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  1. Will Starlink handle traffic other than e-mail?
    2.  Will Starlink have a giant business office to deal directly with customers?
    3.  If Starlink handles all the kinds of traffic that the present internet transmits, who will be the content providers for TeeVee transmitted via Starlink?
    4.  Am I correct in thinking that Starlink will drive present ISPs from the market?  pl

    I'll try to answer without becoming too technical & I'll skip some parts. Internet can best be viewed as different layers that interact to move content from point A to point B.

    The foundation-layer is the physical layer which is hardware. Starlink offers a mesh of satellites that are users can connect to using the 'UFO on a stick". They can (should!) also connect to other appliances on the Internet. The physical layer is the road-network.

    The layer above that physical layer is the IP (Internet Protocol) layer that provides the adress of sender and receiver. IP doesn't care about the the routing used (IP was designed by RAND to survive a nuclear war and uses the Shortest Path First / Dijkstra algoritm to decide that path) and doesn't care about the data it carries.

    The top layer interacts with the user and puts the different datapackets together (the required data is cut in parts with sender/receiver adress attached). There a number of standard services (such as e-mail) but sender/receiver can decide what to do. Another commonly used service is building an encrypted tunnel through which to send not-encrypted data between connecting computers at different locations. This top-layer is what the end-users usually use as 'Internet'

    1. Yes. The Starlink physical layer doesn't care about the contents of the datapacket. It just provides the road from sender to receiver
    2. Probably, but I quess this is limited to connection- and throughput-issues (connecting to Starlink and sending data). There will probably also be limits to the amount of data that can be transferred. Customers can decide what content/services the
    3. I presume TV content will not change. IMO it would be a mistake to create content (unless in a joint-venture with a partner such as Amazon)
    4. Unlikely. The amount of data on the Internet is huge, so fiber-optic cables will remain an important part of the Internet. The throughput capacity is not big enough. When the prices are not that high I would guess that rural users will get a piece of the pie.

    Starlink is not the only one that is working on Worldwide coverage using satellites. Airbus/OneWeb will start providing services next year and are working on this since 2015"'s_algorithm  


It doesn't seem to me that this answered my question about customer accounts and billing.  pl

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