” … joint resolution to give Biden military authority to combat cartels”


“Crenshaw said the Mexican government “is fairly transactional and fairly prone to leverage” and said the joint resolution is “leverage,” adding the U.S. is “done having nice conversations where we all shake hands at the end and put our different flags behind us.”

“We are really, really serious about this. You guys have threats within your country that are becoming serious threats to our country, killing tens of thousands of Americans a year. And we need to address it. So it’s a carrot and a stick. We want to help them, but we need that strong language in there, too.”

Crenshaw said that his GOP colleagues in the House are showing interest in the resolution and quipped that his “message to Democrats” is he’s “giving the Democrat president authority to look good for the American people.”

“Why don’t you take me up on that? How about that? Because this is a problem that faces every American. This is not partisan,” Crenshaw said. “You know, this is not a partisan bill. This is a strong national security bill.”

Waltz told Fox News Digital that the resolution is needed because the cartels “have exceeded the capability of law enforcement” and are a “paramilitary arm armed with armored vehicles, heavy weapons, and billions at their disposal.”

“And we’ve even seen collaboration with international terrorist groups and the Chinese Communist Party with these groups,” Waltz said in a Wednesday phone interview. “So, we believe that we need to start using military assets to address this national security threat.”

“That does not have to mean troops on the ground,” the Florida Republican continued. “That can be cyber, that can be drones, that can be military surveillance assets, space assets, you name it.”

Comment: This should have been done long ago. pl

Crenshaw, Waltz introduce joint resolution to give Biden military authority to combat cartels | Fox News

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3 Responses to ” … joint resolution to give Biden military authority to combat cartels”

  1. Whitewall says:

    You wrote a “how to” on this a few months ago. Special Forces and other assets were mentioned in your piece. Long long overdue.

    • Bill Roche says:

      This is a good idea. But let’s note that nothing has been done. This is a resolution. Such a resolution would still need Biden for execution. He could do something today. Complete the wall. He could do this after the contractors complete the wall on his beach house in Del. Mean while he could issue orders to shoot to kill any illegal aliens attempting to invade.

      • Whitewall says:

        I guess it is a marker of just how much Biden, his adm and most of his party really despise average Americans. But, at least this issue has been called out in public.

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