Joe Biden More Keen on Protecting Ukraine Than the United States

As more than a million illegal aliens flood across our southern border, Joe Biden and his administration are busy taking steps to bolster Ukraine’s border security and risk a war with Russia. This is beyond crazy. Secure our borders first and then worry about other countries.

This headline at sums it up–U.S. And Ukraine Update Their Strategic Partnership Charter To Prove “Irreversibility” Of Policy In Support Of Kiev. What does this entail? Here are the details per Ukraine officials:

We agreed on the text with the American side, and there are several things that were fundamentally important for us to lay down in terms of countering Russian aggression. When you see this text and the part devoted to Russian aggression, it will be evidence of the irreversibility of the U.S. policy to support Ukraine in countering Russia and Russian aggression,” the minister said. . . .

“We have already signed this year a security agreement with the United States, and our Ministry of Defense is working with their American colleagues to unbundle them into specific programs and cooperation projects,” Kuleba said.

“The Pentagon hosted a meeting between Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister for European Integration Anatoly Petrenko and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Laura Cooper. forces of Ukraine with the support of US security,” the statement said.

We already know that Biden is totally compromised because of Hunter Biden’s business interests in Ukraine. Maybe this is the key to get Sleepy Demented Joe to protect our southern border–get his son a paying gig where he’ll make money keeping the Mexican drug mules out of America and kick back some of the profits to papa Joe.

Russia is not a threat to the United States. In fact, the United States is making the provocative, belligerent moves that are threatening Russia.

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  1. Nope, the ship in the blurred photo looks awfully like Regele Ferdinand (former RN’s Type-22) which is the flag-ship of the Romanian Naval Force. Doesn’t look like pr. 11356 at all. Russia does not need to shadow a rather underwhelming force, if need be a couple of hulls can always be pushed out of Sevastopol, but for now Air Force and coastal system are more than enough.

  2. Pat Lang says:

    Larry writes in this post that Russia is not really a threat, in terms of intentions, to the US. I agree with that. We have relentlessly pushed Russia toward an adversarial position. Last night the jingo congressman Mike Turner insisted on Tucker Carlson’s show that we should put troop units in Ukraine. Madness!

  3. Fred says:

    Congressman Turner, a man with no honor, was on Tucker Carlson last night to proclaim yet again the ‘need’ to defend sacred Ukraine.

    Carlson, love him or hate him, called out the Congressman ““Have you called for American troops to our borders?”

    “Everyone has called for American troops that is on our side, Tucker,””
    You should watch the Honorable member of Congress from OH10 squirm like a snake when he doesn’t get a nose up his rump but an actual question about defending America for once in his life.

    Congressman Turner of Ohio, where is your letter to President Biden demanding, or even ‘pretty please asking’, the President to send American troops to the American border to defend America? You do have that in writing, don’t ya, Congressman and Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces? Oh, BTW, on this veterans day, let me thank you for your zero years of military service. Politics called, and you answered. I wonder if anyone in OH 10 have noticed all the jobs that went to China since you started ‘representing’ them in Congress?

    President Sleepy Joe, if you really want to send someone recall Vindman and the ‘whistleblower’ the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wouldn’t allow to be named in the impeachment hearing for Ukraine! to active duty and send them. See if Arnold “screw your freedom” would like to go too. No, too subtle? Not enough power to intimidate the Russians as they, let me check the map Congressman Turner said to look at, have their troops move around INSIDE THEIR OWN country? How about you just send the unvaxxed USN seal teams you’re going to fire for being unvaxxed. They can just breath on everybody, you know what happens after that.

    • Congressman Turner, a man with no honor

      Most (not all) people going into the contemporary American politics today have two distinctive features about them:

      1. Many of them are borderline sociopaths, some are borderline psychopaths and many of them are down right cowards;
      2. 95% of them are people with zero military experience of any kind (because most of them are lawyers or political pseudo-scientists by education), even on the level of a private, and most of them cannot grasp even basic technological, tactical, operational and strategic facts. Even if those facts are reduced to a high-school level simplicity briefings by Congressional Research Service.

      In other words, as General Latiff of DARPA (20 years there) and Ph.D in Physics writes in his book “Future War”, and I quote–everything US political class and public know about warfare “is derived from the entertainment”. This is the sad reality but it is what it is (I agree with him, BTW) and it cannot be changes except for the most drastic measures but we all do not want to go there.

  4. Deap says:

    Joe is protecting the Crowdstrike computers.

  5. blue peacock says:

    The reality is that the entire American political, governmental, media, think-tank & academic class is all about optics, rhetoric & distraction. There’s no substance. And this is nothing new as it has been going from bad to worse for several decades.

    The Party of Davos have used this environment to consolidate market power and now use the revolving door and craveness of the political/governmental/media class to essentially financialize the economy and privatize profits and socialize losses.

    As a nation we’ve been sliding downhill for a long-time. We’ve been eating the seed corn for sometime.

  6. walrus says:

    As a general rule, poking a bear with a stick does not have a good outcome for the poker.

    My opinion of current Biden Administration foreign policy strategy is unprintable. They seem to be living in a fantasy world. It is one thing to rattle your saber at the sclerotic USSR and China of the 1990’s.

    Russia and China today are different matters. Both countries have plenty of options to respond. How would Washington react for example to a joint Russo/Chinese naval base in Cuba or Venezuela from which they mounted “security” patrols as far as the Gulf or the Capes?

    • Deap says:

      My guess is Russia/China inserting themselves into the current chaos and meltdowns in Cuba and Venezuela just might be self-defeating moves on their parts.

      Your first line reminds me of an early internet lesson regarding that new threat of digital “flame wars”: Do not poke sticks at dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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