Looks like Nauka is going to “make it” after all.

Pirs and Progress departing

“… after several anxious days of troubleshooting, Nauka’s propulsion system was restored to normal operation, and two successful tests of its KURS navigation and rendezvous system were carried out. While few details were provided, Russian mission managers then cleared Pirs and Progress for departure.

Pirs was launched on September 14, 2001, three days after the 9/11 attacks. It served as a docking port for visiting Soyuz crew ships and Progress freighters for nearly 20 years and as an airlock for Russian spacewalks.

The much larger 44,000-pound Nauka module features an airlock and docking port, expanded crew quarters, research space, an additional toilet, oxygen generator, solar arrays and a European Space Agency-built robot arm. Nauka’s thrusters also will help provide roll control to keep the station properly oriented.” CBS News

Comment: A relief for those who hope for success in US/Russia collaboration at the ISS. pl


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