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“Russia offered bounties to Afghan militants to kill US troops” – TTG

(CNN) – Russian intelligence officers for the military intelligence GRU recently offered money to Taliban militants in Afghanistan as rewards if they killed US or UK troops there, a European intelligence official told CNN. The official was unclear as to … Continue reading

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A few thoughts – 24 April 2020

1.  IMO the US Navy will be doing a good thing if it persuades Trump to restore Captain Crozier to command of USS Theodore Roosevelt.  He did a very foolish thing by appealing to the whole wide world to support … Continue reading

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“What We, the Taliban, Want” NY Times op-ed

"I am confident that, liberated from foreign domination and interference, we together will find a way to build an Islamic system in which all Afghans have equal rights, where the rights of women that are granted by Islam — from … Continue reading

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“Trump Gives Conditional Go Ahead on Peace Deal With Taliban” NY Times

" More than 18 years after the United States invaded Afghanistan, President Trump has conditionally approved a peace deal with the Taliban that would withdraw the last American troops from the country, potentially beginning the end of America’s longest war, … Continue reading

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The Afghanistan Papers – TTG

“A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post reveals that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false and hiding … Continue reading

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“Can the US win in Afghanistan?” IQ Squared Debate – 2009 (Republished 12/15/2019)

The Washington Post  has been publishing a series of articles based on "leaked" US government documents concerning a government investigation into our operations in and government lies about Afghanistan. I participated in the linked debate at NYU in October 2009.  … Continue reading

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“Detailed satellite photos show extent of ‘surgical’ attack damage to Saudi Aramco oil facilities” CNBC

"Satellite photos released by the U.S. government and DigitalGlobe reveal the surgical precision with which Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities were struck in attacks early Saturday. The strikes, which unidentified U.S. officials have said involved at least 20 drones and several … Continue reading

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Where we are now in Afghanistan- Editorial Opinion by PL

(Lt. Hamilton VC at Kabul where he commanded Sir Louis Cavangnari's escort) A year or so after the US intervention in Afghanistan began in 2001 I perceived that there was a danger that US public and government opinion might begin … Continue reading

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Afghanistan – Graveyard of Dreams – Republished 28 Jan 2018, Re-republished 9 September 2019

(In light of yesterday's bombing in Kabul …)   We have been in Afghanistan for how long?  16 years?  It is our longest war.  How much progress have we actually made? 1.  The government that we have tried so long … Continue reading

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Unwarranted Hysteria Over Syria and Afghanistan by Publius Tacitus

Count me, along with Colonel Lang, as a  strong supporter of Trump's decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria and to start a drawdown in Afghanistan. Ignore for a moment the fact that we never should have been in Syria … Continue reading

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