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“Russia sends long-delayed module to space station” BBC

“A Russian rocket has departed the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, to deliver a new science module to the International space station (ISS). The 13m-long, 20-tonne Nauka laboratory will go on the rear of the orbiting platform, connected to the other major … Continue reading

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“In the ’80s, satellite comms showed promise – soon it’ll be a viable means to punt internet services at anyone anywhere.” The Register

 “Yes, we are finally at the stage in history where satellite technology is (pretty much) available to the masses, and at long last actually works at a speed and latency that’s usable, even in the 2020s. But one regime that … Continue reading

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“… General Lee ain’t descended from no monkey.”

“Just 7% of our genome is uniquely shared with other humans, and not shared by other early ancestors, according to a study published Friday in the journal Science Advances. “That’s a pretty small percentage,” said Nathan Schaefer, a University of … Continue reading

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New treatment slows Alzheimer’s progression in monkeys

“NYU Grossman School of Medicine published findings Tuesday in the journal Brain.” “NYU Grossman School of Medicine published findings Tuesday in the journal Brain, stemming from an investigation with elderly squirrel monkeys with significant signs of neurodegeneration. Results indicated up to 59% fewer … Continue reading

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Fly! Baby! Fly!

Comment: I have been waiting to see how much the naval and other spooks could bring themselves to reveal of the pile of data that the “sapped” have been sitting on reaching back in time all the way to February, … Continue reading

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“Mars isn’t dead?”

“The majority of volcanism in the Elysium Planitia region and elsewhere on Mars consists of lava flowing across the surface, similar to recent eruptions in Iceland being studied by co-author Christopher Hamilton, a UArizona associate professor of lunar and planetary … Continue reading

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“Mushrooms on Mars?”

“Could there be mushrooms on Mars? In a new paper, an international team of scientists from countries including the U.S., France, and China have gathered and compared photographic evidence they claim shows fungus-like objects growing on the Red Planet. In … Continue reading

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Starlink 23  12,703 total views

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“Einstein’s Quantum Riddle” Highly recommended. pl  11,412 total views,  13 views today

 11,412 total views,  13 views today

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