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Al Jazeera Explainer: Why is ISIS-K targeting Russia?

Defence and security analysts say the group has targeted its propaganda at Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years over the alleged oppression of Muslims by Russia. “Russian foreign policy has been one big red flag for ISIS [ISIL],” Michael … Continue reading

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“How significant is resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan?”

“Nazary said the Taliban has brought many forces into the region, including some of their most elite fighters; however, it has had little to no success rooting out the NRF. The NRF has had increased luck recruiting new fighters as … Continue reading

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This and That – 2 August 2022

Thorium reactors- I listened to a member of Congress expound on this subject the other day. I think it was Senator Tuberville. According to him thorium is the answer to the question of cheap, safe nuclear power until fusion power … Continue reading

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“Afghan rebel group asks for Biden’s support…”

“Afghanistan’s lead resistance group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), has one message for the Biden administration: don’t ignore terror threats coming from Afghanistan. The group noted that mistake was made by the Clinton administration in the lead up to the … Continue reading

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“When you are tempted to trust a general, remember how he got to be one.”

The title of the post is a pithy saying that my father, who served 34 years in the US Army, offered to me when he finally realized that I was determined to accept a commission in his army. He had … Continue reading

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So much a head …

“Taliban political spokesman Suhail Shaheen told The Associated Press there would be no cooperation with Washington on going after the increasingly active Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan. IS has taken responsibility for a number of attacks, including a suicide … Continue reading

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Taliban – like watching a monkey f–k a football.

“The Taliban has no experience in delivering or maintaining existing state services, such as electricity or water, let alone tackling complex issues like setting macroeconomic policies. The immediate effects of the financial squeeze saw cash liquidity in Afghanistan drop, driving … Continue reading

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“Inside every —— there is an American trying to get out …”

I wrote the other day about the responsible job that I thought Austin, Milley and McCkenzie did in their testimony before Congress.  I stand by that judgment but would like to expand my thought in that post. Several times during … Continue reading

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Counterinsurgency – a much failed strategy? (Originally published on SST in 2013. Re-published on the occasion of our 2021 defeat)

Some time ago (2009)  I was asked to encapsulate my views on the afghan policy situation.  The resulting summary is quoted below.  Since policy has clearly gone in a different direction I feel free to state my view for the … Continue reading

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Not surprisingly the generals fought back to defend themselves.

“Top military officials wrapped up the second day of testimony on Capitol Hill over Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. In Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin continued to contradict Biden’s … Continue reading

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