Make-up Classes at the White House

"In a memo sent to all White House aides on Friday, the counsel’s office said it will hold briefings next week on ethics, with a particular focus on the rules governing the handling of classified information. Attendance is mandatory for anyone holding any level of security clearance.

"There will be no exceptions," the memo said."  Yahoo


Does this mean that he (the CEO of America as some think he is), believes that this mess is a minor internal matter in his staff?  Does he think that holding make-up classes in morality and ethics for the sycophants who surround him will "Do the Trick?"

Perhaps he does.

Pat Lang

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10 Responses to Make-up Classes at the White House

  1. bygraves says:

    is this for Bush & Chaney too?

  2. RJJ says:

    Charlotte Beers must be advising them again.

  3. RJJ says:


  4. blunt says:

    I optimisticaly read this as the first shift. The claim from the right was that nothing was done wrong.
    Bill Buckley has acted to restore some conservative common sense by saying it’s wrong to expose agents:
    This is a given to traditionalists and the dittoheads may find themselves in an awkward position.
    Of coursse the issue beyond that is whether there has been a destructive and continuing coup in intelligence agencies and the military. I think there are enough issues raised to warrant investigation. I am disturbed by how many “modeates” have fallen for the rightwing game that this is simply partisan politics.
    Yes, adversarial relations are the thechnique, but they are not the only issues. The right has denied this reality believing for example that Iraq and the mideast don’t exist in a meaningful way and that the war can always be “won” by blaming the media and liberals for reporting bad news.

  5. ikonoklast says:

    Forgive me for being snide, but saying “ethics” and “Bush White House” in the same sentence makes my head reel.
    As long as they’re having classes, I hope they address the other endemic “corporate problem” of people taking snacks from the tray without throwing a quarter in the box.
    What a joke.

  6. The Church Lady says:

    How convenient.

  7. RAM says:

    So we’ve got a bunch of knuckleheads running this country who are so clueless they need someone to explain the difference between right and wrong to them? Good God!

  8. b says:

    You forgot an interesting detail. The ethic class will start with Bush reading “My Pet Goat”.

  9. J Thomas says:

    Why would anyone think this is more than media damage control? Sure, everybody will have to go to the meetings, but it isn’t like they expect it to make a difference. More like the troops riding into iraq who had to wear full protective gear in 90+ degree heat because they had intelligence reports that Saddam had a whole lot of WMDs he might use against them….

  10. RJJ says:

    Wonder who will get the contract to do the ARETE-IS-US glossy brochures and power point presentation.
    No time to put it out for bids.

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