is a long way off. I’m much reminded of the Hemingway comment about going broke; Gradually and then suddenly and I suspect the suddenly will happen before then.
    It seems quite likely the Republicans will win both house and senate in 22 and the Democrats are starting to realize this, so if anyone thinks our politics are at a fever pitch now, they haven’t seen anything yet. Chaos in the economy is only getting worse as well.
    The old guard is passing and seem to be intent on taking as much as possible with them. None of them are going to go gracefully.

  9. Polish Janitor says:

    Yes the ‘sigh’ at the ends sums is up pretty much everything Colonel. I feel like today’s Trump is quite different from ’15/’16 Trump. Plus there is no Twitter and Facebook to amplify Trumpism and help the G.O.P. in 2024…of course assuming he actually is convinced to remain at Maro-o-Lago and smarten-up.

    Call me a pessimist but I’m still not totally convinced that DeSantis could pose a serious challenge to the Dems in ’24. I think that Florida and Texas are more likely to deliver the goods for the G.O.P. next time around, but DeSantis I feel is not ready yet as a candidate, like Reagan in ’68. Same with Noem. Pompeo and Haley IMO are more likely to deliver the goods than DeSantis. But watch out for Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton too.

  10. Lysias says:

    Trump would start with a guaranteed base of something like 45 percent of the electorate, on which he can build. No other Republican would have anything like that guaranteed base.

  11. Barbara Ann says:

    Trump’s boorishness was absolutely critical to his success, it turned out to be the DC establishment’s kryptonite. As Gallo Rojo says, Trump’s great legacy was exposing the swamp creatures’ hatred of him and by association millions of ordinary Americans. His single greatest failing was hiring from the same swamp.

    Trump had it hard. The Deep State is now fearful and another threat can expect to have it even worse. Trump’s immense ego can probably be content with one term, so long as his supporters remain convinced he won two. Time to franchise the brand out to someone else.


    I thought it was called “No Such Agency” 😉

    I like the idea of Trump heading the FBI. It would be kind of like Bolton’s appointment as UN envoy. Losing 10 stories off the Hoover Building would be about right.


    Good to hear from one of Massachusetts’ freer and less desponding spirits.

    • Polish Janitor says:

      Imagine Trump as the FBI head with Josh Hawley as his deputy! and for the UN, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Michele Bachmann :))

  12. Jose says:

    PL had a post about France and I replied with a quote from one of the Louis’s claiming he is the state.

    Now it appears all of Europe is in revolt against the state and their Whuhan COVID mandates.

    Without Trump, the RHINOs (H is silent in Spanish folks) would surrender and America would resemble Europe where State rules and citizens serve.

    Trump is a needed distraction, he is to Ahab Nancy’s the White Whale that got away.

    She is about to destroy her majority fighting for nonsense with the assistance of two useful idiots.

    Fund raising will favor the people running against the Trump endorsed candidate because the Rhinos want to be be rid of him and his supporters.

    I posted earlier for him not to run but, keep the Trump Show going to one make the Dems get even crazier and two remind Reps that Rhinos are nearly extinct.

    To prove my point, look how bad the Dems have handled the Cuban crisis after Trump said anything.

    This was unforced error they will regret.

  13. Fred says:

    Trump is William Jennings Bryan redux. He’ll be running again.

    • Leith says:

      81 million Democratic voters hope so.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Bryan, I submit, was the turning point for the Democrat party’s start down the socialists path. He ran three times, Trump once. You really can’t call a stolen loss a loss. I hope he runs again. I hope state governors remember that they have a large amount of sovereignty w/i their state if they are courageous enough to use it. I hope average citizens will realize they are being fooled by the “popular” press. I also hope my hair will grow back.

  14. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    I think that it would be best if President Trump continues to tantalize with the possibility of a run in 2024, and not because I am assured that this would happen, or even if it would be the best idea. I think Mr. Merryman’s observation that 2024 is way off is correct; the wheels could come off of the economy, and sundry other things could happen. Trump being a looming presnce, and a danger to the deep state, increases the likelihood that they will make more unforced errors as the implications of the hatred that they have aroused against them become ever clearer.

    What having Trump as their focus can buy us is time and a chance for effective and foresightful governors to prepare against the economic and societal chaos barreling toward us as a consequence of the machinations of the power-mad looney tunes now riding high. The devolution of power and responsibility toward the State and local level is crucial if we are to fight off the assaults of the spiteful mutants, best of all is to make them as irrelevant as possible, and to pull the teeth of the centralizing forces of oppression. I.e., nullification WRIT LARGE.

  15. Razumov says:

    IMO Trump has no intention of running again. He phoned his reelection in and he also went full Nigerian on his donor base, cleaning out his donor’s bank accounts with a repeat donations scam. That was him cashing out.

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