Interment at Arlington, 17 January, 2006


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  1. Susan says:

    We’re so sorry for your loss, and our country’s loss. The photograph is so beautiful, one almost forgets for a second the terrible grief in the air along the journey.

  2. Paul R. Petty says:

    Friends and Family,
    This morning, 17 January 2006, a cold, windy, rainy, gray day in Washington, D.C., Captain Christopher P. Petty was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary with other soldiers fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq, in a plot of ground within sight of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. The Army accorded him full military honors: a memorial service at the Ft. Meyer Post Chapel, a caisson drawn by six horses, the full Army band, a squad of soldiers in dress blues, a gun salute, and a lone trumpeter playing taps. The event was moving, solemn, impressive and terribly, terribly sad for all of us.
    Many of Chris’ fellow officers, soldiers and former commanders were present, along with the largest gathering of family, friends and colleagues that any of us have seen at one time. The chapel was filled to overflowing, standing room only. I spoke about Chris’ life and character–his dedication to service, family, his fellow soldiers, loyalty, honor, hard work, and his selfless nature.
    During the morning, National Public Radio broadcast a 4 minute report nationwide about Chris’ life and his death. My brother Ralph and Chris’ father-in-law were interviewed. It was a very touching piece. You can listen to it and read the text on the following link:
    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this terrible time.
    Paul R. Petty
    Chris’ dad

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    To The Petty Family and Friends..
    We are a family who lost our son in law..Rick..while He was away on active was just before his son was born..
    We understand and share your Pain and we understand what the loss of Chris really means to you all..and the Loss of his buddys to thier familys..
    Like so many others have..I want to Send you our Love..Hugs..Thoughts and Prayers for Gods Comfort and Healing..and Our reassurance that we Believe in the Resurrrection and Future Gods Time..
    We don’t blame God..and Never will..
    That Belief gives us assurance and Comfort when we take flowers to Ricks grave..I talk to him..I tell him about His Helps..
    Chris will always be with you..So keep his Spirit your memorys..
    Thank you for sharing the News and Photos of Chris and the boys..and the Photos from Arlington..
    Thank you for your Gracious and Emotional tribute to Chris..We know he Deserves all of that and More..
    Thank you for the Dignity you Represent as a Military Family..and who understand that we must have good men and women in the military..They do thier DUTY..they SERVE and Protect..
    Thank you Chris…Thank you all..

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