The Oath

"BASH: You talked about the fact that you briefed Congress voluntarily, that you do have a review process. But let’s just say, in ten years or a few years, a president is elected who doesn’t want to do those things, but you’ve given him this kind of power. What happens then?

CHENEY: Well, it will be up to him whether or not he us it.

BASH: Does it concern you that somebody you met you wouldn’t necessarily trust with that kind of power.

CHENEY: The fact is the law is the law. The Constitution is there. It’s been adhered to and followed in this case. And you know, when you go to war, when you’re attacked on your homeland, when you lose 3,000 people in a couple of hours one morning, and you’re faced with a possibility that same organization might try to attack the United States with even a deadlier weapon, perhaps nuclear weapon if they could get their hands on it, or a biological agent, you have to actively go after the terrorists.

Now, after 9/11, the 9/11 Commission that criticized everybody in the government because you couldn’t connect the dots. Now we’re connecting the dots and they’re still complaining. So seems to me you can’t have it both ways.

The fact of the matter is this is a good solid program. It has saved thousands of lives. We’re doing exactly the right thing. We’re doing it in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the United States. And it ought to be supported.

This is not about violating civil liberties because we’re not. This is about defending the country against further terrorist attacks. That’s exactly what we’re sworn to do."  The VP in Pakistan today.  CNN

I remember that the VP’s oath has to do with defending the constitution against all enemies "foreign and domestic."

So, I guess the question should be: "Who is an enemy of the constitution?"

Pat Lang

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  1. Patrick Henry says:

    Sorry Pat..i have to Comment on this one it is a Subject Dear to My Heart..
    I Love American history..the Struggles of our Colonists..
    The Evetual Rebellion against King Georges Abuses..with a Total disregard for Human Rights..Freedoms or Liberties from Totolitarian (Monarchal) Abuses..
    ll of those Abuses the People Had been subjected too are what Caused the Rebellion..and for Good Men to Gather in Protest..
    Protections from those Abuses Abuses were written into the Constitution..I
    ncluding Protection from unreasonal SEARCHS and SIEZURES.
    .Without Search Warrants and Due Process and Probable Cause..
    THATS the CHIEF Law of the Land..
    Its Our Guaranteed Protection..
    The American People should cherish The Memory of what our founding Fathers did for Us to Obtain Our Freedom from Opression and Unreasonable Control ..
    This Nation NEEDS a History Lesson
    They need to Reexamine the Constitution..
    Our Chilren Need Refresher Courses in U>S> History because I doubt that Modern Education has taught them Much..
    Thank God this has Come Out..
    I hope that time and Circumstance will once Again Make Us a Nation of Reasonable Laws..and Moral and Spiritual Integrity..and Good Citizens.and good Government..
    OF the People..
    BY the People…
    and FOR the People..
    and perhaps someday we will come close to our National Motto..

  2. J says:

    our congress are ‘supposed to be’ constitutional officers, and such are duty sworn to protect the constitution (and any and all assaults upon it) against all enemies foreign and domestic. if the prez or vice prez ‘becomes an enemy’ of the constitution, members of congress have a sworn duty to protect the constitution from an ‘enemy’ prez/vice prez assault. it’s called ‘Impeachment’.
    the ball is in the court of the congress, sadly it appears that far too many of them have abrogated their sworn constitutional oath.

  3. RJJ says:

    Did George HW Bush, Dan Quayle, or Al Gore take The Briefcase on their tours? Is this one of several briefcases or has Bush delegated this presidential burden as well?,1284,1671171,00.html

  4. W. Patrick Lang says:

    The “football?” pl

  5. ikonoklast says:

    RJJ – George can’t be left alone with anything that complicated; Cheney had to take it away from him. Promised him a shiny new bicycle for Christmas instead.

  6. RJJ says:

    PL, that is my question. I was hoping you could clarify. It is the second variation of the story in the news.

  7. RJJ says:

    there are several questions.
    1. is that the football or was there a misunderstanding.
    2. are there more than one footballs, if not,
    3. why is the Lord Protector going walkabout with it.

  8. Sonoma says:

    This is not simply a rock. It is a magic rock that wards of tiger attacks in Yosemite. Have you heard of any tiger attacks in Yosemite during the past four years? All right then, quit your bitching.

  9. Dave says:

    Yes, there is more than one “football”. As this source makes clear:
    “Historically, this handbook [the “football”], prepared by the JCS, has been provided to the President, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, JCS, and the nuclear commanders-in-chief.”
    I read that as likely indicating current “footballs” for POTUS, VPOTUS, SecDef, and CinC STRATCOM. Not sure whether the JCS reference means the Chairman or all of the Joint Chiefs.
    You want to be concerned about something, be concerned about this: “The Handbook explains — with the aid of cartoon-like drawings — the nuclear war plan and the available strike options.” SIOP reduced to cartoons – great.

  10. Patrick Henry says:

    This is the Same Elected Represenative of the People..The Sworn Guardian of the Constitution..
    Who Voted Today to Cut 39 Billion from the Budget for such Trivial Benefits and Programs as Medicare…Medicaid and Student Loans (Education is no longer Important..Did anyone tell Laura..??)
    Of Course with His Personal Wealth..what would he know about Poverty..Hardship..Living from paycheck to Paycheck.or the Cost of the Real World..
    This Man ALONE had the Power to Make that decision and determine the Outcome of the Vote..
    HE Exercised His Power..NOT on Behalf of the People..
    This Man realizes the Government needs more Billions to Carry out Operations in the NEW state of IRAQ..
    Let see..300 Billion so far…Lots of well connected People getting Rich..
    We`are “IMPROVING “” the Quality of Life for the Iraqis..
    FREEING them from “OPPRESSION”
    Freeing them from a POLICE~STATE…to a Democracy..They Are “LIBERATED..”
    So..We need about a Hundred Billion Bucks to keep them “LIBERATED” next Year..
    Put the Debt on future American generations..because when this is Done..everyone will Have thier Dough and go Home to the Good Life..
    And the People of the United states will continue to Struggle to Survive and Make Ends Meet..
    And so wil the Vets and thier Familys whn they come Home..
    And We will all Watch History in the Making..
    Would someone Please Post our DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE..? I Want to make Comparisons..
    Service to the PEOPLE in Government is a Privilege..
    so you can do your Best to Insure the Best Quality of Life and Benefits and Freedom from Oppression and Managing the Nations Wealth and assets to the Best of Your Ability..With your EYE on the CONSTITUTION..
    To The Best of your Ability..

  11. RJJ says:

    Simplified drawings are useful – especially in urgent situations. But the rogue pair Dick ‘n Don in charge of the football?
    Oh God.

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