Lecture on Islam – Lang

I have posted a video of a university lecture I gave over on "Athenaeum."  pl

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  1. Kevin says:

    Was there some violent cough going around school or were they indirectly interuptive to your lecture?

  2. W. Patrick Lang says:

    It was not noticeable at the time but it certainly is annoying. pl

  3. confusedponderer says:

    Col. Lang,
    thanks for sharing. I learned a lot, I guess.

  4. Ferdinand says:

    To: Mr Lang & anybody who’s interested: On the Mu`tazilites (in history + legacy in the modern period) this book is *indispensable* [if you haven’t already read it]: _Defenders of Reason in Islam: Mu`tazilism from Medieval School to Modern Symbol_ by Richard C. Martin & Mark R. Woodward with Dwi S. Atmaja (Oxford: Oneworld, 1997). Extremely interesting collaborative study by an Arabist and an Indonesianist.

  5. W. Patrick Lang says:

    I ordered a copy of the book. thanks. pl

  6. rebel07 says:

    I was at this lecture and I was wondering something. I remember two questions/comments you received from two Muslims. It appeared to me they were trying to disprove what you had talked about and/or were trying to make you look incompetent about Islam. You basically strugged them off,looking obviously uninterested in what they had to say. At least that is what it appeared like to me. I thought this exchange showed why Islam is so difficult to deal with, proof positive of everything you had been discussing. Am I correct in my observation or did I merely see what I wanted to see? Thanks again. Your talk opened up a whole new understanding of Islam for me and pointed me in a new direction to take my research into the topic to learn as much as I can.

  7. W. Patrick Lang says:

    I had been warned that a certain element in the population there sent people to any lecture on Islam by a non-Muslim to play “gotcha” with the lecturer. The questions you are referring to were clearly not serious enquiries, but instead were intended to discredit. pl

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