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Des Trognes – Trees with many faces.

There are many films on YouTube about the process of Pollarding trees, an ancient process going all the way back to Roman times. In this process trees of various species are severely pruned back over many cycles to produce a … Continue reading

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All nominal so far for our little friend on Mars

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The Mars helicopter

This is a fascinating development. The link is an animation video showing how this would work. It is not clear to me what would happen if the helo is blown over on its side. Perhaps the Martian atmosphere is not … Continue reading

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Perseverance landing tomorrow

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” … major advancements in aerospace propulsion and generating power …”

"Among Dr. Pais's patents are designs, approved in 2018, for an aerospace-underwater craft of incredible speed and maneuverability. This cone-shaped vehicle can potentially fly just as well anywhere it may be, whether air, water or space, without leaving any heat signatures. It … Continue reading

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Starlink Launch Alert

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How to make rocket fuel on Mars

"How will future astronauts get back home to Earth from Mars? According to a new study, they could make rocket fuel from the methane that's already on the Red Planet.  Researchers have devised a new way to create methane-based rocket … Continue reading

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Starlink will span the globe.

"SpaceX aims to connect rural communities around the globe to reliable satellite internet. The aerospace company is in the process of deploying thousands of Starlink satellites to orbit where each will beam broadband internet connection down to Earth. "With performance … Continue reading

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“SpaceX performs incredible Starship SN8 test flight in South Texas!” tasmanian

"Today SpaceX is one step closer to Mars! The aerospace company performed an incredible test flight with a prototype of the Starship spacecraft that could one day transform humans into a multiplanet species. This afternoon SpaceX conducted the first high-altitude … Continue reading

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“Laser fusion reactor approaches ‘burning plasma’ milestone” Science

" … with new target designs and laser pulse shapes, along with better tools to monitor the miniature explosions, NIF researchers believe they are close to an important intermediate milestone known as “burning plasma”: a fusion burn sustained by the … Continue reading

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