John McCain is Dead by Willy B


        Of course, you already know that because the headlines are dominating the news coverage. Most of the coverage is also lionizing him as some kind of hero who defended America from his time as a POW in Vietnam to his attacks on Russia for supposedly trying to undermine American democracy. The fact is, and I know this because I've documented some of it in the course of my own work in recent years, he was a warmonger supreme. McCain never met a war–especially a regime change war–he didn't like, nor a terrorist he couldn't endorse as a "freedom fighter," especially, as in the case of Syria, if that terrorist was in the service of the regime change war he endorsed. In Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, a million or more people have died and tens of millions more are suffering as a result of these wars that McCain did so much to bring about.

        In a short but to-the-point piece. Sputnik summarizes McCain's extreme Russophobia and his love for the Nazi regime in Kiev. Vladimir Putin was being charitable when, as Sputnik recounts, he told Oliver Stone that McCain was a patriot, but one who couldn't accept that the world had changed. "People with such convictions, like the Senator you mentioned, they still live in the Old World," Putin said. "And they're reluctant to look into the future, they are unwilling to recognize how fast the world is changing." That Putin was able to say that says more about his genuine humanity than it does about McCain, who gave up whatever humanity he had a long time ago.

         Anyone fighting for a genuine peace in the world will not mourn the passing of John McCain.


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