It’s Halloween on The Athenaeum

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Maureen has put up some lovely Halloween things on TA.  pl

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3 Responses to It’s Halloween on The Athenaeum

  1. confusedponderer says:

    Now that’s quite a Halloween gallerey, Sir: Addington and Yoo, Grima and the King, Dana Milbank in his Cheney-proof-suit, the dreadful gardener’s horror, a black cat, Uzi Arad, a bear, Netanyahu and Dennis Ross – and you in the middle …

  2. Patrick Lang says:

    Actual, or supposed humans. Nobody recognised the gopher from “Caddyshack?” pl

  3. Maureen Lang says:

    Bill Murray’s furry nemesis & the Addington/Yoo tag team at the HJC hearing are great inclusions in this rogue’s gallery. You look fairly roguish yourself sporting those chin whiskers, Pat.
    Thanks for directing folks over to my Athenaeum post.

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