Bonsai from Stan

Jerome asked about Bonsai.  My classmate Stan Henning who lives in Oahu offers the following.  Whatever I know about the ME, he know much better about the Far East.

Download BonsaiStan.JPG

Also Strange rocks (guaishi). Located in the Wuhou Memorial to the famous Three Kingdoms strategist, Zhuge Liang, in Chengdu.  Stan wishes you all a Happy New Year in the Year of the Dog.

Download Stanrocks.JPG

Pat Lang

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15 Responses to Bonsai from Stan

  1. RJJ says:

    I always kept a selection of stones and rocks on my desk. Playing with arrangements had the same effect as a coffee break. Stopped doing that after I got an internet connection.

  2. Michael Radonich says:

    Where was the picture of the bonsai taken? Do you know what species of bonsai it is?

  3. abie says:

    thats is a good bonsai sir…maybe we can sharing a information about bonsai.about your collection.

  4. vivek says:

    nice collection of bonsai plants

  5. bonsai guide says:

    Very nice bonsai plants. I’m jealous 🙂

  6. dsridhar says:

    i have seen i felt very nice, i am doing my self past 12 years the bonsai planttion, when i see the plants i will forget world.
    my plants loves me very much
    if god gives any things i will ask give some time to spend with these plants
    thanks giving oppurti. to see your callection

  7. logachandar.s says:

    i need details about bonsai

  8. stanley Henning says:

    My apologies for not responding to all of you who who have questions about Bonsai. I too appreciate Bonsai, but claim no real depth of knowledge on the subject. All I know is that the photo I took is of an Elm and I personally think Chinese Bonsai (Penzai) is less artificial than Japanese Bonsai. I believe there are Bonsai sites on the Web that might be able to answer technical questions on the subject.

  9. YT says:

    Some things NEVER run outta fashion. Personally I like Japanese ones better, must be all that Zen Buddhist influence.

  10. Paul says:

    Outstanding Bonsai!

  11. Tedy Boy says:

    Let’s Make Bonsai for The Beautiful World and … Peace!!!
    Tedy Boy

  12. Tedy Boy says:

    Nice Site Sir n Happy Bonsai Greetings from INDONESIA
    Tedy Boy

  13. Raghav says:

    Could you please tell me the height of this plant

  14. hudi says:

    bonsai are very beautiful. i love it. so,,i have many kind of bonsai at home.

  15. Tninumjg says:

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