I had to buy a new computer. The old one was dropped. Put some money in the pot if you wish. Strictly a gift to the blog. It buys you nothing. I get offers every day to sell out.

The donation button is now working. pl

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  1. Bill Roche says:

    I finally got off my cheapskate butt and intended to kick in a couple of bucks (bout time Roche). I did the robot thing but the system w/n let me contribute. On my mind now. I’ll try again tomorrow

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    The second greatest Irish bartender who ever lived told me that the word Tips had its origin in an olde custom whereby a slotted wooden box with the engraved letters TIPS, was placed, no not in one of those places but in taverns or pubs being as it meant “To Insure Prompt Service.” Being as my methods of generating bitcoins with the use of smoke signals has been interrupted by the charities collecting blankets for the unwarm, please let this reference to a recent article by Nina L. Krushcheva, the title of which – Pomp and Populism – I mused might wrily grin in the direction of an American notable which I know you are fond of (humour) be my impoverished offer of recompense.

    And it is another offering of appreciation to the beloved memories of Queen Elizabeth II.

  3. JWest says:

    Think you need to activate your Paypal account,

  4. Pat Lang says:

    Looks like it is working now.

  5. Dolores O´Neil says:

    You should acquire a gaming model which has very good performance related to long hours use and moreover they are usually bigger, for your sight…sir…

  6. Deap says:

    Thanks for fixing the donate button. Done. And thank you always and yet again for keeping this lively forum going.

    • JWest says:

      Agree with all of the above. Colonel, you have been correct in several assessments where I hoped you would be in error. Read your commentary with a certain dread in those situations.
      But read nonetheless.
      Approached your autobiography similarly: the words of a hard man describing difficult and dangerous events.
      Advising a number of young people -a couple of whom are involved in aspects of the intelligence business. Mine your content and that of your contributors with an eye to that.
      Pecuniary reward is the sincerest form of flattery.
      Many thanks,
      V/R JWest

      • Pat Lang says:

        I am actually a real pussycat. I can’t watch movies abt animals, etc. I once pistol whipped a VN regional forces captain in front of his men because he would not stop kicking a dog around when warned several times to stop. An M1911A1 makes an excellent impressionn on a skull. He slunk away to bitch abt me. His men wanted to join my commaand.

  7. Fred says:

    Made a modest donation. Glad to see the ongoing discussions. Hope we can see another backyard bbq post before the onset of winter.

  8. Glenn Fisher says:

    Done. And a good time to thank you again for all the information I get from your site. Worth every penny my friend.
    We have 11 cats, all strays or rescues, so I read your comments on the Capt’s “attitude adjustment” with a smile.

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